• LDAP configuration / NMConsole issue

    after about 90 minutes with support, we finally go LDAP configured, and we can login into the NM Console, with our network credentials.    Funny thing is, we can only see about 4 of the tabs, once we co...
    David Browning
    created by David Browning
  • DD3300:容量拡張後の実行容量について

    DD3300の各モデルの実行容量は以下の容量かと思います。   ・4TB          実行容量:3.6TB ・16TB        実行容量:14.6TB ・32TB       ...
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  • DD3300: Usable capacity after capacity expansion

    Does anybody have capacity expanded (4T -> 16T and/or 16T ->32T) DD3300? If you have, can you please let us know how much usable capacity you have after the expansion. I've heard it is less than the original m...
    Uehara Y.
    created by Uehara Y.
  • Duplicate Volume Names

    Hello,   I'm having a problem with one of our instances of Networker 8.x running on Windows 2008 R2. Specifically Networker is having some difficulty labeling spare tapes in our jukebox. This issue has exhausted...
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  • Keyword search with AND and OR operators

    I am doing a search on our SourceOne Discovery Manager 7.22 and have run into issues on what i consider a fairly simple keyword search.   My keyword search is basically:  one OR two OR three OR (four AND fi...
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  • Virtual SAN disk balance warning (monthly), how to stop?

    Our VxRail Manager health status just turning to "Warning" almost monthly due to the Virtual SAN disk balance alarms are logged.   Is it safe to ignore them?   How to permanently stop?
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  • Internal Server Error in List Part call.

    I am getting Internal Error in list part call if number of parts is crossing more than 1000 parts. What is the limit of number of parts supported in multipart operation in Dell ECS ? Dell ECS version : 3.0....
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  • vmax managment server C drive filled up

    Hello community, We got a VMAX 10K. Recently, C drive of the management server for this server is being filled up. From folder size queries, it appears that most of the space is eaten by querydata . C:\Program File...
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  • Need steps on moving an RPA that is no longer connected to a cluster to a new cluster with a difference cluster name and IP. How would I update the RPA configurations with the new cluster name and IP?

    Hardware details:           Hardware type: EMC 900-541-044 GEN6           Adapter type: 8300    &...
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  • Exchange Backup DAG vs Storage Group

    Hi,   Am new to exchange backup. What are all the core architecture wise difference between DAG 2010 and Storage Group 2007 exchange backup. is Replication alone different ?
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  • VxRail Manager treats appliances/components as missing

    Hello,   I am wondering if anyone has seen this issue before. I am working with a cluster of 5 VxRail E460F nodes, and the manager VM seems to lose contact with the nodes, or with components in them. This is not...
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  • [ScaleIO] Virtual disk bad block medium error is detected.

    Hello all,   We got several [Storage Service Virtual disk bad block medium error is detected.: Virtual Disk X (Virtual Disk X)] logs in scaleIO server. I believe this disk went bad and it caused unrecovered rea...
    last modified by eogaaki
  • Trusted digital timestamping

    Hi,   Does EMC Centera cluster can also support themselves in this third-party digital signature timestamp?
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  • Application over SSL with CTS

    We are using xCP 2.1 application over SSL and it cannot communicate with CTS and so the Viewer is not working. If I try the Non-SSL version of the site it does work. Anyone who has got this or anything similar working...
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  • SQL Always On Backup

    Hello,   We try to backup two SQL Servers, with all instances and databases. These are configured as Always on, unfortunately only the standard dbs (master, model, msdb) are backed up.     NetWorker V...
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  • Atmos SSH locked

    Hello,   I have been dealing with an EMC atmos. Somebody before me, somehow made 250 wrong password attempts. Now when I try to login with KVM or SSH it does not let me in because of too many failed attempts. &...
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  • ScaleIO 2.x and XenServer 7

    Team, you have any information about support of ScaleIO on XenServer 7?
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  • IBMi 環境での DD VTL 構成について

    こんにちは。 現在、下記の DD VTL の構成を検討しております。最終的には、SVC 申請を行う予定ですが、可能でしたら、構成上、問題が無いかをご教示ください。     2台のPowerから1台のDDに対して接続可否 各IBMi環境のバックアップで取得したLTOテープを相互の利用 (添付の左側のIBMi(黄色で色付けした環境)で取ったLTOを青色で色付けした右側のIBMi環境のドライブにマウントして...
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  • Recoverpoint SE to EX Cluster Conversion

    Hi,   We have the RP SE and we want to covert it to EX because we have did the SAN upgrade and now we have both VNX and Unity 400 boxs. And we want to replication both in single RP system. Therefore we want to k...
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  • DD6800 + DS60 EXPANSION SHELF - Stencil VISIO

    Hi Community,   Does anyone get the stencil for the new DD6800 + DS60 EXPANSION SHELF ?   Thanks in advance.   Regards,   Charles.
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