• Isilon 子ドメインのユーザ情報が取得できない

    掲題の件ですが、現在以下のような親子関係のドメインを構成しております。 親:root.local 子:sub.root.local Isilonは親のroot.localにJoinし正常にJoinで来たのですが、SMB共有作成する際に子ドメインの情報を拾えて来ない現象が 発生しています。 子ドメインの情報を取得するには何か特別な設定が必要なのでしょうか。 isi auth ads trusts list を実行すると...
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  • VxRail上で稼働するRecover Point for VMsのESXiカーネルモジュールアンインストール

    現在、VxRail上にRecover Point for VMsをインストールして稼働しています。 VxRail は4ノード構成となっています。 このうち、1ノードのみRecoverPointのESXiカーネルモジュールをアンインストールすることは可能でしょうか?   仮想マシンの移行ツールとしてZerto社のVirtual Replicationという製品の利用を予定しています。 この製品はRecoverPoi...
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  • DQL Help

    Hi,   I am trying to get a single DQL for the following:   The table/view column is report_number_in_view.   If attribute value matches column value execute select company from dm_dbo.myview where r...
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  • CERT file is broken in 4.4.0 OVA

    The Unity Simulator OVA is broken.  On the top line of the .cert file, you'll see this text: SHA1(unfinished\11186_OS-c4dev_PIE_2893R- ab18b6c2c08122f262da52afdcb4...
    Chris Klosterman
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  • ASL to extract IP from Cisco BGP4 ObjectID

    Hi, can anyone with a deeper knowledge of ASL help with this and/or suggest an easier way.   I am integrating the CISCO-BGP4-MIB into Smarts and for some reason Cisco have decided to append the BGP remotePeerIP ...
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  • Why isn't port channeling allowed?

    I was at VMworld this year and talked to engineers at the DellEMC booth and all them looked like deer in headlights about why Port channeling is not allowed on the uplinks assigned to ESXi mgt, VxRail mgt and vSAN. Th...
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  • Supported Cisco Switches?

    Hi @all, do we have a list of compatible cisco switches with ECS 3.x?   Thanks in advance!   Kind regards   Matthias
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  • Dell EMC Unity Laptop Demo Install error

    Hello,   I am trying to install the Unity laptop demo on my Windows7 VM running on my Mac with Fusion 8.1.1.  It appears that the Anywhere installer thinks there are multiple instances running and quits.&nb...
    Alan Kobuke
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  • VNX5300 Control Station and Data Mover

    Hi,   i'm trying to set up a VNX5300 system with one Control Station and one Data Mover. I can ping the control station and both SP of VNX5300. (x.x.8.93 - x.x.8.94 - x.x.8.95) I connected to Control Station t...
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  • VNX5300 FC Windows 2016 connect

    Hi all,   i need to connect a VNX5300 system to a windows server 2016 machine. Two FC cards (Emulex LPe12002) are already installed on the server. I tried with the integrated function of windows MPIO, but ...
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  • VxRail_DNSと疎通できない場合

    VxRailクラスタ構築後、DNSと疎通できない状態で起動し、 Webclientに接続を試みたところ以下メッセージを確認致しました。 ============== 503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [N7Vmacore4HTTP20NamedPipeServicePpecE:XXXXXXX _serverNamespace = / actio...
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  • Deleted shares and Quotas of 30 TB from Isilon, but the free space is not updated with expected new capacity

    Hi All,   Anyone please help me here. Deleted shares and Quotas of 30 TB from Isilon, but the free space is not updated with expected new capacity. There is no change in the free space even before and after de...
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  • List ISILON configuration

    Is there any Isilon command that list whole ISILON configuration. We are planning to backup whole configuration and save for future use.   Thanks.
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  • Isilon cluster configuration backup

    Is there any scripts to take Isilon configuration backup?
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  • How do YOU back up your Isilion?

    Hello,   I was curious to hear the various approaches being used in the wild to backup the Isilon system. I currently have the following equipment at my disposal but have found it disturbing/interesting/odd...et...
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  • SCRIPT: Powershell -> ScaleIOREST -> InfluxDB -> Grafana

    Hi all   Had time to write a script in Powershell that will continuously poll the ScaleIO REST interface, and push stats to InfluxDB for use with Grafana etc.   Nice and simple, one JSON config file, and a...
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  • Secure namespace access

    Can you control access to specific name spaces from the internet. We use F5 load Balancers  for traffic management and understand the need to open 443 and map to ECS on 9021 I only want to allow external access...
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  • AppSync phase failure

    We are getting the error below most of the time when AppSync tries to mount RecoverPoint bookmark LUNs to VMware ESXi hosts. Virtual center service operation failed with error: InvalidState. Using the VI client, check...
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  • Importing/Exporting Cluster settings from One Isilon Cluster to another

    Community,   I have been asked to investigate if its possible to export settings from a source Isilon cluster to a new Isilon cluster that will be replacing the source cluster.  Settings from a OneFS 7.1.1....
    Chris Hunt
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  • Symmetrix VMAX & VMAX3 Logical Structure

    Hello, Basically I wanted to confirm my understanding of the logical structure within the Symmetrix VMAX and VMAX storage arrays. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'll go top to bottom.   1) Disk Group - A group of id...
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