• #PressForProgress, Inclusion Is How We Get There

    By Brian Reaves, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer   Today women and men around the world will celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements in recognition of International ...
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  • Accelerating Business Transformation

    By Bob Wambach, Vice President, Marketing Dell EMC Here’s a prediction for 2018: Business will continue to get more complicated and every enterprise or government agency will have competitors investing in...
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  • Unleash the Demand …XtremIO Demand Generation, That Is

    Hopefully, you’ve already heard quite a bit around “Unleash the Beast” and the Gen 4 enabled XtremIO all-flash array (AFA). It’s now time for us to unleash the real potential of the agile data ...
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  • The Evolution of Big Data Analytics

    We just concluded Dell EMC World 2017 in Las Vegas, our largest customer and partner event of the year. The entire family of Dell Technologies businesses came together to showcase our shared vision for the future of e...
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  • New Opportunities to Expand the Data Lake—at the Edge, the Core, and the Cloud

    There’s been a lot of talk around the massive growth of unstructured data and how the rise of the 3rd Platform (mobile, cloud, big data, and social) will only accelerate this expansion.   The EMC Data Lak...
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  • Cluster Expansion and Protection

    Take the following scenario: “A six node X410 cluster with 1TB drives has a recommended protection level of +2d:1n. The cluster is already 87% full, so a new node addition is required to increase the capacit...
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  • VxRail Cluster Expansion – Scaling Out

    Adding a node into VxRail cluster that is a very simple process. One of the core benefits provided by VxRail is to allow a configuration to start small, at the right cost to satisfy the current demands, and then grow ...
    Victor Wu
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  • The #1 IOT Challenge: Use Case Identification, Validation and Prioritisation

    By Bill Schmarzo, CTO Dell EMC Services   You can’t get to the “What” and the “Why” by focusing on the “How”   In the gold rush to “monetise” IOT, org...
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  • SolVe Desktop Overview & Installation

    SolVe Desktop is an interactive, standalone application that generates specific, step-by-step procedures for servicing your Dell EMC products. SolVe Desktop gives you access to trusted best-practice instructions on ho...
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  • New Product Support Newsletter Series

    Dell EMC has recently launched a new series of Data Protection Newsletters for our customers and partners which provides product-specific updates on the latest in customer service offerings, key release and support up...
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  • New Online Support Search: Pilot for select countries

    At Dell EMC, we are committed to finding ways to continuously improve our customer’s service and support experience. A key element in that process is working in conjunction with our customers to identify and pri...
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  • Social Big data analytics - a real challenge

    Image credit: Pixabay   Big data is all the huge unstructured data generated from social networks from a wide array of sources ranging from Social media ‘Likes’, ‘Tweets, blog posts, comments, ...
    Ramkumar Yaragarla
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  • Enabling Collaborative IT With Converged Infrastructure

    Written by Todd Pavone, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy & Development at VCE Changing the culture inside an IT organisation is one of those chicken-and-egg propositions. It’s difficult to figu...
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  • IsilonianTech 第6回 Isilonとオープンソース ~Elastic Stack編~

    なんだかんだでIsilonianTechも始めて4ヶ月で第6回になりましたが、今回はIsilonとElastic Stackについてご紹介します。 通常ですと、Elastic Stackというキーワードの際は、Isilonはデータレイク基盤としてデータを貯める側になるのですが、今回はIsilonのsyslogを解析するための基盤をELK(Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)で構築してみようという内容で...
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  • Tweaking Quota Performance

    Received a couple of recent enquiries from the field regarding SmartQuotas performance. In this article we'll explore one of the more obscure tuning parameters of SmartQuotas. But first, a quick refresher on the OneFS...
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  • Removing OneFS Snapshots

    Received the following inquiry recently, and thought it was worth expanding upon in a blog article: “I need to clear out old snapshots because my cluster is filling up. How can I tell how much space they consume...
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  • is it possible to take backup of sql server 2017 in linux environment by emc networker.

    hey   Is it possible to take backup of sql server in linux environment by emc networker , if yes pls share the link of proper documentation.
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  • The way get information from mssql by using excel vba and special port

    Yes,  we can get information from mssql by using excel vba.  But the default port of MSSQL is  1433.   what about if  the port number was changed ?  Does it still  can use to get in...
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  • Embedded Managment for VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 - Part 1 Introduction to Embedded Management and Configuring Client Server Access

    So, I've noticed that there isn't a specific document out there for the embedded management feature of Unisphere for VMAX.  I originally intended to write a paper but travel schedule and other commitments have go...
    Paul Martin
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  • IsilonianTech 第5回 Isilonとオープンソース ~Isilon-POSH~

    今回はWindows PowerShellのコマンドレットであるIsilon-POSHについてご紹介します。 社内インフラの運用を行うにあたり、多くのお客様はWindows PowerShellを用いてシステムの管理や自動化をおこなっていると思います。その中で、ファイルサーバや分析基盤としてIsilonをご利用頂いている場合、他のシステム同様にPowerShellで管理したいというニーズが出て来ると思いますが、Isilon-PO...
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