• IsilonianTech 第3回 Isilonとオープンソース ~Isilon Data Insights Connector~

    今回は運用で役立つツール、Isilon Data Insights Connectorについてご紹介します。 Isilon Data Insights Connectorは、ひとことで言うとIsilonの性能を可視化するツールでInfluxDB + Grafanaをベースに動作します。 Isilonでは標準ツールとしてInsightIQを提供しておりますので、一般的な用途(例えば、ファイルサーバ、データレイクなど社内の情報基盤...
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  • IsilonianTech 第2回 Isilonとオープンソース ~OpenStack Manila編~

    前回のIsilonianTechでは、Dockerの永続的なストレージとしてバックエンドにIsilonを使うためのプラグインであるREX-Rayをご紹介しました。 今回はOpenStackの共有ファイルストレージ サービスのプロジェクトであるManilaとIsilonとの連携についてご説明します。              thesourceblog.emc.comから引用     ManilaとIsi...
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  • IsilonianTech 第1回 Isilonとオープンソース ~REX-Ray編~

    Isilon製品単体はもちろん素晴らしいのですが、実はIsilonと連携するツールは様々なものがあります。 普段はIsilonの製品中心にお話しすることが多く、このようなツールについては中々ご紹介する機会が無いので、 本コミュニティにブログ形式で数回にわたり連載したいと思います。 今回はDocker VolumeのプラグインであるREX-RayとIsilonについてご紹介します。    &...
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  • IsilonianTech 第9回 ISILON + ECS = UNLIMITED ~Isilon CloudPools~

    前回は、Elastic Cloud Storage(ECS)をご紹介いたしました。その中でIsilonとECSの連携について軽く触れましたが、今回は具体的にどのように動作するのか設定と併せてご紹介します。     CloudPools IsilonとECSの連携はIsilonのCloudPoolsという自動階層化の機能によって実現しますが、CloudPoolsに入っていく前に少しだけストレージの自動階層化につい...
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  • Deciphering OneFS Group Changes

    Wrapping up these articles on OneFS groups, we’ll take a look at what and how we can learn about a cluster's state and transitions. Group state is a list of nodes, drives and protocols which are participating in...
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  • Integrated Online Support Experience: Pilot for Select Countries

    At Dell EMC, there is nothing we take more seriously than our customers’ experience. Our services transformation has one primary objective – to better enable customers to realize theirs. Another step towar...
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  • Recovering Exchange Data with NMM 9

    This article will cover restore options for Exchange in NMM 9.  The demo in the article is with NMM and Exchange 2013 DAG.   NMM 9 offers the choice of using ItemPoint to perform mailbox/item le...
    Felix Pinto
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  • Dell's Pride Month

      Our teams around the globe are busy celebrating Pride Month at Dell. As a proud global leader in LGBTQ workforce equality, we celebrate the diversity of our people and encourage them to #beyourself every day. ...
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  • Embedded Managment for VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 - Part 2 Gathering log files and pulling data and reports for offline access

    A personal bugbear and one that is echoed by some customers with eMGMT has been how can I get export my performance database and other files.  Up until the 8.3 release coming in September 2016 there hasn't been a...
    Paul Martin
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  • Understanding OneFS Group State

    As we saw in the previous blog articles, in OneFS parlance a group is a list of nodes, drives and protocols which are currently participating in the cluster. Under normal operating conditions, every node and its requi...
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  • Cluster State, Quorum, and the Group Management Protocol

    There have been a couple of recent inquiries around cluster state changes, groups. and quorum, so we’ll delve into this topic over the next couple of blog articles.   In computer science, Brewer’s CAP...
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  • Embedded Managment for VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 - Part 1 Introduction to Embedded Management and Configuring Client Server Access

    So, I've noticed that there isn't a specific document out there for the embedded management feature of Unisphere for VMAX.  I originally intended to write a paper but travel schedule and other commitments have go...
    Paul Martin
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  • Captiva Web Capture (CWC) - For Your Consideration: Deployment Checklist

    The thin client, browser agnostic, scan and indexing solution known as Captiva Web Capture has been well received the world over.  It is the perfect balance between ad hoc distributed capture and hardcore, RealTi...
    Bryan Phillip Gard
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  • xDesign 4.5 Preview Issue

    On xDesign 4.5 version, I could not be able to view the document when I Preview and Assemble my document in xDesign. when I clicked the View document after Assemble, automatically downloading PDF
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  • One Thin Client to Rule Them All

    By John Albee   At last, after over a year of planning and developing, the Dell Wyse 5070 thin client now emerges from the shadows to take its place as the latest thin client to join the Wyse portfolio. Not just...
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  • New Dell EMC Support Videos Now Live on YouTube

    As part of Dell EMC's continued commitment to provide helpful and valuable customer support content and resources that enable you to optimize your Dell EMC products and transform your business, we invite you to explor...
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  • 2018 Dell EMC Product Support Newsletter Series

    Dell EMC now offers a series of Data Protection Support Newsletters for our customers and partners. These helpful newsletters provide product-specific updates on the latest in customer service offerings, key release a...
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  • OneFS Groupnets

    Received several questions from the field recently around groupnets, and thought it would make a interesting blog topic. The Groupnet, was first introduced in OneFS 8.0 as part of the cluster's multi-tenant support...
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  • How to Restore Emails from OST file Outlook 2013?

    MS Outlook 2013, like earlier Outlook versions, uses OST file to save a local replica of Exchange mailbox data. This file comes handy when user wishes to work on his mailbox even if Exchange isn’t available. But...
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  • VMAX for Splunk 2.0

    Hi again! The VMAX for Splunk 2.0 add-on and app have been out for a small amount of time so I decided it was time to follow on from the version 1.0 blog and put one together for 2.0.   A number of VMAX for Splu...
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