• Getting Started with the Avamar REST API and VMware backups -- Part 2 of 2

    Introduction  In Part 1 of this blog post I talked about how to configure the Avamar REST API using a command line tool that comes with it called restCLI.pl. I showed how this tool can be useful for understandin...
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  • Ambari Blueprints and OneFS

    Making clusters with Blueprints  Yes, you can use Ambari Blueprints if your data is stored in OneFS.   It's like a Hadoop replicator  Ambari Blueprints have been around since Ambari 1.6, and provide a...
    Rob Ketcherside
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  • run a private docker registry on DELL|EMC ECS Storage

    I already described how to run a private , shared docker registry for windows and linux images in Common docker registry - labbuildr in this example i was using a VMware Photon host with a secondary drive used as a d...
    Karsten Bott
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  • Getting started with nano on VMware Workstation

    Hello together,   today i will introduce you to my method / Cookbook on nano Server on VMware Workstation in the TP3 Release. Once you created the vmdk Image required, configuring new nano servers takes less th...
    Karsten Bott
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  • New Joint Initiative - Dell EMC VMware Co-Skilled Digital Badge

    Dell EMC is excited to partner with VMware on a Joint Digital Badge initiative: Dell EMC VMware Co-Skilled - VxRail 2017.   This badge will be launched at VMWorld on August 28th, 2017. Education Services will be...
    Danielle Schaefer
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  • Realize Digital Transformation from the Edge to the Core with SAP Leonardo & Dell EMC Ready Solutions

    How OT & IT Converge on the Digital Transformation JourneyIoT Innovation between SAP, Dell EMC, & VMwareAuthor:  Gunther Manz   Operational Technology, or OT, is basically all the technology you use...
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  • Building an VMware Centos Image from scratch in seconds

    This is a short description  on how to create a VM from scatch using the vmxtoolkit Powershell Modules:     First of all obtain the CentOS7 1708 Image. ( line 1-3 ) then, if not already done, install an...
    Karsten Bott
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  • Software @ VMworld 2017?

    After being deep into software at Microsoft for 10 years, I came to Dell EMC to help customers understand how software can leverage hardware features that get more work done with less resources and complexity.  L...
    Phil Hummel
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  • SolVe Desktop Generators - Audience

    The following Generators are accessible in the SolVe Desktop.   Employee- Employees (only employee access) Partner -  Partner access is determined by Product and Partner Type(s) Customer - Customers, Par...
    Kirsty Allen
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  • SmartPools, L3 Cache and SSD Ownership

    Got asked the following question from the field recently:   “If I configure a nodepool to use L3 cache, will it be overridden by the “Metadata SSD Strategy” setting in a file pool policy?&rdquo...
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  • Path-based File Pool Policies

    Got the following question from the field recently: I have a cluster with an primary X410 pool and archive NL410 pool. There is a nightly job that moves inactive files from primary to archive. However, can I set it ...
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  • Decoding OneFS Group Reporting

    As we saw in the first of these blog articles, in OneFS parlance a group is a list of nodes, drives and protocols which are currently participating in the cluster. Under normal operating conditions, every node and its...
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  • The #1 IOT Challenge: Use Case Identification, Validation and Prioritisation

    By Bill Schmarzo, CTO Dell EMC Services   You can’t get to the “What” and the “Why” by focusing on the “How”   In the gold rush to “monetise” IOT, org...
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  • The Future of Enterprise End-User Computing

    There has been a seismic shift in end-user computing across enterprises in nearly every industry in the last few years. This shift has been driven by greater demand for mobility, choice, and effective collaboration. T...
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  • Smartfailing Nodes

    Got a question on Smartfailing nodes from the field recently that seemed worth expanding upon in a blog article.   One of the nodes in my cluster is marked as “D”. Can I run a Smartfail on it in thi...
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  • GG(ギークガールズ) 女子力

    忘年会たけなわの金曜に集まってくれたギークガールズ(以降GG)。みんな忙しいのにやはり集合はほとんどオンタイム。 さて、今回はGGへのリクエストの中で一番多かったテーマ、『女子とIT』について語ってもらいます。   まずは再会を祝して乾杯!そして山のような肉!肉!!肉!!!       女子力とストレス ayas:さて12月も半ば、街はすっかりクリスマス、何かと女子力が重宝され...
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  • Hadoop Predictions for 2018

    As we close out the last few weeks of the year one tradition that I am sure will be alive and well is the annual flood of “Best of the Year” and “Top Predications for Next Year” lists.  My...
    Phil Hummel
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  • Apache Ranger deny policies with OneFS

    HDFS Access Control via Ranger  In OneFS, HDFS authorization policies in Ranger are supported for the first time.   The Basics  Ranger is an add-on service in the Hortonworks Hadoop distributi...
    Rob Ketcherside
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  • How to verify if you have compression enabled for your SG on a VMAX

    In terms of data reduction or compression in this example it’s important that we ensure we are getting the best out of VMAX array in terms of its abilities and functional capabilities. VMAX compression can deliv...
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  • Measuring Cluster Performance

    Had a couple of recent field inquiries on how to gather performance statistics on a cluster, and thought it might be an interesting topic for a blog article:   Before planning or undertaking any performance tunin...
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