• Backup failures for Domain Controller Servers

    Hi Guys,   I have issue for quite sometimes with backup for my domain controller servers. This is traditional filesystem backup. And everytime running a full backup i have this error. I have problem with 3 serve...
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  • Disk Upgrade In Unity 400

    Hi,   We have Unity 400 with 2 additional DAE. We are planing  to add another DAE. Then we want to know after we adding the DAE to existing system and correctly cabled the all the back end mini SAS cables, ...
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  • Does VMAX support LLDP or CDP network protocol

    We have recently installed a VMAX 250F at our remote DR site and now have network connectivity issues with two connections.  We would like to utilize LLDP or CDP to assist with identifying the location of switch ...
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  • Dealing with a big quantity of mailboxes and Activity schedule cannot end

    Hello,   This is an email management environment with 30,000 users using all the same settings for historical and shortcut activities. Due to the large number of users, an activity cannot process all of them in...
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  • Networker SQL Backup Only Failing 1 Database

    Hey all, We are having an issue with one of our SQL servers, where every database except MSDB is successfully backing up. Whether using the scheduled backup jobs managed by our company's Infrastructure Team, or ma...
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  • SYMCLI command to get the underlying Disk Groups at Thin Pool level

    Hi,   I am looking for a symcli command which will give me the underlying Disk Groups at Thin Pool level. I am using the model VMAX100K.   If anybody know the command, then please help to get details. It w...
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  • embedded NAS(eNAS)----- is there any EMC Training course

    Is there any EMC training course for Embedded NAS with VMAX or VNX??   Thanks
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  • Created a clone. Made a mess. Can't delete private LUNS

    Hey there,   VNX5200.   I wanted to check out clones, so I created a test to see how it worked. I ran the clone wizard and everything seemed to go well.   Unfortunately, I started getting hot spare ...
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  • Autostart 5.4.1 build 73, Windows Server 2008, event log error ID00001519

    HI,   we are getting this error in the event log.. won’t let the secondary node log on, access denied, any help would be appreciated . Thanks, Rod
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  • Regarding Scalability of Dell ECS Object Store

    We are using persistent store as Dell ECS S3 compatible store for storing files.   While testing performance of our APIs   We found as we increase number of connections to S3 the throughput doesn’t i...
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  • Unisphere page is not working using control station ip

    Hello everyone,   I am facing an issue after replacement of control station of my vnx 5700  whenever I am trying to login through putty using nasadmin , following notification has appeared. need advice as I...
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  • Unable to configure MSSQL Always On DB via Client Wizard

    Hi folks,   I need to backup a MSSQL Always On Database on my NetWorker server running v9.2.   There are two hostnames of the Windows server and one listener name which has a DNS entry and is supposed to f...
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  • 【Ask The Expert】エキスパートに聞こう!進み続けるXtremIO 6.2

    THEエンタープライズストレージ、XtremIOはトップの座を守るだけじゃありません。 より早く、より確実に、そしてより多くの人にそのテクノロジーの魅力を届けたい。 スーパーストレージは進み続ける!XtremIOをこよなく愛するエキスパートにその魅力をまた語ってもらいます。   XtremIO  6.2 今度はどんなサプライズがあるのか!   エキスパート M-Itchy &nbs...
  • Isilon IQ 12000x problem with the battery subsystem

    Hello,   I have a Isilon 12000x on OneFS version   It has the following error   "This node is in read-only mode there is a problem with the battery subsystem"   Does anyone have any a...
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  • Isilon IQ12000x checking isilon journal integrity

    Hello,   I have recently received an Isilon IQ12000x and everything was setup correctly, working fine and I had to shut it down. When I rebooted one of the nodes disconnected from the rest of them and won't boot...
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  • DDBoost Oracle Rman Agent Installation with multiple dbs on one server

    Hi All   Pretty new to this. Have a quick questions regarding DDBoost Oracle Rman Agent. We have lots of dbs has multiple domains or dbs on one server with different oracle user names. So when installing orac...
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  • DD コントローラーと筐体の電源V数違いについて

    お世話になります。   現在DD6800+DS60の構築を進めているのですが 電源口数の関係で、DD6800だけ100Vで構築できないかと 言われています。   機器単体で起動できれば問題ない認識ですが、DD6800とDS60でそれぞれV数が 異なると問題が起きたりするのでしょうか。
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  • Unity ~ NetWoker ~ DataDomainの差分バックアップについて

    こんにちは。   現在、Unity ~ NetWoker ~ DataDomainでのNDMPバックアップについて検証をしています。 希望の動作としては、 ①「Unityのファイルシステムの増分を毎日バックアップ」 ②「DataDomainで毎日フルに合成」 ③「DataDomainでは日付毎のフルバックアップデータを2週間分保存」   ざっくりした質問で恐縮ですが上記の構成は可能でしょうか。...
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  • Dell EMC エデュケーション・サービス

    ◆定期開催コースとコース概要 ●言語:講義 / 教材の順です。「日」は日本語、「英」は英語 (例:日/英 > 日本語の講義/英語の教材) 更新日:2018.10.15 クラス名・概要 言語日数20182019Storage Management8月9月10月11月12月1月2月3月4月情報管理とストレージv3日/日53-7Data ScienceData Science and Big Data Analytics日/日5...
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  • 購入したソフトウェア情報の確認方法

    サポートサイト(https://support.emc.com/) に関する質問です。   購入した機器の情報は出てきますが、 購入しているソフトウェアのリストや情報を確認するにはどうすればいいですか?   SyncIQ,InsightIQ,SmartPools等を購入していますが、その情報を確認したいと思っています。 サポートサイト>Find my DellEMC Product > Produ...
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