• Initiator UNREGISTERED-0x0000000000000000

    Hi, I have a UNREGISTERED-0x0000000000000000 initiator showing up on cluster-2 of a Metro cluster.  I don't know why it's there and I can't remove it using either the GUI or the CLI.  Has anyone seen this ...
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  • How to Move Witness VM to different location

    Running Vplex Metro GeoSynchrony 5.4  and Witness VM in different (third) fault domain.  Planning to move Witness VM from current location (vCenter-X ) to different location (vCenter-Y).  There is no co...
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  • impact of command  “virtual-volume set-thin-enabled” on DD

    Hi, Customer wants to use command “virtual-volume set-thin-enabled” on Geosynchrony 5.5 U2 with VPLEX Metro. All distributed devices are in production on customer environment, do you know if there is an ...
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  • ViPR SRM Compliance --> Configuration changes

    Good day,   After adding our switches and arrays under ViPR, we noticed repeating messages under Operations --> Compliance --> Configurations changes even if we haven't made any change in our SAN Fabric. I...
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  • Dell EMC Unity All-Flash & Hybrid Info Hub

    Welcome to the Unity All-Flash & Hybrid Info Hub! Here you can find content that will help you get to know and started with your Unity All-Flash or Hybrid storage system.   Get to Know Your Storage System ...
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  • UnityOE Features – Unity Info Hub

    Welcome to the UnityOE Features – Unity Info Hub! Here you can find content that will help you explore some of the key features available in the UnityOE software. Configure storage Storage Pools LUNs New! FAS...
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  • Solutions for SAP Info Hub

    Welcome to the Solutions for SAP Info Hub. The following links direct you to technical documents on dellemc.com or Dell EMC Online Support and to useful third-party websites. These links provide relevant information...
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  • RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 5.2

    Use this index to view the RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 5.2 product documentation. These links go directly to articles posted on the EMC Community Network (ECN) or www.emc.com. You can also retrieve specific arti...
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  • ViPR Support Matrix - REV 24c.pdf

    This Support Matrix can be used for ViPR Controller 3.0 and higher releases. To see the Support Matrix for 2.4 and earlier releases please go to: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-57771   The ViPR Controller S...
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  • REST API 6 month data collection

    I am trying to collect IOPS for each storage group on VMAX40k. I tested few API call through REST Client and there seem to be a inbuilt limitation of 7 days. I tried all sorts of time periods ranging from 6 months, 3 ...
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  • Leveraging Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) in Unisphere for PowerMax

    Feature Overview The Role Based Access Control (RBAC) or User Authorization feature released in Unisphere for PowerMax 9.0 enables you to restrict the management operations that individual users or groups of users...
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  • Automating your Capacity Reporting in Unisphere 9.0

    One of the most critical areas for any Storage Administrator is monitoring and planning the capacity growth of your system so that you can plan your needs accordingly. To make this easier you can create reports within...
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  • does nfs switch for --manage-gids exist

    By default, the nfs client sends on the wire a list of max 16 gid's the uid is a member of. This can be discarded and a lookup forced from the server by using --manage-gids on the nfs daemon.   An example from a...
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  • RecoverPoint - Multi Site replication

    Hello, We have Gen 5 RPAs running RP 4.4 replication between VNXs. We are getting a new XtremIO X2 at our DR site. I would like to know if we can enable parallel replication to this new XtremIO using the same recover...
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  • Need guide video tutorial for VNX1 UPGRADE

    Please guide me as I am facing challenges in up gradation and adding storage. Hardware 1 system VNX1 UPGRADES 2 V2-DAE-N-25-A ( 25 * 2.5 IN 2U DAE FIELD INSTALL 47 V3-2S10-900U ( VNX51/53 900 GB 10K 25*2.5IN DRV D...
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  • What is logical-space-in-use for volume?

    What is logical-space-in-use for volume ? We see many volumes have this value greater than "vol-size" ? We are using REST API to get this information.
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  • Setting up DD2200 with Backup Exec 2014

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can begin to look for help to configure a Data Domain DD2200 with the latest version of Backup Exec 2014?   I am having trouble finding documentation on EMC's and ...
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    Junto con saludar, tengo un servidor MS SQL 2008 en un WSERVER  2008R2 Standard x32, encontré el networker client para x32 pero no el NMM x32 en la pagina de descarga de EMC.   ¿Debo usar una ve...
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  • NS-120 - Control Station running ... DM's not ... safe to start them remotely?

    DM's not started first by datacenter staff, and now Control Station and CX4 side are up and running (and serving our ESXi hosts on block side), and DM's are still "powered off" per getreason. Is it ok to issue start c...
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  • Isilon as storage to Hyper-V environment?

    Hi All,     We have requirement to use isilon shares to Hyper-V environment to create VM for apps & DB’s load. is it isilon as a storage to Hyper-V environment supported?   If its suppo...
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