• RP migration from VMAX to VPlex/VMAX3

    Hi, IHAC who has existing RP 4.1.1. (will be upgraded to 4.4.1 later) Existing Source: VMAX40K , Existing Target: VMAX40K   At target side, they are replacing VMAX40K with Vmax3 AFA. Due to backup application ...
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  • Cannot run nsrvadp_save: No such file or directory

    Hi.   I used to Networker 8.2.3 and VADP proxy (same server as networker server).  I migrated to new version Networker (upgrade mode). Now I have a problem, old VADP proxy don't work: Cannot run nsr...
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  • NetWorker client compatibility information (reverse) for different windows versions ?

    Looking for a reverse compatibility matrix for Networker client software: (I mean: starting from the windows client version)   I have a number of different windows systems to backup and I need to find the correc...
    Marc Van den Eynden
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  • Balance_Load - CLI does't work

    hi RP  -, Env: RP/EX, VMAX20K apply balance_Load recommendations doesn't work. I always have to apply the changes from the recommendations manually - by changing the preferred RPAs of Consistency Gr...
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  • Recovering with no client

    Hello,   I am brand new to using Networker, and inherited a v. 8 server with a bunch of expired tapes. With a lot of reading, I was able to make the expired savesets browseable (yay!), but am getting this error...
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  • Seeding

    We have data located in another grid that replciation may not be an option.  Currenty we are shipping a USB drive back n forth, issue is the drive is so sloooooooow..  Any other hardware options ? I looked a...
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  • Isilon to upgrade quest on 9 nodes (3xS200/3xX200/3xNL400)

    Customer does not want to do a tech refresh at this time of his 9 nodes. At some point in past it was upgraded from (B_7_0_1_233 (releas) to OneFS v7.2.1.5. Can this single cluster of 9 nodes (3x S200 with 30...
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  • VxRail_SolveDesktop_DNSのIP設定変更について

    以下の設定にてSolveDesktopで手順書を作成しました。 <topic> VxRail How To Procedures <Selection> Choose activity:: 'How To' Change VxRail IP Addresses Select the VxRail Software Version: v4.0.302 Select your "How To" Proc...
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  • VNX5400 host disappeared

    Good day. VNX 5400;, Windows 2012 R2 with qlogic hba. I got some problem with Windows host: sometimes it is not displayed in the host list in the Unisphere. However there are no real problem with sto...
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  • Need link to the Atlas tool?

    I am looking for Atlas tool link, which I did not find in Global services tools.
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  • AVE deployment in Hyper-V environment

    Hi,   For one of the customer i have to deploy 1 TB AVE on windows 2012 R2 hyper-v server. i checked the admin guide for the deployement and it says to uncompress the .7z file from support and download side. but...
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  • ECS: Remote I/O error when writing a file

    I'd really appreciate some help on this. I've submitted a github ticket, but I haven't got an answer. This is what I've done.   I installed a centos 7 server and followed the single node docker install on github...
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  • Data Migration from CISCO UCS Invicta Storage

    Hi,   Is there any way we can check the compatibility of EMC Migration products with CISCO UCS Invicta storage array. We are in planning a solution to migrate data from Invicta Storage array to another storage d...
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  • New batch on Barcode detection using Scan Plus

    Hi,   I have a batch of documents. The batch has multiple set of documents with each document set identified by document type barcode. Each document set has multiple document separator barcode. I am using Scan P...
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  • Open Replicator Hot Push

    Hello   Open Replicator - Hot push - Data needs to be pushed from control VMAX to remote VNX array   Hot Push scenario :   Control array        Remote array   ...
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  • Data Domain migration from DD990 to DD9300

    We are in plan of replacing the Data Domain from DD990 to DD9300. We have Networker as major backup tool through DDBoost and one VTL for AS400 BRMS backup. We have 40% (150 TB) of our backups with more than a month ...
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  • Unityに搭載されるSSDについて

    Unityに搭載されるSSDについてご教授ください。   1) Unityに搭載されるSSDはTLCでしょうか?    下記ドキュメントを確認し、15ページの「Table 7. SOLID STATE DISK DRIVES」に    情報はあったのですが、3.84TB,7,68TB,15,36TBの情報がありませんでした。    それと、3.2TBもT...
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  • how to proceed when there are 2 failed disk in a G4LP centera node?

    HI,   how to proceed when there are 2 failed disk in a G4LP centera node?   thanks.
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  • Add H400 gen6 nodes to S200 cluster

    Hi all, I am looking for the procedure to add H400 gen6 nodes to an existing S200 cluster. In Solve Desktop I don't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !
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  • Cluster shutdown via APC UPS

    I have been working with support to find a way to initiate an unattended clean Cluster Shutdown from an APC UPS. I have been given a python script and am just in the process of fine tuning it. I wonder if anyone else ...
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