• ScaleIO 和 VxFlex OS什么关系

    ScaleIO 和 VxFlex OS什么关系
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  • Cloudpools Question

    I am testing cloudpools. I was able to add the cloud pools from Azure and AWS and my filepool polices are working fine.  I see the files archived to the cloud as stubbed. Here are two problems I have:   1. ...
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  • NDMP Recovery from Old Tapes Without Index

    Hello.   I have very little knowledge about Networker, but I'll try to explain my situation with as much details as I can.   I have some old LTO3 tapes that were backed up with Legato (don't know the versi...
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  • Unityの故障率や信頼性について

    Unityのシステム単位もしくはパーツ単位での故障率(MTBF等)の情報で公開されているものはありますでしょうか。 また、信頼性についても明記されている資料があれば教えてください。
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  • VxRail Upgradeに関する注意点

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  • Design NAS DR solution

    I would like to inquire about the design of a NAS DR solution. I currently have two Unity 400s and would like to implement a replicated CIFS service in the booth of the second CPD. The communications between both CP...
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  • networker 9.1.1 - recover bootstrap and index to another networker server

    please advice how can i recover bootstrap and index file from a production networker server to a DR networker.   Production networker server details: version = v9.1.1 OS = Linux x86_64 server name = Prod01 (e...
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  • VxRail on external vcenter

    Hi there,   I have a VxRail cluster (4.5.152-8119833) on an external virtual center (external psc) in one of my datacenters.   We will be starting a network project to re-ip a lot of elements in the datace...
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  • Re-use ESRS deployed in another VxRail Cluster for a new cluster

    Hi,   I have a customer with two separate VxRail Clusters (not stretched) where one is about a year old and had ESRS/Ve deployed from inside VxRail Manager during the cluster installation. I am wondering if it i...
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  • Atmos for Chrome no longer works in chrome version 67

    Atmos for chrome works happily in chrome version 66, however since updating to chrome 67, the extension no longer works or installs   it reports the following error on install of the crx file   &n...
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  • NMC not showing latest group status or success

    hi all,   since I upgraded from NW 8.2.1 to I cannot see the latest status of the backup policies in the monitoring tab of the backupserver. the behaviour is quite identic with the one in KB https://sup...
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  • eRooms Plugin

    My company has been using eRooms for years and even though it has reached EOL we would like to keep our data in eRooms and be able to use with the latest plugin.   7.5? Does anyone have this available or kn...
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  • VNXe 3150 Storage Processor not getting dhcp ip.

    I have a VNXe3150, that is hardly used. It was retired after 2 months of purchase some one year before, collecting dust.  Restarted the VNXe3150. Found out it is not getting dhcp ip addresses, to talk to it fro...
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  • error index 04   historic error count 0004

    This following error encoutered in the logs after rebooted my cluster. Anyone can tell me what does it means please and how can i solve it?   Thanks
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  • Oracle directive

    As Lotus directive there's any chance to use the same directive for Oracle?
    Enrico Bevilacqua
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  • Operation failed. Error code: 0x1000018

    Hi guys! I want create monitoring to replication sessions status in Nagios. I run next command and get next result.     uemcli -d x.x.x.x -u xxxxx -p XXXxxxXXX /prot/rep/session show      ...
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  • UnityのFTPに関して

    有識者の方   UnityのFTPに関してご教示ください。   FTPを有効化して、実際にユーザが使えるようになるまでの流れを教えていただきたいです。 ※NAS ServerはNFS Onlyです。 NAS Serverのプロパティから共有プロトコル>FTPの有効化>UNIXユーザに~までの設定は、 完了していますが、そのほかにやらなければならない操作などありますでしょうか?
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  • VxRailアップグレード時に、VMを別ホストに移動させ、1台ずつ対応出来ますか?

    VxRailリリースのアップグレードについて、 サービス停止時間にVMを別ホストへ移動し、VMの稼動していないホストを作成し、 1台づつアップグレードする事は可能でしょうか?
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  • Compatibilityの見方について

    Compatibility のData Domainバックアップを確認しますとDDVEの項目があります。 「Yes」と「No」にした場合、出力結果が異なります。 1)バックアップ製品によってはDDVEの項目を「Yes」にすると、"No results found" が出力され、   対応リストが一覧表示されません。     Compatibility のDDVEの項目の「Yes」と「No」の違いは何でしょうか。 ...
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  • OneFS and CVE-2017-7494

    Does anyone know definitively if OneFS is vulnerable to CVE-2017-7494? All references are vague as to whether OneFS is vulnerable or not.
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