• [XtremIO]read_accessからWrite_accessへの変更

    通常、SnapVolを作成するとVolume-Type=readonly,Volume-Access=read_accessに なる認識でおります。 しかしながら、お客様の要件としましてSnapVolを Volume-Type=regular,Volume-Access=Write_accessで作成したいです。   XtremIOの仕様として、上記は可能でしょうか。   以下、実施してみましたが変更...
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  • Have you read some of the blogs on New NetWorker?

    Just curious, have you guys read any of the blogs on NetWorker?   CTO Stephen Manly recently submitting a piece, http://thebackupwindow.emc.com/stephen_manley/networker-8-a-mover-and-a-shaker-of-backup-transform...
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  • Unity async replication for block

    Hello Everyone,   I have two Unity AFAs used for block storage only and need to configure async replication between them. I have no issues to configure the replication sessions, quite straightforward, and alread...
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  • New Unity450F - does not discover WWN`s on 2nd Fabric

    We have 2 * new Unity 450F arrays installed and configured on Cisco MDS FC Switches.   When configuring the first hosts and the zoning was created - BUT only the WWN`s on the FIRST FABRIC appeared on the Array t...
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  • Unable to restore VM from tape device

    Hi folks,   I am trying to do a comlete VM restore from a backup created via the vProxy. The Save Set was written to a Data Domain and later cloned to a tape device. The tape shall be the source for the restore....
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  • WARNING: Custer xxxxxx detected that resource pool N/A on array N/A was removed

    Hi All,   I have received the below warning message on a RP appliance. I tried to upgrade the cluster from 4.1.SP1 to 4.1.SP3 and the upgrade failed because of this warning. Any idea how to resolve?   &...
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  • power path question

    i am having a unity and currently i can see the powerpath is the owner in vcenter but Path selection policy is MRU. i have no powerpath vm or anything else in vcenter nor i can run any powerpath commands in esxi. ...
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  • powerpath how to check/confirm  if no VE/vcenter VSI

    i am having a unity and currently i can see the powerpath is the owner in vcenter but Path selection policy is MRU. i have no powerpath vm or anything else in vcenter nor i can run any powerpath commands in esxi. Ho...
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  • Fail Installation Vxrail Step 38

    Hai All I need help, I install 3 vxrail appliance, and failed on step 38. any one have idea for this.     Regards Revan Simbolon
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  • SMB Shares

    Hi All. Is it possible to grant access to a machine account on a SMB share ? Running OneFs
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  • ESIPSToolKit -- get actual subscribed capacity of VMAX storage pool

    Hello-   Has anyone succeeded in getting the subscribed capacity info for a VMAX storage pool via the ESIPSToolkit?  I have not.   In working with the ESIPSToolKit for some storage provisioning, I am ...
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  • Obtaining media database information

    Hello all,   I have encountered strange behavior when trying to clone to LTO tapes. Command I used is "nsrclone -b Name_of _ Media_pool -y "1 year" -d Storage_Node -v -S savesets". I used around 80+ savesets an...
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  • http page showing with unrecognised icons

    hello all, i have configured http settings to a directory with basic authentication, but the page shows only with unrecognised icons. is there any tweak to add to properly show icons? i have tried all browsers and al...
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  • Webtop installation on JBOSS : Windows

    While installing Webtop on JBOSS I am encountered with below error . Kindly suggest how to troubleshoot . Also attached complete log file.   18:53:22,798 INFO  [FileSystemContext] VFS forced fallback to vfs...
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  • [XtremIO]Cluster IDの変更

    XtremIOに関する質問です。   XMSに紐づいているclusterのcluster IDはclusterを作成する時点で決まってしまう認識ですが、 cluster作成後にcluster IDを変更したくなった場合、cluster IDのみを変更する方法などはありませんでしょうか?
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  • Networker 9.1.1 with vproxy Release: '2.0.2-11_1',  and Vcenter 6.7 compability

    Hi,   We are running networker 9.1.1 with vproxy release 2.0.2-11_1 with vcenter 6.5. We are planning to upgrade our vcenter to 6.7  (deploy a new vcenter and move all cluster etc).   Will our networ...
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  • Anyone know the default password for the "vxadmin" iDRAC account?

    Running into the following issue, but it doesn't tell you what to set the iDRAC "vxadmin" password to: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-62943   Anyone know what the password is for this account?   Thank...
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  • Datenlöschung nach US Standard DoD 5220-22.M

    Hi,   wir haben derzeit vier VNX Systeme mit diversen Festplatten Typen, die aufgrund ihres Alters durch neue Systeme ersetzt werden sollen. Aus Gründen des Datenschutzes ist es uns jedoch untersagt, die Sy...
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  • Avamar 7.2.1 aide needs some aid.

    Backstory: undergoing a security review and I need "Level 1" security hardening to be fully functional.   It appears on all our grids (7) of 7.2.1 and 7.4.1, the logging to /var/log/secure from the weekly aide c...
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  • NMC not showing latest group status or success

    hi all,   since I upgraded from NW 8.2.1 to I cannot see the latest status of the backup policies in the monitoring tab of the backupserver. the behaviour is quite identic with the one in KB https://sup...
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