• How to convert ost file to pst in outlook 2013/2010/2016?

    This mail Converter is OST data effort software that is deliberate to vary over useless Replace Offfile Store Files (.OST) to a Personalised Hardware file (.PST) that can be used with MS Outlook.   Software rep...
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  • Is it possible to copy a backup job in Avamar?

    Hi all,   As I understand, Avamar can only do backup and restore, as it only has Avamar nodes as the target storage medium. But now it support Data Domain too, so question is:   1. can we manually copy ol...
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  • EMC Isilon Security Advisories (ESAs)

    NOTE: This topic is part of the Uptime Information Hub. IMPORTANT: ESAs were rebranded to DSAs starting with 2018 advisories.   Dell EMC Security Advisories (DSAs): DSAs alert you to potential security vulnerabi...
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  • Dell EMC Azure Stack Flexible Configuration and Cisco Support

    Both Microsoft and Dell EMC continue to innovate to bring customers the most compelling Hybrid offerings for their Azure workloads through Azure Stack. While Microsoft builds upon their core components through regular...
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  • Data Domain 6.2 Documentation Info Hub

    Data Domain is the industry's most scalable, reliable, and cloud-enabled protection storage. Here you can find content that will help you get started with Data Domain Operating System 6.2. This page provides links t...
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  • solution pack for Pure

    I know EMC gets asked this a lot. It's been many years since I first asked my local team and still no solution pack exists, so is it "in the works" like I was told back then? Apparently it can be done via PS engagemen...
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  • proxycp.jar error running -selectalldatastore

    I am not exactly sure when or why this stopped working but the "selectdatastore" command is no longer working.  This is a command I use quite often as we are always adding datastores and moving VMs around.  ...
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  • How to know which IP client is accessing which SMB on isilon

    How to know which IP client is accessing which SMB on isilon
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  • SMB Shares

    Hi All. Is it possible to grant access to a machine account on a SMB share ? Running OneFs
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  • Question About Dell EMC Unity 300 Embedded CNA Port

    Dear Everyone, I have a question about Dell EMC Unity 300 Embedded CNA Port. If I buy the FC transceiver for 04 x Embedded CNA Port, can I connect directly to the FC HBA on Server or I need to use a FC Switch ? I ha...
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  • ESRS VE: CLI Command for Update Appliance

    Hello,   I wanted to update our ESRS VE from V3.32.00.08 to the current version, but that does not work via the UI. So I started to check if there is a documentation how to do updates via CLI. As I could not fin...
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  • Deployment failed in xcp-2.0

    Hello Experts,   We tried to deploy custom application into xCP-2.0 using xCP designer with custom workflow and custom method. Issue is post install action..Failure. Below is run.log. Appreciated if any one can ...
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  • How to query the DD2500 programatically?

    I have two DD2500's.  One in one data center and one in another DC.  One of the things I am using these for is saving data from my several LPARs of IBM i, in each location.  Each DD2500 duplicates the "...
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  • User can see folders with not permission acces in a Isilon smb share

    Hello Isilon Members:   Please, help me to see what´s going up here .. We´re migrating several Windows File Servers to Isilon. So far, everything is fine. But, after that, a share and folders were mi...
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  • Isilon: Upgrade to - Has anyone had an issues?

    Good Morning,   It is being suggested, due to a bug in any previous Firmware & OneFS Version, that we upgrade all our clusters to OneFS (from various 8.x version) along with the corresponding firmwar...
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  • EPCEnabler for CX4-120

    Hey Guys,   can anyone provide me the EPCEnabler for the CX4-120?   We have the problem like described here:   Pool or Pool LUN capacity failed due to Safe Operation Capacity in CX4 series array expl...
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  • Vxrail serie G does not want to boot.

    Hello   The node does not want to boot with 1-5-4-2 beeps and red alarms led . The  model is phoenix . Can you help me to locate the problem.   Regards. Rached
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  • Vxrail does not want to start with beeps errors.

    Hello   Please can you help me about an hardware issue on the Vxrail G series . The node does not want to start with 1-5-4-2 beeps. The constructor is Phoenix.   Regards, Rached
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  • 请教下AX4-5I存储Install Images to Recover后管理网页打不开报错Navi Error. Access Denied.

    之前也操作过VNX的机器,感觉Install Images to Recover后管理界面打开很正常的。 现在AX4-5I的机器也是同样进入Utility Partition Install Images to Recover OS and Factory  那个选项后   我重试了两个版本,707和这个2.
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  • [Vxrail old gen vspex blue] Can't reach the BMC : No ping, No web console

    Hello,   I have one node in my Vxrail ( old gen vspex blue) that I can't ping the BMC and I cant reach the web console. I installed the IPMItool in the esxi I  do the reset cold and warm also I can change...
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