• DataDomain パーミッション設定について

    DataDomainの各ディレクトリに対してSGIDの設定をする検証を行いました。 しかしながら、設定したはずのディレクトリ内に作成されたファイルのオーナーが、 作成ユーザーのオーナーとなっていることが確認できたため、実際のところ その設定は有効になっていないと判断しております。   そこで、以下確認させてください。 DataDomainの仕様上、SGIDの設定は可能でしょうか。同様にSUIDの設定可否について...
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  • Unityに搭載されるSSDについて

    Unityに搭載されるSSDについてご教授ください。   1) Unityに搭載されるSSDはTLCでしょうか?    下記ドキュメントを確認し、15ページの「Table 7. SOLID STATE DISK DRIVES」に    情報はあったのですが、3.84TB,7,68TB,15,36TBの情報がありませんでした。    それと、3.2TBもT...
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  • DD2500のSASHBAはDD6300でも使用可能?

    お世話になっております。   DD2500のSAS HBA 4Port(P-X-SAS-M4P)は、 DD6300のSAS HBA 4Port(303-161-103B-04)と同じものでしょうか。 DD2500のSAS HBAは保有しており、DD6300に一時的に接続して 使用したいと思っていますが、下記サイトで確認しても互換性があるのか 無いのかが解りかねました。   https://allia...
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  • VNX and VNXe Capacity Calculatorについて

    こんにちは。MAGADENと申します。 下記で紹介されているCapacity Calculaterですが、アクセスできなくなっていました。 ” 制限されたコンテンツ リソースにアクセスできません ”   サービス終了なんでしょうか。。。   【はじめてのEMC】 VNX and VNXe Capacity Calculator https://japan.emc.com/em...
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  • New batch on Barcode detection using Scan Plus

    Hi,   I have a batch of documents. The batch has multiple set of documents with each document set identified by document type barcode. Each document set has multiple document separator barcode. I am using Scan P...
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  • VPLEX Witness and spectre/meltdown vulnerbilities

    Hi, I note as part of article 516617 (link below) and the recent spectre/meltdown vulnerabilities, the article states the VPLEX Witness is affected and to check with the hardware system vendor or hypervisor vendor for...
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  • ESRS VE and recent spectre/meltdown vulnerbilities

    Hi, I note as part of article 516617 (link below) and the recent spectre/meltdown vulnerabilities, the article states ESRS VE is affected and to check with the hardware system vendor or hypervisor vendor for any avail...
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  • journal volume location

    Hi Experts,   I have RP4VM installed on vSAN VMware cluster. Do you know where the Journal Volumes are located on the vSAN data store? Also, can I change the their Storage Policy?   Thanks in advance!
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  • DELL EMC エデュケーション・サービス

             --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        ...
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  • Tip 332. Isilon: OneFS upgrade 전, 문제를 진단할 수 있는 Healthcheck tool

    OneFS upgrade 직전에 문제점이 없는지 진단할 수 있는, 자동화 된 tool 이 있어 알려드립니다. Solve Desktop에 있는 procedure를 보완하는 것이므로, 기존 procedure를 skip하면 안됩니다.   자세한 내용은 https://support.emc.com/kb/503265 에 소개되어 있지만, 아래와 같이 간단히 정리할 수 있습니다. &n...
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  • Block Based backup mount during recovery

    Hello,   We are running Networker on Windows 2012R2 and a Data Domain as backup device. One of the systems we backup is a Windows 2012R2 file server cluster. The backups are block based backups and gener...
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  • Looking for clarification on new "paging-cache-limit-enable" avtar flag

    I'm looking for any clarification that can be provided on the new "paging-cache-limit-enable" avtar flag, as described in KB516151 - with the understanding that it might not be well known since the KB itself is at mos...
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  • Isilon manual Battery test

    I need to run a battery test on a node in my Isilon cluster. The command I was given does not specifiy a node just the battery number. Does the test run on all nodes or is there something I am missing to make it run...
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  • Cisco Npiv and fport-channel trunk quetion

    This might have already been answered. But, I have a UCS vBlock the switch has NPIV enabled and the FI on the UCS are NPV enabled.  What I nned to do is enable another Cisco switch 9500 series outside the vBloc...
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  • Recovering with no client

    Hello,   I am brand new to using Networker, and inherited a v. 8 server with a bunch of expired tapes. With a lot of reading, I was able to make the expired savesets browseable (yay!), but am getting this error...
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  • How does Recoverpoint work with SRM failovers?

    Trying to understand how Recoverpoint appliance replicating consistency groups between VNXs in different sites handles: Test Failovers - Where do the recovery VMs run (snapshot?) and how does a Test SRM failover affe...
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  • SRM and Recoverpoint issue

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  • Info on "growth rate" of f_cache2.dat file?

    Does anyone have any info they could share in terms of observations on the "growth rate" of f_cache2.dat file in newer versions of the Avamar client?   I had thought that I had seen this in a document somewhere,...
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  • Unable to login to Unisphere due to a JRE security setting

    Product:   VNX Series Issue: Not able to login to VNX array through Unisphere: Security Exception error: Missing required permissions manifest attribute in main Jar: <VNX CS or SP IP add> Cause: A...
    Jithin Nadukandathil
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  • Alternative for Networker9 Console Configuration Wizard

    Hello colleagues,   There's well know Console Configuration Wizard that require to fill mandatory parameters at first GUI run.   Couldn't you please suggest alternative way to perform this configuring? ...
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