• VMAX SNMP trap - Trap Variables

    Hi,   We are trying to understand trap forwarding from VMAX for any alerts/events in the VMAX array. As far as as I understand, we can configure SNMP through Unisphere. - Is there any other configuration that c...
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  • RecoverPoint/SE upgrade using Deployment manager

    I am trying to upgrade recoverpoint which is at version 3.5 sp1 to 4.0 using deployment manager. but it fails with comment "system failed to verify fake wwns were done correctly" Could any of you please elaborate on ...
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  • Performance charts empty? - VNX 5200

    I don't recall if this is related to analyzer or something that has to be enabled via the SLI, but under System --> Monitoring and Alerts --> Statistics   None of the Performance Chart options show any dat...
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  • Nodepool (Nodeclass) based quota possible? Chargeback via Nodeclass

    Hi, i'm looking for way to charge back customers via nodeclasses (i.e. H500/A200).   In our example we have a A200/H500 Cluster. The endcustomer has one directory. The directory is spreaded via Smartpools over ...
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  • Migration from Centera to ECS using CAS

    We have an application that stores Centera C-clip ids in a database. If we perform bulk-migration using ecs-sync, I would expect the C-clip ids we have stored would no longer be valid in accessing the ECS copy via CAS...
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  • How to replace a RPA Gen4 (Procedure)

    Hi All,   this is a RecoveryPoint system managed by 2 x RPA clusters and performed through the RPA Clusters interface. One of RPA is failed and we have to replace it, so What is the procedure to do that? Would...
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  • VTLに関するご質問

    いつもお世話になります。 DDのVTLについて幾つか確認させてください。 Q1. AutoSupportの「VTL Tape Summary」の出力の見方について ======================================================= 参考情報で  コミュニティ:vtl tape showコマンドの見方について  https://community.emc.com/thre...
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  • VxRail 4.5.212での初期セットアップについて

    VxRailのDellモデルでRASRで4.5.212へ初期化後に、初期セットアップウィザードを実施したところ、 4ノードあるはずが、1ノードしか見えてきません。   以下KBの様に、プライマリノードの競合かとElectionサービスを止めて、プライマリノードを指定しても 1ノードしか見つかっていません。 https://support.emc.com/kb/493136 プライマリのノード上のVx...
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  • UnityとCent OSの接続について

    UnityとCent OSのFCもしくはiSCSI接続に関するサポート可否のドキュメントがあれば教えていただけますでしょうか。 Support Matrixには記載がないのですが、確か以前VNXかUnityで、限定サポートについてのドキュメントがあったように思うのですが、 最新ドキュメントが見つけられず、ご教示いただけると助かります。   以上、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。
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  • Does Avamar overwrite previous backup with new data?

    Here's the scenario:   A user had a PC named "MyPcName".  PC was using EMC Avamar Client and it was running daily.   User's PC crashed and local tech support rebuilt the PC using the same pc name.&nbs...
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  • 仮想マシンのプロビジョニングについて

    VxRail上に仮想マシンを作成する際にディスクプロビジョニングを選択できますが、 どれを選択しても瞬時に仮想マシンが作成されます。   シックプロビジョニング(Eager Zeroed)は仮想ディスクを初期化する時間がかかると 思いますので、仮想マシンの作成に時間がかかるのでは、と考えております。   認識は合っておりますでしょうか。   あまりにも仮想マシンの作成が早いのでシックプロビジ...
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  • Error Installing DD OS Data Domain 2500

    Hello, we have a DD 2500, which I am trying to reinstall the operating system. All right until the beginning of the operating system setup, which follows with this error: / usr / bin / dd if = / dev / zero of =...
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  • Isilon cloud Tier Implement

    We have a Isilon Cluster and planning to move 6 month inactive data to cloud pool(AWS)and wanted to know how we can take consistent backup of Isilon+AWS both NFS shares to EMC Data domain?What settings needs to be don...
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  • Symmetrix VMAX & VMAX3 Logical Structure

    Hello, Basically I wanted to confirm my understanding of the logical structure within the Symmetrix VMAX and VMAX storage arrays. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'll go top to bottom.   1) Disk Group - A group of id...
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  • Change timeout on Avamar pre and post script processing

    Is there a way to change the length of time Avamar allows for the pre-execution and post-execution scripts to run?  I have a job running on a Linux server with the Avamar v6.0.101-65 client that backs up an Infor...
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  • Isilonのノードファームウェアアップグレード時の、アクセス可否について

    現在Isilonでノードファームウェアアップグレードを検討しております。 以下の環境で使用している場合、アップグレード中にIsilonへのアクセスが可能か否かお教えください。 ===================== SmartConnectのライセンスは購入しており、かつ有効にはなっているが、 SmartConnectServiceIPとDynamicIPがいずれも未設定のため実質、SmartConnectAdvanc...
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  • Source One & Outlook OST Files

    A customer of mine was lead to believe that by installing Source One the local Outlook OST files would automatically shrink in size as the user's mailbox shrunk.  However this is not happening.  Was he given...
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  • Data Domainアップグレードにおける、VTL環境への影響について

    DD OE6.0にバージョンアップを検討しております。 以下の環境で利用しておりますが、VTL環境/日時バックアップへの影響の有無をお教えください。           ・接続サーバー           :   &nb...
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  • Netwoker Client Direct Backup not Working

    Hi,   We have the NW 9.1 deployed on a VM. OS is Win 2012 R2. We are expecting backup slowness on our DB client. It contains ~1.4 TB data. We are use the client direct for backup the data to DD. To investigate t...
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  • How to resolve low free space issue on EMC data domain?

    One of EMC data domain has the following error: "EVT-SPACE-00004: Space usage in root has exceeded 95% threshold."   EMC support documents do not seem to provide a solution for this. Has anyone encountered thi...
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