• EMC 6盘raid 5  4+1,+1是什么意思

    EMC 6盘raid 5  4+1,+1是什么意思
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  • App Sync Pro Crashing after Android Oreo Update

    I've recently purchased the pro version of App Sync app. It was working just fine when my phone (note 8) was running android nougat. Today that I updated to android oreo whenever I am trying to open the app it is only...
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  • Connectrix vdx-6740b and new firmware (from Brocade) ?

    hi everyone, I have inherited a EMC vdx-6740b and I've started looking at, the firmware of course, checking if there is a newer version. Latest firmware I can find is Network OS 6.0.2e which seems quite behind what ...
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  • Credit towards Masters Degree gone?

    At EMCWorld 2015 I was thrilled to earn my first Expert level certification (EMCCAe). One of the advertised benefits that could be pursued is applying the expert level cert as 50% credit towards earning a Masters degr...
    Michael Peters
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  • Possible to avoid a full rebuild for distributed devices after a planned storage outage?

    We have a VPLEX Metro (GeoSynchrony with VNX5200 arrays as back-end storage. We will be performing data-in-place conversions on the storage arrays one at a time (VNX5200 Block to VNX5400 Block). One co...
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  • IO Module fault, incorrect type of device inserted

    Hello Experts,   We're at the beginning of installing VNX as our storage device, and found there's fault message during diagnose progress.Seems it's expecting 8G FC IO module. Actually we have 10G iSCSI IO Modul...
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  • Impact policy syntax

    Hey alls,   Im trying to create and modify job impact policies and I cant figure out the syntax.  I can create a new policy, but I cant modify a policy.          &nb...
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  • Hello everyone ,

    I Wonder if someone could give me  good insights about ho the RAIN concept works in  ISILON X410 Nodes & HD 400 Nodes. am unclear about the how the RAIN works in  nodes when for a instance (node fa...
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  • ECS Community Edition License?

    I am testing ECS Community Edition v3.1.0.2 and v All-in-one Single node OVA downloaded from https://github.com/EMCECS/ECS-CommunityEdition/releases   Documentation says: "Input License: Open Settings, ...
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  • DataDomain with IBMI  Direct-Connection

    We are considering configuring direct connection with DataDomain and IBMI. The FC adapter in Power 8 is 5774. Is it possible to configure multiple VTLs with a 1FC adapter? ・Without SAN - SWITCH ・It is not a VI...
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  • Updated our DCX8510-4B switches to 8.0.1 and Upgraded CMCNE to 14.0.1

    now we are seeing some odd alerts that we have not seen before:       Warning        false    Thu Dec 22 2016 23:58:02 EST    Mon...
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  • Replacing faulty VNX 5700 Control Station

    Dear all,   We have VNX 5700 unified at the secondary site. The control has powered down due to the unidentified issue. I have ordered the control station replacement.   My question is that how can I rep...
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  • Folder recovery from a File server (Configured as an Image backup)

    Hello everyone,   We have configured File server as Image backup. The daily backup size is around 4TB. We have a restore request where the user wants to restore one of his folder. We tried mounting the backup an...
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  • ESRS Policy Manager Update Procedure?

    Hi, because of Security-Advisory DSA-2018-134 we have to update our ESRS Policy Manager 6.6 to 6.8 (Windows 64-Bit). Unfortunately I can't find a documentation for the update procedure. Does anybody know how to do t...
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  • Create IsilonSD cluster; Empty Datacenter list

    I'm trying to deploy an IsilonSD cluster in the Management Server web GUI, and after I select the vCenter server, the next field (Datacenter) shows "Fetching Datacenters...".  Once that completes, there's a pull-...
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  • Networker 9.2.1 client installation problem on RH linux 5.7v

    Hi Everyone,   I'm trying to install networker client on RHEL 5.6 version (virtual Machine).   After installing the package using rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-   I cannot see nsrexecd servic...
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  • Unity400のデータストアに対して仮想マシンが作成できない

    Unity400からESXiホストサーバへiSCSI接続でボリュームを見せ、その領域をデータストアとして使用する環境を構成しております。 ESXi上で仮想マシンを作成しようとすると、ストレージの選択の画面でデータストアを指定するところで下記のエラーメッセージが表示され、仮想マシンの作成ができません。 Unity側で設定や確認が必要なこと、過去事例等あればご教示いただけないでしょうか。   【エラー内容】 仮想マシ...
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  • transaction key Convert

    Hello, I have a Emc ds-300b feature key. Now i want to upgrade the ports one of my SAN switches with its unique transaction key. but I couldn't find any place for converting it. i have used this address: https://lice...
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  • Report are not available after OS upgrade

    Hello everyone, After we upgraded Data Domain OS from to, Report section is not available anymore and we are not able to generate and export any kind of report.   Do you have experienced somet...
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  • Does VxRail Stretched Cluster require the vCenter to be located at the witness site?

    I am working through the RPQ process for a VxRail Stretched Cluster implementation, and one thing I am seeing in the RPQ Excel document states the following:   "VxRail stretched cluster only support external vCe...
    Bill Oyler
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