• UNITY 500F Expand Storage Pool

    UNITY 500F running 4.2.1. If we expand a storage pool by adding disks to create a new RG, will the OS re-balance IO across all the drives? This is a traditional pool and right now moving to dynamic is not an option. W...
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  • RP4VM using ScaleIO backend throughput

    Not sure if anyone knows how to check that the potential impact of write performance could be on a protected VM. We followed the sizing guide but we have very high performance VMs that need to be able to to over 500MB...
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  • Correct Syntax to smartfail an Isilon Node 6 drive

    Attempting to smartfail an Isilon drive in Node 6 Bay 26. I have this "isi devices drive smartfail..... Not understanding the correct syntax the command is looking for.
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  • SQL Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt MDF Database

    I would like to refer an effective result-oriented tool, SQL database recovery tool. The tool quickly resolves all types corruption issues. The SQL repair tool also recovers all tables, stored procedure, functions, vi...
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  • OneFS - Trap OID definition

    Hi, We are trying to receive traps from OneFS for an Isilon cluster. Is there any document that describes the trap variables and OIDs of the trap that we receive from OneFS. Are these generic SNMP traps or does OneFS...
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  • DellEMC OS Support Matrix for IBM

    Hi fellows experts, I need your help with one inquiry about OS Support matrix of UNITY. I have a client with IBM Power 9 and Power 8 servers running IBM i V7R2M0 L00 (image attached) and he is asking me if the UNI...
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  • Changing SP Owner for Vmware Datastore

    Is there any loss of connectivity when changing the SP owner for a VMware Datastore? I want to better balance my SPs but I don not want to cause any VMs on the datastore to drop off line / corrupt by changing the SP o...
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  • Rebuild with no degraded area

    Hi guys!   We had a switch stack issue and our 3 SDS node rebooted at same time.   The system came back with no degraded area but making a huge rebuild (55 TB, almost all the data we haver over it).  ...
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  • Unisphere Central LDAP Group with a Space

    I am trying to add a domain group that has a space in the name to Unisphere Central. But it says, "Invalid user name: User Name can only contain alphanumeric characters, a period, dash or underscore." Is there anyway ...
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  • DD2500 - Source and Destination have Different Used %

    Good afternoon!   We've accidentally come across an issue in the past week, and are having some difficulty pinning down the cause/resolution.   As a quick summary, our DD2500 units (with a single Replicati...
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  • vSAN stretched cluster with 2x vCenter in Enhanced Linked Mode

    Hi, We are designing our vxRail deployment and can't find specific details on the ELM.   We have 2x existing vCenter (we’ll call the VCA and VCB) connected by enhanced linked mode. Each vCenter has one da...
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  • Running an ISL at 8Gb produces lots of errors, 4Gb is error free. Don't understand why.

    We have 2 locations, separated by 610 meters and 1245 meters dark fiber. The switches are Brocade DS-300B with 8Gb long wave (10 km) SFPs. When the switch ports run at 8Gb I see a lot of errors and communication betw...
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  • Adding X210 nodes into X200 cluster -> X200 node DIMM upgrade -> Have one node pool in which X200 and X210 coexist?

    Is there anybody who has done below? I think it is feasible but need to confirm...   [Initial environment] OneFS 7.2.1 or later Several X200 nodes with 6GB RAM running in a cluster   [Configuration plan]...
    Uehara Y.
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  • lacp and dynamic pools

    Hi,   We observed that in case of one physical interface goes down within LACP aggregation, dynamic IP are failing over to another node. Static pool IP addresses are staying UP on the same LACP aggregation. &nb...
    Stefan Varga
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    以下について質問させていただきます。 御社サイト内のページに以下のタイトルがございますが、このタイトルに記載の製品名は 見たことがございません。「VVMAX」というのは何か特別な意味があるのでしょうか? 二か所ございます。 問題のタイトルは以下のURLに表示されていました: データ ストレージ:フラッシュ ストレージ、NAS、オブジェクト ストレージ、SDS | Dell EMC Japan   1. ...
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  • ScaleIO with OpenStack: Volume driver ScaleIODriver not initialized after integrating ScaleIO with OpenStack

    Hi,   I have integrated ScaleIO setup with OpenStack. The ScaleIO Cinder Driver didn't initialized on the OpenStack Controllers after adding the scaleio configurations in cinder.conf and restarting the volume se...
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  • Exchange 2013 cluster, proxy backup

    Hi, Im trying to do a backup of Exchange 2013 with a proxy cluster client. Since we have an Exchange cluster without an AAP I choose to do a proxy backup and not a Exchange DAG.   But I can´t get passed t...
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  • NMC: Unable to set user privileges based on user token for root  ->Security token has expired.

    Hello everyone,   I have NMC running on a dedicated linux server on and about 60 backupservers connecte with NW and one with   between 24 and 48 hours after NMC startup I get the fo...
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  • how to set CONTENT_DISPOSITION use ecs-sdk

    I wrote some code to  get the filename when  do getObject , but i got some error.   here is my code and some other message      String oID = UUID.randomUUID().toString();   ...
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  • What is the best practice for image backup of a sql server on Avamar, do we do both image backup and SQL plugin

    What is the best practice for image backup of a sql server on Avamar, do we do both image backup and SQL plugin
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