• Can someone provide me some clarity regarding the Containers in VMAX3? Especially looking for differentiation between Tools(0&1), CS(0&1) and MGMT(0&1).

    I am aware about the fact that the VMAX3 OS being a Hyper-visor supports GuestOS containers. Fox example, eNAS provides Embedded NAS functionalities and eMGMT provides the capability to manage the VMAX3 without the re...
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  • Expiration of license in NetWorker

    Hello Community,   hello to everyone, I am new here. I work for a DELL EMC partner and I have a costumer who asked me what happens when one of his licenses of the NetWorker server expires? He uses the traditiona...
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  • Notif Editor failing to publish a notification

    Hello - We are running SMARTS 9.4.1 and have configured Notif Editor to process a new trap but it is failing to publish the notification. Does anyone know exactly what the errors in the trap log are specifically point...
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  • Sharing a production VMAX 250 with RH OpenStack

    with ViPR controller, how would we share a production VMAX with an IaaS-only deployment of RHOSP in a way that we could limit the capacity of storage able to be provisioned on the RHOSP pool as well as placing host IO...
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  • ViPR Controller : Customization.

    Hi,   2 questions regarding the service catalog edition :   We are setting up categories on our service catalog, and for Block Storage Services, i realize that we can : - lock the project for vplex volum...
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  • SmartPools job

    Does the SmartPools job only apply file pool policies, or is there anything else it does as well? Just wondering if you aren't using any file pool policies is there any reason to leave the SmartPools job to run every...
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  • ESRS on VxRail Manager

    VxRail Version 4.0.302-6829778. I am trying to configure ESRS on VxRail Manager but when i try to login to my online support account on VxRail Manager, I get an error :   "HTTP connection refused".   Inte...
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  • Recovering with no client

    Hello,   I am brand new to using Networker, and inherited a v. 8 server with a bunch of expired tapes. With a lot of reading, I was able to make the expired savesets browseable (yay!), but am getting this error...
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  • Automate retire clients

    Hi we are trying to automate retire clients from Avamar and need so guidance     Is there any best way to see where the client exsists in Avamar EX: mccli client show  --name= /clients/myclient i...
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  • VxRAIL 追加

    VxRAILで既存の環境によって追加できるサーバモデル、パーツなどが 一覧でわかる資料などありませんでしょうか?
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  • Failed to create snapshot for LUN

    Hello I want to go to the Veeam LAN Free Backup Backup Proxy is Veeam itself I chose the Direct Storage Access option But when Run Backup, Error happens It seems that it can not snapshot LUNs   Failed to c...
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  • How does SmartConnect DNS work? And SIP details?

    Trying to do some research related to SmartConnect. I understand the majority of how it works, however I have a question pertaining to the traffic flow. I'll try and lay this out, I'm more so looking as to how the com...
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  • VNX File to Unity Import

    Hi, Has anyone used the Native File Import option on Unity to migrate CIFS servers from VNX to Unity?   Any advice or gotchas would be appreciated. From what documentation I have found, there seems to be a bi...
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  • Looking for an answer or clue.

      (1) An EMC networker customer has a file server with 4 million files and 6 TB of data across 12 LUNs with file system archiving enabled. They are currently backing up the file server using networker Snapimage. ...
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  • Notifications Mail for Networker, what is the correct configuration? please help

    Notifications Mail for Networker, what is the correct configuration? please help. I need the configuration. Thanks
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    Dear Experts! Our customer is using a quite older networker It is working fine (no plan to upgrade), however we met an error yesterday. Vmware backup is running fine, however once a day it...
    Pal Szabo
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  • Migrated User permission getting deleted while adding new user in VNXe3200

    Hello   We have VNXe3200 with CIFS Configured. We have migrated Windows File server to VNXe3200 using FASTCOPY.   All the security permission are available in VNXe and users are able to access. But when tr...
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  • SNMP Trap

    Hello Everyone,   This question is regarding the SNMP Trap configuration on Networker Server .   I want to know the possiblity of customizing the Networker Default SNMP trap message for Backup failed alerts....
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  • Cannot add vCenter plugin

    Hi all,   I'm trying to install ScaleIO version vCenter plugin on VCSA 6.0 U3. Everything looks OK, but when I log into vCenter, there is no plugin to be found... Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? Thanks...
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  • Isilon SyncIQターゲットでのローカルユーザーの扱いについて

    Isilon OneFSで試したのですが、 ソース側のIsilonでローカルユーザーを作成して、ターゲット側でも同じ名前のローカルユーザーを作成して NTFSのローカルアクセス権を付与しているのですが、SyncIQでのターゲットにレプリケーションを実施してプロパティを 確認すると、恐らく別筐体なためSIDが異なり不明になるかと考えていたのですが、同じユーザー名に紐づいてきちんと表示されました。   ...
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