• Going to Dell Technologies World?

    Make DellTechWorld your conference: Customize your learning experience by following a breakout track focused on today’s most important topics in transformation Register for your free exam VMware & RSA exa...
    Debi Graci
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  • VMAX for Splunk 2.0

    Hi again! The VMAX for Splunk 2.0 add-on and app have been out for a small amount of time so I decided it was time to follow on from the version 1.0 blog and put one together for 2.0.   A number of VMAX for Splu...
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  • Integrated Online Support Experience: Pilot for Select Countries

    At Dell EMC, there is nothing we take more seriously than our customers’ experience. Our services transformation has one primary objective – to better enable customers to realize theirs. Another step towar...
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  • Bulk Enable/Edit VMAX Performance thresholds and Alerts via REST

    I've had this question a number of times recently and decided to put a short post together on it.  Many of our customers want to be able to setup alerting for a number of performance metrics and enable alert noti...
    Paul Martin
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  • Networker Job still Running

    In the past when we saw the below we would simply do a ‘Net Stop’ and ‘Net Start’ for GSTD.         Now when we do this it does not fix the REAL problem.   On the ...
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  • Your Next Generation MyService360 Experience

    New actionable insights for your products and converged infrastructure! When we first introduced MyService360, our goal was to deliver a best-in-class online experience that saves you time, creates transparency, and e...
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  • Example - Simple VMAX REST API 'Post' using Python

    I couldn't find a very simple straight forward example of how to query Unisphere for VMAX REST API.  Lots of different examples that assume you have a baseline understanding.  This is intentionally very simp...
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  • VxRail 管理系VMのバックアップ・リストア方法【リストア・復旧編】

    ※ 前編の「VxRail 管理系VMのバックアップ・リストア方法【バックアップ取得編】」の続きです。   前編で取得したバックアップデータを利用して、VxRailの各コンポーネントの復旧を試してみます。 ※2018/04 Update: 2018/04現在のVxRailバージョンでは、VxRail Managerなどのバックアップ手順が公式にリリースされました。SolveDesktopなどの手順を必ず確認して...
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  • VxRail 管理系VMのバックアップ・リストア方法【バックアップ取得編】

    VxRail のデータ保護、特にVxRail Manager や vCenter・PSCなどの管理系VMのバックアップ・リストアについて、現時点でメーカー公式には手順が公開されておらず、一部では "これらが壊れたら初期化してください" という情報が流れています。   さすがにそれはあり得ないので、VxRailを導入する上で管理系VMの保護はどのように実装したほうが良いかをご紹介します。 VxRailに限らず、vSAN...
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  • OneFS Protection Domains

    Recently received the following question from the field, and thought it was worth sharing: “What is a protection domain and why do I need it for restoring snapshots?” In OneFS, a domain defines a set o...
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  • Getting Started with VMAX REST API

    With more and more people asking about REST and how can we to get started I decided to have a look and see if someone with limited programming ability would be able to do anything useful with it. This post will not te...
    Paul Martin
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  • SAN协议

    SAN(Storage Area Network的简称)直译过来就是存储区域网络,它采用光纤通道(Fibre Channel)技术,通过光纤通道交换机连接存储阵列和服务器主机,建立专用于数据存储的区域网络。SAN网络存储是一种高速网络或子网络,SAN存储系统提供在计算机与存储系统之间的数据传输。一个SAN网络由负责网络连接的通信结构、负责组织连接的管理层、存储部件以及计算机系统构成,从而使SAN技术保证数据传输的安全性和力度。SA...
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  • Why Funding Female Entrepreneurs Is Essential for Economic Growth

    By Angela Fox, Leader, Commercial and Public Sector, Dell EMC, Australia & New Zealand Entrepreneurship is a critical driver of our economy. Entrepreneurs create up to 70 per cent of new jobs globally. They...
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  • 【Meet The Expert】What is so good about NVMe ?

    I am not a expert for this topic .... He sounds bit unconfident as we walked into the room. But he is the one for today ! Mr NVMe ! He has the gift that explain complicated thechnical matters with easy simple words....
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  • Documentum xCP 2.3 launches today

    We are very pleased to announce the launch of Documentum xCP 2.3 today. Documentum xCP is a platform for rapidly building and deploying content-centric applications that manage the entire lifecycle of enterpris...
    Vishal Gupta
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  • How to convert ost file to pst in outlook 2013/2010/2016?

    This mail Converter is OST data effort software that is deliberate to vary over useless Replace Offfile Store Files (.OST) to a Personalised Hardware file (.PST) that can be used with MS Outlook.   Software rep...
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  • Tip 332. Isilon: OneFS upgrade 전, 문제를 진단할 수 있는 Healthcheck tool

    OneFS upgrade 직전에 문제점이 없는지 진단할 수 있는, 자동화 된 tool 이 있어 알려드립니다. Solve Desktop에 있는 procedure를 보완하는 것이므로, 기존 procedure를 skip하면 안됩니다. upgrade  직전에 아래와 같은 assessment도 반드시 수행해야 합니다. OneFS 7.x: isi update --check-on...
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  • Why It’s So Important to Measure the Economic Impact of IT Transformation

    By Jennifer Cooke, Research Director, IDC   When an organisation starts taking steps to transform IT, its goals are ambitious: improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT and become more agile to support the...
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  • Your Transformation Is Just Beginning

    By Bask Iyer, CIO at Dell and VMware   There is no denying it. Transforming IT will enable us to drive the performance and efficiency needed to keep companies ahead of the competition and to reinvest our cost sa...
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  • The Link Between It Maturity and Killer Business KPIs

    Todd Pavone, President of Dell EMC Consulting   When Shlomo Bistry of Bank Leumi thinks about the future, he “feels like a passenger on the train. The way is very clear.” The Israeli bank is 115 year...
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