• Unityのメール通報について

    Unity(4.1.2)にて以下の事象が報告されております   ①メール本文に、メールヘッダと思われる内容が表示される ②フリーのメーラーでメール受信した際にsubjectが文字化けする     ※日本語ランゲージパック4.1適用環境です   ①はContent-TypeとかX-FROM-DOMAIN、Message-IDなどがあり その後に 「このメッセージを受信した場合は、注意を要する・...
    created by Ue-pon
  • LDAP configuration on vApp Manager (Solutions Enabler)

    Hi, I'm trying to configure the for the vApp Manager for Active Directory authentication but I'm not sure about the configuration parameters:   • Administrator Binding DN — Administrator bind DN for ...
    Jorge Florencio
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  • Unable to remove an old cluster using uninstaller

    I am trying to remove an old installation of RecoverPoint for VM using the Uninstaller script. It shows the cluster ID after scanning as "Could not retrieve cluster name" and whenever I try to uninstall, it fails with...
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  • Auto Numbering for folders in Captiva compeletion

    Hello Friends, I just want to number the folder to be {Folder no {N} of {total number of folder}} I used the {_Node:7.NumChildrenAtL2} to get the total number of folders but i cannot get the default numbering of the...
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  • CloudPools and OneFS

    I'm having issues with trying to manually archive to a CloudPool.  I'm OneFS and don't see any specific patches that might address this.  Planning to open a call next week but looking for input befor...
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  • Disk failure on raid 10 didn't activate hotspare

    I have CLARION CX4-120   Today was a disk failure on one of 6 disks in RAID 10 group   And I expected that  available hotspare take place for faulted disk   but all 2 available hotspares are in ...
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  • Tape Volumes view not updating

    Hello,   I inherited an environment containing Networker (build 978) and after a recent power shutdown, the Media > Tape Volumes view no longer updates as expected. I am very new to Networker and only...
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  • Extracting multiple values

    Hi Experts,   We need to extract multiple values from a document - could you please advise on the best way to do this. We have Advanced Recognition and are using free form rules for data extraction as the data i...
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  • Custom.InputAccel.UimBatchScript

    Good Morning to all my Captiva friends   I am writing an ImportScript to help identify if a document being uploaded fails or not.   I am wanting to rename a file if the length of the name is more then 12...
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  • I have a client where NW 7.6.2 installed, and now facing issue as .dll file is missing. for re-installation of software required NW 7.6 sp2... Could anyone help me out here!!

    I have a client where NW 7.6.2 installed, and now facing issue as .dll file is missing. for re-installation of software required NW 7.6 sp2... Could anyone help me out here!!
    Kruthi Mahadevappa
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  • Availability Group in resolving state after recoverpoint restore in DR

    I have a 4 node SQL Server cluster for read only distributed calls. All 4 nodes are on the same cluster and the same consistency group to be replicated to the DR site. When we test recovery (EMC) onto the DR site, The...
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  • Publish folder not updated

    Hi, here is our issue.   The Publish folder in our D2 is not being automatically updated whenever a file is updated.   Example, When a file named "Docu1" is imported in a folder named "Folder1" and is pub...
    last modified by jomari_macaraeg
  • How to check whether the client direct is working with the networker client or not.

    I am using the networker 9.0 is that i have the client name x which is having client direct enabled in the properties , but i want to check whether it is happening or not  ... how to check it
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  • D2 Page Layout / Menu and Widget Positions

    Hi all,   We've just upgraded D2 to 4.5 and, as part of the upgrade, we've deleted all of the user preferences. Is there a way to change the default position of the Menu in D2 for all accounts? When I say all ac...
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  • Avamar SQL - Server 2003 X86 - SQL 2005 Backup failing

    Hi   Please can someone out there assist with an issue I'm facing with a windows SQL 2005 backup. It keeps failing. Below details:   Avamar Version : 7.1 Server : 2003 X86 SQL plugin : 6.1.101-87   ...
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  • rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: RPC: Remote system error - Connection timed out

    server -redhat [root@bkserver /]# rpcinfo -p wmssqlcluster rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: RPC: Remote system error - Connection timed out [root@bkserver /]# cat /etc/hosts |grep wmssqlcl &nbs...
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  • How can I know what service I can use?

    Hi, I have used Documentum for a while but still confusing for something: Where I can find information about my Documentum system, like version, license, components/running services, etc.? Are there any files in th...
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  • Modifying Content File in CS OS

    Dear Experts ,            In webtop 6.6 we have our custom Import Utility which has failed to import for few objects . So, our client , wants to change the content file di...
    saswata mandal
    created by saswata mandal
  • VxRail(vSAN)でのvSphere ReplciationでのSRM構成例について

    VxRailのvSAN環境で、どこかにサンプルとなる構成例、ホワイトペーパー等は公開されていますでしょうか? (vsphereReplicationとSRMとの組み合わせ)   探したところあまり資料がなくて、SRMをサポートしている旨は記載はあるのですが、 全く別のvSphere環境とVxRailとの双方向保護はライセンスがOKであればサポートされるのでしょうか。
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  • RecoverPoint:WARNING: There is a clock difference between RPAs. It is highly recommended to synchronize clocks either manually or by configuring an NTP server. (000463995)

    バージョン:2 記事タイプ:不具合修正 対象読者:レベル30 = お客様 最終発行日:2016年2月20日土曜日21:01:28(GMT) 概要:       問題:           RecoverPointのGUIおよびCLI(get_system_status)での警告:       WARNING: There...