• DataDomain 10NIC Autonegoについて

    お世話になります。   DD4200で10GNIC(SFP)を利用しているのですが、設定変更していないのに 何故かAutonegoがDisableになっています。   リンクは10Gで上がっているので使えているのですが、なぜ無効になるかわかりません。 上記動作はDDの仕様なのでしょうか、それとも対応が必要な事象でしょうか。
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  • XtremIO SNMP Trapの形式について

    XtremIO SNMP Trapの形式について教えてください。   (質問) ①SNMP Trap v2ではinformリクエストが追加されていますが、  XtremIOはinformリクエストに対応しておりますでしょうか? ②対応している場合は、従来のSNMP Trapとinformリクエストの  切り替えは可能でしょうか? ③切り替え可能な場合、XtremIOはデフォルトでは、従来のSNMP Trapと...
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  • Symmetrix threshold Alerts のCategoryについて

    Unisphere for VMAXでSymmetrix threshold Alertsを設定する時のカテゴリについて教えてください。   現在、私たちの環境において、Symmetrix threshold Alertsを設定する画面上には  Local Pool Utilization  Storage Container Utilization  Storage Resource Pool Free Spa...
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  • Dell EMC Partners with Microsoft to Build Hybrid Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure Stack

    Why Hybrid Cloud?  Changing market demands, accelerated by digitization of the business, are pressuring IT teams to deliver faster access to IT resources. It is vital for IT to become an enabler to help drive inn...
    Jim Sanzone
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  • ESX Cluster Capacity Summary

    Has anyone created a basic ESX cluster capacity roll up that displays these metrics without drilling down to a host in each cluster to get to the info?   Host ClusterCapacityProvisionedFree Space
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  • OneFS - Adding new ADS provider doesn't use correct source interface to connect to DC

    Hey all, I'm looking for some ideas or advice on what we could be doing wrong here:   We're having an issue adding a new ADS provider to a groupnet for a isolated tenant. We've confirmed that there is connectivi...
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  • Creating a Smart Bucket in D2

    Hello,   I am creating a Smart Bucket in D2. The goal is that any document imported or created within the bucket will be routed to the approperate AUTOLINKING folder. Easy enough.   My concern is, Document...
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  • W4N Alerting

    Hi Everybody. I’m new in W4N . I’m starting to understand how it work. I need to know if all services in W4N are working, so , Collectors, Load balancers, databases, etc I made a alert, in the alert defi...
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  • UTF caracters not displayed correctly on proprety box

    Hi,   We have two environement A and B   A: CS 6.7 SP1, JBOSS 5 B: CS 6.7 SP2, JBOSS 5   When connecting from DA from JBOSS A and modifying property box of docbases in A ==> Not displayed correct...
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  • pre and post command

    I am migrating all filesystem backup from Avamar to Networker.   We have a backup job with a pre and a post script on a unix client.   The pre script creates a list of files located in a special directory,...
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  • Reports not working after upgrade to 4.1 for SRM

    Upgraded to  SRM 4.1 from 3.7 I have quite a few standard reports not working.  Like Report Library-VMware - Performance,  VNX Top N reports not working. 
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  • How to access the datastore DB from external server through weblogic data source ?

    How to access the datastore DB from external server through weblogic data source ? We want to access a datastore DB from external server through weblogic data source.
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  • RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines two different domains

    Hello All, I have recently deployed RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines in our environment. But now I have the challenge of installing RP4VMs in one of our branches, the challenge is not to deploy it, the challenge is t...
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  • Isilon SD Edge on Dell VRTX

    I'm looking at the possibility of building out Isilon SD Edge on a Dell VRTX. I started going through the install documentation and on page 10 it talks about identifying systems that are compatible with Isilon SD Edge...
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  • Issues calling REST API with PHP script , curl in bash works

    Hey guys, so this is my first time posting and I'm wondering if this belongs somewhere else but thought I'd get started here. My goal is to construct a few php scripts to hit our storage array rest endpoints for monit...
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  • ScaleIO 2.x and XenServer 7

    Team, you have any information about support of ScaleIO on XenServer 7?
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  • Creating templates in Recognition module

    Hi, I have created a standard template in Recognition module. My Claims document has 2 pages. So I have added those 2 pages of different graphical layouts and created one template. I have given template code for this...
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  • Error in Image Processor

    Hi, I have created a following CaptureFlow. I have recently added Image Processor in my CaptureFlow. Without the Image Processor, CaptureFlow was able to classify and store the document. I have created a template ...
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  • VNX5200 SPs not booting

    The SPs stop after extend POST and SP status LED will be steady blue and not booting. I have not found any issue in boot sequence.   Do you have any idea ?
    created by Mohammad-t5tDw
  • W4N Classes

    Hi Guys , I would like to know if it possible to list all parttypes, part and metrics  for each classes in W4N   Thanks in advance
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