• GXT D2 Widgets - Part 1

    Introduction In this opening tutorial of the GXT D2 Widgets tutorials series I will introduce the JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI) wrapper for the D2 Open Ajax Hub (OAH). This module can be used to build a custom ex...
    Krzysztof Jurkowski
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  • EMC backup and recovery plug-in for vSphere Web Client download?

    Hi Guys,   Can someone help me where I can download the EMC backup and recovery plug-in for vsphere web client.   To give a clear picture, I am looking for a Avamar Plugin for v Sphere Web Client, There is...
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  • OneFS 8.1.0 Documentation - Isilon Info Hub

    Welcome to the OneFS 8.1.0 Documentation Information Hub. Here you can find documents and content related to OneFS 8.1.0.   OneFS is currently a monitored release for existing Isilon customers. For inst...
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  • Microsoft Excel .XLS Slow to Open after

    Has any one upgraded to and find that older Microsoft Office files are slow to open and close over the network?  If the Antivirus is turned off then the files open at normal speed.  If the files are ...
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  • How, when are reports deleted in DPA?

    Hi   I've been scanning the documentation, but can't find this question answered: how are reports, once they are created, deleted/removed in DPA? Is this done manually, or automatically, or both?   Thanks tl
    created by tlemons
  • Dell EMC Proven Professional Spotlight: Vincent Ran

    Employer: Dimension Data Function/Role: Senior System Engineer Area of Expertise: Modern IT Infrastructure, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Location: Brisbane, Australia Certification(s) Achieved: Dell EMC ...
    Kate Hutchinson
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  • Dell EMC is a Global Diamond Sponsor of VMworld 2017

    It’s time again for VMworld -- catch Dell EMC at both the US and European events!   VMWorld US – Las Vegas August 27 – 31, 2017 VMworld Europe – Barcelona September 11 – 14, 2017 &...
    Karen Nunes
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  • ViPR SRM support for KVM hypervisor

    Do you know if ViPR SRM can obtain the CPU (% Use) and Memory (use of GB) for a server with KVM hypervisor installed?   Thank you
    created by javierm
  • Introducing Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program news!

    Want to know the latest news and updates on the Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program?  We are here to assist!   Who are we?   My name is Erin Brennan and I have worked on the Dell EMC (...
    Erin Brennan
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  • Standard Import - Email import - batch issue

    Hi,   Query#1: I am using Standard Import [SI] to import emails. Set 10 seconds for polling period in Import profile settings. 2 batches are created for single email often but not for all emails. What may be t...
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  • SAPsummit 2017 Global Calendar

    Introducing SAPsummit briefings in 2017 offered by Dell EMC - formerly SAP Week.  We invite customers and partners to attend a one-day executive briefing at the Dell EMC Briefing Center to hear SAP subject m...
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  • Hadoop Distributions and Products Supported by OneFS

      NOTE: This topic is part of the Hadoop - Isilon Info Hub.   OneFS supports these distributions and products of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).  The information below is based on Isilon t...
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  • OneFS 8.x and Twinax cables

    Hello,   Is there a reason DellEMC decided to drop support for Twinax cables for 10G connectivity ?  As we are planning to upgrade to 8.0.x this summer we were notified that Twinax is no longer supported, w...
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  • API Returns 'None' for Description from list_smb_shares

    I have used one of the examples to get the detail of our SMB shares, as I need to clone them to our DR cluster.   Mostly it works as expected, this is a fragment:   api_response = protocols_api.list_smb_s...
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  • Does Legato Network 9.1 support restore of backup tapes created by version 7.6.3?

    We have a client with backup tapes created with Legato Networker 7.6.3. Does the latest version of Legato Networker support restoring data from these tapes?
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  • Networker - Deleting a Backup Group

    I have removed all clients from some backup groups that I am trying to delete. Following the instructions to the letter.   When I try to delete the groups, a dialog box pops up:   "The *BLAH* group is stil...
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  • Nuance OCR

    Hi,   I am using Nuance OCR only for Rotation of Chinese pages. (My full questions below please) Here are my configurations:     For some pages im getting this error maybe 2 out 100 Images: &nbs...
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  • Reading a multiple tick box form

    (using Captiva 7.0)   Is there a way to have the fields/tables set up in Document types so that Extraction can read several tcikboxes into one ? Most of the form I'm setting up has five tickbpxes per question. ...
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  • [labbuildr]2017-2 "the Asparagus" has been released

    today i am happy to merge a new Version of labbuildr from develop branch into master. the new feature are just like "countless" ...   first of all a big thank to Stephan Kuehne for the changes to our Ubuntu bas...
    Karsten Bott
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  • When FileExtension is not set in the workflow, the error "IMGCONV: Attempted to read or write protected memory" shows up. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

    Environment: Captiva Capture 7.0, Captiva Capture 7.1, Windows 2008 R2 SP1  Server and Image Converter Patch CC 7.1 P11 Windows 7 and Image Converter CC 7.1 P11   Description: When the user does not s...
    Louise Stockwell
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