• VNX Simulator users problem

    Hello everyone. I'm working with the 8.1.8-37119.ova simulator I have followed the manual Configuring and Managing CIFS on VNX.pdf and i create a CIFS server standalone with local users Change the administator pas...
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  • Newly updated ECN Support Community Help FAQ

    Hello ECN Support Community!  In our efforts to improve your ECN Support Community experience, we have updated the ECN Support Community Help FAQ with:   More answers to your questions; Updated graphics to...
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  • dg 2500

    Hola, buenas tardes.   Tengo una cosulta por hacer.   Tengo una cabina DD2500, a la que he añadido 5 discos, con un total de 12 dicos.   Al realizar el expand del filesys me ha creado dos disk g...
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  • nsrnmmsv: Save program thrown exception: 'Unable to process command line arguments.'.

    When we tried to take Hyper-v backup as full, it is failing with 'nsrnmmsv: Save program thrown exception: 'Unable to process command line arguments.'.'' error. Netwokrer & NMM version:9.2.0, Save opertaion:REQUES...
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  • Centos 6.9 iSCSI Direct Attached to Unity 350F multipath issue

    My customer has a Centos 6.9 host that is directly connected to a Unity array using iSCSI.   I configured the host NICs and corresponding Unity ports onto different networks and successfully tested multipath fa...
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  • Connect to VNXe3100 From Windows 2008 Server

    I am replacing a failed Windows 2003 Server that failed with a "new" Windows 2008 Server and need to connect the new server to an existing VNXe3100.  I am using the same server name and IP address.   In the...
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  • Operation failed. Error code: 0x1000002

    Hello Guys,   I wrote a script in Perl to monitor a DellEMC Unity 400 storage with Nagios. If I run my script with the nagios user manually, it works well, I get back the expected results, but if the Nagios itse...
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  • Blog issue

    hi there ... I have created my blog in my private space but it has been deleted ,, I could check my blog just after my creation and so as other people ... But in Next Morning ,( created 19th Dec noon JST ,,, gone ...
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  • Issue with Self-Disabled Touchpad and PC sleeping

    I constantly get constant alternating string of Touchpad Notifications that indicate that the touchpad has been disabled or enabled.  In some instances my screen becomes glitches, flickers and goes to sleep. ...
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  • Previous discussions vanished !!

    Hi Experts ,       After login EMC Community when I click Content under my Profile , I can only find 10 old posts ... all my discussion posts of 2015-2017 have vanished.   How to get all my...
    saswata mandal
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  • Avamar restore between two different NDMP Accelerator nodes

    We have two accelerator nodes within our Avamar tool.  One is dedicated to backing up VNX-NDMP and the other is dedicated to Isilon-NDMP.  Our VNX is will be going away and the files will be migrating to Isi...
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    Hi,   i had a power outage last week and after that i couldn't login to service mode using my current password. so i reset the password manually from the SP and then when i login back to the web console, i am get...
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  • Has anyone integrated EMC SCALEIO with AD/ LDAP?

    Hello All,   My customer purchased an EMC SCALEIO recently and is very excited about it. He is now looking to integrate it with AD/ LDAP. Did any of you perform this process?  If yes, can someone guide me t...
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  • Colour problems with Dell 1510X projector

    My 1510X has been working fine for several years - only 62 hours completed.  I was using it for presentations with a Mac Laptop using Snow Leopard.  Reluctantly I've upgraded recently to El Capitan.  I ...
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  • Best practices for provisioning storage to VMs

    Dear expert, It is possible that I was not correct to put this query in this blog, I hope you apologize for it and that you indicate me that support group is more appropriate for this question if this is the case....
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  • Incompatibility CDH 5.12.1 with OneFS

    Hello, I have updated Cloudera CDH 5.8.3 to 5.12.1 in a kerberized cluster with Isilon OneFS All services work correctly with the exception of Impala, which does not allow access to data from any table wit...
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  • Resizing programs in screen not working after an update

    Hi   I was prompted to make a windows update today which I did. Afterwards something has gone very wrong with my Dell PC. Several issues   1. Before on my desktop I used to see my apps such as Adobe/Phot...
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  • savefs

    Hello colleagues   I'm trying Networker 9, so I installed NCM on redhad linux host 'networker9' and a storage node on another redhad linux host 'networker9_storage_node' with drive that mounted to '/backup' dir....
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  • Creating an encrypted bucket programatically

    Is  it possible to create an encrypted bucket using the Java object client createBucket() method, or must that be done at the management console?  We're using the 3.0.0 client and I can't find anything in th...
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  • ERROR: backup data fetch failed on /backup

    Hello all,   Can anybody suggest some solution to the following error?   ERROR: backup data fetch failed on /backup/br3pne/Prx_com-backup_d_grp 1inbr:Prx_1incom-backup_daily: retried 1 times. I have a...
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