• Customer Experience Day 2016!

    Dell Technologies invites you to join us Wednesday, October 5th, for a truly unique global celebration of our commitment to our customers! Our annual Total Customer Experience Celebration is our chance to demonstrate ...
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  • Try the NEW Support by Product ID page next time you visit Online Support

    The last time you visited EMC Online Support, did you ever wonder where is the best place to start to address your product support inquiry?  …perhaps a single place where you can get all of the support inf...
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  • Configure “My Tasks” Resources on Online Support Specific to Your Preference

    Did you know you can personalize the EMC Support home page and place some of the commonly used tasks (e.g. Create SR, View and Manage Service Requests, Downloads, Live Chat, etc…) on your Support home page for ...
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  • Here Comes the EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) “Virtual Edition”

    Are you currently utilizing ESRS? If not, you’re missing out on a proactive and predictive customer service capability that is probably already included in your EMC warranty or maintenance agreement. ESRS establ...
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  • Document download issue fixed on EMC Community Network

    We saw a recent spike of ECN user's unable to download attachments from ECN. Our Community support team has fixed this problem about a week ago but many user's continue to experience the reoccurring sign-in loop. &nbs...
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  • EMC Online Support Community "Ask The Expert" series launched

    Just letting you know that the EMC Online Support Community Ask the Expert Series has officially launched:   Ask the Expert: VNXe front-end Network Configurations with VMware   We are looking forward to t...
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  • ESRSv3: Critical Operational Update

    There are some incredibly exciting launches that we have planned, that will transform the EMC customer experience and give EMC customers fantastic new capabilities that will - in a nutshell - help them to do what they...
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  • EMC Online Support and MyService360™ Updates

    Delivering Even More Insight for Faster Action Since the launch of MyService360 at EMC World 2016, and the coinciding interface redesign of EMC Online Support, EMC Global Services has continued to modernize your custo...
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  • Participating in Technical Communities Can Enhance Your Career

    There are countless technical communities online today. The EMC Community Network is just one of them! Why do they exist? Why are technical communities so popular? A typical answer might be: “From a user’s...
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  • Well done to EMC Ireland Junior Achievement Volunteers #EMCGivesBack

    EMC Ireland COE held a Junior Achievement Recognition Ceremony for its volunteers on 28th June 2016. EMC was delighted to welcome Liz McEvoy, Cork Area Manager, JAI, and Siobhain O'Hea, Programme Coordinator, JAI, to ...
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  • ECN Ask the Expert Program - Looking to Engage at a Deeper Level

      This isn’t about Buddhism or Spirituality, Wicca or even magic. The Ask the Expert program is looking to connect, engage and unite with the ECN community at a more proactive and deeper level. Four years ...
    Roberto Araujo
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  • SAN Optimization for the Modern Data Center

    Enterprise data center managers are constantly trying to keep up with tremendous growth in their data storage requirements, while complying with stringent requirements for application availability. In addition, these ...
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  • You are invited to the EMC World 2016 Community Appreciation event

                                      To celebrate our ...
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  • Don’t Lose Out, Connect Already!

    EMC has long recognized service & support as the most important criteria that customers use when selecting a storage vendor or solution.  Since our inception, we have focused on growing a world class service ...
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  • Join Us at EMC World 2016!

    Experience Future Ready EMC World 2016 is just 10 days away, so if you haven’t registered to attend yet, here’s a quick summary of reasons why you SHOULD! Every year, EMC hosts a premier technology forum t...
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  • EMC MOBILE: Your Companion for Technology Insight and Product Support

    Your EMC MOBILE Companion Just in time for #EMCWorld, the EMC MOBILE app for iOS and Android will be releasing a new and improved version on May 1st. A favorite among EMC customers, the EMC MOBILE app will feature e...
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  • EMC Community Network Provides Opportunities for Growth

    As community managers, we are often asked about the popularity and success of EMC’s Community Network (ECN) and the value it brings to our customers and our company. Recently I was asked “What is the purpo...
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  • Using search facets to find what’s there – and what’s not

    EMC Support contains a wealth of information about our many products. There are hundreds of thousands of documents, downloads, and other assets available for searching. It can feel like you’re searching for a ne...
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  • Upgrading OneFS with Remote Proactive

    We’ve already introduced who Remote Proactive is and what we do; Let’s talk a bit more about one of the activities we support: Isilon OneFS upgrades.   OneFS upgrades contain fixes, security updates ...
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  • Knowledge Articles in Online Support - New Enhancements

    We have  introduced changes to our knowledgebase to improve your overall experience when searching for and viewing Knowledge articles in Online Support.   Key Changes Include:   The user interface w...
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