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blog image.PNG.pngOn September 7th, EMC became part of Dell Technologies and our new company name became “Dell EMC," resulting in a global re-branding and refresh of our company identity by name, and look and feel, around the world. Our social media accounts across multiple social platforms (including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) now reflect the same enterprise-wide change, as well. Thus, our former @EMCSupport Twitter account has now been renamed @DellEMCSupport.

Though our support Twitter account has a new name and URL, we still provide the same social support services for EMC customers and partners - for all legacy EMC products - including daily tech tips, helpful support videos, how to’s, troubleshooting advice, Ask the Expert events, and the latest news in Dell EMC Online Support and MyService360. We encourage you to follow our account, if you haven’t already, for the latest in Support Community resources, YouTube product support demos, Top Services Topics, support Tips of the Month, and much more. 

The Connect with Customer Service community on the Dell EMC Community Network (DECN) recently posted a helpful article on where to go to get support in the “Dell EMC Services” update. Here you’ll find easy links to both Dell and EMC-branded product support and services, including online, onsite and telephone support.


Social Support Resources for EMC and Dell



Dell customers are encouraged to visit the Dell Product Community and the Dell Online Support Site, as well.

This video presentation and resource page published by president, Dell EMC Services and IT, Howard Elias, also helps clarify where to go for both EMC and Dell product support and services. Click the orange arrow under the photo to watch the video.

Have questions? Please post the below in the comment section below. We also encourage you to participate in our new Ask the Expert events covering Online Support and MyService360, as well as our recent merger with Dell, and other product-related events. See a full list of Ask the Expert events going on now and post your questions today!

Holly E. Anderson

Dell EMC Social Support & Community Strategy

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As of September 17, 2016, we have transitioned to a new Service Request system resulting in modified or moved functionality across Online Support and MyService360TM.

Please visit the guide to this release for tips and tricks on using some of the new capabilities. 

Your service experience is a top priority for us. Should you encounter any technical issues or have additional feedback — which will be used to develop action plans — please report them through the Site Help & Feedback Link.

Greater Efficiencies. Proactive, Actionable Insights.

In the last Online Support & MyService360TM blog post, we discussed new features designed to help you quickly find the information you need to take action. In this post, we’ll be highlighting even more new capabilities that are helping to drive efficiencies for you.  The September release continues to modernize your service and support experience; migrating to a new platform to help you proactively take control of your IT environment.


Key Enhancement Areas

Managing Service Requests, Onsite Services & Engaging EMC Customer Service

  • Create & View SRs - Integration with our new support platform brings a new look for creating Service Requests (SR) and viewing SR details, creating a streamlined, self-help experience. As you create and view SRs, leverage the relevant resources and information that are proactively served-up toyou to prevent duplicate cases.
    Open SRs 1.png
  • Manage Your SRs –MyService360 offers a reimagined way to proactively view and manage your open SRs within ‘Incident Management’. See where your open SRs are occurring across your global install base with the geospatial map, or toggle to a list view using the 'View By' buttons in the top left side of the page. Use the new dashboard filters at the bottom of your screen to quickly assess which SRs are awaiting your action or the status on an SR for which you are the primary contact.
  • Check What’s ‘Awaiting Your Action’ – For even more actionable insights, ‘Awaiting Your Action’ has been introduced to the ‘Heads-up Display’ of MyService360. Visit this near real-time section to quickly identify items that require your response, such as updating and closing your SRs or scheduling your onsite maintenance activities through a direct Live Chat with Schedule & Account Services.
  • Live Chat - The Live Chat function in Online Support also has a new look with a proactive display of related SRs and relevant Knowledgebase articles. Launch a chat session from the Online Support homepage, SR details page or ‘Unscheduled Activities’ view in MyService360, to directly engage a technical support professional with your questions.
  • Exporting Your Data – You’ve asked, we’ve listened. As the #1 request from customers, MyService360 now offers additional export capabilities across ‘Incident Management’, 'Service Requests' in the ‘Awaiting Your Action’ section, and ‘Onsite Services Overview’ to help you conduct further analysis.

Managing Service Requests On-the-Go with Your Mobile Device

  • Stay on Top of SRs - The EMC MOBILE app now has more robust search capabilities, allowing you to easily search for SRs by SR Number, Product ID, or Site ID. When viewing SR Details, you’ll also have visibility into any SRs related to a particular product with the added ability to drill down into the details of those related SRs.
  • Personalize Your Views - Enjoy a more seamless personalized EMC MOBILE experience. Filter your SRs using the Custom Product and Site Groups created in Online Support. Product Aliases are also displayed when viewing the details of your SRs.

Note: Current users of the EMC MOBILE app must download the updated version to continue using the support functionality within the app. Users of the legacy EMC Support app are encouraged to migrate to EMC MOBILE as the legacy app will no longer function after the September release.

Managing Sites, Products, and Contacts

Company Administration.png

  • Streamlined Site Administration - Added security enables efficient administration of your company’s sites, products, and contacts. Automatic inheritance allows users to immediately view all entitled sites rather than adding them manually.
  • Manage Your Approvals - A simplified, intuitive design offers faster management of approvals for administrators as well as the ability to clearly differentiate between company sites and 3rd party supported sites and products.
  • Assign Product Contacts – This release now includes the added flexibility of assigning and maintaining contacts at the product-level.


Reminders & Additional Resources

We know that accurate and current data is critical for a modern and proactive experience – it’s difficult to take proactive action on outdated information.  To fully benefit from Online Support and MyService360, be sure your eligible systems are connected with ESRS v3!


Have questions? Check out the Easy Ways to Streamline Your EMC Online Support & MyService360 Experience Ask-the-Expert event. Our subject-matter experts are standing by to answer your questions.


Looking for more information? Read the September release FAQ or visit the EMC Online Support Help page for detailed instructions.


Lauren Conti

Dell EMC

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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