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It's that time once again when we open up the EMC Elect nominations. The EMC Elect program is now approaching its 4th year of existence. If you do not know what the EMC Elect program is, not to worry, here is how we describe it.

EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individual's engagement with EMC as a brand over the last calendar year.


Key Characteristics of an outstanding EMC Elect candidate include:

  • Engagement - Members are those engaging here on the ECN, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and in person at events.
  • Commitment - Being a part of the EMC conversation day in and day out, offering thoughtful feedback and staying optimistic in your language.
  • Leadership - The kind of people who take every opportunity to engage with their peers and represent others as part of the community


If you believe you know someone who is worthy of being nominated as part of this group, then go right ahead and nominate that person. You can nominate your peers, or yourself. Anyone is welcome to nominate an EMC Elect member. Even your grandmother can nominate you 

Nominations are open from 1st -30th of November so do not delay. Push the nominate button now.

nominate button 2.jpeg.jpg

For more information about the EMC Elect Program check out our ECN Space EMC Elect

Listen to the Tech sElect podcast, brought to you by the EMC Elect community on Soundcloud or iTunes



Mark Browne

Principal Social Engagment Manager

EMC Social Business Team

Twitter: @DathBrun

Follow us on twitter @EMCcorp

EMC Support - Now on YouTube!

We at EMC Support are happy to announce EMC’s first-ever YouTube Playlist entirely dedicated to technical support! Now live on the EMC Corporation YouTube channel, we encourage you to Follow the channel so you can receive updates when new EMC Support videos are published.

youtube logo.png

Check out the latest EMC Support Videos now available on YouTube here.




support playlist.PNG.png

Why is This So Exciting?

Our new EMC Support Playlist features over 170 helpful demos, troubleshooting tips, and technical expertise on a variety of EMC products – and many more to come! Stay tuned for regular additions and new videos that will help you optimize your products and keep aware of the latest in EMC Customer Service offerings. Follow the EMC Support Playlist for:

  • Product and Technical Demos
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • How-To's
  • EMC Customer Support Services and Programs
  • Online Support Site Features, and much more!

Holly Anderson
EMC Social Engagement Strategy
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I’m excited to announce a great new feature now available on EMC’s Online Support site: Attachments Management. As part of our ongoing investment in improving the service delivery experience for our customers, we have recently launched upgraded functionality on our Online Support site that has vastly improved your ability to upload, download and manage attachments when creating or updating your Service Requests online. This new solution removes limits on attachment file size, allows multiple files to be uploaded simultaneously, and speeds up the overall process of attaching files to your Service Requests.


What does this mean for you?

Several improvements will benefit you while managing attachments on your Service Requests:

  • No more file transfer size limits, using Java or any HTML5 browser (see list, below*)
  • When opening a new Service Request, concurrently upload as many attachments as you wish, using Java or any HTLM5 browser
  • When uploading or downloading, you may pause, resume, or cancel
  • Files being transferred will resume automatically if your connection is lost and then re-established


If you want to add attachments when you create a Service Request, click on Attach File.

attachment click1.jpg


A pop-up window allows you to manage your attachments. If you are using a compatible version of Java, the pop-up will look like the image below:

attachments popup.jpg


The pop-up in a HTML5 browser will look like the image below:



What do you need to know?
The following browser tips can help ensure you make the most of this new feature:

  • *Java version 1.7 and above is supported by the Attachments Management feature. While all browsers work with the new application, the improvements require HTML5. Use one of these browsers for best performance with attachments:    
    • IE10
    • IE11
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Opera12
    • Safari6


Where can you find more information?

For additional information, please view the Online Support Help or post your questions and comments below, and we’ll get back to you with more information. We value your feedback, so tell us what you think!


Zaheer Sheikh

Consultant Program Manager

Follow @EMCsupport on Twitter!



We released the product groups feature in November 2014 (Link to my original blog). We heard from our customers that they were looking for an easier way to initially create product groups. Well, we listened and recently have made some changes to the way you can create a product group.


We wanted to have it similar to an online shopping experience where you can log into the site pick, choose, and essentially build their groups on the fly, while searching through the products that you are entitled to.


We urge you to try this new process!


Creating  / Adding Product Group

Product groups are tied to your own user account, and only you will be able to access this group.

In order to add a product group, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to My Profile (
  2. Click My Product Groups.
  3. Click the Add Product Group button.
  4. The Add Product Group form will display. Enter a name and description for your group.
  5. Now you are ready to find and select the products you want to add to your group. You can find products by using the following options:
    1. My Sites – This option will show all of the sites to which you are associated and the products within the sites.
    2. My Product Groups – After you have created 1 group, you can build groups on top of each other. This may be useful if you are a manager and want to see multiple groups at a high level, and also want the ability to drill down to specific subsets of products.
    3. Product ID – This option allows you to enter the product ID to search for the product.


Note: The list of sites is based your association to your company’s hierarchy within our database.

If you are not seeing the complete list of available sites, please send an e-mail to requesting a review of your hierarchy position. Include your username, first and last name, and if possible, information about the site you feel is missing.


For this example we will use option A.

6. Expand the sites to see and select the desired products. You can select as many products as you like. To filter the list, enter a product name or id to the Find Products search box above the list, then click the blue button.


download (1).png

7. Click Add To Group to “build” your product group


download (17).png

8. Repeat process until you have finished browsing your products, and click on Submit to save your group


For more details on Product Groups or any other online support features please visit the EMC Online Support Help Page


If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment!


Ryan Amin

Online Support Service Center SME

Follow us @EMCsupport

Hello again Support Community! At EMC Isilon, we are working hard to provide the best self guided troubleshooting optios to our customers, and we have made a big step in getting there: The Isilon Customer Troubleshooting Guides.

These guides were written by our coaches and subject matter experts in Isilon Support and we are pleased that they are ready for publication. As of now, we have 5 guides fully completed and ready for your perusal:


HDFS Connection Issues on Your Isilon Cluster
HDFS Permission Issues on Your Isilon Cluster
OneFS Upgrade Failures
Clients Cannot Connect to a Node
An InfiniBand Interface Is Down or Flapping

The guides are now published and ready for you to view with or without a login to EMC Online Support.


There are more guides coming soon for a range of topics including, but surely not limited to: Isilon InsightIQ, Filesystem Integrity, snapshots, SyncIQ, NDMP, hardware issues, cluster capacity, API, and many more! In these Guides, you can find step-by-step instructions to help you troubleshoot some common issues that affect Isilon clusters. Many of the Guides are currently written as interactive flowcharts for you to click through as you gather information. Each guide will also contain steps to gather your steps to upload to Isilon Support should you need to create a Service Request to avoid duplication of efforts. These Guides make it quick and easy for you to start troubleshooting your issue internally before reaching out to Support. From there, Support will be able to really dig in to your issue without the need to gather basic cluster information and diagnostics first.

Please let us know if there are any that you are excited to see for use in your environment!


Looking for more "How to" Hardware Support? EMC has made the SolVe Desktop Generator available to all EMC Isilon customers. This tool will provide step by step guides to completing various maintenance tasks on your Isilon Cluster (or other EMC product.) Don't forget to check out our Isilon blog post that covers use of this tool! Grab the latest copy by following the instructions in this KB Article: 109414. [NOTE: This tool DOES require a login to EMC Online Support] Once downloaded, you will have the following view. Simply Select the product you are looking to get a process or procedure for to get started!

Solve customer desktop.jpg

Questions, comments, or concerns about the Troubleshooting Guides? Give us a shout at, tweet us @EMCSupport, or leave your comments here. If you have a comment regarding the SolVe Generator? Please send your feedback to as well.


We look forward to hearing from you! Reach out to us on the Isilon Social Support Team!




Katie Johnson

Technical Support Engineer II/Administration Team Coach

Twitter: @EMCSupport












Shane Dekart

Technical Support Engineer II

Twitter: @EMCSupport












David Sjogren

Technical Support Engineer II/Windows Protocols Team Coach

Twitter: @EMCSupport











Share the knowledge with your followers!


The Japanese Support Community on the ECN enables global customers to review and post technical questions and product tips regarding all EMC products. Over time, we have witnessed an evolution in forum activity and usage trends regarding some of EMC’s most-popular products.



The line graph above shows how much (%) questions were posted on popular products in each month.  About a year ago, VNX was the most popular product in the Japanese Support Community. More than 30% of the questions were about VNX. VNX, VNX2 and Data Domain generated around 70% of all the questions at the time! However, since February 2015, the situation has been changing. In August 2015, the most popular product was Isilon. VNX dropped to third, representing only 12% of all questions posted to the Japanese Support Community. This marks an interesting conversion moment, when core EMC products (such as VNX) and emerging products (such as XtremIO) are crossing over.


This is exactly the kind of growth and evolution that allows a support forum to remain sustainable and relevant to customers. We need to change, we have to move forward as the market and technologies always do, and the Japanese Support Community appears to be on the right path! We are moving forward and continue to host engaging discussions about new EMC products and technologies.



The graph above shows relationships among (relatively) new EMC products, protocols, and user scale. We can observe the rising popularity of Isilon and XtremIO discussions in the forum. We’ve had several ScaleIO and vVNX discussions as well. We are very happy to discuss new products in the forum and encourage our Japanese-speaking customers to post their product questions. We get together and grow together through the forum discussions, and welcome you to join our community at  Have any recommendations for how we can make the Japanese Support Community event better? Post your comments below or tweet us @EMCSupport!


Yutaro Uehara

IT Social Engagement


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