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So what exactly is TCE Day? The Total Customer Experience Global Celebration takes place from 5th October to 11th October 2015. It is part of a larger global industry celebration CX (Customer Experience) Day, which is sponsored by the Customer Experience Professioinals Association. This year CX Day will be celebrated by companies worldwide on 6th October.


In EMC we call it TCE or Total Customer Experience in recognition of our customer-centric culture. We not only celebrate our external customers but also celebrate and thank our passionate and dedicated employees who form a key part of the Total Customer Experience.


Here in the EMC Ireland Centre of Excellence we celebrate TCE Day in our own unique way. Consider some of our activities from 2014, when we took the TCE celebrations to a new level.


There were cupcakes (because who doesn't love a cupcake ) and cakes:-


IMG_1644.JPG.jpg  tcecake.JPG.jpg


We also held a "Limerick" competition, where employees who entered had a write a Limerick about TCE and we had some fantastic submissions. Customers visiting the COE on the day were also surprised with some TCE treats.


This year we have lots more great activities planned, and a few surprises!!!. I personally can't wait to celebrate TCE Day!


You can read more about TCE Day and EMC's Global Celebrations here and here. And hey, why not get involved and celebrate your customers!  Happy CX Day and TCE Day everyone


Elaine Beare

Associate Program Manager

EMC Ireland COE


Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare

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