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Ever think about what happens in a digital minute? The numbers are mind-boggling—51,000 Apple store downloads, more than 4 million Facebook likes, and about 4,300 unique visitors to Amazon, just to name a few (source).

It makes sense then, that 90% of all the data in the history of the world was generated over the last two years alone.






Information has always been power, but never has there been so much information at our customers’ fingertips.  By the same token—never has there been more information about our customers available to us as marketers and businesses. But with so many digital footprints being generated around us, how do we decipher the paths being created by our customers and use them to our advantage to lead a successful business?


The key lies in another trend that has surfaced as part of this digital transformation – the “Age of the Customer”. With this comes the need for a personalized customer experience. In fact, studies show that a better customer experience correlates with higher growth revenue in most industries (source).


Therefore, when it comes to navigating the myriad of digital footprints out there, it's not only about observing what paths our customers take, but also about laying out customized paths, or "buyer journeys" for them to follow in their digital experience.

So, how can you redefine the customer experience in the digital world? Here are 8 tips for building a personalized digital path for your customers:


1. Start by understanding your buyer personas—what are their interests, needs, and “pain points”?

2. Be sure to observe and analyze your customers’ current digital footprints. What types of content are drawing them in? What web pages are they lingering on?  Where are they exiting your site? What other digital platforms are they using to find and exchange information about your industry, solution or products?


3. Have a very clear picture of what your funnel looks like—clearly define the buyer stages, and digital paths you want specific targets to follow.

4. Explore options such as web-personalization and remarketing to build on-and off-property delivery of your “personalized” content/message.

5. Start small, think big. Use a phased approach so you can scale.

6. Define success – what does it look like qualitatively and quantitatively?

7. Test, measure and re-segment as necessary based on key metrics.

8. Accept that the customer journey is not linear the only constant in the digital world will be change.

success board.jpg

To sum it all up…customers hold the key. They will help you build blueprints to plan when and where to engage with them to drive your buyers through their unique digital journeys.

At EMC, our customers are at the heart of what we do, and in this “Age of the Customer” we know the best way to ensure business success is to be adaptive and evolve as our customers evolve. Help us redefine your experience in the digital world by sharing your story and joining our company-wide customer celebration.

Co-authored by:

Gina Kieslich, Consultant Marketing Program Manager, Solutions-Big Data @GKMarketer

Linna_Gao Associate Marketing Program Manager, Americas Field Marketing @_LinnaGao

The Boole2School Campaign officially launched on 29th September 2015 at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. Over 21,000 students from across the globe have already signed up for the lessons on 2nd November 2015. We are encouraging students globally from the ages of 8 to 18 to register and take part in the Boolean mathematics lessons. The lessons are free to download and all the school needs to do to register is visit the website and sign up. To engage students in the use of logic, they will learn how Boolean operators play a central role behind the scenes in the video games Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft.


I was also lucky enough to be at the photo shoot last week for this launch. UCC currently have tours around campus with "George Boole" which is a fantastic idea and really highlights Boole for visitors. A young George Boole stepped in to take a class on the Quad




Here at EMC a video was recorded by EMCTV and Aoife Favier to celebrate the launch of Boole2School. This short video gives a brief outline of what Boole2School is all about, as well as a quick hint at what George Boole might have worn when teaching!  You can view the video here


Bob Savage, VP and MD of EMC Centres of Excellence EMEA, quoted “Boolean logic is at the heart of the video game and computer science, and engaging young pupils through a medium they understand and enjoy is an innovative way of encouraging STEM learning and promoting STEM careers. EMC is pleased to support this initiative, particularly as the Irish and global tech economies demand more graduates knowledgeable in technical subjects.”


Dr Michael Murphy, President, UCC said: “UCC Brings Boole2School is hugely significant in that it will introduce teachers and students worldwide to the work and remarkable achievements of George Boole, our first Professor of Mathematics. The initiative will emphasise the long-term value of supporting creativity and research.” said Dr. Michael Murphy, President, UCC.


Let's help celebrate George Boole globally and get your schools signed up. After all, it's only logical!


Elaine Beare

Associate Program Manager

EMC Ireland COE


Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare



We’ve received a lot of feedback from Online Support users asking for enhanced search capabilities. On September 20, 2015, EMC Online
Support implemented a Google search appliance (GSA) which lets us leverage the power of Google to extend our search capabilities on EMC Online Support.


What’s Different about GSA Search?

  • We’re now seeing smaller results sets – but it’s more targeted information with greater relevancy than before.


  • We’re able to configure search to return the kinds of results we know users seek on a regular basis.  Results are weighted with a focus on more relevant and more recent content appearing first. Of course, you can still sort results by date and by title, but relevancy is our first concern.  We’re also seeing a wider mix of content that’s a better match than before.


variety, relevance.png


  • We have wildcard search functionality, where you can use an asterisk as a multi-character wildcard to broaden your search.




  • If you want to narrow your search to exact terms, you can put double-quotes around your search terms.
  • If you’re searching for something that does NOT include a term or character, you can use the minus sign (or hyphen) just like in Google.





  • We also have updated our help and search tips in case users need a little extra help.


The most important thing to remember is that although this is a Google search appliance, the behavior is not going to mimic Google 100%. The search engine we all know and use so often has the benefit of learning about user behavior for many years, and they’ve updated their algorithms accordingly over time.


And we’re already seeing improved search results and more targeted behavior, so that means we’ll be even better in the future.



What’s staying the same?


For the time being, our interface has not changed.


Users still have access to the Advanced options, where you can search for exact combinations of words, as well as exclude terms. Some of the functionality you’d get from quotes, the minus sign, and Boolean operators can also be used in the Advanced Options settings.




We also still provide access to the same comprehensive content as before – tens of thousands of documents, downloads, knowledgebase articles, and community discussions, and more.


What kind of changes will be happening in the future?


Users will also be seeing some changes to the UI in the coming months, which will make search even more user-friendly and intuitive.


With the Google search appliance, we can continuously tune our content to improve relevancy over time.  So results sets will get even better.


We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customer service at EMC, so we encourage search users to contact us by commenting below, to let us know how we’re doing – and how we can improve.


Happy searching!


Kay Stoner

Principal Program Manager - Search Lead, Online Support

kaystoner (@kaystoner2) | Twitter

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So what exactly is TCE Day? The Total Customer Experience Global Celebration takes place from 5th October to 11th October 2015. It is part of a larger global industry celebration CX (Customer Experience) Day, which is sponsored by the Customer Experience Professioinals Association. This year CX Day will be celebrated by companies worldwide on 6th October.


In EMC we call it TCE or Total Customer Experience in recognition of our customer-centric culture. We not only celebrate our external customers but also celebrate and thank our passionate and dedicated employees who form a key part of the Total Customer Experience.


Here in the EMC Ireland Centre of Excellence we celebrate TCE Day in our own unique way. Consider some of our activities from 2014, when we took the TCE celebrations to a new level.


There were cupcakes (because who doesn't love a cupcake ) and cakes:-


IMG_1644.JPG.jpg  tcecake.JPG.jpg


We also held a "Limerick" competition, where employees who entered had a write a Limerick about TCE and we had some fantastic submissions. Customers visiting the COE on the day were also surprised with some TCE treats.


This year we have lots more great activities planned, and a few surprises!!!. I personally can't wait to celebrate TCE Day!


You can read more about TCE Day and EMC's Global Celebrations here and here. And hey, why not get involved and celebrate your customers!  Happy CX Day and TCE Day everyone


Elaine Beare

Associate Program Manager

EMC Ireland COE


Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare

The 2014-2015 school year proved to be very successful for collaboration between EMC Ireland COE and Junior Achievement. 45 EMC volunteers inspired and motivated 1036 students in 22 local schools. These are just some of our fantastic volunteers.



Classes took place over three terms; September to Christmas, January to Easter and Easter to June. Our volunteers visited their allocated school and taught one hours classes for 5/6 weeks on topics ranging from Our Families, Our Community, Our City,Our Nation, Our World and Our Universe to Primary school students. In the Secondary schools they covered the programs "Economics of Staying In School", "Finance Your Future", "Company Program" and "Success Skills".


This year we also collaborated with the Tomar Trust through Junior Achievement to bring in two schools to EMC during Engineers Week 2015. St. Vincent's Secondary School and Nagle Community College visited EMC Ireland where they learned about what EMC does, took part in a Marshmallow Challenge and a George Boole Challenge and then received a tour of the campus.




Thank you to all our volunteers and our supporting organisations for creating opportunities for our young people to acquire and practice lifelong skills, which is statistically shown to contribute to their leading happier and more productive lives, and lead to our society being a better place for all to live. This truly is a great example of giving back to our community.

Elaine Beare

Associate Program Manager - EMC Ireland COE

Follow me on Twitter  @elainebeare

The Support by Product ID page release in May gave the ability for Customers, Employees and Partners to personalize and manage a single pane support view to their serialized products. This includes access to documents, downloads, KBs and subscriptions to product updates/alerts.  In addition, users can view, manage and engage with Tech Support via Service Requests and Chat. 

This past release provided enhancements that are visible in the top center portion of the Support by Product page. Depending on your product (whether it is software or hardware) you will see information on the following: Connectivity Status, Target Code, Used Capacity %, Software Version Lookup, Software Version display, and Solution Field “S” icon.

Connectivity Status displays whether you are connected or not. Target Code provides the lastest build/code level for your product and “Installed code” tells you what version you are currently running.



Used Capacity% will show you how much space is currently being utilized on that machine.   This is a clickable link, when clicked you will see a detailed pop up.  See below example of what a user may see today in My Products when they click on the capacity data hyperlink:


This pull down will allow you to look up your Software Version and Display as well.  After a software product has been selected, a “Version” pull down menu will display where you can see for what versions are currently available.


The Solution Field “S” icon is new.  This icon will display along with the solution name if any of your products are part of a “solution.”  This link is also clickable and will provide more information about that particular solution/Component.


For more details on Support by Product and Support by Product – Product ID pages see the EMC Online Help. If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment and let me know.


Anna Maria Piermarini

Online Support Service Center SME

Follow us @EMCsupport

TCE 2015.pngRedefine Your Experience in the Digital World

EMC invites you to join us for a truly unique global event in recognition of our customers, partners and employees. Our 2015 Total Customer Experience (“TCE”) Celebration is our chance to demonstrate our continued drive to stay ahead of the curve as an enterprise company committed to meeting its customers on cutting-edge digital platforms. To be held live at various worldwide locations and streamed as a virtual event, we encourage you to come and hear the latest from EMC leaders and customers, our Customer Experience team, and a very special celebrity guest – to be announced soon!


October 6th is recognized as “Customer Experience Day” and is celebrated by companies across the world. As a market leader, EMC understands our customers’ evolving needs and has a proven commitment to helping you succeed throughout your digital transformation. This year’s event will focus on how digital platforms are shaping your customer experience, now more than ever. EMC has been elevating our levels of support by expanding our Customer Service offerings to include global Support Communities on the EMC Community Network, social media support on Twitter @EMCSupport, the EMC Support Blog, the EMC Support Mobile App, the Experience Analytics Showcase, and our new TCE Annual Report.  We hope to meet you online through this expanded digital presence. Join us in the new "Connect with EMC Customer Service” community on the ECN, where you will find quick news bytes and a doorway into many resources aimed at enhancing your success. Follow us on Twitter. Let us know how we can help!


Find a Celebration Location Near You

EMC will be hosting numerous onsite celebrations in locations around the world October 5th – October 11th, including over 15 EMC Federation locations. As our special guest, we invite you to participate in this free event where you can connect with EMC employees and fellow customers and partners. See a list of Onsite Event Locations, dates and times, and confirm your attendance. Check back throughout the next few weeks for regular updates.


Join the Virtual Celebration

Can’t attend in person? Join our virtual event on October 6th, which will be streaming live from EMC TV! Hear directly from EMC customers, employees and leaders and customer experience industry experts on what it takes to deliver a great customer experience—today and tomorrow. And learn how EMC understands and acts on customer needs through its holistic listening program and innovative use of advanced analytics and data visualization.


We encourage you to learn more about EMC’s Total Customer Experience Day and details behind our program.


Have questions? Post your comments below and we’ll get back to you!


Holly Anderson

EMC Social Support

Follow us @EMCSupport! #CXDAY

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