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Did you know you can view Release and End of Service Life information for your product(s) via the “Support by Product” section of Online Support?  You can!


Service life information is available via the Service Life section of the “Support by Product” page and is intended to enable awareness around the support life-cycle of a product.


To navigate to the Service Life section of a “Support by Product” page, please do the following:


Click on Support” then Support by Product” thenFind a Product by Name.  Enter the name of a product you are keen to view Service Life information for.   We selected “Powerpath for Linux” for this communication.


Service Life information is located in the lower left side of the “Support by Product” page.

service life.png



Here you will find service life information at the product level as well as a link to EMC Software, Firmware and Hardware “End of Service Life” documents.  To view the all software, firmware and or hardware information, please click on the “View All Release and End of Life Dates” link in the bottom area of the Service Life Pod.




A pop-up window will appear:




Click on the .xls link to open the document you’re interested in viewing.


Please note: Information at the product -level is updated real-time by Product Managers, as needed. Information in the All Hardware, Software and Firmware spreadsheets is also updated by the Product Management team; however, these updates are posted to online support once per month.  Moving forward, the goal is to have all of the data sourced from the same location to ensure synchronization of information in all areas of the Service Life pod.


We hope you find this information helpful.


Suzanne Correia

Program Manager, CS Operations


The last time you visited EMC Online Support, did you ever wonder where is the best place to start to address your product support inquiry?  …perhaps a single place where you can get all of the support information for your product?

Well, you can stop wondering, because that place now exists in Online Support!

The next time you visit, you can start by using the new Support by Product ID feature, which enables you to see a single-pane view of each of your serialized EMC products.  This feature gives you access to all of the following product support features on one page:

      • Product ID (Serial Number) and Product Alias
      • Site ID and Company Name
      • Installed Code
      • Product Contract information               
      • Product Release and End of Service Life dates              
      • Service Requests Tab (view existing SRs)        
      • Documents and Downloads Tabs      
      • Advisories and Knowledgebase Tabs
      • Create Service Request (pre-populated with your product details)                                              
      • Start Live Chat with Technical Support  (pre-populated with your product details)   
      • Subscribe to Product Update and Product Advisory email notifications                     
      • Create a shortcut to your product ID page by adding it to “My Saved Products”
      • Note:  this feature is only available for your serialized EMC hardware and software products.  Software products that do not have serial numbers cannot be viewed using this feature.


Here’s a sneak peek of what the new Support by Product page looks like:

Support by Product ID Blog_v3.docx.png

Here’s how to access the new Support by Product ID feature:

    1. Go to Online Support home page, click “Support by Product” on the top navigation menu
    2. Use the “Find Product by Product ID” option on the right side.
    3. Choose a product lookup method… by My Sites, My Product Groups, or by Product ID.
    4. Example: Select the My Sites lookup method, then select one of your sites and then select a product from your site’s Install base

Support by Product ID Lookup steps pic.png

For more details about this new feature works, you can view the Support by Product ID Overview or try it out yourself.

We hope you find this new Support by Product ID feature to be helpful for your EMC Online Support experience.  Please stay tuned for more enhancements to this feature in our next Online Support release in Q3.

If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature, please post it on this blog article.  Thanks for reading!

Brant Harmon,

Online Support Service Center SME

Follow us @EMCsupport

The WLF Cork Chapter held an excellent Cultural Diversity Networking Event last Thursday, 14th May 2015, in our EMC Ireland CityGate offices. Following the format of panel interviews, and with over 70 attendees, the afternoon event was a lively mix of conversation about culture and diversity at EMC. With over 41 nationalities and 26 languages in EMC Ireland COE it was a very relevant topic.


Elaine Beare, WLF Networking Lead, kicked off the event and welcomed the panellists and attendees, after which she introduced Bob Savage, VP and MD Ireland COE to say a few words. Next up was Christine O’Keeffe, Customer Service Director and President of the Women’s Leadership Forum Cork Chapter at EMC Ireland.


The panellists for the event who shared their career journeys, gave tips on career advancement, highlighted the diversity within their teams and shared humorous and engaging stories from their time in EMC, and kept the audience entertained from start to finish, were: -


• Sabine Cronin - EMEA Associate ISR Director, Inside Sales

• Carrie Whitty - GBS - EMEA MCO Supervisor

• Isobel McCrum - Senior Manager, EMEA, Sales Enablement

• Markus Jolic - Manager Associate Inside Sales (UK, Germany & Switzerland), working in EMEA Inside Sales

• Jamie Griffin - Sr. Manager, Int’l Credit & Collections, GBS

• John Fitzpatrick - Senior Manager GBS


Our very capable MC’s for the day were Chiara Davigo and Chiara Pulici, both from Inside Sales, EMC, who kept the conversation on cultural diversity lively and engaging.


Alison O’Dwyer, WLF EMC Gives Back Lead, then took questions from the floor before calling on Christine O’Keeffe to close off and thank everyone involved. A networking event took place after this which allowed people to carry on the conversations and met and greet the panellists.


We were also delighted to also have Michael Spoetter, VP Global Services, Customer Services Europe, Middle-East and Africa, and Dinko Eror, Global Services Lead for EMEA,  in attendance.




Some of the key takeaways and advice from the event were: -

“Change is inevitable. Embrace it and the opportunities are endless.”

“Jump in. Get involved and bring your passion. You’re creating a wave and it’s just a matter of surfing it”

“Don’t wait for someone to come to you. Find a problem and fix it!”


Feedback after the event was extremely positive and has left everyone looking forward to our next Networking event, planned for Q3. Thank you to everyone involved in making this event such a great success, from our panellists, MC's, organising team, and audience. A special thanks to Eugene McVeigh who was on hand to video and photograph the event.


DSCF6993-02.jpg DSC_0934-09.jpg


Elaine Beare

Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare


ViPR Controller Moving to Open Source Development Model


EMC is embracing an open source community-based development model by announcing on May 5th its first open source project based on ViPR Controller at EMC World.


ViPR Controller code, now open source project CoprHD, will be available for download on GitHub starting in early June 2015.  All development for ViPR Controller and CoprHD will be done in the open source community, with EMC and others contributing. Customers, partners, developers and other storage vendors can download, expand and contribute to project CoprHD's breadth and depth of features and functionality.

EMC continues to offer a commercial product for sale, EMC ViPR Controller.  The commercial offer enhances the open source project CoprHD with service, support, training, and more to help organizations quickly adopt software-defined storage automation.

CoprHD Google Hangout 2.jpg

Join us today for a Google Hangout session at 11.45 am PST time to chat with the experts on this topic and hear the latest news. The discussion will also be recorded and available on the ViPR Community as of tomorrow (May 7th).

For more information on this project, visit : ViPR Controller Moving to Open Source Development Model

The EMC Online Support portal provides multiple ways for you to find and view content. In this article, we will navigate through documentation to quickly find the specific document that you need. Searching for documentation through Online Support using the “Support by Products” page is an effective way to find the documentation for your product. Below we will provide some valuable tips to make your documentation experience easy and efficient.


Start off by selecting the “Support by Product” tab. If you are on, you can hover over the “Support” tab, then select “Support by Product” to go directly there.


If you are already on EMC Online Support, click the “Support by Product” tab using the sub-navigation tabs for this site. support bar.PNG.pngOn the “Support by Product” landing page you will see the “Find a Product” field. In the type ahead search field you can type in the name of the product that you are looking for. You can also click on “All Products A-Z” listing to find the product page you are looking for. You can even click on one of the products in your “My Saved Products” or “Recently Visited Products” to go where you need to download the relevant documents you are looking for.

online support one.PNG.png

When you get to the product page of your choice, you will see some of the support topics of which you will choose “Documentation”. This will bring you to the documentation section of that product page.

online support two.PNG.pngThere are a number of different ways to narrow your search criteria to find the document you need. You can filter product/version, content type, support task, OS Version, last updated, and etc. If you are looking for an “Installation Guide” you can easily find what you need by selecting the content type “Manual and Guides”. You can take it a step further by choosing Install under “Support tasks”. That will narrow down your results even more to find the specific document that you are trying to find. Keep in mind that the file with the most recent date will appear at the top. You have the ability to filter the date so you can bringer an older document to the top.


online support three.PNG.png

This is what the current experience looks like today. It will be changing in the near future. New images and steps for navigating through documentation will be coming soon. Try these simple steps and post any feedback, comments, or questions that you may have in the Comments area below.

Holly Anderson

Principal Manager of Social Media, EMC

Follow us at @EMCSupport

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