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Do you manage software licensing for your organization? If so, we’d like to invite your to participate in a new survey to help us determine improved terminology for EMC’s software product licensing and a new online experience. Survey.PNG.png


As we strive to continue our commitment to further improve our customers’ software licensing experience, EMC’s Licensing Team asks you to participate in our quick and easy survey. There are only 8 simple questions, and it should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.




The survey is completely anonymous and will greatly help us determine a common and simple language that will enable a more intuitive and easier use of our software licensing services.


Please complete the survey May 15th, 2015. Have questions or further feedback? Please contact EMC’s Licensing Team at


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EMC’s Third-Platform team invites you to redefine your digital EMC experience at BOOTH 363 at EMC World 2015! Register for EMC World now and explore our Demo Stations for a hands-on, interactive experience with EMC’s leading online spaces, including:


Take a moment to participate in our User Experience Survey at BOOTH 363, and receive a free Blaster Brick! Get a custom caricature made of yourself like this one, and enjoy live demonstrations by leading experts from our team.


Holly Anderson
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The IT transformation process of most IT organizations can be complex, time consuming, frustrating, and expensive.  However, the industry is changing at a break-neck pace, and if you want to keep up with the latest needs of your business, delivering IT as a Service (ITaaS) and becoming a true service provider to the business, a transformation may be in order.  EMC IT Proven allows customers to leverage EMC IT’s first-hand experience to accelerate their own IT transformation journeys.


That is why EMC IT experts will be hosting five, LIVE Virtual CrowdChat events during EMC World this year (you can attend virtually from anywhere in the world.).  This is your chance to ask the experts who were integral to EMC’s successful IT transformation about best practices, lessons learned, and tips and tricks to becoming a true IT service provider.  Whether you’re interested in the implementation of EMC’s new IT organization, how EMC drives agility and cost savings with converged infrastructure and EMC enterprise hybrid cloud, or want to leverage Big Data to create business value from business data lakes, our experts are here to answer your questions.


CC-IT-Transformation-660x330 (2).jpg  CC-ConvergedInfrastructure-660x330 (2).jpg

CC-HybridCloud-660x330 (2).jpg  CC-BigData-660x330 (2).jpg

Join one of EMC IT’s CrowdChat events to leverage our experience. 

  • How has EMC IT’s journey to IT as a Service (ITaaS) required evolving its structure, culture, and role within the organization to better align with business needs?
  • What has EMC IT learned about implementing an enterprise hybrid cloud solution?
  • How is big data changing the way EMC does business?
  • How has EMC IT enabled IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) by implementing a hybrid cloud built on converged infrastructure?
  • How has Syncplicity enabled EMC IT to support the needs of a growing mobile workforce?

Whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, our EMC IT experts will be able to respond to your questions on one, consolidated CrowdChat platform.


Each CrowdChat LIVE Virtual Session will be continued in an Ask the Expert forum after EMC World, which will be open for two weeks.  Be sure to register for our Ask the Expert forums that will address all of the same topics.


Steven Carr

EMC IT Proven


It has been an exciting year in Ireland for EMC VEX Robotics and VEX IQ Robotics.


pv 281114 robot 10.jpg


St. Colman's Community College, Midleton, Co. Cork was the winner of the Excellence Award at this years EMC VEX Robotics Challenge Ireland finals. The team from St. Colman's outperformed 14 other teams across a number of related disciplines such as design, engineering, programming and overall teamwork/. They went on to represent Ireland at the World Championships in Kentucky, USA on 15-18 April 2015. It was the first time St. Colman's had travelled to the World Finals and they acquitted themselves extremely well, placing 36th in the ARTS section, which is a fantastic achievement as more than 850 teams from 29 nations gathering at the Kentucky Exposition Centre to compete in the finals.


St Colmans.JPG.jpg

This year also saw the first EMC VEX IQ Robotics finals in Ireland on 6th February which were held at CIT (Cork Institute of Technology) in Bishopstown, Cork. The day itself was incredible and a great achievement for everyone, which also included a very benefical collaboration between EMC, Lifetime Labs and CIT to deliver this initiative. Scoil Eoin National School, Ballincollig, were the Excellence Award winners and went on to compete at the UK VEX IQ National Finals. They did EMC VEX Robotics and Ireland proud by winning four awards at the competition which included Programming Champions, Drivers Skills Champions, Design Award and Tournament Champions.


Scoil Eoin UK champions.JPG.jpg

You can check out further photos and videos on EMC VEX Robotics here


A huge thank you and acknowledgement to all the EMC Volunteers who worked throughout the year and on the day to make both of these events such a success


Elaine Beare

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This blog was written by VJ Manickam of EMC's Customer Advocacy team. VJ engages with top level executives around the world to identify customer and partner needs.  This is one of her recent takeaways from her travels.  You can read the original post and other stories by VJ on InFocus.

Recently companies have been recognizing the need to empower the people that drive the customer experience—employees and partners. How you equip these two groups to deliver a great customer experience is critical—they are the ones who can ensure that what you say about your brand through your marketing messaging aligns with the actual customer experience. Companies should not expect to delight their customers without investing in the culture and infrastructure to allow employees and partners to own the customer experience. The cloud provides an unprecedented level of insight and collaboration that these key groups can use to satisfy customers throughout their end-to-end journey.

Netflix uses Google Apps to give its employees a way to collaborate and access information irrespective of location. In doing so, the company’s leaders believe they’re giving employees a way to act on new ideas more quickly.  Ecosystem connectivity enables information exchange across business partners. About a third of survey respondents like how cloud better facilitates external collaboration with partners and customers cited in the Economist-IBM report. HealthHiway is an online health information network that enables the exchange of health information and transactions among healthcare providers, employers, payers, practitioners, third-party administrators and patients in India. “By connecting more than 1,100 hospitals and 10,000 doctors, the company’s software-as-a-service solution facilitates better collaboration and information sharing, helping deliver improved care at a low cost, particularly important in growing markets.”

I believe that employees and partners need three freedoms to ensure that the customer experience ecosystem thrives:

  • User-friendly tools to capture feedback “in the moment”. Companies often have trouble capitalizing on the knowledge of all their customer-facing employees, especially when they are dispersed across expansive geographic regions . This is because many of those employees — like waiters and flight attendants — do not generally have access to cloud communication tools. EMC recognizes the value of these interactions and will pilot the “Voice Insight Action (VIA)” tool at this year’s EMC World event  (expected to draw 10,000 attendees) using a tablet mobile app and allowing customers to share their feedback using a microphone that translates voice-to-text. The team will then refine the tool and make it available to global employees. By aggregating data collected using this tool, EMC will be able to identify common trends and pain points across customer accounts to ensure that new ideas are surfaced to the appropriate teams and corrective actions are put in place for large-scale issues.

EMC World

  • Analytics insights to make better decisions at the moment of truth.Giving employees and partners access to a central view of the customer by drawing on multiple data sources can be difficult. However, the agility of the cloud has significantly reduced this challenge without compromising customer or business security.  Several teams at EMC are working together to connect disparate systems and data sources to create a 360-view of the customer. One example is the “End to End Dashboard” built by EMC’s Total Customer Experience team. This dashboard uses Tableau software to provide a clean and valuable view of the customer across multiple dimensions—revenue, loyalty, customer satisfaction—and allows employees and partners to compare an individual account experience compared to historical trends and similar peers. This dashboard will also be featured in EMC’s Total Customer Experience booth (463) at EMC World to show customers how we are using big data to better understand their needs.


  • Social technologies to support collaboration and knowledge-sharing.  The advent of social media engagement is a great opportunity for companies to change how they share information with employees and partners and interact with customers. The EMC Community Network is a robust online platform that has 300,000+ registered users. This allows customers, partners, and employees to access key information on topics that matter to them.  In addition to the public accessibility of this online community, EMC has also built private sections exclusively for groups, such as partners. An example is a special section open to VSPEX BLUE (one of EMC’s newest converged infrastructure technologies) partners where they can access the latest product documentation and training.

If your company is not thinking about how to activate employees and partners through the cloud…well, it’s time to do so…at least if your goal is to be an industry leader.  The disruptive nature of the cloud reveals a unique opportunity to transform the customer experience. Of course, any technology innovation cannot replace the need to hire and train your best brand ambassadors—employees and partners—to act as independent problem-solvers who are passionate and know how to advocate in the customer’s best interest.

I am always looking for new stories about employee empowerment and customer experience.  Please share your story in the comments below.

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The Total Customer Experience (TCE) team enables EMC's business growth through a customer-focused data-driven strategy. The team encompasses all elements of the relationship with customers and partners through their end-to-end journey with EMC. We utilize customer feedback and internal business metrics to advocate for customers and drive business strategies.


At EMC World held May 4-7, 2015 in Las Vegas, EMC’s TCE booth will host a sci-fi theme. As a result, the TCE group has been having wide-spread sci-fi discussions but especially about Star Trek. One topic has been the amazing technology predictions from the series that have come true. Given that the original series was broadcast in the 1960’s, the vision of Gene Roddenberry and the production staff was truly remarkable.



Back on Earth on Stardate 68771.2 (April 22, 2015 for non-Trekkies), the popularity of Customer Experience (CX) as a new mantra of business has resulted in a tidal wave of feedback programs. From a consumer standpoint nearly every transaction in our lives is followed by a survey. This preponderance of surveys has the potential to negatively affect customer experience.


To counter this, Customer Experience programs need to move beyond surveys and innovate intelligent ways to evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty. At EMC, we have begun to use our collected CX feedback to predict customer satisfaction without the need for a survey. Advancements in big data and statistical analysis tools make it possible to identify impact drivers and trigger points of satisfaction at a fine level of granularity from collected survey data. By applying this analysis against UN-surveyed events, EMC can reasonably predict customer satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, without the need for direct customer feedback.


At this time, EMC receives transaction survey responses from only 1.2% of all surveyable events handled by our Customer Services organizations. (To put this into context, this still equates to over 60,000 responses each year.) From the analysis of these responses, we are able to predict when dissatisfaction may occur in the other 98.8% of activities. The Predictive Insights Program is designed to address this broad potential for dissatisfaction.


The long-term goals of the Predictive Insights Program are to:


  • Reduce the frequency and volume of EMC’s survey programs;
  • Extend the reach of captured survey data by projecting results onto events that are not surveyed; and
  • Take action on predicted dissatisfaction.


The ultimate objective of the Predictive Insights Program is to embed the statistical prediction model directly into EMC’s call/ticket management system to identify and address issues in service delivery in real-time and proactively before the issues generate customer dissatisfaction.


Since initial deployment, we’ve measured the accuracy of the prediction model to be approximately 65%. In other words, 65% of the time that the model predicts that a customer may be dissatisfied, EMC's follow-up by a Service Manager did reveal that the customer had some level of dissatisfaction. It is the goal of EMC’s CX team to reach a 75% accuracy level before the model is embedded into our call system.


Once dissatisfaction is predicted, the responsible Service Manager for that event is systematically notified and is required to follow-up with the customer to identify and address any dissatisfaction.


Currently, the Predictive Insights Program is deployed in a subset of service groups that have historically underperformed in satisfaction metrics. The results are showing great promise. For example:


  • Up to 79% of participating Service Managers indicate that the predictive follow-up improved satisfaction with Customer Services and their overall experience with EMC;
  • The improvement in the customer satisfaction levels within participating organizations is 50% faster than non-participating organizations;
  • The number of responses to the Customer Services transaction survey increased by 180% for participating service groups compared to non-participating group as customers better understand how we take action on feedback;
  • Up to 4% of follow-up calls result in new business opportunities (e.g., new or renewed maintenance contracts, new equipment sales);



We are definitely on a trek to explore new frontiers. I only wish we could engage warp engines and ride a temporal rift into the future where prediction of customer satisfaction was well established across all of EMC’s CX programs.


If you’re interested in learning more about EMC Predictive Insights Program, come visit the TCE booth (#463) at EMC World this May or share your thoughts below.


Live long and prosper,



Brad Barker

Consultant Customer Advocate
Total Customer Experience

EMC Global Services

Twitter: @BradB555


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When upgrading to a new version of the EMC Isilon OneFS operating system, there are several planning documents you’ll need to review before initiating the code swap, including the Isilon OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide, the Isilon Supportability and Compatibility Guide, and OneFS release notes. But searching for these different documents on the EMC Online Support site can be time-consuming. It can also be tricky to figure out which documents to consult and in what order. To help OneFS customers research the entire OneFS upgrade process—from planning to post-upgrade validation—we’ve created the OneFS Upgrades - Info Hub.


An Info Hub is a web page on the Isilon Community that serves as a nexus of useful content related to a specific topic. The goal of an Info Hub is to provide OneFS customers with a single point of entry to a rich array of documentation links. We continuously update the Info Hubs with new customer support content.

Upgrade Info Hub.png


Guidance on the OneFS upgrade process

No matter which version of OneFS you plan to upgrade to, this Info Hub can serve as your one-stop-shop to steer you through the process. While the Isilon OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide is the definitive how-to guide to help you plan for and perform the OneFS upgrade process successfully, the OneFS Upgrades – Info Hub features quick links and product announcements that will ease and enhance your upgrade planning.


Add a bookmark to this Info Hub in your web browser and refer to it the next time you need to research upgrade questions or find upgrade-related documents.


Here are some highlights of what this Info Hub contains:

  • A new EMC Isilon OneFS Upgrade Process Flowchart
  • Links to information about EMC Remove Proactive services
  • Links to relevant knowledgebase articles about upgrade issues
  • Updates about current firmware releases and their impact to specific OneFS versions
  • Steps for performing the upgrade


The OneFS Upgrades – Info Hub will be refreshed frequently with new and relevant information, so check it often. We’re interested to hear how this new information source works for you. You can leave feedback in the comments section, fill out this Isilon Documentation Feedback survey, or send an email to


Kirsten Gantenbein

Sr. Technical Writer

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Along with the obvious technological implications that Big Data presents, businesses across every industry will differentiate themselves based on their ability to process Big Data. It is our strategic business priority to position EMC as the leader in Big Data and Data Science.


To satisfy the thirst for knowledge around Big Data and Data Lakes, EMC Education Services is excited to announce that Education Services will release a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) – Data Lakes for Big Data. View this video where Jeremy Burton talks about how Big Data and Data Lakes fundamentally break traditional infrastructure and create the need for new skills, expertise, and roles to maximize the capabilities of Big Data technologies and tools.


This open, online, interactive course is ideal for a diverse audience that includes decision influencers, decision makers, line-of-business professionals, business intelligence, analytics and IT professionals, students, and anyone interested in learning about Data Lake Solution, Data Science, and Big Data Analytics.


View the Course Introduction VIDEO and enroll today!


Holly Anderson
Principal Manager of Social Media Strategy, EMC
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GS one.PNG.png

EMC Customer Service (CS) is actively preparing to make EMC World 2015 our best yet, and the Global Services team is the New Force Rising in the Universe at The Venetian in Las Vegas May 4-7. Come visit BOOTH 1050 to learn how we are Redefining Next through interactive sessions, onsite demonstrations and engaging discussions with subject matter experts.

GS two.PNG.png

Our booth will have exciting Force-themed giveaways, games and raffles, and the CS team is focused on demoing our wide array of online tools and capabilities to help you be successful.

Customer Experience Sessions

We are excited to be featuring two key breakout sessions and one Birds of a Feather discussion to provide you with exciting knowledge on best practices and the future of your service experience.



Breakout Session: Optimize Your Experience

Connect with VNX and other EMC product and service experts to learn tips and tricks on how to best manage your EMC systems and environment. You will walk away with the ability to make proactive decisions and prevent issues using tools and processes to enhance your experience.

Mary Cay Kosten, SVP of Customer Service

Monday, May 4 at 1:30 PM




May 7 at 8:30 AM

Delfino 4005

Birds of a Feather: Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Rock Your XtremIO World

Learn the top 10 things to get the most out of your XtremIO system. Our panel of technical experts will share best practices of configuration, operation and management, and will provide insights into your specific questions during a live ‘Ask-The-Expert’ session.

Host: Carolyn Muise, VP of Total Customer Experience


Miroslav Klivansky

Deny Patel

Srinivasa Maguluri


May 5 at 1:30 PM

Palazzo O         

IT Leadership Track: Accelerating Cloud Value: How EMC’s Proactive & Predictive Customer Service Experience Will Drive Your ITaaS Agility

Attend this session to learn what you should expect from your technology partners and how EMC is transforming technology services to help you succeed.

Barbara Gordon,

SVP of Emerging Technology Division Services

Carolyn Muise

Chris Scollo

Julie Trainor


Wednesday, May 6 at 4:30 PMVenetian Ballroom D


Booth Features

After attending any of the sessions, swing by our in-booth Cantina for a beverage and meet your services team to check out our special features.


The Cloud City Control Center will be an interactive wall with touchscreens highlighting some of our latest and greatest innovations for customers. You can demo our exciting new Big Data Modeling initiative, where customers can view an example of a central one-stop shop offering a 360 degree view of the customer account and service experience. We will help you make sure your systems are connected with EMC Secure Remote Services, and you can learn how you can access to this exciting new capability. You can also visit our EMC Community Networks touchscreen to see what conversations are taking place about your EMC products.


The Technology Pod will offer Online Support experts who can give you a sneak peek at new Online Support features. We will make sure you are registered with Online Support and know about the full suite of capabilities that are available and free to help optimize your experience. We will also help you leverage all of Online Support’s tools so you are engaged with Customer Service and receiving the most up to date information on our products and services.


Ask the Experts!

During EMC World 2015, Las Vegas, there will be a lot of our members of the ECN community attending. How would you like to hear about what they are doing and get the latest news they are hearing? Join the discussion, share your photos and stories, ask questions and provide your feedback on the event! We look forward to this being a lively, fun and interactive event, and your online eye into EMC World 2015. This discussion will take place from May 4 - 7 on this space. RSVP to this event today to confirm your attendance and receive further updates.

Thank YOU & Community Appreciation Party

GS three.PNG.png

Join us on Tuesday, May 5 at The Label located in The Palazzo from 7:00 – 10:00 PM for our annual EMC Community Appreciation Event @ EMC World 2015. EMC World attendees are invited to:

• Meet fellow ECN members, top Support Community contributors and EMC executives

• Enjoy refreshments and spirited conversation - all in a cool and social setting

• Connect in person with EMC network peers from across the globe


Register now for an invite to the EMC Community Appreciation Event, and also sign up to the Tweetvite via twitter and share it.


Tell your Story

As in previous years, we want to capture your success stories through short videos about your experiences with EMC Customer Service. We still have a couple spots remaining for interested customers. Click to see a sample filmed last year and sign up today. Register for EMC World today and we look forward to seeing you there!


Holly Anderson
Principal Manager of Social Media Strategy, EMC
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To thank our customers and partners for keeping the global EMC online community lively and interactive, we are hosting a special appreciation event at The Label, in the Venetian, Las Vegas during EMC World 2015!

It takes place on Tuesday, May 5th, from 8pm - 10pm PST at The Label (located at the entrance to the Palazzo theatre).

EMC World attendees are invited to:

  • Meet fellow ECN members, top Support Community contributors and EMC executives
  • Enjoy refreshments and spirited conversation - all in a cool and social setting
  • Connect in person with EMC network peers from across the globe

*Note: There is an exclusive 1st hour of the event from 7-8 pm only for the #EMCElect and a friend.

Register now for an invite to the EMC Communities Appreciation Event >>

And also sign up to the Tweetvite via twitter and share it:

Once registered, you will recieve a confirmation email with additional details including where to obtain your special wristband required for entry.

  • All attendees must have an event wristband.
  • All members of the EMC Community Network are welcome.



EMC World 2015 is right around the corner and returns to Las Vegas May 4-7 at The Venetian! The website team is thoroughly planning exciting engagements to make this upcoming event another huge success. Will you be there?


The EMC Online Support team wants to connect with you and learn more about what we can do next to provide you with an extraordinary service experience. Our EMC World goal is to demonstrate current and upcoming Online Support features, understand what you want from future versions of the tool, and most importantly, listen to your input and opinions.


EMC World.png


Our subject-matter experts have many exciting demonstrations and they want to hear your valuable feedback. We are most excited to debut our Big Data visualization tool, which provides a 360 degree snapshot of your EMC environment. These customized and comprehensive reports feature geospatial data maps, product performance trends, and risk/health analyses. These reports are currently available to customers with a Service Account Manager (SAM) or Technical Account Manager (TAM). By the end of 2015, these reports will be incorporated in to your EMC Online Support experience.


Additionally, we are highlighting several Online Support tools:

  • My Products presents a single dashboard view of your EMC portfolio detailing product and contract information. You can receive proactive alerts and advice customized to your unique install base, and you can access detailed reporting on vital topics, such as remote connectivity status, service requests, and maintenance contract expiration.
  • My Product Groups allows you to define a custom product list that fits your business needs. The groups you define will be used in pick lists in key Online Support functional areas to streamline common support tasks.
  • ReDefine your install base by using the Product Alias feature. This allows admiinistrative users at your company's site(s) to assign custom names that you can easily remember and associate with serialized product instances. The Product Aliases are names you define and they will be visible in many areas of the site providing you the ability to quickly recognize and manage your products.
  • Company Administration centrally view and manage all your company’s information.. This allows you to include details related to your products, contacts, service requests, contracts, and environments. Company Administration enables you to manage sites and roles related to those accounts, as well as site associations and role relationships for other web enabled EMC Online Support account users within the your company hierarchy.
  • Support by Product ID (Serial Number) Page: This is a new feature within the Support by Product function, which enables you to optimize your self-help support experience for each product in your install base.  Use this feature to lookup one of your serialized products, and see a singlepane view of the following information for your product:
    • Access technical documentation, knowledgebase articles, advisories, and downloads
    • Subscribe to product alert and update notifications
    • View service requests and other details for your product
    • Create a service request or live chat with Technical Support, with your product information pre-populated for you.


Below, please find a sample view of this new Support by Product ID view which will be implemented in the next Online Support release in May.  Additional enhancements to this view are also being planned for future releases.


Support by Product ID.png

Don’t miss out. Register and visit us in the Global Services booth 1050. This is a great opportunity to both ask questions and provide feedback about your online support experiences, current features, or future releases of our Online Support site directly to an EMC Online Support expert.


We look forward to seeing you there…


Hien Ho

EMC Online Support Program Manager

Follow us @EMCsupport

Smarter Placements Programme

001 - new.jpg

We had a very successful week recently with the inaugural Smarter Placements Programme in EMC Ireland. On 2 February 2015 EMC welcomed ten female students to the Ireland COE for a week as part of the it@cork initiative, which aims to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning in girls by supporting them in work placements at relevant companies, and encouraging study in STEM subjects in second- and third-level education.



The ten young ladies (nine from Colaiste Choilm in Ballincollig and one from St Angela’s College in Cork City) spent the week familiarizing themselves with the various business units and groups. As part of their work experience, each pupil built their own website, learned innovation techniques and Toastmasters presentation skills, and used Cisco Telepresence technology to speak with our colleagues at the COE’s in Israel, Egypt and Russia. They also shadowed female engineers and got some hands-on experience with the EMC-sponsored VEX Robotics programme, as well taking part in a speed-networking event with the WLF Cork Chapter.


WLF Speed Networking 050215.jpg


We would like to thank all the employees in EMC who helped out during the week and made this programme such a success, and so memorable for the students. They left in a very positive mood, feeling inspired and with a general chorus of “Can we come back again next week?” as they departed!


For information on Smarter Placements please click here


Elaine Beare



ELN 2.0 Celebrates 1 Year

Posted by heanderson Apr 7, 2015

What a difference a year makes! Looking back at our April 2014 launch of EMC E-Lab’s web-based portal – E-Lab Interoperability Navigator – Ronald Fenn, Sr. Program Manager and Lead Architect, reflects “I’m amazed at not only how we got there, but how much its grown and evolved since then. E-Lab is considered the industry’s premier interoperability and new technology testing lab. Customers have always trusted E-Lab to transform their data centers. That’s an awesome responsibility and the reason it’s so important to us to keep ELN relevant. We take E-Lab’s promise very seriously — to provide the highest level of interoperability assurance and support every configuration we qualify: no disclaimers, no excuses.”


New and Improved User Interface ELN interface.PNG.png

Just one year ago, ELN had a very tabular user interface, containing mostly static information. Today, all of our knowledgebase materials are easier to find and many are dynamic, enabling you to access the latest data as it’s released.


Product Details Section Has It All

In addition to the EMC Simple Support Matrices (ESSMs) that our customers love, if you’re looking only for what your product supports, Product Details is the place to go. “The Product Details section blows my mind!” says Fenn. “It contains the brains of our whole operation. Most people think it’s just an items tree, but it actually contains our entire database.”


Customizable Advanced Queries

The most impressive difference in 2.0 is the Advanced Query. ELN 1.0 used a static database of configurations. With 2.0, you actually create the configurations based on your selections. Fenn explains,

ELN queries.PNG.png

“No longer do you have to search through huge PDFs. You can validate exactly which specific product combinations are supported and discover the capabilities

of different product types. We also now show the differences between two selected storage arrays’ support envelope.”


Benefits Provided by E-Lab Interoperability Navigator

Everyone’s moving to the 3rd platform, making the need for E-Lab’s knowledgebase more important than ever. E-Lab testing includes:

• Network and storage provisioning

• Automated monitoring

• Multi-tenancy

• Cloud elasticity, and

• Backup and recovery to make the transition successful


Find out more by downloading our new ELN Data Sheet and visiting the ELN at Simply register with EMC on, and you’ll be granted full access to our entire knowledgebase. And, it’s absolutely free. New initiatives include expanding our product collateral and setting an email notification watch list on products or events. If you want to know how best to use the ELN, download the ELN User Guide.


ELN feedback button.PNG.pngGive Us Your Feedback

“The reception of ELN 2.0 has been very positive,” says Fenn. ”We’re constantly loading new information and rolling out enhanced features – including more dynamic, and new ESSMs, improved and enhanced functionality in Custom Queries, and a new ELN User Feedback button. We’re hoping to get lots of feedback to help us improve the user experience even more!”


If you have any comments or questions about the ELN, please post them below.













Holly Anderson

Principal Manager, Social Media Strategy

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EMCW save.jpg

EMC World 2015 is just around the corner. The event takes place on May 4 - 7 at the Venetian, Las Vegas. Are you registered? Will you be attending? Sign up early by April 6 and receive a discounted rate!


If you are attending this year we would be thrilled to see you! There are events planned and lots of excitement, so

RSVP here to confirm your attendance and we will get in touch with you directly to provide more details.


The EMC Elect have discount codes of $150 off the full price. The discounts expire on April 6th.

They are be happy to share, just reach out to them on twitter #EMCElect.


See you there!


Bob Fritz, PMP @robertwfritz

Community & Social Media

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