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In 2013, EMC launched its first Support Community on the ECN containing product support content entirely in Japanese. Since then, the Japanese Support Forum has performed very strongly, and is now one of EMC’s 5 multi-lingual support communities (including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and English).


The Japanese forum received around 30,000 page views and 7,000 unique visitors per month in Q4 2014. The total number of content posted to the forum averaged over 2,900, including discussions threads, downloads, and video content. Some companies are struggling to run their support forums in Japan. How have we achieved such great results?  It is because we’ve had lots of great forum users!  There is no doubt about it.


But how have we come to have such great Japanese forum users?


Is it because we’ve kept up a 100% response rate to all the 1,800+ questions posted in the forum over the last two and half years? Or because we’ve promoted the forum through some powerful social media channels? Even though both probably contributed to the success of our Japanese support forum, the most important key to the success (we think) was our attitude towards posted questions: “We don’t face forum users, but instead look in the same direction as our users.” This is our motto.


What does it mean? If we face forum users, we probably try to “answer” a question.


On the other hand, if we look in the same direction with forum users, we try to “find” an answer for the users (with the users).


They may appear like similar points of view, but this shift in perspective actually generates very different outcomes, which lay at the heart of our community atmosphere/culture. We believe our motto gradually formed a cozy atmosphere in the Japanese support forum which brought lots of great users in the forum, and encourages them to stay, participate, and return again and again.


Our next journey is to “find” lots of great answers in the 3rd platform with our valued forum users. I am sure we can make it together!


Yutaro Uehara

IT Social Engagement


Your time is important! To help you be more efficient using EMC Online Support we have provided you the ability to view your open service requests and customize your view preferences.  When you customize your view in Service Request Management, it automatically saves, so you will have the same look and feel the next time you view your service requests.


You can get to Service Request Management option easily from any page by clicking ”Manage Service Requests”, located under the Service Center option of the sub-navigation menu.

SR Mgt blog sub-nav pic.png

This will direct you to the Service Request Management page, which defaults to the My Service Requests view. You will see that there are four different service request views to choose from (see below). Each of the four views is presented in the same “list grid” format, which is also able to be customized.

Sr Mgt 4 views pic.png

Each view provides a different way for you to manage and track open Service Requests. Here is a description of each Service Request view offered:

(1) My Service Requests view

    • There are two tabs in this view.
    • Displays Service Requests for which you are the Primary Contact in the My Service Requests tab view.
    • Displays Service Requests you have tagged through the “Watch” function (On the “Watched Service Requests” tab view).

SR Mgt My SRs pic.png

(2) My Site(s) Service Requests view


(3) My Product Groups Service Request view

    • Displays the Service Requests for any products that are included within My Product Groups.
    • You can view Service Requests by selecting one or many of your product groups.
    • More information about how to customize your company’s product groups is available in the My Product Groups Help topic, or this My Product Groups blog post.
    • Here is an example where two product groups are selected. In the top window, it is showing 18 products in total, and in the bottom window, it is showing that there are 19 existing service requests for these products.

SR Mgt My Product Groups pic.png

(4) Query Service Requests view

    • Create, run and save queries to group service requests based on parameters that you define.
    • Query page results are obtained in different ways. You can query by site ID or by Product ID.
    • Once you select a site, a group of sites, or a product, additional filters are available such as status, severity, dial-home, and date range.
    • Click Run Query and the search results will appear in the standard list format providing all sorting, exporting, and filtering functionality.
    • You have the option of saving this query by clicking on Save Query to run it again in the future.
    • Click on Saved Queries to run or edit a previously saved query.

SR Mgt SR Query pic.png


Do not forget that each of these Service Request views has a “list grid” format, which you can customize as follows:

    • Sort the list grid by column in ascending/descending order.
    • Filter by the data in the column.
    • Select which columns you want to display/not display.
    • Customize the order of the columns from left to right (just drag/drop the column header).
    • Any of the list grid customizations you make are automatically saved for your next visit to Online Support.

SR Mgt Customize List Grid pic.png

Thank you, and please post any feedback or questions you have as a “question” on this post.


Brant Harmon,

Online Support Service Center SME

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We saw a recent spike of ECN user's unable to download attachments from ECN. Our Community support team has fixed this problem about a week ago but many user's continue to experience the reoccurring sign-in loop.


If you happen to see this problem it means you have not cleared your cookies/caches since the fix has been installed and your browser is still running with the old settings. Follow these simple steps now and you should be good to go for all your downloads from the EMC Community Network.


Clearing cache in Internet Explorer (IE):


Open IE, go to Tools -> Internet Options. Under ‘General’ tab click on delete under Browsing history. A new window will open, there tick the below two check boxes for cache and cookies and then click on delete.


Note: If IE doesn’t shows the Tools option then hit "Alt" button from the keyboard and it will show up below the address bar.

IE internet options.pngIE delete cookies.png


Clearing cache on Google Chrome:


Open Chrome, click on the bar icon on the top right and click on Settings> History on the left > Clear browsing data. In the pop up window tick the check boxes for cookies and cache as shown below.

Make sure the time range is selected as ‘at the time of the beginning’

Chrome 1.pngchrome 2.pngchrome 3.png




Clearing cache on Firefox:


Open Firefox, click on the bar icon on the top right> history> clear recent history. In a new pop-up window tick the check boxes for cache and cookies as shown below and then hit the clear now button.

Make sure that the time range is selected as ‘Everything’.


I'm pleased to announce the March 9 release of EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) version 3.04.


For those of you who aren't familiar with ESRS, please take a moment to review this new three-minute demo that discusses the features and benefits of ESRS, and explains why ESRS is more than just your average remote support tool. Click the image below to launch the demo:


In my September 2014 blog, Here Comes the EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) "Virtual Edition," I highlighted some of the cool new capabilities of ESRS. With this latest release, we've got an even more compelling story to tell. Highlights include...

  • Customer installation - Follow three simple steps to connect with EMC Customer Service and begin your proactive services journey:
    1. Prepare your environment
    2. Download ESRS (and the optional ESRS Policy Manager) from the ESRS downloads page on EMC Online Support
    3. Install and configure
  • Simplified upgrade process - The ESRS interface will notify you when a code upgrade is available, and you now have the ability to automate the upgrade process.
  • Usage Intelligence - Enables the seamless collection, aggregation and analysis of usage and entitlement data across EMC software products.
  • New product support - ESRS is now compatible with the recently launched VSPEX BLUE appliances.


To find out more about the customer-installation process, please take a moment to review our brief Getting Started with Customer-Installable ESRS video, available within the ESRS Support Community Forum.

Please feel free to post any thoughts or questions below.


Ben Chused

EMC Customer Service Marketing Manager

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Ever navigated to a page on Online Support and not known how to get back to the page you started on with ease or back to the Home page? If you have, we have a solution! In the February 2015 release for EMC Online Support, we have added a new navigation menu specifically designed for the EMC Online Support Site that mirrors all of its primary pages.

Within this new sub-navigation, EMC Online Support is broken into the following primary pages:



In addition, if you mouse-over the SERVICE CENTER link, you will see a sub navigation drop-down providing a set of links to the most commonly used SERVICE CENTER functions:




We have also included search as part of this navigation so that no matter where you are on the site, you can search a term from the page you are on and it will bring you directly to the search results (Advanced) search page without having to use any additional navigational elements.




A subsequent effort is underway to remove the duplicated navigational elements from the home page (now in the sub-navigation bar), and replace with other information and tools. There are many options available to choose from, so we would like to hear from you! What do you feel would be most useful to have on that page? Please provide your feedback; it is encouraged and welcomed.


As always, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


Donald Vincent

EMC Online Support Program Manager

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