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Finding Downloads Quickly

Posted by GeorgeS Jan 29, 2015

Throughout EMC’s Online Support site, there is a great deal of content available to our customers and partners including knowledge base articles, downloads, support tools, forums, and more. Leveraging EMC Online Support’s “Support by Product” pages can be a tremendous benefit for finding all content related to your EMC products.  However, if you want to focus on getting directly to a specific download quickly, the Downloads search can be a great tool.  This blog will provide some tips and tricks to help you find relevant content from the Downloads page.


The Downloads landing page can be accessed in multiple ways. The primary way is to simply hover over the global header “Support” tab and choose the Downloads icon.



Once on the Downloads landing page you will be presented with the “find a product” type-ahead search box, your list of “Saved Products” if you set them up and a list of “Recently Visited Products”.  Note: You can also choose your product from the “All Products A-Z” listing.


Once you make a selection, you will see the list of downloads specific to that product with additional filtering located on the left-hand side.


Choose the appropriate filtering on the left side to reduce the results to a very manageable number.


Depending on the product chosen and its content, there will also be groupings presented on the Downloads page that will allow you to get to the most relevant content quickly.


Online Support Downloads is a unified, support-focused search. Try it and post your feedback or questions as comments to this post.

George Sanderson

Online Support Service Center SME

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2014 has seen numerous local initiatives whereby our EMEA Customer Service teams engaged into supporting local communities. The EMC Gives Back campaign has inspired numerous employees and encouraged them to get involved. Some actions were already featured here early in 2014. Here are a few highlights on more activities which took place in 2014:

Customer Service teams from the Hamburg office handed over a symbolic check to Dunkelziffer e.V., an organization EMC Customer Service Germany supported in the first half of 2014. For the second half of 2014, EMC CS Germany started a new collaboration with Off Road Kids, which proved very successful with even more funds raised.


In Poland, efforts taking place since 2012 were pursued with PAH (Polska Akcja Humanitarna). For every customer responding to the Customer Satisfaction Survey, EMC is donating 12 euros to Polish Humanitarian Action.  This initiative is very positively perceived by both our customers and PAH, recently recognizing our contribution on their website.


Over a year ago, the EMC Customer Service team in South Africa embarked on a Community Service Involvement initiative to support the Baby Moses Sanctuary. Again, here for every Customer Satisfaction Survey returned to EMC Customer Service, EMC contributes R50 to the Baby Moses Sanctuary. Early December 2014, because the Sanctuary was in need of consumables goods (foods, soaps, clothes, etc.), the contributions were also opened to the whole EMC Community. EMC employees responded generously, complementing the great customer donations. Total contributions were used to purchase goods needed by the Sanctuary.

Below a picture of the local Customer Service team at the Sanctuary, after handing over the goods purchased.


Throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, Customer Service teams are proud to be involved in supporting local communities!


Bernadette Paillaud

EMEA Customer Service Marketing

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EMC Ireland kicked off our 4 day presence at BT Young Scientist 2015 in Dublin with a brand new stand featuring Flash and Software Defined. Over 40 EMC volunteers worked tirelessly in the months leading up to the event to bring the whole project together, including creating our fantastic new stand and two new interactive demos, EMC Flash Factor and EMC Data Dynamo, organising our volunteers, PR, and prizes, and the effort certainly paid off. Our stand alone had over 8,000 visitors, all eager to try our new interactive games and win a prize. The four days, from 7th to 10th January, passed in a flash with over 50,000 visitors to the RDS for the event.





Also on hand was our EMC TV team, filming volunteers, visitors and some of the outstanding student projects, as well as capturing the buzz and excitement that pervaded the event for the four days.


EMC YOUNG SCIENTIST MX1.png  FullSizeRender.png

We also had the EMC Flash Superhero during Friday and Saturday who proved very popular especially in requests for "selfies"! Our Superhero was also handing out prizes to 100 lucky winners who held the magic flash factor cards.




This was the fourth year that EMC was a silver sponsor of the BT Young Scientist event and the sponsor of the Young Data Hero Award. The exhibition highlights the greatness of Ireland’s young students and their future potential. It is a platform promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that has helped launch careers, generate new businesses and create a forum for like-minded students to come together and build lasting friendships.


The winner of the EMC sponsored Young Data Hero Award this year was RoseAnne O’Mahony from ****** King Girls Secondary School in Cork with her project entitled “Global warming and changes in Irish grass growth patterns”. The overall winners of the BT Young Scientist Award 2015 were also from Cork; Eimear Murphy and Ian O’Sullivan from Colaiste Treasa, Kanturk, co. Cork with their project “Alcohol consumption: Does the apple fall far from the tree?”


Overall BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2015 was a fantastic success. Well done to all the students involved and a huge and heartfelt thank you to all the EMC Ireland volunteers who took part in this year’s event. It is each one of you that made our participation such a success. We are already looking forward to 2016 – only 348 days to go from today!


IMG_0306 - Copy.JPG.jpg image1.jpeg.jpg

IMG_1850.png IMG_1851.png


I hope you have had a chance to utilize our new product groups functionality that was released just a few months ago. This new functionality provides a wide range of benefits, including the ability to set up and customize your service request email notifications.


After setting up a product group, you will be able to create custom event notification alerts for the group. This will limit the number of emails you receive, but more importantly you will only receive email alerts for products that you are responsible for. Furthermore, there are additional parameters such as: what severity levels, dial home or non-dial home service request, SR create, SR update, SR closure, and more that allow you to customize exactly when you receive alerts.


Let’s walk through a detailed example of how you can create an event notification on your newly created product group.

  1. Navigate to the My SR Event Notifications page
  2. Click on New Notification


download (3).png


     3. In Step 1, provide a name and description of your alert. In this example, we will be creating an alert for anytime a service request      is created, updated, closed for a severity 1 Service Request

download 4.png


     4. Choose “My Product Groups” from the drop down list “Notify for in Step 2.

     5. Then select the product group notifications that you want to receive. You can have one or multiple selections. If you need to      review which products are associated to a particular group, simply click on the “+” icon to expand the product group. Once you      have completed the product group selections, click next.


download 5.png


     6. Based on your example above, we will now set the parameters accordingly:

    • SR Create Conditions: Software and Hardware
    • Dial Home Service Requests: Include
    • Severity at SR Create Time: Severity 1
    • SR Event conditions: Do not notify me if a service request is escalated
    • Notify me upon: All SR transactions
    • Status: On (this will ensure the notification has been turned on for this alert. When you have created multiple notifications you can toggle these alerts on and off depending on your needs for that time period by visiting the My SR Event Notifications page)

download 6.png


We hope this helps, and encourage you to set up your own alerts today! If you have any questions/feedback, please let us know!


Ryan Amin, Online Support Product Owner

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What if you could access everything you ever needed to know about interoperability, all in one place? Well, the time has come! I recently sat down with Ronald Fenn, Sr. Program Manager and Lead Architect for the EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator (ELN), to discuss the latest release scheduled to roll out Friday, January 16th. This totally free online knowledgebase gives customers and partners access to over 20 Million globally-tested configurations on more than 8,000 multi-vendor products. Simply search the solution portal for interoperability best practices, and discover proven interoperability recommendations, and leading development and testing results of advanced data storage and network products.


“We constantly strive to improve ELN’s functionality and add more relevant information to better serve our customers,” says Ron, “so I’m especially excited to share all the new additions since our last major release in April 2014. I think it will help everyone better understand why our customers trust E-Lab to transform their data centers.”

ELN image 2.PNG.png

Q: For those who aren’t already familiar with it, what is EMC E-Lab?

A: “E-Lab is the industry’s premier interoperability and new technology testing lab. Through rigorous, end-to-end interoperability testing (that spans major platforms and operating systems), we push the limits of EMC and third-party product storage network functionality, performance, and scalability. From this testing, we create a deep body of knowledge that we then share through the EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator or “ELN”. The ELN helps our customers minimize risks, save time, and simplify operations. You can find out more by reading our ELN Data Sheet and the ELN User Guide.”


Q: Tell us about the E-Lab Interoperability Navigator. What is it and how does it work?

A: “The ELN is a robust, web-based interoperability and solution search portal and home to the EMC Support Matrix. The ELN answers over 2 Million queries a year. You don’t have to search multiple places to find solutions since the ELN works to provide them in one easy-to-navigate location. And it’s completely free to access!”


Q: How can I access the ELN?

A: “Once you register with EMC at, you will automatically have full access to the ELN. It’s quick, easy and also free to register.”

ELN image 1.PNG.png

Q: That’s great news! Sounds quick and simple. What kind of information can our customers find in the ELN and how will it benefit their business?

A: “The ELN hosts E-Lab’s complete knowledgebase, including:

• Simple support matrices

• Purpose-built solutions, including cloud, flash storage, etc.

• Advanced and guided-based queries

• EMC-supported multi-vendor configurations and building blocks

• Documentation, including specialized configurations, extended support , TechBooks, and much, much more..."


Q: Looks like an easy-to-use site. For those already using the ELN, what are some new features they can look forward to with the upcoming release?

A: “I’m happy to share that many areas of the ELN site have been enhanced since the April 2014 launch. Our team, led by Gary Teleshevsky (Sr. Manager of E-Lab Solutions Validation, Hybrid Cloud, & High Availability), has worked hard to continue to improve the content and usability of the Support Matrix to make this incredible knowledgebase even more user-friendly and valuable for our customers. Some of our recent upgrades include:

• Simple Support Matrices

− XtremIO


− Enterprise Hybrid Cloud ESSM using software-defined storage

− Syncplicity Panorama

− ViPR Software Defined Storage

• Solutions

− White Papers

− Migration TechNotes

− Industry Verticals tab

• Custom Queries (now improved with enhanced functionality)

• Tips & Hints

− Quick Reference slides for ESM and Custom Queries


Now that you know how much valuable information exists on the EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator, we hope you’ll visit and trust E-Lab to help transform your data center to a scalable, automated, and full-featured cloud data center!"


Have additional questions about the ELN or feedback to share? Post your comments and questions below and let us know what you think!


Holly Anderson

Principal Manager of Social Media & Community Strategy

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