A Survey for IT/Storage Professionals to Learn from Global Trends

The Impact of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

EMC Education Services invites you to add your unique perspective to the annual survey sponsored by the EMC Proven Professional Program which examines the impact of storage technologies on IT skills requirements. The survey is open to all IT managers or individual contributors not employed by EMC. Your company does not have to be an EMC customer for you to participate.


While cloud computing trends continue to be a hot topic, this year’s survey will place increased emphasis on the industry buzz about Big Data Analytics and the challenges and opportunities it presents to IT organizations and professionals alike.


It’s notable to point out that, just as technology evolves, the title of our annual study has also evolved; this year’s study has been renamed to reflect the importance of cross-domain coverage. The compiled survey responses will be analyzed and published in the “Managing Information Infrastructure” study, to be released at EMC World 2014.

Managing Information Infrastructure Survey

Trends, Challenges, and Options 2014-2015
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As a thank you for sharing your insights, you will receive a summary analysis of the results. In addition, the first 1200 respondents to complete the survey will receive a 2014 desk calendar (please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery).


If you haven’t yet, please take this opportunity to read last year’s report summary!

Managing Information Storage: Trends, Challenges, and Options 2013-2014


Excerpts from Previous Survey Findings

  • The findings of the 2013-2014 study indicate a rapid adoption of virtualization and cloud computing technologies. The trends show that storage deployed in virtualized environments has exceeded storage in traditional/classic (non-virtualized) in late 2012. Projecting forward, we can expect to see more data and storage in private cloud than classic by mid-2016.
  • Only 40 percent or fewer of the existing storage teams are adequately prepared for emerging storage technologies such as Automated Storage Tiering, Data Mobility, Scale-out NAS, and so on. The emergence of virtualization, cloud/IT as a service and big data technologies has placed new training and development requirements on storage managers and IT professionals. Only 10 percent are considered strong on cloud and 5 percent on big data.
  • IT Managers must construct and implement comprehensive, strategic plans to meet the challenges presented by this need for IT skills transformation. Organizations are advised to evaluate the need for in-house expertise in designing a virtualized, IT as a Service environment. A team of highly-competent cloud and domain architects will ensure successful transformation to the cloud environment.


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