We know you value the help and answers you get from your peers in the Support Forums.

But did you know how easy it is to show it?


This post providesyou  the instructions you need on how to show your peer you appreciate their helpful answer or that their reply was a complete answer.

And the nice thing is it only takes seconds to show your appreciation, and all it takes is one click.


So how do you do it? It’s really simple!

For a correct answer:


If the reply to your discussion provided you the answer you were looking for and you have no further questions on that topic, click Correct Answer.


Here are the steps in detail:Marking A Reply As Answered


For a helpful answer:


If the answer was a helpful reply in your discussion, if it pointed you in the right direction to get an answer then click the Helpful Answer.


Here are the steps in detail:Marking A Reply As Helpful


What if it’s a team effort?


What if more than one person helped you on your way to resolving your question?

No problem. You can mark up to three replies as helpful.


Here are the steps in detail: Marking Multiple Replies As Helpful


Just one click and you show your appreciation to the members that help you. So show your appreciation and show you care!


If you were answering someone else's questions wouldn't you like to know your answer is appreciated? We feel sure you would.