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EMC Ireland COE held a Junior Achievement Recognition Ceremony for its volunteers on 28th June 2016. EMC was delighted to welcome Liz McEvoy, Cork Area Manager, JAI, and Siobhain O'Hea, Programme Coordinator, JAI, to present Certificates at the first Recognition Ceremony to take place in Ireland this year. Over the past year 20 EMC Ireland Employees, coordinated by Elaine Beare, inspired and motivated 527 students through volunteering in 14 local Cork schools.

Across Ireland Junior Achievement had 2,910 Business Volunteers and visited 528 schools, reaching over 59,000 students in total. This is fantastic achievement when you consider that 20 years ago, when Junior Achievement Ireland started just 600 students were reached!


The aim of Junior Achievement is to "To inspire and motivate young people to realise their potential by valuing education and understanding how to succeed in the world of work". Each volunteer visits a school once a week over a 5/6 week period and teaches a class to the students. Classes for Primary Schools cover the topics: - Ourselves, Our Families, Our Community, Our City, Our Nation, Our World, Our Universe and More Than Money. The Secondary School classes are More Than Money, Economics of Staying in School, Financing Your Future, Success Skills, and Company Programme. you can read more about these programmes here


The EMC Ireland Volunteers taught a wide range of the above classes across Terms 1, 2 and 3 in the past year. As the 2015-2016 school year draws to a close, we would like to say thank you and well done to all the EMC Volunteers and everyone involved in this very worthwhile initiative. Your participation really does make a difference to the students you teach.

Thank You!


Elaine Beare

Program Manager

EMC Ireland COE

Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare

Ask the Expert Program Banner.JPG.jpg


This isn’t about Buddhism or Spirituality, Wicca or even magic. The Ask the Expert program is looking to connect, engage and unite with the ECN community at a more proactive and deeper level. Four years ago our management realized the importance of exposing our top experts to the community. Customer, partners and employees all over could finally find a central area to exchange information that matters to them and that allows them to continue doing their job and make the right decisions.


AMA about the Ask the Expert ProgramATE community.JPG.jpg

More than 300 Ask the Expert events and over 500 subject matter experts later, the ATE program team would like to, once again, empower the audience to let us know how to serve them better. For this reason, we’re using our own system and organized an Ask the Expert: AMA - Ask Our ATE Program Manager Anything. The event will run from May 2nd – 27th and it’s intended to allow our audience to connect with us in a way that most of them are familiar with. All feedback is welcome, but ideally we would like to hear, from their experience; how we stack up against other community driven programs out there. How do we improve the quality of content or topics to let our users maximize the benefits from participating? And ultimately just listen to them speak from their heart.


New ATE Community Design

As our program continues to grow and based on the increased interest from community members on events that were held in the past, we took the liberty to upgrade our own program space. Our newly designed homepage has a modern look that is intended to be aligned with a long list of recently released ECN Product Communities. This refreshed community makes it easier for our users to find current, old and upcoming Ask the Expert threads. Our visitors can search events by keyword, product name or by selecting them from our calendar of upcoming discussions. Additionally, from time to time we’ll be featuring a fresh new list of subject matter experts, allowing members to connect with them and build relationships. Moreover, we are making it easier for the public to nominate someone who they think has what it takes to become an expert for our program. Someone who may even be an active community member that is willing to share with the community a topic that could benefit all.


Find out the latest from announcements being made during EMC World 2016, join our Virtual Ask the Expert Sessions!

All these changes are ultimately being made for the benefit of our audience. We understand the importance of having the ability to enjoy a variety of sources from where to gather technical data. The information shared on each of our events is intended to help users solve their own unique problems in a professional and friendly fashion, via a program that’s highly collaborative and globally accessible.

Enterprise data center managers are constantly trying to keep up with tremendous growth in their data storage requirements, while complying with stringent requirements for application availability. In addition, these organizations face increasing pressure to maximize application density while avoiding problems that could lead to business interruption.


To make matters worse, problems such as host latency, network congestion, bottlenecks, and instability are oftentimes intermittent and difficult to diagnose, making it even more challenging to maintain an optimized and robust Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. Companies commonly look to install 3rd party solutions to monitor their SAN infrastructure. These bolt-on solutions can be expensive, invasive, and highly risky to deploy. SAN 1.PNG.png


Companies are increasingly stressing their networks so they can push more workload to handle all- flash arrays, large scale server virtualization projects, and high performance workloads such as OLTP, data warehousing, and streaming media. This creates a heightened urgency for advanced tools that provide proactive management of these complex SAN environments.


Modern data centers are looking for solutions to automate monitoring and alerting when challenges arise from high performance workloads. In response to this growing demand, service providers like EMC are rolling out modernized service offerings specifically designed to help maintain highly optimized, high performance SAN environments. The new EMC® SAN Optimization for Connectrix B-Series service assists in automating the proactive management of complex SAN environments via advanced EMC Connectrix Fabric Vision features that help IT administrators avoid problems while maximizing application performance and availability.


Automate Notification and Alerting

All enterprise B-series fiber channel SAN environments can benefit from this personalized, predictive and proactive service. It is designed to automate proactive notification and alerting, enabling SAN administrators to identify and address issues due to network congestion, bottlenecks, and instability, before they can occur and impact the business Issues arising in complex SAN environments can be intermittent and difficult to diagnose, which can drive long issue-to-resolution times, decreased network performance, and impacted application availability.  SAN Optimization is essential for SAN administrators who want to deliver optimum network performance to their end users.


Fabric Vision: The Premiere SAN Optimization Toolbox

EMC’s SAN Optimization service leverages advanced management and reporting features available though Fabric Vision, which includes . EMC SAN Health Analysis, MAPS, Flow Vision, and Dashboards. It also provides multiple tuning sessions over the course of 4 weeks to help you customize MAPS to ensure that any alerts received are meaningful and relevant, allowing you take timely corrective action. SAN 2.PNG.pngExperience has shown that most customers need a review of their SAN environment to ensure alignment with business and technical objectives. EMC San Optimization will help maximize up-time, simplify and automate SAN management, and most importantly, provide maximum visibility into the network.


To learn more about how a SAN Optimization service can help you master your SAN environment, please post your comments and questions below and we’ll contact you with more information.


Holly Anderson

EMC Social Support Strategy

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EMC has long recognized service & support as the most important criteria that customers use when selecting a storage vendor or solution.  Since our inception, we have focused on growing a world class service organization.  To continue to provide a high level of service & support to our customers as we expand quickly into the enterprise cloud and big data spaces, we have evolved our practices to deliver a more proactive and connected experience.  This connected experience is based on two key principles; providing data-driven service & support and providing the right resource at the right time.


Data-driven Service & Support

Data-driven service & support embodies two key elements.  First, customers expect to have deep, real-time visibility into the health and wellness of their EMC environment — analysis of code levels, connectivity status, capacity alerts, service activity by site, and more.  We enable ourselves and our customers by arming them with the knowledge they need to manage and deflect potential issues and to make objective, informed decisions through easy-to-consume actionable intelligence.  Second, this data-driven approach to continuous improvement has led to tangible advancements in maintenance tasks for EMC storage solutions.


Right Resource at the Right Time

EMC’s Customer Service is, and always has been, really good at supporting products for our customers. Now, we are focusing on solutions which allow us to accommodate the complicated and ever changing needs of our customers.  This requires transforming the EMC customer experience in a more solution centric, personalized way.  To accommodate this personalized support and modernized customer experience, we identify the right resource(s) through product specialization matching, and through matching the best set of skills to requirements. Big Data and advanced analytics' techniques facilitate this solution to skills matching and intelligent collaboration.


EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS)

The two principles of proactive data-driven service & support and the right resource at the right time foundationally assume that both EMC and the customer have broad real-time visibility into the customer’s EMC environment. Transforming the customer’s connected experience is facilitated through EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS).  ESRS is a highly secure two-way remote connection between EMC Customer Service and customer EMC products and solutions, available with Enhanced or Premium warranties and maintenance agreements at no additional cost.


Here are some examples of how ESRS enables a proactive services experience:


  • ESRS enables EMC to deliver customized recommendations, alerts, and advice through the EMC Online Support site. By clicking “MyService360” within the EMC Online Support site, you can access a real-time 360o dashboard view of your EMC environment. This dashboard includes detailed reporting capabilities as well as proactive alerts and notifications.
  • Real-time technical and performance information from ESRS connectivity is synthesized through EMC’s internal Big Data environment, providing detailed information on topics such as capacity and code levels, as well as trend data and predictive analytics.
  • Real-time usage Intelligence is a capability included with ESRS that enables the seamless collection, aggregation and analysis of software usage and entitlement data for EMC Customers. Usage Intelligence improves license management by helping customers redeploy underused licenses, allows EMC to recommend customized consumption models, and enables the future prediction of software license needs so that budgets are created and managed with greater accuracy.

For further information on ESRS and getting connected, please visit EMC Online Support or contact your EMC Customer Service or Sales representative.

Scott Ramsay

Director, Service Product Lead - Connectrix

Twitter: @ScottRamsay13

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Join Us at EMC World 2016!

Posted by heanderson Apr 21, 2016


Experience Future Ready
EMC World 2016 is just 10 days away, so if you haven’t registered to attend yet, here’s a quick summary of reasons why you SHOULD! Every year, EMC hosts a premier technology forum to help IT practitioners and business decision makers modernize, automate and transform. We invite you to join us at The Venetian in Las Vegas, May 2-5 2016, for four days of cutting-edge strategies for flash, software defined storage, converged infrastructure, rack scale architectures, hybrid cloud, modern data lake systems, and more. REGISTER NOW


Visit Our Team at Booth #226
Personalized, proactive and predictive Customer Service will be hot topics at this year’s conference. Our global support team will be rolling out a new, service-centric dashboard for EMC’s Online Support site, and will be leading breakout sessions with live demos to take customers through the latest enhancements. See a full summary and a video teaser here “Modern Service and Support for Today’s Modernized Data Center” for more details, including Booth Hours and complete Session Schedules! 20-05-27.jpgEMC World 2016 at a Glance


Entertainment and Celebration!
Enjoy live music from Duran Duran and Fitz & The Tantrums! And sign up now for our annual EMC Communities Appreciation Party at The Bourbon Room on Wednesday, May 4th 5:30-7:30 PM. You MUST have a wristband to attend the party, so make sure you register now – space is limited! Register now and share the news in our Tweet-vite. Read more about the party here.


Keep it social and tweet your experiences to @EMCSupport using the hashtag #MyEMCWorld throughout the event, and post your questions and comments below!


Holly Anderson
EMC Social Support Strategy
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Cisco logo                                  VMWare Logo

To celebrate our community of customers and partners at EMC World 2016, and jointly sponsored by Cisco and VMWare, we are hosting a special appreciation event at The Bourbon Room, in the Venetian on May 4th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm, just before the Duran Duran concert.

EMC World attendees are invited to:

  • Meet EMC Elect Members, Cisco Champions, VMWare vExperts, fellow EMC Community Network members, top Support Community contributors and Cisco, VMware and EMC executives.
  • Enjoy refreshments and spirited conversation - all in a cool and social setting
  • Connect in person with EMC network peers from across the globe

Register now for an invite to the EMC Communities Appreciation Event >>

Let your Social Media followers know you'll be at the coolest EMC World celebration by RSVP in our Tweet-vite:

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email . You can pick up your wrist band from the EMC Social Lounge or the Global Services booth in the Solutions Pavilion.

All attendees must have an event wristband.

All members of the EMC Community Network are welcome.



Your EMC MOBILE Companion

Just in time for #EMCWorld, the EMC MOBILE app for iOS and Android will be releasing a new and improved version on May 1st. A favorite among EMC customers, the EMC MOBILE app will feature exciting new support features and functionalities with its v.3.2 release, making it your ideal companion for technology insight and product support on the go.


twitter-splash-iphone.jpgBringing you visibility and awareness regarding activities occurring with your EMC products, the EMC MOBILE 3.2 app enables you to stay engaged, access and browse technical documentation, and stay in touch with the latest in EMC product news (just shake your phone!). On May 1st, the newest version of the app will become available for iPhone and Android devices. The latest version will allow you to search the EMC Knowledgebase, manage your full Service Request lifecycle, and engage with your peers and EMC product experts in our community support forums.

What’s New?

We’re excited to bring these new capabilities to your fingertips with our May 1st release. Here’s what you can expect to do with the next release of the EMC MOBILE app:

  • Create, Update and Monitor your Service Requests (Status, Notes, Severity)
  • Cache Service Request Content for offline reading
  • Search Knowledgebase articles and find solutions to problems
  • Enhance situational awareness by viewing Contract and Connectivity status related to an SR


Product Support – At Your Fingertips

Through the EMC MOBILE Reference Library, you’re able to view technical documentation in real time. You can even personalize your library with products and solutions that you work with, or visit the cloud to download new docs and learn something new. The new app also gives you the ability to search for Knowledgebase articles and find answers to problems. Access to the EMC Community Network (ECN) support forums allows you to participate in technical discussions, view best practices, post questions and receive expert advice from other customers and EMC product engineers. You can also participate in our Ask the Expert events as well. Once registered for the EMC Online Support site, use the same login credentials to access support features on EMC MOBILE. reference-android.jpg

Get EMC MOBILE on the iTunes and Google Play app stores on or after May 1!

Download EMC MOBILE from iTunes

Download EMC MOBILE from Google Play


Already Have the EMC Support App?

That’s okay. You’ll still be able to use it, but the EMC Support app will no longer be updated after 5/1/2016. To get the most out of your mobile support experience, we encourage you to download the new EMC MOBILE 3.2 app to your device after May 1st and take advantage of its great, new support capabilities and enjoy improved SR management functionality, access to Knowledgebase articles, system contract and connectivity status, and more!


Have questions? Please post your comments and questions below and we’ll get back to you with answers! You can also learn more about EMC MOBILE at


Holly Anderson
EMC Social Support Strategy

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As community managers, we are often asked about the popularity and success of EMC’s Community Network (ECN) and the value it brings to our customers and our company. Recently I was asked “What is the purpose of running a product support forum? To reduce support engineers’ workloads? To improve communication between our company and our customers? To keep pace with competitors?” Probably, the answers are all “Yes.”


So, there are several reasons but the most important thing for me is helping our product users understand something new through engaging and informative forum discussions. I want users to gain any helpful knowledge/experience that can be applied to their day-to-day jobs and improve their experience with EMC products. By leveraging the expertise of our online communities – which include both peer-to-peer customer discussions as well as technical experts from EMC product teams – our customers are able to focus on their core business and gather the help and advice they need, on-demand.


Last quarter, an Isilon engineer came to me and asked me, “What kind of Isilon questions have been coming in to the ECN lately?”  I collected all the most recent discussions about Isilon in the Japanese support forum and created five quarter-based wordclouds using the most frequently used keywords. When we saw them in chronological order, we made an exciting discovery…


“The user’s questions are getting sophisticated, aren’t they?”

“Yes.. I think so, too.”


In other words, the complexity of customer questions was growing from basic Hardware concerns to more complicated Application-related topics.


This was a revelation, and we were really happy with this finding because it indicated that our community users were acquiring new knowledge out of the forum and that their product expertise was continuing to evolve and grow over time. But at the same time, we thought, “I see. This is because those who post questions are typically the same and hence they are developing a basic knowledge of Isilon.”  We collected data to verify it. Below was the result:


Surprisingly, we had more and more new users posting questions in each quarter! What does it mean? Why didn’t the new questioners post a basic question which was common in a year ago? Our conclusion was “The new questioners learned from the previously posted questions.” So, the forum becomes a great place to learn/grow!


The IT industry is transforming rapidly and radically. EMC is producing lots of new concepts and products every year. And the EMC Community Network definitely helps us keep up with the trend. Please become a member of the community and let’s grow together!


Yutaro Uehara

IT Social Engagement



2016 is well under-way and EMC World is right around the corner. There are some incredibly exciting launches that we have planned, that will transform the EMC customer experience and give EMC customers fantastic new capabilities that will - in a nutshell - help them to do what they do, better. But to maximize the value of the EMC Modern Customer Service Experience (spoilers: that's what we're calling this new customer experience), EMC customers need to connect via ESRSv3. Why? Because only ESRSv3 offers the needed speed, security, and features that allow EMC to open the doors to the great new capabilities that are being introduced as a part of the new EMC customer experience.


The Why:

EMC is rolling out a major ESRS connectivity infrastructure upgrade in 2016 – which will allow us to bring our customers a true next-gen proactive service and support experience. Not only are we ramping up overall speed, stability, security, and performance, we are also setting the stage for even more feature rollouts in the near future.


How Much Does It Cost?

Absolutely nothing. These enhancements are free to all EMC ESRS customers, whether you are running ESRS 2.x Gateway, ESRS 2.x Device Client, or ESRS 3.x Virtual Edition versions. ESRSv3 is also free to customers brand new to ESRS, or who have been using an alternate connectivity method (e.g. modem).


Go Do:

For current ESRSv3 users: In order to take advantage of our next-gen infrastructure, add the new EMC IP addresses found in the link below to the ones already allowed by your security rules. That’s it!


The list of expanded IP addresses can be found here.


Brand new to ESRSv3? No problem! There's never been a better time to connect. ESRSv3 can be run completely virtually, is 100% customer installable, and is available free of charge to EMC customers

  1. Start here for your introduction to ESRSv3 and an implementation walkthrough:
  2. Prep your site. A handy checklist can be found here: ESRS Pre-Site Checklist. And be sure to open up the required ports per the new expanded list of IP addresses.
  3. Download, install and configure ESRSv3. All downloads and documentation can be found here:

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact EMC Customer Service.


And if you haven't registered for EMC World 2016, or are interested in more information, click below!



Ted Weil |

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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We’ve already introduced who Remote Proactive is and what we do; Let’s talk a bit more about one of the activities we support: Isilon OneFS upgrades.


OneFS upgrades contain fixes, security updates and add new features, such as OneFS 8.0’s Constant Availability feature which helps make Node Firmware and subsequent OneFS upgrades non-disruptive.


If you wish to upgrade your Isilon cluster’s OneFS then you have a number of options open to you:

  • Self-upgrade (Isilon is a self-upgradable product); All the relevant documentation is available from
  • Engage your local EMC team
  • Open an upgrade type SR requesting an upgrade either by Live Chat, Phone, or directly.


If you do engage EMC to carry out a routine upgrade, then EMC will make contact and plan the upgrade with you


The OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide details what needs to be discussed, what the upgrade requirements are and if there is any expected service disruption. As part of the planning, the health of your cluster needs to be verified and any requirements in the Planning Guide also need to be checked.


Once the cluster is verified to be in a fit state, a date and time is agreed with you, the customer.EMC / Remote Proactive provide 24/7/365 coverage for upgrades, so given enough planning time we can reserve a qualified engineer to suit your ideal maintenance window to minimize the disruption to your users.


When the agreed upgrade time comes around EMC will carry out a series of health checks once more to verify the clusters good health, and if you’ve requested it at planning time, will make contact with you for final permission before proceeding.

Once the upgrade is complete EMC will carry out another set of checks to verify the clusters health post upgrade. Once the health of the cluster is verified you will receive contact to let you know we’ve completed the activity.


EMC’s Remote Proactive group carried out over 7,500 Isilon upgrade activities in 2015; We’d be delighted to assist you in upgrading your Isilon cluster.


Joe Barry

EMC Remote Proactive Manager

Follow us @EMCsuppor

EMC Support contains a wealth of information about our many products. There are hundreds of thousands of documents, downloads, and other assets available for searching. It can feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack, at times. EMC Support has a number of tools you can use to narrow your search – but not everyone knows about them, or uses the full range of features.


Let’s take facets – the filters on the left of the Search results page. They let you filter your results in the same way as the “Scope by resource” drop-down – but after your search has returned results.


So, what can facets on the left do for you?

Facets give you more visibility into the results of your search. They allow you to drill down into product families, as well as choose date ranges (last day, last week, last month, or last year). And in some cases, they reveal results that may be obscured by erroneous resource scoping.


Let’s take a very common search for “naviseccli”. Each week, we see this search – and it’s consistently one of the leading “zero results” searches. Why is that? Partly because many searchers are looking under Downloads for “naviseccli”, but it’s actually categorized as a Support Tool.


Suppose you’re searching for Navisphere Secure CLI (Solaris x64) for CLARiiON. If you search for “naviseccli” and Scope by Downloads you’ll get no results. If you look at the facets on the left, you’ll see that there are no results under Downloads. However you will see that there are results under Support Tools.


And when you click the Support Tools facet, it expands to show the products and product families which match your search. In this case, you’ll see a number of CLARiiON Navisphere assets (4 to be exact):


So, the next time you’re searching EMC Support, but you see the “No Results Found” message, check the facets on the left.


Your results might really be there – just not in the place you expected.

Kay Stoner

Principal Program Manager - Search Lead, Online Support

kaystoner (@kaystoner2) | Twitter

Follow Us @EMCSupport

We have  introduced changes to our knowledgebase to improve your overall experience when searching for and viewing Knowledge articles in Online Support.


Key Changes Include:


  • The user interface when you view articles has been updated with a new layout and colors for ease of use and readability.  The UI for articles has been updated with prominent buttons for functions such as print, and email, and the tool info bar has been slimmed down to show key information



  • The rating system and rating process has been updated to be quicker and more user-friendly.  An improved UI has been implemented for rating articles, and the rating process has been enhanced to request less information.  When rating an article, you now have a button that reveals a drop down to provide ratings, and your email address is automatically captured by the system. This will allow EMC to ensure we are providing relevant content, and updating our knowledge with key feedback from our customers.



If you have any questions, please use the comments below.


Every day, EMC’s global customer service teams work hard to provide you with the best product support available, 24/7 and in the language of your choice. Our dedicated experts can be reached in a variety of ways that you may not be familiar with, so we’d like to share some new customer service resources with you – as well as provide you with a list of helpful links for some of our most-used online support tools.

community icon.PNG.png
Connect with Customer Service

This new community is your central location for news and updates on EMC Customer Service capabilities and helpful resources to help you get the most out of your service experience. Follow this space on the EMC Community Network (ECN) by clicking the ‘Follow’ button on the top right, and receive automatic notifications when new content is posted, including Quick Bytes video updates, spotlights on featured services, and monthly tips and tricks.


events icon 2.PNG.png
Ask the Expert Events

These ongoing, virtual Q&A events are hosted year-round on the ECN in multiple languages, and cover a broad spectrum of topics on all EMC products. Get real-time access to our top product experts, post your questions, and get answers via community discussions and live tweet chat sessions. Follow @EMCSupport to register for events and visit the upcoming calendar to see what’s coming up soon.


twitter icon.PNG.png

EMC Support on Twitter

If social media is your preferred customer service channel, stay informed and follow us @EMCSupport on Twitter for daily technical product tips and news, invitations to Ask the Expert events, the latest downloads and user guides, and easy access to EMC’s best customer service tools and resources. Tweet us with your questions and we’ll get you the help you need.


youtube icon.PNG.png

EMC Support on YouTube

Our new YouTube Playlist launched only a few months ago and already hosts over 180 videos, including product/feature demonstrations, how-to’s, and troubleshooting guides on a wide variety of EMC products. Subscribe to the EMC YouTube Channel and receive email notifications whenever we post a new support video.


blog icon.PNG.png

Support Community Blog
This popular blog space features posts from our team of global customer service bloggers, and highlights new customer service programs and resources, Online Support Site features and new releases, what’s new for EMC’s support communities, and much more. Read about topics ranging from Remote Proactive Services to How to Open a Service Request, and get access to the best in EMC customer service.


Support Quick Links:

Our global team is dedicated to providing you with the product support you need, when you need it, in the channel of your choice. If we can improve your customer service experience in any way, please provide us with your feedback and comments below, and let us know how we can serve you better!

Holly Anderson
EMC Social Support Strategy
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The first week of January always brings excitement and this year was no exception as EMC once again exhibited at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. The event took place from 7-9 January 2016 at the RDS Dublin and was attended by over 50,000 visitors. EMC Ireland had a brand new eye-catching stand this year with the Internet of Things being the theme, and with a new location it was certainly visible to anyone entering the Science and Technology hall.





We had over 40 EMC volunteers, led by Charlie Esaw, involved in the three months leading up to the event and manning the stand over the four days and their dedication certainly paid off, with our stand being one of the busiest Corporate stands at BT Young Scientist. A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone involved – your commitment to this project ensured it was a great success.


MaryKate Canty shares her experience as a first time volunteer: -


This was my first time participating in BTYS and in an off-site event with EMC and I enjoyed myself so much that I cannot wait to get involved with another one! My role as part of the EMC BTYS team was co-lead to Elaine Beare as part of the PR team. I am a big fan of social media so being part of the PR team was ideal for me.


I entered the BT Young Scientist in my first year of secondary school so I already had first-hand experience of the event. This was a huge milestone for me at the time and was excellent for my own development. I wanted to get involved with the event again at a different level and am delighted I did. The energy and number of people at the event was remarkable. Being part of the team at the EMC Internet of Things stand was a fantastic experience. Running our quiz game (and refereeing it ;)) was my highlight of the stand. The competitive nature of the students really shone as they returned to the stand on a few occasions to prove they could win. They were a lively bunch so it was all very entertaining.


Being part of the EMC BTYS team meant that I was working with people across the COE. As I am new to EMC this was a great opportunity to meet new people and network. It was fantastic to see some of the primary and secondary school projects that were showcased at the event. I was blown away by the innovative ideas and the level of detail that went into the projects. I was also lucky enough to meet the winner of the EMC Data Hero Award, Stephen Cushen.


Colman O’Flynn, VP End to End Enterprise Processes, was on hand at the BT Young Scientist Awards Ceremony on the Friday night to present the EMC Data Hero Award to Stephen Cushen from St. Declan’s College, Dublin, for his project entitled “Time For Town”.


EMC data hero Colman O Flynn.jpg


Minister Damien English, TD, Minister of State at the Departments of Education and Skills & the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation with Special Responsibility for Skills, Research and Innovation, visited the EMC Stand on the Thursday morning and tried out our new interactive general knowledge game.  Gerry Murray, Country Manager, also stopped by to say hello and was very complimentary of the EMC stand.


160107_NCP1_007.jpg  IMG_0660smaller.jpg


The overall winners of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Award were Maria Louisa Fufezan and Diana Bura from Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan, Dublin for their project “An Investigation into the Effects of Enzymes used in Animal Feed Additives on the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis Elegans”. You can view video highlights from the 2016 event here.


Below is a selection of photos of our EMC Volunteers and some of the features at BT Young Scientist

FullSizeRender 5.jpg FullSizeRender4.jpg

20160105_154847.jpg 20160108_130146-00.jpg DSC_0560-00.jpg

IMAG5956.jpg IMG_0669 (2).jpg



Elaine Beare

Follow me on Twitter @elainebeare

Support Forum Trends

As community manager of the Japanese Support Forum on the EMC Community Network, I have observed a number of behavioral trends regarding our users and how our customers consume our content. Below is the Product Lifecycle Model I create based on my three-years of experience as a support forum moderator.


This model demonstrates what is happening in the Japanese support forum right now. We’ve been facing some mysteries over the last several months. For example, questions posted about VNX are rapidly decreasing but page views of VNX content seem to be constant or even increasing. On the other hand, questions about Isilon are rapidly increasing but page views for this product are not.


Measuring Community Health

Questions and page view number are both important metrics for support forums. Typically, the higher numbers we get, the better our forum is performing. However, what’s happening in the Japanese support forum is a bit more complex! We have more questions about Isilon than those about VNX and more page views about VNX than those about Isilon. It makes it difficult to measure the health of our community and answer the simple question “Is this product forum healthy, or not?”


After more investigation, we believe we can answer this question now, and the answer is “Yes, it is healthy.” And the Lifecycle Model shown here helps to explain it.  Below, I have plotted both the VNX and Isilon products in the model, to demonstrate the new trends we have observed regarding user consumption of support forum content.


Take a closer look… Can you see the reason why the Isilon > VNX (Question#) and VNX > Isilon (Page View#)? Both are on the right track, aren’t they?


Applying What We’ve Learned

The great insight this model provides is that it encourages us to create strategies based on the stage of a product forum’s lifecycle, since the most important thing for support forum moderators is to facilitate the product lifecycle to unfold as quickly as possible!


Depending on the stage of a particular product forum, we develop content appropriate for that stage and post it to the support forums to benefit our customers. For example:


  • For early-stage product forums (e.g. ECS, ScaleIO), we create introductory content including a blog article, an Ask The Expert event, and a video with helpful product tips
  • For middle-stage product forums (e.g. Isilon, XtremIO), we create how-to content and best-practice content
  • And for later-stage product forums, we provide break/ fix content and allow our community experts to contribute content as well


If you participate in EMC’s Support Communities and our various support forums, we’d love to get your feedback. Have more questions about how we measure community health and manage successful global support forums? Please post your comments below!


Yutaro Uehara

IT Social Engagement


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