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At Dell EMC, we are committed to finding ways to continuously improve our customer’s service and support experience. A key element in that process is working in conjunction with our customers to identify and prioritize key process and functionality improvements, particularly with our online support tools & technologies.


Users of our Online Support site execute an average of 650,000 searches per month. 25% of users go directly to Search before they take any other action on the site. It’s clear that Dell EMC Online Support users want to quickly find information and resources that will help them maximize the productivity of their IT infrastructure, optimize product performance, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


On November 18, 2017, we are piloting a new Online Support Search to users in Australia and Ireland. Users in these countries will notice a slightly different look to their Online Support Search experience as well as some additional enhancements:


  • Faster results – Now, it takes less than 2 seconds for search results to populate. That’s more than 33% faster!
  • Improved filters – Narrowing your result is now simpler with clearer, sequential picklist selections (e.g. Product > Product Family > Product Model).
    Nov Blog image 1.png
  • New searching behavior – A slight change to the previous search, a space now behaves as a wildcard search (formerly “*”). In addition, the search field will autocomplete frequent recent searches.
  • Expanded content access - with the ‘Search Dell Support’ button, users will now be able to easily navigate between the Dell EMC and Dell support search experience, bringing customers closer to a unified online support experience.
    Nov Blog image 2.png.jpg



During this pilot, the Dell EMC Online Support Team will actively survey customers and track feedback to continue to refine the Online Support Search experience and determine a timeline to implement the new search to all users globally. Stay tuned!


Please continue to ask questions and provide feedback via the Online Support Site Help and Feedback form.



Stephanie Pirrong

Dell EMC Services Marketing

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Dell EMC has recently launched a new series of Data Protection Newsletters for our customers and partners which provides product-specific updates on the latest in customer service offerings, key release and support updates, target codes, and more. Each newsletter includes helpful Knowledge Base articles for your product, expert troubleshooting advice for common technical challenges, and top trending support solutions.


We’ve kicked off the series with new support newsletters for Data Domain, NetWorker and Avamar, and will be rolling out newsletters every month for additional products soon. Download and view the June and July newsletters for NetWorker and Avamar below:






Have feedback? We’d like to hear from you. To provide feedback on our new support newsletter series, or if you have ideas about the kind of support content you’d like to see in the newsletters, please share it with us at


Holly Anderson

Dell EMC Social Support

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Our goal is to listen, respond and anticipate every one of your support needs, especially in the face of events outside of your control as we know your business continuity is imperative. With that in mind, the Dell EMC Team has made special support arrangements in response to the impact that Hurricane Maria had on your area.


We are modifying our operations so we can continue to proactively monitor conditions in the Caribbean area, specifically Puerto Rico and surrounding countries to mitigate impact to service. Even with these additional efforts, please be aware that restrictions imposed by state and local authorities could affect service operations. The following link provides information regarding weather, security and safety measures in the area (Puerto Rico Only):


Technical Support Information

  • If you have an incident that requires technical support, please call Dell EMC Technical Support at 1 (800) 782-4362. Inform the customer support representative that your organization is in the impacted area and you are in need of technical support.
  • As always, feel free to contact your dedicated Dell EMC Account Representative or Technology Service Manager (formerly Technical Account Manager (TAM)) at any time.


If your service or support needs extend beyond these resources, we will engage the appropriate member of your account team and do our best to help you find the right solution to keep your business up and running. The Dell EMC team is here for you and is prepared to support you and your business through this catastrophic event and far into the future.


Have questions or feedback? Please post them in the comment section below, and thank you for choosing Dell EMC.


Holly Anderson

Dell EMC Social Support

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Our goal is to listen, respond and anticipate every one of your support needs, especially in the face of events outside of your control as we know your business continuity is imperative. With that in mind, the Dell EMC Team has made special support arrangements in response to the impact Hurricane Irma may be having on your area.


We are modifying our operations so we can continue to proactively monitor conditions in the greater Gulf Coast area, specifically Florida and surrounding states to mitigate impact to service. Even with these additional efforts, please be aware that restrictions imposed by state and local authorities could affect service operations. The following link provides information regarding weather, security and safety measures in the area:


Technical Support Information

  • If you have an incident that requires technical support, please call Dell EMC Technical Support at 1 (800) 782-4362. Inform the customer support representative that your organization is in the impacted area and you are in need of technical support.
  • As always, feel free to contact your dedicated Dell EMC Account Representative or Technology Service Manager (formerly Technical Account Manager (TAM)) at any time.


If your service or support needs extend beyond these resources, we will engage the appropriate member of your account team and do our best to help you find the right solution to keep your business up and running. The Dell EMC team is here for you and is prepared to support you and your business through this catastrophic event and far into the future.


Have questions or feedback? Please post them in the comment section below, and thank you for choosing Dell EMC.


Holly Anderson

Dell EMC Social Support

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Managing enterprise IT environments can be complicated.  And let’s face it, most of our customers are managing hundreds, even thousands, of complex systems.  At Dell EMC, our goal is to deliver uncompromised support backed by automated, proactive and predictive technology for those complex systems. You may have heard about the recent unification of our services portfolio under the ProSupport Enterprise Suite. This exciting step forward in Dell EMC’s services transformation means that enterprise customers now have more options when choosing the right level of ProSupport for their new product purchases.  We know that as your data center makeup changes and grows, so can that complexity. And understanding the level of support you have for each individual product in your data center is key to your success.  That’s why Dell EMC, in alignment with our ProSupport Enterprise unification, is taking the guesswork out of your support experience and making your product service plan levels more visible throughout MyService360TM and Online Support ( 


Where can you learn your product’s service plan level you might ask?  In three key areas:

Install Base Overview Section within MyService360 Visit the grid view within this section to review your service plan levels for your entire Install Base in one aggregated view for your enterprise. Service Plan Level_IB_Red Box.png

Contract Inventory List within MyService360 – Review your service plan levels within the context of your service plan levels as you plan and prioritize renewals. Service Plan Level_Contracts_Red Box.png

Support by Product ID Page – As you view details for individual products in Online Support (, click on the contract status to review your service plan level for that specific product.  Detailed descriptions of ProSupport Enterprise options can be accessed from the ‘Actions’ menu. SBPSN_Service Plan_Red Box.png


Please know that your current and renewed service plan levels on legacy EMC products will continue as Basic, Enhanced or Premium.  As you purchase new Dell EMC products, you will be able to identify your ProSupport product coverage.


To learn more about the ProSupport Enterprise Suite unification, read the Direct2DellEMC blog: Our Services Journey and Our promise. Review the Dell EMC Product Warranty and Maintenance Table for a detailed understanding of the support options we offer by product family.


Lauren Conti

Dell EMC

Product Marketing Manager

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SolVe Desktop is an interactive, standalone application that generates specific, step-by-step procedures for servicing your Dell EMC products. SolVe Desktop gives you access to trusted best-practice instructions on how to resolve common service tasks for your products, including warnings for known issues, troubleshooting advice from product support engineers, and a wide array of services and resources for many Dell EMC products, including NetWorker, VPLEX, Connectrix, VNX, Data Domain, Isilon, and more. Click here to view a complete list of SolVe Desktop products available to customers and partners. SolveLogo2.png


The SolVe Desktop application can be downloaded from Dell EMC’s Online Support Site. It’s easy to install and automatically prompts you to update, so you’re always sure you have the latest version of the application. SolVe Desktop provides Knowledge Base articles, expert support advice and user resources relevant to your products, as well as how-to videos, top-trending support solutions for your products, and more. To install SolVe Desktop and begin using it today, watch this quick video on Downloading, Installing and Authenticating SolVe Desktop.


Download SolVe Desktop

Prior to downloading the application, know that SolVe Desktop requires Microsoft .NET 4.5.1. If you don’t already have it (or aren’t prompted automatically to install it before downloading SolVe Desktop) you can manually install Microsoft here. Installing SolVe Desktop is easy and fast. Using Google Chrome as a preferred browser, simply visit and:

  1. Click “SolVe” on the home page
  2. Select “Executable” and “Download”
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation
  4. Authenticate by accepting the End User License AgreementSolVeDesktopGraphic.png

For additional details on how to install and use SolVe Desktop, the Dell EMC Community Network provides excellent references here:

Our SolVe Engagement Team is focused on providing our customers, partners and internal users with tools and processes to ensure the successful implementation and continued support of your Dell EMC products. Have questions about how to best optimize the SolVe Desktop application and gain greater insights on support procedures for your Dell EMC products? Please reach out to us at If you encounter any issues installing SolVe Desktop, please contact the Customer Service Help Desk.


Holly Anderson
Dell EMC, Social Support

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Online Support July Update

Posted by StephanieP Jul 14, 2017

New personalization settings offering more flexibility to streamline and expedite your service & support experience

It’s no great revelation that expectations for customer service and support have shifted dramatically in the last decade. Customers expect options, whether it be to interact directly with a live individual (phone), through technology (chat), or automated by data-driven technology (apps). And those who prefer to interact online expect an experience that is intelligent enough to anticipate their needs, to ‘know’ their preferences.


For example, I prefer to order pizza online. There’s no fear that my order was misunderstood because everything is clearly identified with the steps and topping selections laid out for me. My address and payment information are stored so I don’t need to spend extra time typing the same information every time I order and I can repeat my last order with minimal steps further expediting the process. I’ve got no time for extra steps…I’m hungry!


But what if you’ve got someone with a severe food allergy? You might want to speak with someone to be reassured that your order is being treated with the utmost care. It’s great that you always have that option available should you need it.


With the July 15, 2017 release of Dell EMC Online Support, we’re introducing simple, yet powerful personalization features. New site preference settings, managed by designated Company Administrators, offer customers the flexibility to decide how they want to engage with Dell EMC for specific support activities. By knowing our customer’s preferences in advance we are able to offer a more personalized service and support experience.


Introducing AutoCRU

Customer Replaceable Units (CRU) are specific assemblies, components, or individual parts of designated Dell EMC equipment that customers are authorized to self-replace.


Dell EMC is pleased to offer the new AutoCRU program to our customers. This program streamlines the part replacement process and reduces the number of interactions between customers and Dell EMC service personnel.


Now there is more transparency and automation through Online Support. Customers can indicate one of three CRU Preference options for delivery of their CRU eligible parts:

AutoCRU EnabledThe optimal choice for do-it-yourself customers who prefer a low touch experience. CRU eligible parts are automatically dispatched to the install site expediting completion of a service event by reducing the number of required contact points.
Always ContactFor customers who prefer a heads up and want to be notified prior to part shipment.
CRU Option DeclinedFor customers who do not wish to self-install CRU eligible parts.


Note: The CRU Program only applies to product models and components classified as Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs). All components not classified as Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) will continue to require replacement by authorized Dell EMC field engineers. For a list of the hardware components that are designated as CRU for a specific hardware system, please visit the Product Warranty & Maintenance Table.


Of course the ability to service our customers in accordance with their CRU Preference selection is dependent upon having identified the correct designated contacts and shipping details. Now, this information can easily be maintained and updated within Online Support.


The following details for a given site can be found and updated under the new Site Preferences tab within Company Administration:

  • Shipping Contact
  • Shipping Address
  • Onsite Scheduling Contact
  • Alternate Onsite Scheduling Contact

Site preferences.png


Company Administrators: Your Action Required!

In order to take advantage of these new features, Company Administrators should login to their Dell EMC Online Support account and configure the new Site Preferences settings from the ‘Company Sites’ tab within Company Administration. For step-by-step instructions, see the CRU and Onsite Preferences Overview or visit Online Support Help.


Note: Only Company Administrators can view and edit site preferences via the Site Preferences tab within Company Administration. Partners and Non-Administrators can view but not modify the information.



Feedback & Additional Resources

As we share updates on the latest Online Support functionality we’d love to hear your thoughts. How can we continue to improve your Online Support experience? We invite you to submit your feedback and ideas through the Help and Feedback form.


For tips and tricks to enhance your online experience, visit the Tip of the Month archives in the Connect with Customer Service community.


Stephanie Pirrong

Dell EMC Services Marketing

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OLS snap.PNG.png

The Dell EMC Online Support site makes it easy for you to create and manage Service Requests and get the support you need for your Dell EMC products. To begin, visit the Dell EMC Online Support site at From the Menu on the left side, under the Support Tasks header, click Create a Service Request. To check on the status of an existing ticket, select Manage Service Requests. If you’d like to have a live chat session with a support technician, select Chat with Support and a Service Request ticket will be automaticallycreated for you.


How to Create SR Video snap.PNG.png

This helpful video walks you through the 5 steps for creating an SR to receive service or to order parts replacements for your products, which include:

   1. Specify request type (service or parts)

   2. Select a product

   3. Describe the problem

   4. Confirm Contact Information

   5. Submit Ticket





Before you begin, have your Product ID/Name/Alias and Site Name/ID/Location on hand. During the ticket creation process, Knowledge Base articles and self-help resources will display during Step 2 which you can reference before submitting a ticket. After entering all of your information and clicking Submit, you can Add Attachments to your SR on the confirmation page to help further describe the specific needs.


SR Create Mobile Video snap.PNG.pngDid you know you can use the EMC MOBILE app to create Service Requests as well? Watch this quick video on how to submit an SR ticket using your iPhone or Android device. Don’t have the EMC MOBILE app? Download it here:


Holly Anderson

Principal Manager, Dell EMC Social Support

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The Dell EMC Fair held on Tuesday, 20th June, marked another #GoBigWinBig and #LegacyOfGood combination for the Ireland Centre of Excellence. In recognition of Junior Achievements 20th Anniversary in Ireland, volunteers from University College Cork (UCC), Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and team members from Dell EMC in Cork, all came together for the morning to deliver interactive sessions at the Ovens Campus for 30 sixth class students, aged 11-13, from local school Scoil Barra in Ballincollig, Co. Cork.


The focus of the Dell EMC Fair was STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) and was designed to inspire young minds and show them a small bit of what is possible if they pursue a career in STEAM. The interactive sessions included Maths lessons on puzzles and tangrams, simplifying complex code through a few basic commands, VEX IQ robotics, VR Headset technology and Art lessons.



A huge thank you and well done to everyone, from CIT to UCC to our fellow team members. Your involvement was key in making the event such a success. The engagement from all of the students from Scoil Barra was the best I have ever seen and that is down to the great way you all presented your STEAM topics. The students were all buzzing with excitement from the minute they arrived right up to their departure time.


This event really was a fantastic way to encourage students to consider taking STEAM subjects in secondary school, and a memorable to way to mark the 20th Anniversary in Ireland for Junior Achievement. You can read more about Junior Achievement in Ireland here.


Special thanks to Liz McAvoy and Siobhain O’Hea, our guests from Junior Achievement Ireland, who attended the event in Cork. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did!




Similar events also took place at our Limerick and Dublin locations, with team members and colleges delivering a wide range of interactive demonstrations and inspiring learning for local school children. Sessions included teaching our next generation about plastics and recycling, a hands-on look at a Poweredge Server, and 3-D printing to name but a few.


This #LegacyOfGood community involvement and partnership with our colleges and Junior Achievement across Ireland demonstrates what can be achieved through collaboration and how we can all win together. To sum it up… #GoBigWinBig = SUCCESS!!




Elaine Beare

Program Manager / Senior Analyst

COE PMO Group - Dell EMC Ireland COE

Follow me on Twitter @ElaineBeare

Dell EMC Ireland COE was delighted to welcome Fergus Finlay, CEO of Barnardos Ireland, to our Ovens campus on 8th June 2017. The aim of the visit was to give team members an overview of the great work that Barnardos does in Ireland, and how Dell EMC is supporting these activities.



In a frank ‘fire-side’ type chat with Bob Savage, VP Dell EMC Centres of Excellence in EMEA, Fergus shared his own career history and how he came to work with Barnardos. It was truly a humbling experience to hear the individual stories that Fergus shared from over 12 years with Barnardos, and how this charity has changed children’s lives for the better. Following this deeply engaging conversation, and a brief Dell EMC TV interview, Fergus had a tour of the Campus in Ovens. 


On 12th April 2017 Dell EMC Ireland announced a three year partnership with Barnardos. The partnership, which involves the provision of financial support as well as the sharing of employee expertise, skills and the volunteering of time, is designed to support the good work and continued vision of Barnardos.


Dell EMC, together with employees in Cork, Limerick and Dublin, will work with the team at Barnardos to help raise the profile of the charity’s National Collection Day. The annual collection day which takes place every September has significant potential to help raise much needed funds for children as well as to raise the profile of the valuable work that Barnardos is doing in communities across the country. The Dell EMC team will help publicise the flagship day to enhance its reach through the provision of technical support and advice. Hundreds of Dell EMC employees are expected to take to the streets in Dublin, Cork and Limerick to dramatically increase the number of collection points and thus help to raise more funds.


Both organisations also plan to work together to address the growing digital divide that exists in Irish society. Barnardos has a network of well-established homework clubs and friendship clubs throughout the country. Working with Dell EMC, they plan to introduce a number of Code Work Clubs introducing technical literacy and coding skills to children who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to learn what is increasingly becoming a core life skill.


Bob Savage also shared his thoughts behind the strategic partnership announcement with Barnardos and you can read his blog here.


You can learn more about Barnardos and the great work they do here.

I truly believe this is an excellent and very worthwhile way to embrace how we at Dell achieve our Legacy of Good goals and also highlights how we can #GoBigWinBig! So why not get involved and help make a change for the better!

b2.jpg b3.jpg

Elaine Beare

Program Manager / Senior Analyst

COE PMO Group - Dell EMC Ireland COE

Follow me on Twitter @ElaineBeare

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.59.08 AM.png



To celebrate the success of our vibrant Dell EMC Community Network, Dell EMC Services—in collaboration with our partners VMWare and Cisco—is hosting a special Community Appreciation Event.

Join us on Wednesday, May 10 from 5:00 – 6:30 PM at Sugarcane in the Venetian, before the Dell EMC World 2017 main concert event!


All registered members of the Dell EMC Community Network attending Dell EMC World are invited to:

  • Connect, in person, with Dell EMC network peers and top Support Community contributors from across the globe
  • Meet the Dell EMC Elect members, VMWare vExperts, Cisco Champions, fellow DECN members,  and Dell EMC executives
  • Enjoy refreshments and spirited conversation - all in a cool and social setting and a great way to unwind from the intenseness of the conference before the big concert takes place.


Wristbands are required for event entry. Confirmed registrants can obtain wristbands from the Social Lounge in the Village at Dell EMC World. Space is limited, so register now and don't forget your wristband!


To attend you must register and collect your wrist band from the Social Lounge.

DEW 2017 twitter image.pngWe invite you to join the Dell EMC’s Services team at Booth #347 at the Dell EMC World Expo in Las Vegas, May 8-11th! This year’s theme is focused on “Realizing Your Path to Transformation,” and will bring you face-to-face with experts that will help you take transformation from planning to reality. You will discover the products, strategies and insights you need to transform your business: drive IT innovation, enhance workforce mobility, and reduce risk in the digital era. For the first time, Dell Technologies' family of brands will be all in one place, all at one conference. Join us to experience keynote presentations from some of the top global leaders in the industry, guru sessions with diverse technical experts and specialists, and unforgettable entertainment events in appreciation and celebration of our customers.


Attend Breakout Sessions

Learn practical skills and steps to solve your unique technical challenges and maximize your IT investment.

DEW blog image.PNG.png

Learn more about Dell EMC Services' activities in our Connect with Customer Service Community and view descriptions and the full Sessions Catalog here.


Visit the Dell EMC Services Booth #347

Attend daily Tech Talks, Breakout Sessions and Hands-on Labs and workshops led by some of Dell EMC’s leading transformation experts on enterprise services and PC support. Tweet to WIN! We’ll be giving away fantastic prizes from our Twitter-activated vending machine located in our Booth #347, where we’ll be hosting live demos of our Online Support Site, and much more. We’ll be sharing the latest and greatest on MyService360 and Secure Remote Services (ESRS), as well as additional services including ProSupport, ProDeploy, and Intelligent Data Mobility.

The Dell EMC Community Network Appreciation Party

It’s on! Every year, we set aside an evening to thank all of our online community members whose product expertise and participation are what keep our global support communities alive with fresh content, compelling product discussions, and leading technical expertise on all Dell EMC products. We welcome you to join us to celebrate our global Dell EMC Community Network (DECN) on Wednesday, May 10th 5:00 – 6:30 pm at the SUGARCANE raw bar grill located in The Venetian Hotel. Connect with other community members, and mix and mingle with leaders from our Customer Support and Services teams, as well as Dell EMC Elect members, VMWare vExperts, Cisco Champions and more. You must have a wristband to attend and space is limited this year! Register for the party here and we look forward to seeing you!

Haven’t registered to attend Dell EMC World yet? There’s still time! Register for Dell EMC World 2017 here.

  • Why Attend – Entertainment, Top 5 Reasons, What to Expect
  • Speakers – Keynotes
  • Agenda – Overview, Guru & Breakout Session Schedule, Catalog
  • Programs – Certifications, Global Partner Summit, Hands-on Labs, and more

Have questions? Post them in the comment section below or visit for more details.

Holly Anderson

Principal Manager of Dell EMC Social Support

Follow us @DellEMCsupport

Please note that the following information pertains to your legacy EMC Install Base.  Connectivity is defined using different parameters for your legacy Dell equipment. 


While product connectivity plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy IT environment, Dell EMC knows it can be complicated at times to understand all of its facets. You may find yourself asking questions like “What does it mean if my product is ‘connected’?”, “How do I know which of my products can get connected?”, or “How do I connect my systems?”. To address these questions and create a simpler, more transparent online service experience, Dell EMC has introduced a revised set of data rules and definitions for the ‘Connectivity’ section of your MyService360 dashboard.

Key Elements of Your Enhanced ‘Connectivity’ View:

Simplified Definition of Connectivity

To make it easier to quickly assess which of your products are connected, the ‘Connectivity’ section of MyService360 now uses these more straightforward connection status definitions for your products:



Dell EMC has received an incoming file(s) - i.e. the product has 'connected home' - via ESRS, email, or other connection channel.


There are two product-specific exceptions to this definition:

  • Isilon - As Isilon products are clustered systems, the connectivity status of an Isilon product is determined at the cluster level.
  • Data Domain - Unless reconfigured to adopt ESRS connectivity, the device may be presumed to be connected due to a proprietary connectivity solution integrated into Data Domain devices.
Not Connected

Dell EMC has not received an incoming file(s) via ESRS, email or other connection channel.


Note: You may have declined the option to send system files or device data to Dell EMC, or you have not yet established connectivity with Dell EMC for your device.  Read on to learn how to connect your eligible systems. 

Not Connectable

Your system is not capable of sending file(s) or device data to Dell EMC.


With some product exceptions, your system may be connected via a related system, for example, a clustered configuration.

Modified Connectivity Measurement

With these revised data rules and definitions surrounding connectivity, your connectivity rates will now be measured based on the total population of products in your Install Base that are capable of connecting home.  Please note that this modified measurement may adjust the percentages of ‘Connected’ and ‘Not Connected’ systems you see in the initial ‘Connectivity at a Glance’ view within this section (Figure 1).

Connectivity Blog Pic 1.png


Inclusion of Additional Products

Your inventory list in the ‘Connectivity’ section will now include software products that are capable of connecting home (i.e. sending files home to Dell EMC).  Review the ‘Not Connected’ view within this section (Figure 2) to see which of your hardware and software products are capable of connecting home to Dell EMC, and take action to connect your systems appropriately. Dell EMC recommends connecting your eligible systems via ESRS v3 to maximize your product performance.  Learn more about this proactive, remote monitoring capability and how to get connected below. 


Connectivity Blog Pic 2_v2.png


New Representation of Connection Types

The connection types displayed within your view have now been grouped as ‘ESRS’ and ‘Other’, helping you to hone in on the most relevant information to you.  Reference the products in the ‘Connected’ section with an ‘Other’ connection to identify opportunities for an upgrade to ESRS for optimal connectivity.  You can reference a list of ESRS-supported products here.


Note: The ‘Connected via Other’ category includes email, dial home, and connection channels for products acquired by legacy EMC. While these are valid connection channels, ESRS is considered the gold-standard of connectivity for your eligible legacy EMC products.


Get Connected with Secure Remote Services (ESRS)

Prevent unplanned interruptions to your data and IT environment, by connecting your eligible products with ESRS v3.  Secure Remote Services (ESRS v3) is a highly secure, two-way remote connection between your legacy EMC products and Dell EMC Customer Service.  By enabling continuous remote monitoring and proactive remote troubleshooting, ESRS helps ensure the health of your environment behind the scenes, so you can focus on your business objectives.  ESRS also enriches your MyService360 experience by creating a consistent, secure data feed back to Dell EMC, ensuring that the data you access, such as code levels, is current and high-value. 


Let Dell EMC help take the guesswork out of maintaining a healthy IT environment.  Visit the getting started page and enable ESRS v3 for your eligible products listed as ‘Not Connected’ in the ‘Connectivity’ section of MyService360, today.

Need Help?

Reference the ESRS Forum within the Dell EMC Community Network for quick guides and reference materials when connecting your systems with ESRS.   

Ensuring the accuracy of your data is our priority.  Please open a Service Request if you have any data-specific questions.


Should you have any other questions or feedback on your online experience, please submit them through the Help and Feedback form.


For detailed instructions on using the ‘Connectivity’ section of MyService360, please visit the Help Page.


Lauren Conti

Dell EMC

Product Marketing Manager

Follow us @DellEMCSupport


What’s in a Task?

Posted by heanderson Mar 8, 2017

We need your help!

We strive to make it easier for our customers to quickly locate the important support content they need. We know people use different paths to get to content – some prefer to search while others prefer to navigate to content.


As we plan for the future, we want to better match commonly performed support tasks to the type of content you might be looking for within Dell EMC Online Support.  We have identified some common customer tasks and a proposed set of task categories.  We’d like your help to match them up using a “Card Sort”.


To participate, just click on the link below and you will be presented with an online tool where you can drag and drop common product tasks into the different categories. It only takes about 10 minutes, and it’s fun!


Participate Now!


Watch this two minute video to find out more about this activity.

quick bytes video.PNG.png

The results of this card sort activity will help us determine if we got our categories right or whether we need to make some further improvements. Help us shape your future support experience!  We will post the results within the Dell EMC Support community and encourage future dialog on this topic!


Holly Anderson

Principal Manager of Dell EMC Social Support
Follow us @DellEMCsupport

In an ongoing effort to enable our customers to get easy access to the most valuable support content available, we’ve recently launched a new initiative that pulls top-rated product support content together in one place for some of our most widely-used products. Every month, Dell EMC’s Customer Service team gathers leading support topics regarding a wide variety of products and provides helpful content on the Dell EMC Community Network (DECN) to enable you to get proactive about troubleshooting common technical challenges, and more. These Top Services Topics include content pulled from popular Knowledge Base articles, DECN product support forum posts, troubleshooting guides, Online Support searches, Ask the Expert events, and more.


Where Can You Find Top Services Topics?

topics blog image 1.PNG.png

To locate trending support topics for your product, you can search the DECN (search for “Top Services Topics”), visit the Online Support product pages or simply reference the table below which reflects all Top Services Topic resources currently available by product. Click on the title of any article to open up a more detailed document for each topic. You can also download the SolVe Desktop Tool and browse for Top Service Topics for your products as well. Want to stay updated when new service topics are added for your products? Simply click “Follow” on the Top Services Topic page of your choice and you’ll be automatically updated via email notification when new topics are published monthly. You’ll also find Top Services Topics shared on Twitter @DellEMCsupport, and we encourage you to follow us there for daily tech tips, support videos, Ask the Expert events, and more.


topics blog image 2.PNG.png

Want to learn more about Top Services Topics? The “Connect with Customer Service” community is now featuring a quick byte video highlighting some of the benefits of these helpful new resources. This latest video episode shares how Top Services Topics enable our customers to find relevant support content and resources faster and more efficiently.


Give Us Your Feedback

Enabling our customers to gather insightful, helpful support content easily, quickly, and on demand, enables you to optimize your product experience have our most valued services content at your fingertips. We’ll be updating Top Services Topics for the products listed above on a monthly basis, and will be rolling out this feature for additional products throughout 2017.


We value your feedback on this program. So if you have any comments or thoughts regarding how we might improve our Top Services Topics for your products, please comment below and let us know!


Holly E. Anderson
Dell EMC Social Support
Follow us @DellEMCsupport

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