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We know your time is valuable, and a personalized online experience is crucial for driving efficiencies in your day.  To help you quickly accomplish your daily business objectives and get you back to what you do best, Dell EMC Customer Service encourages you to leverage the ‘My Custom Groups’ feature in Online Support.


Custom Groups help you to hone-in on the sites and products that are most relevant to you, helping you to work more efficiently.  They can be used to streamline key activities in Online Support such as:


  • Creating and managing service requests,
  • Configuring service request email notifications,
  • Starting a live chat with a Dell EMC support technician,
  • Customizing your views and finding information in MyService360.


Watch this short tutorial to learn how to create and use Custom Groups to maximize Online Support and MyService360.


What is the Optics initiative?

Both Dell EMC and our customers consume considerable time and effort to replace optics/SFPs in our switches, directors and storage arrays.  This expense in time, effort and product is frequently unnecessary.  The Optics initiative creates an opportunity to identify and to simplify these situations, avoiding Service Request creation and reducing remediation time through customer education and self-service.


What is an optic/SFP?

Optics are the small components that enable Dell EMC products to communicate on the network.  Did you know?

  • Optic cable cleaning should be standard practice in any data center.
  • Both cable cleaning and optic replacement are very simple and quick procedures that customers may perform themselves, saving significant time.
  • All Connectrix products support Customer Replaceable Units (CRU) for optic replacement.


Why is the Optics initiative important to the Dell EMC customer?

  • Provides customer choice that:
    • Saves time, through multi-paths, by facilitating cable cleaning by the customer at any time
    • Ensures redundancy by recovering a “down path” through the cleaning process
    • Accelerates recovery by reducing resolution time greatly through the cleaning process
    • Simplifies problem resolution by eliminating one of the probable causes of the failure if cleaning fails
  • Identifies probable cause
    • In a recent and extensive test study by Dell EMC, 83% of optics (over 500 examined) returned to Dell EMC after replacement were determined to not have any fault.  Also, in a recent study by NTT-Advanced Technology, 98% of installers (blue) and 80% of network owners (red) reported that issues with connector contamination was the greatest cause of network failure.

NTT 2.jpg

  • Facilitates customer education and self-service
    • Customers requesting an optic replacement may wait over a day for an engineer to be scheduled and to appear onsite.
    • Dell EMC YouTube Service Channel podcast videos include:
      • Connectrix Optics Cable Cleaning Made Easy  (2:31).  In this video, you will learn how easy it is to clean your fiber optic cables to prevent connectivity issues in your Connectrix products.

      • Connectrix SFP Optic Replacement Made Easy  (1:51).  In this video, you will learn how easy it is to replace your failed SFP optic in your Connectrix products.


  • Identifies Cleaning and CRU tasks that customers could easily perform themselves, saving significant time


Once you have reviewed the Dell EMC YouTube Service Channel videos, we would like to hear from you.  Please share your experiences within your datacenter through Twitter, @DellEMCSupport using the hashtag #OpticsCleanCRU, through the Dell EMC Connectrix Community, and through this brief 1-minute survey.


Scott Ramsay

Director, Service Product Lead - Connectrix

Twitter: @ScottRamsay13

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You’ve asked.  We’ve listened.  In addition to the new functionality highlighted in our September guide, the following enhancements are now available in your MyService360TM dashboard for a more personalized and informative experience.  Read on to learn how to maximize your experience with these new features.


Improved Service Request Management within the 'View SRs' Section of Incident Management

As a top ask from the September 2016 release, you can now see all Service Requests (SRs), both open and closed, within the ‘View SRs’ (formerly ‘Open SRs’) section of Incident Management.


Remember to leverage the added personalization and search features in your grid and map views to hone in on the SRs you care about:

  • New – Easily filter your view using the radio buttons (Figure 1.1) and dashboard filters (Figure 1.2).
  • Quickly locate a specific SR using the search field (Figure 1.3).
  • Export your data to a .csv file for further analysis (Figure 1.4).
  • Use the Site & Product (Figure 1.5) and ‘Filter By’ menus (Figure 1.6) to focus on specific custom groups and product categories.


View SRs with red buttons.png

Figure 1

Hints & Tips:

  • ‘Filter By’ Menu – Use ‘Filter By’ menu (Figure 1.6) first, before making other selections in the ‘View SRs’ section. Choosing different settings in the ‘Filter By’ menu will override any search queries (Figure 1.3), radio button selections (Figure 1.1), or dashboard filters (Figure 1.2) you may have previously made.
  • Dashboard Totals – The totals you see in the bottom part of the dashboard (Figure 1.2) reflect the aggregate total of your open and closed SRs.  Note that these numbers will remain the same as you search for an SR or make a selection using the radio buttons or dashboard filter options.
  • Escalations vs Active Escalations – Note that the number of escalations you see in the ‘View SRs’ section is different from the number of active escalations featured in the Heads-up Display or ‘Summary’ section. In ‘View SRs’, the number of escalations is reflective of your open and closed SRs.  The number of active escalations in the Heads-up Display is only representative of open SRs.


Efficiently Track Part Shipments for Upcoming Onsite Services

Now in the ‘Scheduled’ section within Onsite Services, you can more easily stay up-to-date on your part shipment statuses with a Tracking ID.


After selecting the service activity status bar (Figure 2.1), click on the Tracking ID (Figure 2.2). This will take you to the shipping company’s website where you can track your part shipments.


Tracking ID with Red Buttons_v2.png

Figure 2


Tip:  Leverage the chat, email or phone options (Figure 2.3) to contact Schedule & Account Services directly, should you have any questions on your part shipments or activities related to your Onsite Services.


Dell EMC is dedicated to delivering tools and resources that streamline and personalize your services experience.  We will continue to provide updates on the latest enhancements to Online Support and MyService360.


Should you have any questions or feedback on your online experience, please submit them through the Help and Feedback form.


To maximize your MyService360 experience, visit the Online Support Help Page and Tip of the Month archives for detailed instructions and help guides.

Lauren Conti

Dell EMC

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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In the October Update blog post, we highlighted some of the ways our Customer Service teams have developed solutions to address customer concerns around their Online Support experience. As we continue to gather customer feedback in order to continuously improve your service and support experience, we are pleased to share the following updates to the Online Support Company Administration experience.


Improved Company Administration Navigation

When selecting ‘View and Manage Company Information’ from Online Support, you will now see a more accurate description of the navigation options available to you based on your unique role:



View sites, products, and contacts within your organization, as well as any pending requests that you have submitted for site access.

Partner Administrator

View and manage sites and contacts within your organization.
View any pending requests that you have submitted for site access.

Company Administrator

View and manage sites and contacts within your organization.
Manage access requests to sites within your organization.

Improved Visibility for Customer and Partner Administrators

Easily View Details for a Specific Contact – Now you can view details for each contact within your organization under ‘Manage Contacts’ within Company Administration. Simply click on the contact’s last name and view the sites they have access to (‘Site Access’ tab) and products for which they have been designated as a product-level contact (‘Product Level Contacts’ tab). From these views, administrators can further customize their experience with a number of filtering options as well as export the data set for further analysis.


Easily View Internal Contacts for a Specific Site – Now you can view the list of internal contacts for a given site from ‘Manage Sites’ within Company Administration. Simply select the site, then select ‘Internal Contacts’ tab to view, filter, and export the list of contacts from your company that have access to that site.


Note: The contact listing within this view is displayed only for sites with an ‘Open’ site security level. To perform any actions on a contact, navigate to ‘Manage Contacts’ by selecting ‘Contacts’ from the drop down menu.




As always, we will share updates on the latest Online Support functionality as it is released and invite you to continue to submit your feedback through the Help and Feedback form.


For detailed Company Administration instructions, please visit the Online Support Help page. For tips and tricks to enhance your online experience, visit the Tip of the Month archives in the Connect with Customer Service community.


Holly Anderson

Principal Manager, Dell EMC Social Support
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Our Pivotal Support team uses Slack to communicate.  We have found this tool works well with our mix of co-located and remote team members.   It’s our command center; a virtual water cooler where we chat, pass code snippets, and links back and forth.  Slack is where we maintain a connection with teammates, both the ones we can see and the ones we cannot.


dell-emc-blog.pngWhy do we use Slack?  We know it is a great platform for when you need to communicate to an entire team.  We have created channels for specific products and teams keeping the communication focused.  It is much easier to search in Slack than in other platforms.  Have you ever needed to find that line of code that fixed an issue?  Searching in your email can be super frustrating especially if it’s buried in a thread.  The search function allows you to filter and narrow your options making finding the link or conversation you are looking for much easier.


Slack allows you to integrate with services like GitHub and many others that can be useful to your team.  Integration of services and the ability to add code snippets make this a time saving tool as well.  We provide support for many different products and using this as our primary communication tool has saved us countless hours of work.


We use it to help convey our personalities with humorous anecdotes or the latest “Happy Friday” gif that is making the rounds.  This helps remote team members feel connected, be “in” on the office jokes and creates a culture that includes all.  Communication can be challenging as a remote professional. You need to be skilled with words as they need to present not only information, but also your personality and feelings.  One advantage of living in this era of technology is all the incredible communication tools available for use from anywhere.


Remote professionals have a lot to offer, besides the financial gains of not requiring additional real estate, you also have someone who is working on their own terms and somewhat outside the office politics arena.  Remote workers are statistically happier, feel they are more productive than the co-located worker and can add a nice balance to your team especially as the world becomes a smaller place.  The goal is to make your co-located team think the remote team members are in the office with them.  It is always great to hear that they forget we are elsewhere.


Let me know how you communicate as a remote professional, or if you are co-located, challenges you may have had dealing with remote team members, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me at

Kimberley Cunningham

Remote Professional

Pivotal Support Program Manager

Follow us at @DellEMCSupport and @Pivotal

At Dell EMC, customers are our first priority and we are committed to your success.  Over the last few weeks, our Customer Service and Development teams have worked diligently to gather your feedback and develop solutions to address your key issues and concerns.


We are pleased to share with you the latest updates to Online Support and MyService360TM.


Faster Account Management
  • Online Support registrations and updates to existing users' accounts are now processed in near real-time, resolving any processing delays you may have experienced.
  • Site statuses have been updated, enabling you and your partners to create and manage Service Requests on the appropriate sites.
Improved SR Creation Experience
  • As you create a Service Request (SR), your product selection will display more prominently for a more intuitive experience.  An error notification will be more pronounced when submitting an SR or launching a Live Chat session without first selecting a product.

image 1.png

  • All generally available products should display as expected in the All EMC Products list as a result of improved system integrations.  This affects the 'Account Sites' product selection option when creating a Service Request or initiating a Live Chat session in Online Support.

image 2.png

Faster SR Management Experience
  • Improved performance when viewing the Open SRs grid within the Incident Management section of MyService360.  The delays that previously caused a 'Loading' message on this page have been resolved.
Increased Visibility for Partners
  • Service Enabled Partners are now able to view SRs opened using 'All EMC Products'.


We will continue to keep you updated as we implement additional updates to your Online Support and MyService360 experience based on your direct feedback.


Should you encounter any technical issues or have additional feedback, please continue to report them through the Help and Feedback form.  Your feedback will be used to develop action plans to ensure we are providing a world-class service and support experience.

CX Banner - FINAL.jpg

Dell Technologies invites you to join us Wednesday, October 5th, for a truly unique global celebration of our commitment to our customers! Our annual Total Customer Experience Celebration is our chance to demonstrate our continued drive to stay ahead of the curve as an enterprise company committed to meeting its customers on cutting-edge digital platforms. To be held live at various worldwide locations and streamed as a virtual event, we encourage you to come and hear the latest from Dell EMC leaders and customers, our Customer Experience (“CX”) team, and a very special celebrity guest – John Cena, WWE wrestling superstar, actor and philanthropist.


As a market leader, Dell EMC understands our customers’ evolving needs and has a proven commitment to helping you succeed throughout your digital transformation. We encourage you to participate in this special event to learn more about our customer approach and capabilities, and to give us your feedback so we can continue to improve your customer experience.

Join the Celebration!

Dell EMC will be hosting numerous onsite celebrations at locations around the world October 5th – October 11th, including over 30+ global locations. As our special guest, we invite you to participate in this free event where you can connect with Dell EMC employees, and fellow customers and partners.

  • If you are located near Hopkinton, MA, we encourage you to join us at our central Dell EMC location on October 5th from 2-4 pm EST. Email us to register at


Can’t attend in person? Join our virtual celebration on October 5th and use Password: TCEOCT05 to access. The pre-show starts at 1:30 pm EST and the Live Virtual Event officially begins at 2:00 pm EST.

Have questions? Post your comments below and we’ll get back to you! You can also email us your questions and feedback at


Holly E. Anderson

Dell EMC Social Support & Community Strategy

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#CXDAY #CXDayChamps

blog image.PNG.pngOn September 7th, EMC became part of Dell Technologies and our new company name became “Dell EMC," resulting in a global re-branding and refresh of our company identity by name, and look and feel, around the world. Our social media accounts across multiple social platforms (including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) now reflect the same enterprise-wide change, as well. Thus, our former @EMCSupport Twitter account has now been renamed @DellEMCSupport.

Though our support Twitter account has a new name and URL, we still provide the same social support services for EMC customers and partners - for all legacy EMC products - including daily tech tips, helpful support videos, how to’s, troubleshooting advice, Ask the Expert events, and the latest news in Dell EMC Online Support and MyService360. We encourage you to follow our account, if you haven’t already, for the latest in Support Community resources, YouTube product support demos, Top Services Topics, support Tips of the Month, and much more. 

The Connect with Customer Service community on the Dell EMC Community Network (DECN) recently posted a helpful article on where to go to get support in the “Dell EMC Services” update. Here you’ll find easy links to both Dell and EMC-branded product support and services, including online, onsite and telephone support.


Social Support Resources for EMC and Dell



Dell customers are encouraged to visit the Dell Product Community and the Dell Online Support Site, as well.

This video presentation and resource page published by president, Dell EMC Services and IT, Howard Elias, also helps clarify where to go for both EMC and Dell product support and services. Click the orange arrow under the photo to watch the video.

Have questions? Please post the below in the comment section below. We also encourage you to participate in our new Ask the Expert events covering Online Support and MyService360, as well as our recent merger with Dell, and other product-related events. See a full list of Ask the Expert events going on now and post your questions today!

Holly E. Anderson

Dell EMC Social Support & Community Strategy

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As of September 17, 2016, we have transitioned to a new Service Request system resulting in modified or moved functionality across Online Support and MyService360TM.

Please visit the guide to this release for tips and tricks on using some of the new capabilities. 

Your service experience is a top priority for us. Should you encounter any technical issues or have additional feedback — which will be used to develop action plans — please report them through the Site Help & Feedback Link.

Greater Efficiencies. Proactive, Actionable Insights.

In the last Online Support & MyService360TM blog post, we discussed new features designed to help you quickly find the information you need to take action. In this post, we’ll be highlighting even more new capabilities that are helping to drive efficiencies for you.  The September release continues to modernize your service and support experience; migrating to a new platform to help you proactively take control of your IT environment.


Key Enhancement Areas

Managing Service Requests, Onsite Services & Engaging EMC Customer Service

  • Create & View SRs - Integration with our new support platform brings a new look for creating Service Requests (SR) and viewing SR details, creating a streamlined, self-help experience. As you create and view SRs, leverage the relevant resources and information that are proactively served-up toyou to prevent duplicate cases.
    Open SRs 1.png
  • Manage Your SRs –MyService360 offers a reimagined way to proactively view and manage your open SRs within ‘Incident Management’. See where your open SRs are occurring across your global install base with the geospatial map, or toggle to a list view using the 'View By' buttons in the top left side of the page. Use the new dashboard filters at the bottom of your screen to quickly assess which SRs are awaiting your action or the status on an SR for which you are the primary contact.
  • Check What’s ‘Awaiting Your Action’ – For even more actionable insights, ‘Awaiting Your Action’ has been introduced to the ‘Heads-up Display’ of MyService360. Visit this near real-time section to quickly identify items that require your response, such as updating and closing your SRs or scheduling your onsite maintenance activities through a direct Live Chat with Schedule & Account Services.
  • Live Chat - The Live Chat function in Online Support also has a new look with a proactive display of related SRs and relevant Knowledgebase articles. Launch a chat session from the Online Support homepage, SR details page or ‘Unscheduled Activities’ view in MyService360, to directly engage a technical support professional with your questions.
  • Exporting Your Data – You’ve asked, we’ve listened. As the #1 request from customers, MyService360 now offers additional export capabilities across ‘Incident Management’, 'Service Requests' in the ‘Awaiting Your Action’ section, and ‘Onsite Services Overview’ to help you conduct further analysis.

Managing Service Requests On-the-Go with Your Mobile Device

  • Stay on Top of SRs - The EMC MOBILE app now has more robust search capabilities, allowing you to easily search for SRs by SR Number, Product ID, or Site ID. When viewing SR Details, you’ll also have visibility into any SRs related to a particular product with the added ability to drill down into the details of those related SRs.
  • Personalize Your Views - Enjoy a more seamless personalized EMC MOBILE experience. Filter your SRs using the Custom Product and Site Groups created in Online Support. Product Aliases are also displayed when viewing the details of your SRs.

Note: Current users of the EMC MOBILE app must download the updated version to continue using the support functionality within the app. Users of the legacy EMC Support app are encouraged to migrate to EMC MOBILE as the legacy app will no longer function after the September release.

Managing Sites, Products, and Contacts

Company Administration.png

  • Streamlined Site Administration - Added security enables efficient administration of your company’s sites, products, and contacts. Automatic inheritance allows users to immediately view all entitled sites rather than adding them manually.
  • Manage Your Approvals - A simplified, intuitive design offers faster management of approvals for administrators as well as the ability to clearly differentiate between company sites and 3rd party supported sites and products.
  • Assign Product Contacts – This release now includes the added flexibility of assigning and maintaining contacts at the product-level.


Reminders & Additional Resources

We know that accurate and current data is critical for a modern and proactive experience – it’s difficult to take proactive action on outdated information.  To fully benefit from Online Support and MyService360, be sure your eligible systems are connected with ESRS v3!


Have questions? Check out the Easy Ways to Streamline Your EMC Online Support & MyService360 Experience Ask-the-Expert event. Our subject-matter experts are standing by to answer your questions.


Looking for more information? Read the September release FAQ or visit the EMC Online Support Help page for detailed instructions.


Lauren Conti

Dell EMC

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Follow us @DellEMCsupport

AugustLaunchTitle.pngLaunched this year at EMC World 2016, the EMC Modern Customer Experience is transforming every aspect of the EMC customer experience. Combining EMC's Big Data expertise, industry-leading technology, and award-winning service and support teams, EMC is working hard to rewrite the rules that have traditionally governed the customer experience. 24x7 predictive monitoring, advanced proactive service delivery, interactive data driven insight, an optimized online support experience, and more, are delivering greater value, while reducing costs and risk, ultimately maximizing the investment in EMC solutions.


That's the marketing pitch at least, but it's 100% true. There has never been a better time to be an EMC customer, and the future is even brighter.


ESRS v3 Update for August 2016 - Some of Our Most Customer Requested Features

One thing that we love to wear on our sleeves, is our commitment to working closely with our customers to make sure that we're giving them the right tools and resources that best enable them to do what they do, better.


And of course the best expression of that commitment are the new features and other enhancements that are a direct result of customer feedback.

This month, we've already seen some new updates on the Online Support and MyService360 front, that showcase the power EMC customers have to shape and develop the EMC Modern Customer Experience. But this month (and next - stay tuned!) also introduces some fantastic things for ESRS v3 - things that are among our most customer-requested ESRS v3 features!

ESRS v3 "Docker Edition"

Many IT administrators love the idea of ESRS v3, but they either can't or don't want to implement it within a Virtual Environment. One key reason is security. If a Virtual Environment is hacked, the hacked has access to the entire system that the VE is being run on. For this reason, many IT admins have told us that they'd love to be able to implement ESRS in environments that given them greater control and security.

ESRS v3 now has two install options:

  • The traditional Virtual Edition that offers IT admins the ability to implement ESRS v3 without the need for additional hardware or OS licenses
  • The brand new Docker Edition that offers IT admins the ability to implement ESRS v3 within any Docker-compatible Linux host (that meets ESRS v3 requirements).


Why the New ESRS v3 "Docker Edition" Is Cool:

  • IT admins have greater choice in regards to how and where then ESRS v3
  • IT admins can have full control over the installation of host system updates
  • Greater security: if a hacker breaches security measures, they'll only have access to the isolated Docker container


Managed File Transfer (MFT) 3.0

Think of ESRS as a data 'pipe'. It's through this pipe that EMC is able to collect the data and information that we use to capture data for tools like MyService360, alerts for our service and support teams, 24x7 predictive wellness analysis, and how we gain the needed data-driven insight to enable our sales teams and account managers to better serve their customers. It's also through the ESRS v3 'pipe' that we're able to securely connect-in to our customers' systems to deliver our award-winning support on-site, remotely.


But what ESRS v3 can't do, is pass larger files like logs and critical code updates back and forth. The pipe just isn't big enough.


MFT 3.0 solves this problem by creating a companion 'pipe' that runs parallel to the ESRS 'pipe' (note: ESRS is required for MFT). The MFT pipe's job is to carry these larger files.


How MFT 3.0 Works With ESRS v3


Why MFT 3.0 Is Cool:

  • EMC customers no longer have to submit logs manually via FTP or other means. EMC technicians can now send a remote request to collect the logs themselves.
  • Because of logistic challenges it could be difficult to hit slim maintenance windows, and it could take days to coordinate and install a code level update, increasing the risk of running outdated code. MFT 3.0 allows EMC to transition many code update and upgrade engagements from field support to remote support, significantly reducing the impact of these scheduling challenges, and negating the risk of running outdated code.


What Now?

If you have already implemented ESRS v3 Virtual Edition:

If you want to implement ESRS v3 Docker Edition:


Not sure if ESRS v3 is right for you?



Ted Weil |

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Delivering Even More Insight for Faster Action
Since the launch of MyService360 at EMC World 2016, and the coinciding interface redesign of EMC Online Support, EMC Global Services has continued to modernize your customer service experience, offering personalized and proactive online service and product support. With continuous improvement at our core, you will see ongoing enhancements made to your online experience both in EMC Online Support and MyService360 based on direct customer feedback. These new capabilities will empower you to quickly find the information you need, when you need it, and take action.


In just a few short months, EMC has already incorporated feedback heard at EMC World and customer interactions. Let’s take a look at some of these key new capabilities brought to you in June and July: blog 1.png


Key Enhancements

EMC Online Support:

  • My Saved Products – Quickly view your list of saved products from the Welcome page in EMC Online Support for one-click access to the newest content related to that product (see right).
  • Improved Search – Refine your search using the resource categories drop down menu in the Welcome page to find relevant results even faster.
  • Stay Connected with EMC Support Stay up-to-date on training and events, follow our Social Support team, and read the latest Support Blog posts to maximize your Online Support experience (see below).


EMC MyService360:

  • Health/Risk Overview – Investigate the overall health of your environment with this new geospatial map based on key impacts such as Field Change Orders (FCOs) and Trackable Service Events (TSEs).  Remember to connect your systems with ESRS v3 to ensure data currency in this view and others across MyService360.
  • Onsite Services Overview – Quickly spot where you have onsite services for the day across your global install base with this interactive map.
  • Onsite Services Schedule – Proactively plan and prioritize your day with this advanced, near real-time services tracker. Review your proactive and corrective maintenance work orders in the timeline or by status (see below). Use the calendar as well to see 3-months of historical and 3-months of upcoming scheduled services.
  • VCE Filter – Easily identify which of your EMC products is part of a VCE solution using the new VCE option in the ‘Filter By’ menu. This is a foundational step in being able to offer you a solution-centric experience in the future.


blog 2.pngUp Next

This is just the beginning! We will continue to keep you up-to-date monthly with news of the latest functionality released in EMC Online Support and MyService360. Stay tuned in August where you will see even more self-service efficiencies with export capabilities, Service Request management, and a new Live Chat support experience, to name a few.


Optimize your Service and Support Experience

Your MyService360 experience will be most successful when your systems are connected through EMC Secure Remote Services Virtual Edition (ESRS v3). ESRS v3 provides a secure, two-way remote connection between EMC Customer Service and EMC products or solutions, providing you with the most current data on your EMC systems. Learn more about how to get connected here.


Additional Information

Log in to and check out the new personalized visualizations and capabilities in MyService360 or visit today to learn more about MyService360.


For more tips and tricks for enhancing your online experience, stop by the EMC Online Support Help Page to get in-depth instructions or visit the Tip of the Month section in the Connect with EMC Customer Service community.


Holly Anderson

EMC Social Support Principal Manager

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There are countless technical communities online today. The EMC Community Network is just one of them! Why do they exist? Why are technical communities so popular? A typical answer might be: “From a user’s point of view, a community is a place to share information, collaborate and gain insight and assistance which enables users to grow and increase their knowledge on a variety of topics. From a company’s point of view, it encourages user’s self-service which lowers support costs and helps increase the speed to resolution. That kind of momentum creates valuable communities and keeps them running with fresh content and participation.”


I agree. There are many benefits that online technical communities provide. In addition to these, another, new trend is now emerging in communities that specifically benefits technical engineers: Being able to leverage your online community activities to enhance your resume. What do I mean by that? Actually, it is not a new idea. Select OSS community contributors have made career moves to leading IT companies such as Google.


capture-20160629-102057.pngThe reason why I am very interested in the idea is based on the following recently published by Pivotal . Pivotal shared that, "Gartner is predicting that by 2020, 75% of applications used to support digital business will be built in-house." And I believe it will happen, too. I believe companies will need quality, experienced engineers in the near future within their own organizations. The quality of in-house engineers becomes a differentiator in the industry. But how can companies identify and capture this important human resource?


Perhaps you are currently looking for a good engineer for your business. One candidate shows you his/her great job history via his/her resume. Another candidate shows you his/her recent activities in a specific relevant community where they are actively demonstrating their expertise. There are many factors that go in to choosing the right candidate, but being able to see an engineer’s technical expertise within an online technical support community,provides real-time visibility in to the breadth and depth of their knowledge on a variety of topics and areas.



EMC has introduced many new products for the modern data center. Most of them have cutting- edge technologies and concepts. Please join our community and explore the latest product discussions and recent content. Then, if possible, contribute back to the other community members and share your expertise with us! You’ll not only be benefiting hundreds of thousands of global ECN members, but you’ll also be developing a critical enhancement to your resume as a valuable infrastructure engineer.



Yutaro Uehara

IT Social Engagement


EMC Ireland COE held a Junior Achievement Recognition Ceremony for its volunteers on 28th June 2016. EMC was delighted to welcome Liz McEvoy, Cork Area Manager, JAI, and Siobhain O'Hea, Programme Coordinator, JAI, to present Certificates at the first Recognition Ceremony to take place in Ireland this year. Over the past year 20 EMC Ireland Employees, coordinated by Elaine Beare, inspired and motivated 527 students through volunteering in 14 local Cork schools.

Across Ireland Junior Achievement had 2,910 Business Volunteers and visited 528 schools, reaching over 59,000 students in total. This is fantastic achievement when you consider that 20 years ago, when Junior Achievement Ireland started just 600 students were reached!


The aim of Junior Achievement is to "To inspire and motivate young people to realise their potential by valuing education and understanding how to succeed in the world of work". Each volunteer visits a school once a week over a 5/6 week period and teaches a class to the students. Classes for Primary Schools cover the topics: - Ourselves, Our Families, Our Community, Our City, Our Nation, Our World, Our Universe and More Than Money. The Secondary School classes are More Than Money, Economics of Staying in School, Financing Your Future, Success Skills, and Company Programme. you can read more about these programmes here


The EMC Ireland Volunteers taught a wide range of the above classes across Terms 1, 2 and 3 in the past year. As the 2015-2016 school year draws to a close, we would like to say thank you and well done to all the EMC Volunteers and everyone involved in this very worthwhile initiative. Your participation really does make a difference to the students you teach.

Thank You!


Elaine Beare

Program Manager

EMC Ireland COE

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This isn’t about Buddhism or Spirituality, Wicca or even magic. The Ask the Expert program is looking to connect, engage and unite with the ECN community at a more proactive and deeper level. Four years ago our management realized the importance of exposing our top experts to the community. Customer, partners and employees all over could finally find a central area to exchange information that matters to them and that allows them to continue doing their job and make the right decisions.


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More than 300 Ask the Expert events and over 500 subject matter experts later, the ATE program team would like to, once again, empower the audience to let us know how to serve them better. For this reason, we’re using our own system and organized an Ask the Expert: AMA - Ask Our ATE Program Manager Anything. The event will run from May 2nd – 27th and it’s intended to allow our audience to connect with us in a way that most of them are familiar with. All feedback is welcome, but ideally we would like to hear, from their experience; how we stack up against other community driven programs out there. How do we improve the quality of content or topics to let our users maximize the benefits from participating? And ultimately just listen to them speak from their heart.


New ATE Community Design

As our program continues to grow and based on the increased interest from community members on events that were held in the past, we took the liberty to upgrade our own program space. Our newly designed homepage has a modern look that is intended to be aligned with a long list of recently released ECN Product Communities. This refreshed community makes it easier for our users to find current, old and upcoming Ask the Expert threads. Our visitors can search events by keyword, product name or by selecting them from our calendar of upcoming discussions. Additionally, from time to time we’ll be featuring a fresh new list of subject matter experts, allowing members to connect with them and build relationships. Moreover, we are making it easier for the public to nominate someone who they think has what it takes to become an expert for our program. Someone who may even be an active community member that is willing to share with the community a topic that could benefit all.


Find out the latest from announcements being made during EMC World 2016, join our Virtual Ask the Expert Sessions!

All these changes are ultimately being made for the benefit of our audience. We understand the importance of having the ability to enjoy a variety of sources from where to gather technical data. The information shared on each of our events is intended to help users solve their own unique problems in a professional and friendly fashion, via a program that’s highly collaborative and globally accessible.

Enterprise data center managers are constantly trying to keep up with tremendous growth in their data storage requirements, while complying with stringent requirements for application availability. In addition, these organizations face increasing pressure to maximize application density while avoiding problems that could lead to business interruption.


To make matters worse, problems such as host latency, network congestion, bottlenecks, and instability are oftentimes intermittent and difficult to diagnose, making it even more challenging to maintain an optimized and robust Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. Companies commonly look to install 3rd party solutions to monitor their SAN infrastructure. These bolt-on solutions can be expensive, invasive, and highly risky to deploy. SAN 1.PNG.png


Companies are increasingly stressing their networks so they can push more workload to handle all- flash arrays, large scale server virtualization projects, and high performance workloads such as OLTP, data warehousing, and streaming media. This creates a heightened urgency for advanced tools that provide proactive management of these complex SAN environments.


Modern data centers are looking for solutions to automate monitoring and alerting when challenges arise from high performance workloads. In response to this growing demand, service providers like EMC are rolling out modernized service offerings specifically designed to help maintain highly optimized, high performance SAN environments. The new EMC® SAN Optimization for Connectrix B-Series service assists in automating the proactive management of complex SAN environments via advanced EMC Connectrix Fabric Vision features that help IT administrators avoid problems while maximizing application performance and availability.


Automate Notification and Alerting

All enterprise B-series fiber channel SAN environments can benefit from this personalized, predictive and proactive service. It is designed to automate proactive notification and alerting, enabling SAN administrators to identify and address issues due to network congestion, bottlenecks, and instability, before they can occur and impact the business Issues arising in complex SAN environments can be intermittent and difficult to diagnose, which can drive long issue-to-resolution times, decreased network performance, and impacted application availability.  SAN Optimization is essential for SAN administrators who want to deliver optimum network performance to their end users.


Fabric Vision: The Premiere SAN Optimization Toolbox

EMC’s SAN Optimization service leverages advanced management and reporting features available though Fabric Vision, which includes . EMC SAN Health Analysis, MAPS, Flow Vision, and Dashboards. It also provides multiple tuning sessions over the course of 4 weeks to help you customize MAPS to ensure that any alerts received are meaningful and relevant, allowing you take timely corrective action. SAN 2.PNG.pngExperience has shown that most customers need a review of their SAN environment to ensure alignment with business and technical objectives. EMC San Optimization will help maximize up-time, simplify and automate SAN management, and most importantly, provide maximum visibility into the network.


To learn more about how a SAN Optimization service can help you master your SAN environment, please post your comments and questions below and we’ll contact you with more information.


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