• Ignore 'XtremIO vVol support?'

    Ignore original post for XtremIO vVol support.
    Gary Bastarache
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  • [XtermIO - Rest API] Looking API Out Put

    Hi,   I'm going to create XtermIO storage simulator using python. But I don't have real storage environment access to check API output format.   API : https://<Server_IP>/api/json/types/clusters?cluste...
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  • XxtremIO X1 to X2 Migration question

    Hello I was wondering if someone could please answer the below question   A physical Server connected to the XtremIO X1, is there a way to gracefully migrate or clone the attached Luns to the XtremIO X2 system s...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • Calculating thin savings

    Hello guys and gals,   I am looking at this numbers and they are not adding up.                "logical-space-in-use": "56724912",   &...
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  • Powershell script to snap/reassign/repeat

    Hello, Has anyone written a Windows PowerShell script that simply snaps a CG?    My source host is a Win2k12 server running MS-SQL server.  My target/mount host is identical.  I want to snap a ...
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  • xtremio allocation

    Hi,   Looking for some help with xtremio allocation via ssh.   typically i prepare a script(output.txt) something like command1 command2 command3 - - - commandn   and run it via ssh ssh xmstes...
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  • XtremIO Connectivity parameter change

    per the most recent XIO Upgrade Customer Preparation guide, there is a requirement to change the array connectivity mode from PDL (previous default setting) to APD if you have VMware ESX servers attached. See KB 48339...
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  • Xtremio REST Call with not Basic Auth

    Hello,     I am using REST API programming script for DB refreshes ( consistency group refresh ) but my script exposing the user credentials in plain text like user:xxxx pass:xxx so Is there anyway I can by...
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  • Multi-Cluster XMS Scalability Limits

    Hello,   Is there anything on the roadmap to allow for multiple XtremIO arrays managed by a single XMS management server to retain all of their individual array limits rather than consolidating to the single XMS...
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  • When will XIO upgrades be available as customer installable?

    What is the timeframe for a version of XIO where customers can manage the upgrade process?
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  • XtremeIO POST REST error 400

    Hello,     I need help of consistency group refresh from another consistency group ( repurpose copy refresh).   Example: Original consistency group name:  API-CG Repurpose  consistency gro...
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  • Xtremio X2 LACP support

    I was wondering if XtremIO supports LACP. We have not been able to find any documentation on it.   Thanks, Gary Bastarache PreSales Support
    Gary Bastarache
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  • XIO behind SVC

    Any issues with placing an XIO behind IBM's SVC ?
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  • Cisco UCS iSCSI Best Practice

    We recently purchased XIO that is now running 4.x and now moving to the Cisco UCS platform for our compute environment using iSCSI as our choice of SAN connectivity.   When running iSCSI with Cisco UCS, they rec...
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  • Restore Snapshot into a different Volume than the source Volume

    Hi folks, it would be possible to restore a Snapshot into a different Volume than the source Volume?   Many thanks in advance, Jorge.
    Jorge Florencio
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  • XtremIO X1 - illegal pstn when creating cluster

    We are getting the following error when we try to create a cluster.  THis is a XtremIO X1 (4.0) that was configured by someone else and is no longer here and we had to move it and re-IP it without a XMS server.&n...
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  • Powershell and XTREMIO

    I am testing some scripts with xtremio 2.0 powershell module , The XMS is managing two clusters, when i create a volume using the cluster name, everything work fine, however when i create a Initiatorgroup, it does not...
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  • Lost Information during Multi-Cluster Management

    Multi-Cluster management is touted a lot to condense the array management into a single XMS, however with the command to add and remove clusters to allow for this centralized management, why aren't all of the tags, us...
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  • Possible impact of Scsi unmap operation with XIO

    IHAC who is planning to install new XIO X2 to connect ESXi hosts via FC and place data store volumes.   They're now discussing their daily operational flow and looking for information which helps to identify pos...
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  • Can we remove volumes from XIO CG when there are multiple snapshot sets associated with it?

    Hello,   Can we remove volumes from  XIO Consistency Group when there are multiple snapshot sets assiciated with it. There are 15 devices altogether out of which 4 are unmapped. I want to remove these 4 fro...
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