• XtremIO XMS

    I am looking at buying an XtremIO brick off eBay, and was wondering if I would be able to download the XMS OVA or will I need a service contract? If I do need a service contract how much does that cost?
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  • XtremIO XMS

    I'm looking at buying an XtremIO brick off eBay. Do you need a service contract to download the XtremIO XMS ova? If so how much does it cost?
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  • Need advise on XIO storage calculation

    If we want to add 4 servers to the XIO, the requirement of space would be 150 TB (100TB for File System + 50TB for Oracle DB application). Is it possible to add it to the environment as mentioned in the below screensh...
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  • XtremIO performance returning Bad Request : Object_not_found for some volumes

    I am using the REST API for collecting performance information and noticed that if I query performance data for certain volumes, the response is returned as "Response code 400, msg : Bad Request" (obj_not_found). Why...
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  • Powershell script to snap/reassign/repeat

    Hello, Has anyone written a Windows PowerShell script that simply snaps a CG?    My source host is a Win2k12 server running MS-SQL server.  My target/mount host is identical.  I want to snap a ...
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  • XtremIO performance query time limits

    Hi   I am trying to use a query with time limits for XtremIO and XIO2. Below is the sample query:   https://xioms01/api/json/v2/types/performance?cluster-name=xio01&entity=Volume&granularity=one_mi...
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  • XtremIO SC Discovery Problem

    Hi, I got below error during cluster creation: X-Brick 2 Storage Controller 1 was not discovered XMS Completion Code: not_all_nodes_discovered_successfully   What's problem?
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  • HTML5 Web App

    Is the CLI in the web app like it was in flash? Or do I have to use ssh? I gave ssh try using xmsadmin and it kept saying bad password. I confirmed I was using the correct one by logging in to the client.
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  • What is logical-space-in-use for volume?

    What is logical-space-in-use for volume ? We see many volumes have this value greater than "vol-size" ? We are using REST API to get this information.
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  • EMC Xtremio Performance

    Hello   We are using the EMC Xtremio Performance queries to gather statistics. Currently we are using below REST API to get the statistics.   https://xio01/api/json/v2/types/performance?cluster-name=xio176...
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  • I have a question about X2-T and XMS.

    Hi, I'm new employee.   As I know, XMS is required to control cluster.   And, X2-T is just Single block.     Thus, I think X2-T doesn't need XMS.....   Is it wrong..?   sorry for d...
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  • XMS - Changing timezone

    Hello,   I have looked in the admin guide and did not see any big scary warnings about changing XMS timezone on a production cluster but wanted to double check with the community.  I guess default timezone ...
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  • Ignore 'XtremIO vVol support?'

    Ignore original post for XtremIO vVol support.
    Gary Bastarache
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  • [XtermIO - Rest API] Looking API Out Put

    Hi,   I'm going to create XtermIO storage simulator using python. But I don't have real storage environment access to check API output format.   API : https://<Server_IP>/api/json/types/clusters?cluste...
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  • XxtremIO X1 to X2 Migration question

    Hello I was wondering if someone could please answer the below question   A physical Server connected to the XtremIO X1, is there a way to gracefully migrate or clone the attached Luns to the XtremIO X2 system s...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • Calculating thin savings

    Hello guys and gals,   I am looking at this numbers and they are not adding up.                "logical-space-in-use": "56724912",   &...
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  • xtremio allocation

    Hi,   Looking for some help with xtremio allocation via ssh.   typically i prepare a script(output.txt) something like command1 command2 command3 - - - commandn   and run it via ssh ssh xmstes...
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  • XtremIO Connectivity parameter change

    per the most recent XIO Upgrade Customer Preparation guide, there is a requirement to change the array connectivity mode from PDL (previous default setting) to APD if you have VMware ESX servers attached. See KB 48339...
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  • Xtremio REST Call with not Basic Auth

    Hello,     I am using REST API programming script for DB refreshes ( consistency group refresh ) but my script exposing the user credentials in plain text like user:xxxx pass:xxx so Is there anyway I can by...
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  • Multi-Cluster XMS Scalability Limits

    Hello,   Is there anything on the roadmap to allow for multiple XtremIO arrays managed by a single XMS management server to retain all of their individual array limits rather than consolidating to the single XMS...
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