• Why isn't port channeling allowed?

    I was at VMworld this year and talked to engineers at the DellEMC booth and all them looked like deer in headlights about why Port channeling is not allowed on the uplinks assigned to ESXi mgt, VxRail mgt and vSAN. Th...
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  • What would be the impact of shutting off VxRail manager and ESRS?

    What would be the impact of shutting off VxRail manager and ESRS?   We've had VxRail up and running for about a year and a half now. There have been many issues big and small. Only one of these issues was relate...
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  • Implementation for NSX on VxRAIL

    Does anyone know the guide information of NSX implementation on VxRAIL?   Thanks!
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  • Connectivity Issue on G410 Appliance Running VxRail 4.0.301

    Hi guys, anyone of you encountered an issue where NIC port 1 on all nodes just suddenly goes down when the server nodes boot to ESXi? I am trying to re-image the appliance but I can't because of the NIC Port 1 going o...
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  • Can any one pls help me with VDI use cases using VxRail

    Hello Team,   I have customer asking for the VDI use case using VxRail. do we have any reference to share with customer. Also if someone can share some reference architecture for VDI using VxRail . pls share the...
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  • E560F VXRAIL Installation Step 17 Fail

    Greetings, We are getting an error in step 17 of the E560F vxRail installation. I share the log file and screen display about the error. I would like your help.    
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  • Is Hardware Upgrade within the existing VxRAIL Possible?

    Would like to get answers to 2 specific questions on existing VxRAIL Nodes :   Can the internal Hardware components like Memory and CPUs  be upgraded/changed within the VxRAIL Nodes? ( I do know that we can...
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  • G410 Build Failure at PSC firstboot - new install

    Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions regarding build failures on a new unit. It has been sitting in the box (so to speak) for a while so the shipped version is 3 node G410 hybrid unit - no hardware issue...
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  • VxRail expansion

    Hi   We have g-series 4 nodes VxRail Appliance. Recently we have received new node (E560F). Before add new node we have updated vxrail cluster to version 4.5.212. After update all working well but on Dashboard ...
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  • VxRail issue

    Hi guys,   I'm trying to understand how the VxRail networking works with NIC ports and IP addresses, which port is assigned to what IP. I have a 3 node cluster VxRail P470f with a quad nic (2x SPF 10GbE & 2x...
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  • Mobile Deployment Server - VxRail Appliance 4.x

    Hi - I have done the 'VxRail Appliance Deployment and Implementation - Video ILT' training.   The instructor talks about the Mobile Deployment Server [MDS] being available from support site but I can't find it a...
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  • Horizon VDI very slow after upgrade VXRail

    Hi all,   After upgrading our VXRail appliances, Horizon VDI sessions run very slow. The startup of applications takes a long time. Please can anyone help??????   Greetz,   Robbert
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  • SMP-FT Not supported on VxRail 4.5 - 14th Gen PowerEdge Servers

    Hi team,   I've been looking around several old threads where it was stated that vSphere FT feature was not supported by VxRail basically because this feature needs a dedicated Ethernet interface and only two of...
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  • We want to provision VM and other servers to Dell VXrail using Service Catalog. Do we have any existing integration on this.

    We want to provision VM and other servers to Dell VXrail using Service Catalog. Do we have any existing ServiceNow integration on this. Administrator
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  • VxRail supported on Standard Switch (vSS) vs dVS? + (VMware Licensing)

    Hello's Have a customer that is purchasing a VxRail and looking at the  BYO licenses option. He currently has vSphere Enterprise licenses, and he did not upgrade during the "End of Availability for vsphere Enterp...
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  • Power Consumption & Heat Dissipation Data

    Does anyone know where to get power consumption and heat dissipation data for the new VxRails? Not yet available in the powercalulcator and could not find it anywhere else?
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  • VxRail E460F vs ESXi Windows VM Slow NIC Performance

    Running a cluster of three VxRail E460 hosts w/ESXi 6.5.  Recently changed the Windows VM NICs to VMXNET3 in order to get 10G speeds.  Although Windows is reporting 10G connectivity, a file copy job between ...
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  • Can I mix VxRail Appliance models within a cluster?

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  • Storage policy change for VMs

    Hello,   I wonder if it's possibile to track the process when I modify storage policy for one or more VMs. For instance changing the raid protection from erasure coding to mirroring.   Do can I expect incr...
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  • VxRail Install Wizard and the Name scheme / Pool IP allocation

    Hello everybody,   I'm thinking of installing a VxRail stretched cluster soon.   Today, I have two "Data" sites with stretched vlans (layer 2) and I am organized as below for my vmware servers existing : &...
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