• Fail Installation Vxrail Step 38

    Hai All I need help, I install 3 vxrail appliance, and failed on step 38. any one have idea for this.     Regards Revan Simbolon
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  • Anyone know the default password for the "vxadmin" iDRAC account?

    Running into the following issue, but it doesn't tell you what to set the iDRAC "vxadmin" password to: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-62943   Anyone know what the password is for this account?   Thank...
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  • How to Permanently Decommissioning a node from a VxRAIL Cluster

    Hi Community,   I've found billions of documents how to one click scale-out a VxRAIL, but nothing concrete about how to permanently decommissioning a node from a VxRAIL Cluster, even in SolVE. This is useful for...
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  • VxRail Manager: Unable to generate Log Bundle

      Has anyone come across this issue before? Is there a way to download the log bundle? Can we gain access to the CLI and download the log bundle?   I've tried downloading the log bundle multiple times in...
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  • VXrail update hangs on 65%

    Hi, I was trying to do an update of our VXRail. But now it hangs. In the VXRail manager i uploaded the update package. But now the update hangs on 65% (Bootstap deployment in progress ...) for a couple of days now. ...
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  • Vxrail serie G does not want to boot.

    Hello   The node does not want to boot with 1-5-4-2 beeps and red alarms led . The  model is phoenix . Can you help me to locate the problem.   Regards. Rached
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  • Vxrail does not want to start with beeps errors.

    Hello   Please can you help me about an hardware issue on the Vxrail G series . The node does not want to start with 1-5-4-2 beeps. The constructor is Phoenix.   Regards, Rached
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  • Shutdown VxRail by CLI

    Hello,   How can we shutdown VxRail by CLI? Because our customer wants to do it using UPS at power outage. Is that possible?   I looked at both the product guide page 54 and the procedure page 3 but they are...
    Hiroki K.
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  • Is Hardware Upgrade within the existing VxRAIL Possible?

    Would like to get answers to 2 specific questions on existing VxRAIL Nodes :   Can the internal Hardware components like Memory and CPUs  be upgraded/changed within the VxRAIL Nodes? ( I do know that we can...
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  • Vxrail

    in vxrail E560, which port is resposible for communicating vxrail manager default ip:
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  • VxRail 4.7 with external vCenter - PSC convergence tool supported?

    VxRail 4.7 was recently released which supports/comes with vCenter 6.7 U1 and ESXi 6.7 U1, or you can use a customer-provided external vCenter.  If the external vCenter uses external PSC there is now a PSC conver...
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  • VxRail 4.7 TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot

    Hi there,   After the upgrade to 4.7, I got a warning about TPM     Then I set the TPM to use SHA-256 hashing, a new error has occurred.     I attempt to enable the UEFI Secure Boot , a...
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  • vSAN 6.7 support for VXrail

    When will VXrail clusters (4.5 software version or so I believe) be able to use vsan 6.7?  It just came out I understand, but it has some new features that we need.  Just wondering if there is a plan or if i...
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  • vCenter 6.7 Externally Managed

    Hi,   I have a customer that purchased 8 x VxRail nodes to be used in a Stretched Cluster.   Customer wants to use their existing vCenter v 6.7. I'm guessing the nodes to be v. 4.5.215 or similar. Would I...
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  • Vxrail 4.5 temperature alerts

    Since upgrading multiple vxrails to 4.5.227 in different locations we're getting frequent temperature alerts.  When viewing the hardware tab the alerts vs what's being reported as the temperature doesn't match an...
    Garret Black
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  • vxrail build failed during Configuring Enhanced vMotion

    vxrail buid - 4.5.225-10233140   Trying to build the vxrail on top of vsphere environrment as part of the build vxrail is failing with below error.   At present in my cluster I have only vxrail manger sitt...
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  • VxRail Hardening Guide?

    Hi, does an VxRail Hardening Guide exist? Or can we simply use the Hardening Guide for vSphere (Security Hardening Guides - VMware Security) More info on that would be much appreciated.   Thx in advance  ...
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  • E560F VXRAIL Installation Step 17 Fail

    Greetings, We are getting an error in step 17 of the E560F vxRail installation. I share the log file and screen display about the error. I would like your help.    
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  • IP Address Changes (Post Deployment)

    Is it possible (and if so what are the steps needed) to change the management and iDRAC IP addresses of all the hosts in an already deployed and configured VxRail cluster?   TIA!
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  • Why are upgrade packages so large?

    Hello,   It must be a sign of the times with bloatware in abundance that this platform would also require a 3+Gig upgrade package for every release. With the heightened security protocols most of us struggle wit...
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