• Vxrail wizard stopped "Configuring syslog server"

    Hi to all, today I started to install a vxrail e460, 4.5.0-6881819 using the json file to insert the configuration data. During setup, the wizard stopped working on task 23/65 "Configuring syslog server" and does no...
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  • MELTDOWN CVE-2017-5754 & SPECTRE CVE2017-5715 and CVE-2017-5753

    For those trying to find info on the Meltdown and Spectre exploits please see the link below:   https://emcservice.force.com/CustomersPartners/kA6f1000000FD0gCAG
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  • VxRail gen14 downgrade to 4.0.400?

    Dear Members,   when we order a Gen 14 node, which is shipped with VxRail 4.5.101, can we downgrade those appliances to 4.0.400?   we have 5 VxRail clusters running on 4.0.x and want our new clusters also ...
    Menno van der Heide
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  • VxRail 4.5 upgrade for VxRail 4.0 customers

    Does anyone knows when the VxRail 4.5.070 upgrade becomes available for VxRail 4.0.302/4.0.400 customers? It would be released in Q4 2017. It's now almost 2018 and it's still not available for download.
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  • Adding RAM to VxRail Nodes

    Anyone added RAM to their existing VxRail nodes (PowerEdge) after initial purchase?   Thanks!
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  • Deploy new VxRail 4.5 with a vSphere distributed vSwitch version 6.0

    Hi,   Is it possible to deploy a new VxRail 4.5 installation with a vSphere distributed vSwitch version 6.0 in stead of 6.5? If yes where can I find the procedure? Can't find it in Solve Desktop.   Cheers!
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  • Join External vCenter to VxRail PSC

    I am in the planning stage for migrating from a vSphere 6.0 cluster to a VxRail cluster which will be using using Internal VCSA with external PSC inlcuded (PSC that comes with the embedded VCSA). I have understood tha...
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  • VxRail Networking Random IPs

    I am working with a customer who wants to use random IPs for VxRail networking (ESXi, vSAN, vMotion) and avoid using sequential IPs as requested by the deployment tool starting IP and ending IP for each network!  ...
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  • SQL 2014 migration to vxrail

    I have been researching but not finding any good information. I have a 2014 SQL cluster has direct access to ISCSI storage using MPIO not microsofts iscsi initiators. we just put in a new vxrail so goal is to migrate ...
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  • VxRail with SQL and VxRail Migration from legacy FC SAN to VxRail

    Hello I was wondering if someone could please answer the questions below:   1. Is there a white paper for VxRail and SQL?   2. Looking for Migration documentation when going from legacy FC SAN to VxRail? &...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • VxRail with Datadomain Data deduplication query

    Does anybody have the pros and cons of running VxRail all flash with dedupe and compression alongside datadomain backup that are deduped?
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  • VxRail vs HyperFlex

    Is there a competitive document available or in the works for HyperFlex (UCS/Springpath)  ? Cisco will be making their announcement today and I imagine there will be some interest.
    Rob Steele
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  • Can I use VxRAIL for Cloud Service (IaaS)?

    Hi All,   Can VxRAIL use for cloud service provider? Because VMware require to specific license for using cloud service provider, that is VMware Service Provider Cloud Licensing Programs.   Best Regards.
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  • Migration of Existing VM's to VxRail

    We've recently installed a new VxRail S470 into our environment and my goal is to do live migrations using vMotion and vStorage Motion to move my existing VM's from our vCenter/SAN into the embedded vCenter that comes...
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  • Could we use Link Aggregation for the network cards and ports added in VxRail?

    Hi, Would you like to let me know about whether we could use Link Aggregation for the network cards and ports added in VxRail?   As we know, all node types support adding additional network cards like the li...
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  • VxRAIL  and  Power Outage

    Hello VxRAIL Experts:   Two weeks ago, the DataCenter of one us customers suffered a Power Outage. They have a VxRAIL with two appliances and four Quanta Nodes. Of course, all the VxRAIL solution (nodes, applian...
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  • VxRail with ACI support

    Is there any reason you can't run ACI on a VxRail or is it fully supported?
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  • VxRail - 10Gb + 1GbE

    Hi Folks,   I'm using VxRail P470F Full-Flash using onboard network NIC (2x10Gb SFP+ + 2x1GbE).   I'm using the two 10Gb SFP+ onboard ports for the entire traffic (mgmt + data). I would need to know if I c...
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  • Cisco Top of Rack - VxRail

    Is there a top of rack option from Cisco for VxRail? R/S BB
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  • VxRail 3.5 Installation Question

    Hey There! I'm encountering some strange behavior while trying to install a VxRail appliance in my lab, and was wandering if someone could help me make sense of it..   The appliance is a P470 model, VxRail...
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