• DNS Changes to VCSA, PSC, and Manager servers?

    Hello All,   I was wondering if someone had the instructions on changing DNS server IP's for VCSA, PSC, and manager servers? The KB "492132 https://support.emc.com/kb/492132" did not help. The referenced "vmwar...
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  • VxRail Sizing tool 4.0 & 4.5

    hi there ... It seems to be VxRail sizing tool New version has been releaced ( 1.6 ) and should be added 1.8TB and 2.4TB SAS HDD  disk . But acutally partner CE cannot use this for quoting .. When would thi...
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  • VxRail 4.5.1

    Hi, I plan on implementing 2 x G series appliances that are at version 4.5.1 connecting to an external vCenter. I'm just trying to verify the supported version on vCenter and the SolVe documentation doesn't state the ...
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  • Is Hardware Upgrade within the existing VxRAIL Possible?

    Would like to get answers to 2 specific questions on existing VxRAIL Nodes :   Can the internal Hardware components like Memory and CPUs  be upgraded/changed within the VxRAIL Nodes? ( I do know that we can...
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  • Ask the Experts: Introducing the new Dell EMC VxRail™ Appliance

    YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED ON THESE ASSETS...Ask the Expert: Introducing the New VCE VxRail™ Appliance Ask the Experts - New VCE VxRail Appliance Introduction Ask the Expert: Introducing DSSD & Rack-Scale Fl...
    Roberto Araujo
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  • VxRail Symantec Endpoint Antivirus protection support

    Hello I was wondering if someone could please answer the following question:   I have a customer that used Symantec Endpoint protection Anti-virus with the old VNX environment. They have purchased a 20 Node VxRa...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • VxRail Manager no longer accepts AD creds

    I have recently upgraded 2 different VxRail clusters from 4.0.400 to 4.5.150.  That process has gone well with 1 exception.  At the beginning of the process it upgrades VxRail Manager code and logs you out.&...
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  • VxRail "60" Appliance

    Does anyone know the maximum about of memory I can add to the VxRail 60. There are two expansion bays, one empty that does not have an additional CPU and the other that has the CPU. Can only the bay with the CPU be up...
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  • VXrail manager authorization and permissions

    Hi,   Does anyone knows how to manage VXrail manager v4 authorization and permissions? Default anyone with a vCenter login, local or ldap, can login as admin in VXrail manager even when they have only a readonly...
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  • vxRail and the DMZ

    Wizards,   I have a customer considering a four node cluster of appliances. The customer is running a software with the following architecture (pic).   The load balancers and the Apache needs to be in the...
    Jona Blocker
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  • cluster GUID or Unique identifier for a VxRail set of Nodes?

    Hi ,   is there a cluster GUID or Unique identifier for a VxRail set of Nodes?
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  • VxRail move to new cluster

    Are there any work arounds to migrate a VxRail from one external vCenter to another?  There are articles on how it can be done with a generic vsan cluster, but all documentation i've seen for VxRail states the Vx...
    Garret Black
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  • Cisco Top of Rack - VxRail

    Is there a top of rack option from Cisco for VxRail? R/S BB
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  • Can i do "memory upgrade"  VxRail G-Series node.

    I have 2 sites & both has same hardware "VxRail G-Series nodes which are QuantaPlex T41S-2U". 1st Site has 16x16GB DIMMs which are not sufficient to reach current traffic. And 2nd site which is not active 16x32...
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  • VXrail Manager Appliance Low Disk Space

    Dear all,   Im attempting to update our VXrail 4th Gen appliances from 4.0.302-6829778 to 4.0.401-7673557. However i received this error:   Pre-checking if there is enough disk space for upgrade. Not eno...
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  • How often does VxRail Manager poll hardware information, and can it be changed?

    I notice that the VxRail Manager does not display hardware error immediately.   I tried to unplug one power cable from node1. Nothing shows on VxRail Manager. iDRAC immediately logged power event and sent email ...
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  • ESRS on VxRail Manager

    VxRail Version 4.0.302-6829778. I am trying to configure ESRS on VxRail Manager but when i try to login to my online support account on VxRail Manager, I get an error :   "HTTP connection refused".   Inte...
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  • How to prevent Update Manager from patching VxRail hosts with external vCenter?

    Customer needs to prevent Update Manager from automatically or by accident patching VxRail hosts. VxRail has an external vCenter Server, and vCenter manages other non-VxRail clusters as well.   In Update Manager...
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  • VxRail sizer options

    Hi there, I am using the 4.5 version of the VxRail sizer, and had a couple of options that I am trying to work out for comparisons.   It looks like the only option for MEM in the server is for "Min Memory per pr...
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  • Vxrail wizard stopped "Configuring syslog server"

    Hi to all, today I started to install a vxrail e460, 4.5.0-6881819 using the json file to insert the configuration data. During setup, the wizard stopped working on task 23/65 "Configuring syslog server" and does no...
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