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VSPEX continues to expand its offerings and release new validated solutions in line with exciting new offering from the EMC core technologies it features. Today, VSPEX is announcing new reference architectures for XtremIO, VMAX, and Isilon. With these solutions, VSPEX is helping customers to scale up higher and scale out further than they ever have before.


These solutions further expand what is already the industry's broadest set of reference architecture offerings. With VMAX, Isilon, and XtremIO, VSPEX will help customers transform their IT infrastructure and leverage EMC’s newest products to embrace the concepts offered by platform 2.5 and 3.0 applications.


VMAX3 is the first enterprise data services platform built to deliver and manage predictable service levels at scale for hybrid clouds. It is based on the Dynamic Virtual Matrix that delivers agility and efficiency at scale. Hundreds of CPU cores are pooled and allocated on-demand to meet the performance requirements for dynamic mixed workloads. The VMAX3 provides up to three times the performance of previous generation arrays with double the density.


VSPEX Private Cloud for VMware vSphere 5.5 provides a complete system architecture capable of supporting up to 2800 virtual machines with a redundant server and network topology and highly available storage. This solution is the first VSPEX designed specifically with enterprise customers in mind, providing up to six 9’s of availability and the option to scale up in increments of 300 or 700 virtual machines.


VSPEX With VMAX3 100K For Up To 2800 Virtual Machines: Proven Infrastructure Guide

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VSPEX With Isilon

Isilon scale-out NAS provides a simple, scalable, and efficient platform to store massive amounts of unstructured data and enable various applications to create a scalable and accessible data repository without the overhead associated with traditional storage systems.


The new VSPEX solution with Isilon is the first VSPEX designed for scale-out NAS deployments. With VSPEX, users can scale to over 50 PB of data while supporting thousands of end users and providing capacity utilization that is up to 30% higher than traditional arrays.


VSPEX With Isilon Scale-Out NAS: Proven Infrastructure Guide

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VSPEX With XtremIO

XtremIO all-flash arrays offer customers breakthrough performance free from bottlenecks and enables data transformational workloads such as real-time analytics, database lifecycle acceleration, SAP landscape consolidation private/hybrid cloud, and virtual desktops.


VSPEX provides complete Infrastructure solutions with XtremIO ranging from ½ X-Brick (5 TB) that scale up to 350 Reference Virtual Machines (RVM) , X-Brick (10TB) that scale to 2800 RVMs, and  X-Brick (20TB) that scale up to 8400 RVMs. In addition to these private cloud solutions,  new VSPEX solutions for SQL Server and Oracle 12c on XtremIO is also available.


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