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When we talk to IT professionals about VSPEX, virtualization and cloud have always been a big part of the conversation. That’s because many IT organizations see virtualization as a critical step in the path towards increasing IT efficiency and responsiveness, while also preparing to move workloads to the private or public cloud, or a combination of the two.


Thousands of businesses have used VSPEX to virtualize their IT infrastructure, and have realized substantial cost savings and performance benefits as a result. As these businesses have increased their IT efficiency and agility, they’ve given their end users the ability to do more – whether it be to close more deals, gather more information about customer preferences, or bring new products and services to market faster.


The SAP Business Suite is a prime candidate for deployment on a VSPEX private cloud proven infrastructure. The suite’s five main components for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Resource Management (CRM), Supplier Resource Management (SRM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) are mission critical for companies that rely on them to manage their business, and bring new products and services to market. The SAP landscapes with separate environments for production, development, QA, and sometimes more, involve significant numbers of typically underutilized servers when deployed on physical infrastructure.

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The improved server utilization, efficient management, increased elasticity, and simplified data protection and disaster recovery that virtualization enables pay great dividends for SAP Business Suite deployments. To help customer quickly achieve their SAP virtualization goals, we’re happy to announce a new VSPEX solution for virtualizing SAP NetWeaver. The EMC VSPEX for Virtualized SAP Business Suite Applications Architecture provides a validated system, capable of hosting virtualized SAP systems at a consistent performance level. This solution is designed to be layered on a VSPEX Private Cloud solution using a VMware vSphere virtualization layer, and uses the highly available EMC VNX family at the storage layer.


The solution includes prescriptive guidance for deploying the SAP Business Suite with Oracle Database on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and with Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Windows Server in VMware vSphere environments.


VSPEX also provides flexibility at the networking and server layer, and provides guidance through the VSPEX sizing tool to make it easy to identify the components you need to best fit your SAP environment.



This solution will help IT departments reduce CapEx by increasing existing system utilization and efficiencies by cutting down on the number of physical systems, reducing data center footprint, and possibly even reducing the number of required software licenses.


It will also help to reduce OpEx by allowing IT to more quickly and efficiently provision and decommission systems, automate backup, cloning, and data refreshes, and centralize management and monitoring.


For more information on this new solution, check out the VSPEX for SAP Design Guide, which describes how to design the resources necessary to deploy SAP Business Suite applications on any VSPEX Proven Infrastructure that uses an EMC VNX storage array. Also, visit the VSPEX SAP Solution Page for the Implementation Guide, a solution overview, and all of the support you need to get started on your virtualization journey.