If case you missed the launch event, EMC today announced the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution - a new offering that allows customers to simply and securely connect their internal private cloud to the public cloud offering of their choice. The solution also enables IT administrators to create a self-service catalog where end users can request and provision their own IT resources in just a few clicks.


A key benefit of the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution is it's flexibility. You can seamlessly offer your end users resources from both the public and private clouds, while still maintaing control over the policies that govern those services. You can also decide when and how you use public cloud resources, and which vendor provides those resources.


The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution combines technology from VMware and EMC, and it has been meticulously tested and documented by engineering teams from both companies. With the documentation created through this design process and the expertise of EMC Global Services or a trusted IT reseller, the solution can be deployed quickly and efficiently.


If the key attributes of the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution sound familiar, you probably know VSPEX well. VSPEX is a simple, efficient, and flexible approach to deploying IT infrastructure, and can serve as the foundation on which your Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution is built. VSPEX and the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution can be deployed concurrently, or If you already have an existing VSPEX Private Cloud solution, you can deploy the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution on top of it.


If you want to learn more about how you can deploy the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution on VSPEX, check out the whiteboard video below that explains the benefits of the solution and details the different deployment options available to you. After that, check out the comprehensive solution documentation available on the new solution on the VSPEX EMC Community Network page.


The archived Enterprise Hybrid Cloud launch webcast is also available.