Modern businesses are information businesses.  When technology fails, hospitals can’t do MRIs, factory production lines grind to a halt, and credit card transactions no longer go through.  Hence, the expectation for modern datacenters is that the technology cannot fail.  More than 50% of the Global Fortune 500 use VPLEX to deliver on this expectation because VPLEX has proven over the years to be synonymous with application availability.


Modern datacenters are also expected to keep up with fast changing business needs and to seamlessly integrate new technologies.  The rapid rise of flash as a storage medium is one example of the pace of change IT practitioners are asked to deal with.  Customers adopt flash for its simplicity and its performance.  At the end of the day, all-flash storage makes IT more productive and equally important, it makes IT’s business partners more productive.  That productivity translates into increased business competitiveness.  The business relies on that competitive edge to thrive.  But how does IT move their operations to all flash storage?  In many cases, time to value is measured in months of lost productivity gains and the migration process is complicated and expensive. Of course, more than 50% of the Global Fortune 500 companies who use VPLEX don’t have this problem because VPLEX streamlines the migration process and cuts down the time to value from months down to days/weeks.


EMC has just launched new lightning fast VPLEX hardware platform – the VS6 which is designed and built for speed, scale, and performance to meet the demands of tomorrow’s modern data center, embracing the trend towards deployment of all-flash storage arrays.

VPLEX For All-Flash with the lowest TCO

Recognizing the central importance of all-flash storage to the modern datacenter and to help customers accelerate their time to value, increase their agility, and deliver on non-stop operations, EMC is also offering a a new way customers can speed their adoption of flash and increase the availability and agility of their IT solutions – VPLEX for All Flash.



VPLEX for All Flash is an appliance model that combines VPLEX hardware and software at a single price per engine that includes an unlimited right to connect any number of EMC’s all-flash arrays for the purposes of protecting and moving workloads.  Any VNX Fx000, Unity AF, XtremIO, or VMAX AF capacity behind VPLEX is included.  When additional performance is needed, additional VPLEX engines can be added to the cluster. If there is a need to connect hybrid arrays, standard VPLEX licensing applies – frame-based for VNX/Unity, brick-based for XtremIO, and capacity-based for VMAX or third-party arrays.


VPLEX for All Flash summary

  • Pay per VPLEX engine, and place any EMC All Flash array(s) behind VPLEX
  • Available in Local and Metro versions
  • Available with VS2 or VS6 engines
  • Available in single, dual, or quad engine clusters
  • Paid Premium support is available on the appliance (HW and SW) at an attractive price point


If you are modernizing your datacenter with all-flash storage, consider VPLEX for All-Flash. It will accelerate your journey, simplify your availability, and bring new levels of agility that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it!



Author Bio

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Colin Durocher is a Consultant Product Manager with EMC and has spent over 10 years working on the VPLEX product in a variety of roles within Engineering and Product Management. He currently owns coordination with storage array partners, as well as pushing VPLEX performance and scale to meet increasing customer requirements. He’s also defining future VPLEX product strategy, direction, and innovation.


Outside of work, Colin enjoys racquet sports, brewing beer, camping, and spending time with his wife and two children in Montreal, Canada.