Last December we released GeoSynchrony 5.5 SP1 when we started supporting UNMAP for XtremIO for the basic Local case. Today we are glad to announce 5.5 SP2 with complete UNMAP support for XtremIO: Local Mirroring and Metro cases. The UNMAP support offers the following benefits to your VPLEX-XtremIO environment:


  • Reclamation of VM storage
  • Automatic reclamation of Windows Server storage due to data movement or deletion
  • Reduced the storage use on XtremIO backend arrays with VPLEX

This together with existing support for XCOPY, ATS, and WRITE_SAME, VPLEX now supports all of the VAAI primitives. Here is Itzik Reich, XtremIO CTO with more detail on the release. Also check out this great demo to see how UNMAP can be used to free up storage space that is claimed with thin provisioning through VPLEX.