We are very excited to announce VPLEX support for VMAX All Flash systems. Introducing an all flash array like VMAX All Flash is a great way of modernizing your datacenter. With data services matched by none and the all flash performance you are getting the best enterprise storage that can be the rock bed for your IT transformation efforts. Naturally, introducing VMAX All Flash into your datacenter means migrating hundreds of applications. Migration is a very important factor to consider if those workloads are using a storage array that is not VMAX. Storage tech refresh is one of the most daunting IT infrastructure projects that involves:

  • Having a migration plan involving pulling internal resources together
  • Planning the maintenance windows
  • Budget for professional services
  • Risk of things going wrong and losing data
  • Time to value for the new VMAX All Flash system

This is where VPLEX comes in. Enter online tech refresh. Nothing needs to go down, no more weekend maintenance windows and huge savings on that migration service bill.


Click on the image to see animation


Here is how VPLEX does it. VPLEX detects the new array, in this case VMAX All Flash, and copies the volumes from the old array to the new one until they are 100% in sync. Once in sync, VPLEX routes the IOs to the new array. At this point, after making sure everything is working properly, you can disconnect and retire the old array. While all this is happening, the host continues to read and write to the virtual volumes presented by VPLEX. With VPLEX in your environment you will never have to spend another weekend for storage tech refresh. VPLEX data mobility goes beyond the tech refresh use case to any mobility from patching servers to load balancing of storage arrays. With more than an Exabyte of data protected, moved and tiered, VPLEX is the most trusted solution when it comes to continuous availability and non-disruptive data mobility.