UPDATE: Complete UNMAP Support in SP2 available from 4/22/2016: Complete UNMAP support for XtremIO


Thin provisioning is a great way of getting the most of your valuable storage. This is especially important in case of XtremIO which is an all flash array of highest performance level. With 5.5.1 VPLEX supports VMware VAAI UNMAP command. The newly added support for UNMAP allows VPLEX to free unused blocks from thin volumes provided by XtremIO arrays.  With this capability, you can now reduce the size of thin volumes when you move VMs or delete content from ESXI hosts and even within certain VMs.  The ability to use UNMAP is added to the already existing support for VMware VAAI commands like ATS, XCOPY, and WRITESAME.


unmap xtremio local.png

For the VPLEX 5.5 SP1 release, the use of UNMAP is limited to XtremIO arrays and VPLEX Local volumes only. At this time VPLEX Metro volumes, and VPLEX volumes with local mirrors are not yet supported. Additional support for UNMAP on XtremIO array and VPLEX will be released in follow on versions of VPLEX software. Stay tuned!