Monitoring performance is very valuable to IT infrastructure staff to troubleshoot potential performance issues or take actions like balancing workloads across the storage arrays that are behind VPLEX. We are really excited to announce the first release, v1.0 (release notes), of the new VPLEX Performance Monitor, a performance monitoring tool that gives users visibility into virtual volume performance (no matter which array it is on) for troubleshooting and analyzing trends in IO traffic going through VPLEX. The tool is free with VPLEX GeoSynchrony and can be downloaded here. Check out this great demo:



VPLEX Performance Monitor is a new stand-alone feature designed to give users the visibility into how their environment is performing for the purposes of debugging and trend analysis. This will allow customers to review the performance of their volumes over long periods of time, up to 30 days, and to inspect specific performance at targeted times. The tool is customer installable and a configurable VM.


VPLEX Performance Monitor charts the following virtual volume performance metrics and allows users to zoom in and out of regions of interest:

  • IOPS
  • Read Bandwidth
  • Write Bandwidth
  • Read Latency
  • Write Latency