VPLEX hits a key milestone

If there is one solution for application continuity as elegant as an uninterrupted power supply is for power continuity, it must be EMC’s VPLEX. My colleague Colin Durocher recently shared our laser focus on Continuous Availability when it comes to product strategy and here are some stories our customers shared with us when VPLEX saved the day, thanks to that focus. Today I am very excited to announce that VPLEX hit the 100 million hours of operations, more than 10,000 years of keeping mission critical applications always on!


We are also announcing GeoSynchrony 5.5 (software that powers VPLEX) with some great feature additions for ease of use, performance and scale enhancements and VMware SRM integration:


Easy provisioning for VMAX3 and XtremIO

VPLEX Integrated Array Services (VIAS) functionality cuts down storage provisioning from a laborious 45 step process across multiple UIs to 5 simples steps within VPLEX Unisphere UI. With GeoSynchrony 5.5 this simplified provisioning of VIAS is extended to:

VMware SRM integration

VPLEX works seamlessly with VMware stretched clusters to deliver cross datacenter business continuity and mobility. With 5.5 the active-active deployment is extended to VMware's Site Recovery Manager (SRM) through a VPLEX SRA. This integration means ability to meet stringent SLAs for business critical applications and data:

  • Zero RTO/RPO for planned failovers
  • Zero RPO for unplanned failovers

For additional protection against data corruption they can additionally deploy RecoverPoint resulting in a MetroPoint topology.

Performance and Scale

With GeoSynchrony 5.5, VPLEX delivers improved performance for transaction intensive workloads with Optimal Path Management—optimally assigning virtual volumes to directors thereby reducing latency and increasing IOPS. Performance improvements:

  • Up to 25% faster for Local
  • Up to 10% faster for Metro

Note: This performance enhancement is targeted primarily for transaction intensive workloads and is available upon request.


There are also scale improvements that matter especially with a highly scalable enterprise platform like VMAX3. VPLEX now supports up to 10,000 Local Virtual Volumes. Our scale support for 8000 Metro DR1s remains at 8000 but with improved usability in both the UI and CLI. Overall user experience has been improved for the UI and the CLI for day to day maintenance and management of clusters (Local and Metro). Please refer to release notes for all supported cluster environments.


Coming soon! Stay tuned to learn more about all new 30-day Performance Monitoring tool! Please note that the new tool will be available as a separate build package installable independently on a VM and not on part of GeoSynchrony 5.5.


Last but not the least

If you have not checked these already our technical team has put together some great best practices videos covering a wide range of topics from provisioning to load balancing:


Basic VPLEX storage provisioning

VPLEX VPN Troubleshooting

Using solve desktop for VPLEX

FrontEnd load balancing (Choosing the right multipath software)

VPLEX Virtual Volumes

Resolving VPLEX time drift issues