• Factory reset VNX array

    I have a VNX array I need to reset to factory default. Anyone know how to do that?
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  • Domains Credentials Error

    Can anyone help me I couldn't login to unisphere by domain based account
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  • VNX5400 host disappeared

    Good day. VNX 5400;, Windows 2012 R2 with qlogic hba. I got some problem with Windows host: sometimes it is not displayed in the host list in the Unisphere. However there are no real problem with sto...
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  • UEMCLI Error code: 0x1000002

    Hi all,   On Linux machine, I am trying to execute following uemcli command using GO language.   /opt/emc/uemcli- -d ipaddress -port 443 -u 'username' -p 'password' -sslPolicy acc...
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  • Need link to the Atlas tool?

    I am looking for Atlas tool link, which I did not find in Global services tools.
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  • Convert VNX5300 Unified to Block Only.

    Hi Community!   I need convert a VNX5300 Unified to Block only. The Storage is unused, so we can erase all luns and remove CS and DM. There are any procedure to make this convertion?   Many thanks in advan...
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  • VNX maximums

    Hi All,   Is there a doc that specifies the maximum IOPs and bandwidth for the VNX IO modules?   Appreciate your input.
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  • VNX7600 optimal/reasonable cabling and disk placement.

    I am acquiring a VNX7600 with the following:   DPE + 11 x 2.5" DAEs 46 x 3.5" DAEs   I have a full six back-end I/o channels and the following disks:   4 x 2.5" 300GB (flare) 15 x 2.5" 200GB SSDs ...
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  • Unisphere LDAP Connection Fails with Missing bindDn

    I'm trying to set up an LDAP connection to Active Directory. I filled in all of the fields in the Server tab (except for certificates). When I hit apply I get an error that reads "Failed to establish connection with x...
  • VNX UNISPHERE Certificate has invalid date

    I have generated a new certificate on Putty from the control station, but the old date is still being picked up. valid from 2015 valid to Jan 03 2018   [root@VNX01 ssl.crt]# /nas/sbin/nas_ca_certificate -displ...
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  • read/write policy in a storage group

    hello.it seems a very newbie question but i cant find the answer on net. i make it simple.here is the situation.there is a LUN and two hosts in a storage group. host 1 and host 2. hosts have same authorities to acces...
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    Community Members,   I have an issue on MY VNX5200 Unified System I am getting an error with the power supply   Below is the error description   The power supply is faulted. This may be caused by ove...
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  • Direct Attach FC vs. 2x Dell EMC DS-6505B Connectrix Switches

    Hello experts and good day,     I have been asked to validate the hardware infrastructure described below for use with a new small VMware vSphere 6.5 deployment, described below:     ============...
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  • Hello EMC World, I am a Newbie to you!

    Hi Gurus, I am a EMC Newbie all what I know is that EMC is a Storage solutions my IT experience is Cisco infrastructure Routing, Switching within the scope of R&S, SP and DC ( IOS XE and Nexus Switches ) also I am...
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  • Are CA certificates required with VNX SANs?

    We recently had an issue where the certificates on our VNX SANs expired and we were not able to access the SANs. I regenerated the certs by logging into the Setup page of each SAN and regenerating the certs from there...
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  • Test Post

    Hi, This is a test post. Pls delete   Thank!
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  • Hi ! I need a way to disable SMBV1 on my vnx unified

    Hello,   I am looking to disable SMBV1 on my array, because the vulnerability test ran by our security officer has detected that, SMBV1 is enabled on the box.   My Box is VNX5300, with version,   [na...
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  • How to add a static route to a VNX Block SP?

    Hi,   I'm trying to add a host specific route to a block SP so that it can route to an ESRS gateway IP via a different gateway IP than the default gateway   The naviseccli command does not appear to have o...
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  • Migrate VDM on different pool using loopback replication

    Hi Team, I tested the VDM migration on a different pool using loopback replication in LAB and below is the process I followed:   Created a VDM and changed the VDM state to "mounted". Created a loopback replica...
  • SolveDesktop

    Hi All,   Where can I get solvedesktop, if it still exists. Can anyone share a link?   Appreciate your input.
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