• Filter output for naviseccli command

    Hello All,   I was wondering if anyone know how to filter the output for the following naviseccli command on VNX :   naviseccli -Address storagegroup -list   "grep" and "-filter" do not...
    created by ad_astra
  • IO Module fault, incorrect type of device inserted

    Hello Experts,   We're at the beginning of installing VNX as our storage device, and found there's fault message during diagnose progress.Seems it's expecting 8G FC IO module. Actually we have 10G iSCSI IO Modul...
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  • Replacing faulty VNX 5700 Control Station

    Dear all,   We have VNX 5700 unified at the secondary site. The control has powered down due to the unidentified issue. I have ordered the control station replacement.   My question is that how can I rep...
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  • How to retire a VNXe3100

    It is time for me to remove the VNXe3100 from my VMware setup.  I have moved all my VM's to a VNXe3200.   This is a stupid question, but do I remove the ESXi hosts from the VNXe3100 or simply unmount the VN...
    created by pdkilian
  • Cannot change IP addresses on VNX5300

    Hi All, I have a VNX5300 that I need to change the IP addresses on. It has a filer (don't ask, never used but that's how it was sold to the client) and obviously SPA/SPB. We are moving over to a new management rang...
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  • EMC World - VNX monitoring session

    Hi,   if you are at EMC World Las Vegas this week and are interested in the different Options for monitoring VNX - I am presenting my session "Effectively Monitoring your VNX Family Systems" on    &nb...
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  • VNXe 3150 Disk replacement

    My VNXe 3150 has faulted a disk , my array consists of Segate 900G 10k.5 SAS drives FW CS18   The faulted disk went to a degraded/warning state [10] and the hot spare kicked in.   I have replace one disk a...
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  • Problem with vault drives VNX 5100

    Hello team , we have a problem with VNX 5100. On our array we have HDU error in slot 0-0-1 , support says - replace drive with p.n.Original P/N 005050344 but isn't available in our country, and sent us alternative P/N...
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  • Generic iSCSI storage says full on VNXE3250

    on Unisphere is says Generic iSCSI storage is 99% full.  But in vSphere I see that there is much more free space.  Which is right?   thanks.
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  • Help changing IP addresses on VNX5300 SPs

    Hi All, We are migrating our management IPs to a new range. I tried doing this on a 1 of our VNX5300s, but got greyed out boxes. This was on the https://IP_Address/setup page as well as Unisphere (although I read yo...
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  • VNX5200 for File - Delete Mirroview/S Configuration

    Hi,   Is there any procedure how to delete MirrorView/S configuration without touching the data ? We've got two VNX5200 Unified storage arrays with file system configured for Disaster Recovery (MirrorView Synch...
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  • Existing VNX storage Capcity calculator

    Dear all,   Is there any tool from EMC or third- party to check the existing /remaining capacity of  existing running VNX storage & check the Topology.   tomorrow , i have to visit the customer fo...
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  • VNX for File のserver_statsコマンドについて

    お世話になります。   以下、VNX for Fileのコマンドリファレンス内の"server_stats"コマンド についての質問です。 https://japan.emc.com/collateral/TechnicalDocument/docu47567.pdf   当資料のP.791下側の「各項目の意味は以下のとおりです。」の下の表において CPU Utilという値がございますが、こちらの定義...
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  • Upgrade VNX5500 SAS disk with VNX5300 SSD

    We do not have EMC support so this is much more of a science project as I'm also at the point of having to access Unisphere through a W7 VM because of Java complications anyway.  Also when I try to login with USM...
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  • I can not add a System, Monitoring and Reporting

    I have VNX Family - Monitoring and Reporting installed, and can logged into my problem is that I can not add system.. See screenshot.
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  • Erase Data on VNX5300

    HI Guys, is there any tool from EMC available to erase secure the data from a VNX5300? I'm looking for an official way and not a third Party tool!   We must return our VNX to the leasingcompany.   THX
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  • VNX5400 - drive removal/relocation to another array

    I would like to know if it is possible to remove SAS drives from a VNX5400 array and add them into a VNX5600 array at different site. Both arrays are running the same code version The reason is that ...
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  • I would like to delete used LUNs and Storage Pools from our VNXe3300 SAN.

    I would like to delete used LUNs and Storage Pools from our VNXe3300 SAN.  Can someone give me the proper procedures to do so?  Thank you
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  • EMC Support Totally Inaccessible

    Hello.  We have no way of accessing EMC support.  No emails, phone calls or websites work anymore.  They redirect to Dell sites which are all broken.  Most take us to the site pictured below. ...
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  • VNX 7500 - expanding a LUN has not worked

    I have tried to expand a LUN (concat) with another 50GB.   The wizard said it had completed successfully.   But, the original size still shows - 3450GB   When I go thru the wizard again, it says Curr...
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