• VNX Announcements and Events

    Check out the New Version of vVNX A new release of vVNX software-defined storage is now available, with added features including FAST VP automated storage tiering.  Go to the EMC Software Download page to learn ...
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  • VNX M&R 2.1 | unable to display 1 hour aggregate for more then 41 days

    Article Number: 498497                             Article Version: 3   ...
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  • VNX Connection Utility

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  • vVNX Installation Guide

    vVNX Installation Guide
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  • Obtain and activate the evaluation license

    Prerequisites Before you can obtain and activate the trial vVNX license, you must have completed the following tasks: Registered to create a product support account. Downloaded the vVNX software. Installed vVNX. ...
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  • EMC vVNX Community Edition Release Notes

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  • VMWare Datastore offline

    Error message: The file system is offline and cannot be modified. (Error Code:0x6701542)   Not seeing anything wrong except the red x on this datastore, NFS server is up fine but not connecting to its storage....
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  • vVNX FAQ

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  • Introduction to the vVNX - Community Edition

    This white paper introduces the architecture and functionality of the EMC® vVNX Community Edition. This paper also discusses some of the advanced features of this storage system.
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  • Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) 6.7 is here! What's in it for the VNX Family?

    What's Virtual Storage Integrator? Customers who are looking to deploy a VMware private cloud infrastructure will benefit from tools that can expedite storage provisioning and provide insight into the storage to virtu...
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  • VNX Technical Series Webinars

    Please join us for our new VNX Technical Series Webinars focusing on updated features, competition, and areas of integration. The audience for this call is 200-300 level and intended for sales engineers and partne...
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  • After 10,000 Downloads, vVNX Just Got Flashified!

    Many people have taken advantage of our vVNX software to be able to create an efficient, cost-effective test and development environment with EMC vVNX virtual unified storage.  Over 10,000 in fact as of mid-Octob...
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  • vVNX How-to Steps

    Download vVNX View the Installation document Download and install a vVNX license.
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  • Open Source License and Copyright Information for GPLv3

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  • vVNX Video - Deployment and Overview (Part 2 of 2)

      In this vVNX video, we will be going over the feature set available to the storage platform as well as the differences compared to the VNXe3200. The subsequent demo will show how to provision vDisks to your vV...
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  • vVNX Video – Deployment and Overview (Part 1 of 2)

      In this video demo, we will be going over what a vVNX is as well as how to deploy your very own vVNX instance.
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  • Introduction to the vVNX Community Edition

    Introduction to the vVNX Community Edition
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  • Open Source License and Copyright Information

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  • vVNX Solution.NEXT Challenge

    The EMC vVNX Solution.NEXT Challenge Get Software Defined For The Win!   Just by working with EMC’s software-defined vVNX Community Edition software in your VMware ESX server lab, you can:   Showcas...
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  • vVNX Solution NEXT

    Here are the two posts (in French) describing  my VPlex/VE with vVNX back-end solution : First part : Chronique d’un SDDC, partie 1 : la génèse | vBlog.io Second part : Chronique d’un SDDC, ...
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