• VNX M&R 2.1 | unable to display 1 hour aggregate for more then 41 days

    Article Number: 498497                             Article Version: 3   ...
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  • VNX maximums

    Hi All,   Is there a doc that specifies the maximum IOPs and bandwidth for the VNX IO modules?   Appreciate your input.
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  • Hello EMC World, I am a Newbie to you!

    Hi Gurus, I am a EMC Newbie all what I know is that EMC is a Storage solutions my IT experience is Cisco infrastructure Routing, Switching within the scope of R&S, SP and DC ( IOS XE and Nexus Switches ) also I am...
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  • SolveDesktop

    Hi All,   Where can I get solvedesktop, if it still exists. Can anyone share a link?   Appreciate your input.
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  • Can I use a former VNX SAS Drive outside a VNX enclosure ?

    Hello ! - I just recived a bunch of Seagate ST3000NM0023 3TB SAS drives from a broken VNX enclosure. The firmware on them is GK88 and I would like to use these drives connected directly to a Dell PERC H700 controller....
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  • VNX Announcements and Events

    Check out the New Version of vVNX A new release of vVNX software-defined storage is now available, with added features including FAST VP automated storage tiering.  Go to the EMC Software Download page to learn ...
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  • Regarding hardware check CLI for 5 to 6 box at a single time.

    Hi All   I have 6 vnx boxes of different IPs in different locations. I want to write a scripts for that so that i can check all the hardware issues without login to the box.   I mean to say Health Check o...
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  • Requesting 10 Minutes of Help!  Support Task Model

    Dell-EMC Customers and Partners --   We're working to define a task model to improve how we organize Dell-EMC enterprise support content.   We'd like your help to test our model through an online card sort...
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  • vnx 5600-Customizing the log retention settings and moving the logs to different location

    Dear All,   Can we Customizing the log retention settings and moving the logs to different location (out of the box) Means logs should be contineously copied to differet location for auditing purpose. and i w...
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  • VNXe3100 SP B Status: unknown after failed software upgrade

    I attempted an software upgrade from 2.2.017384 to, the upgrade failed at 55%.  Restarting the upgrade fails. Now SP B is unable to start. The Trouble light is indicating a intermittent Blue. That ind...
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  • v3-vs15-600 & v3-vs15-600U

    Hello, i saw at online store there are V3-VS15-600 and V3-VS15-600U with different price, one with U is more expensive for the price, i wonder what the different for those HDD? could some one help to explain?  ...
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  • Wants to configure shared disks for cluster

    Hello, We are interested to configure Database Cluster environment in Windows 2008r2 with SQL server 2012. I have created 4 luns from EMC uni-sphere and now wants to configure same LUNs with two separate virtual machi...
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  • VNX Connection Utility

    Alan Z.
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  • Connection cannot be established to the Data Mover server_3.

    Hi all, when I test to install VNX File Simulator. it show me a problem as you see below: I tried to switch to use Server_3, unfortunately it cannot switch. Does anyone have any idea related to this problem?
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  • Wants to increase disk drive size in Windows

    I am new for SAN and trying to learn this important tech. We are using VNX-5300 and have created number of LUNS in storage pools which I can see through EMC uni-sphere utility. Now, we have a windows vm, we assign a L...
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  • SMI-S Java Client to collect info from emc vnx

    Hello All, I am new to SMI-S Client development. I am trying to develop an application (SMI-S Client - preferably in Java) which would connect to emc vnx and other storage and collect performance data to monitor the...
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  • vVNX Installation Guide

    vVNX Installation Guide
    Alan Z.
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  • Obtain and activate the evaluation license

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  • vVNX NDMP support

    Hi   Do we support NDMP backup and restores on the vVNX ? Customer is planning to decommission his old VG2 gateway and migrate data to Isilon   Will he be able to restore old backups from the VG2 that wa...
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  • EMC vVNX Community Edition Release Notes

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