• VNXe 3150 Storage Processor not getting dhcp ip.

    I have a VNXe3150, that is hardly used. It was retired after 2 months of purchase some one year before, collecting dust.  Restarted the VNXe3150. Found out it is not getting dhcp ip addresses, to talk to it fro...
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  • VNX5400 - drive removal/relocation to another array

    I would like to know if it is possible to remove SAS drives from a VNX5400 array and add them into a VNX5600 array at different site. Both arrays are running the same code version The reason is that ...
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  • VNX unified - how to delete warning messages on Putty

    Is there anyway on Putty to delete old warning message instead of deleting them on Unisphere?   There are hundreds of warnings on the GUI for a specific date.
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  • VNX 7500 - expanding a LUN has not worked

    I have tried to expand a LUN (concat) with another 50GB.   The wizard said it had completed successfully.   But, the original size still shows - 3450GB   When I go thru the wizard again, it says Curr...
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  • VNX File growth

    Hello Community,   We have an issue where we have have something filling up a file system, is there a tool or a cmd that will show us what is writing where? unfortunately its a 16TB file system with multiple sha...
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  • How can I remove a LUN from one Storage Group and Add to New Storage Group

    I am migrating to a new Citrix Farm. I created a new storage Group with the new Hosts. I want to keep the original LUNs with my data still on them and move them to the New Storage Group. So I don't have to export all ...
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  • Can VNX template deployment be scripted?

    I've been given the task of rolling out new templates to 100 VNX's in our organization.  The manual process is going to take me weeks.  Does anyone know of a better way to do this?   Thanks
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  • The best way to enlarge file capacity on a unified vnx5300

    I have a question about the best way to enlarge file capacity on a unified vnx5300. The current file storage pool is made up of dedicated drives and has 10 x 358GB luns.  There are also two block storage pools ma...
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  • New VMware host says network problems, VNX says it's logged in. Still no datastores

    Good morning, all! I'm running in to a problem I haven't seen before. I want to add a new VMware host to my cluster and attach it to my VNX 5300 array. I set up the software initiator, pointed it to the IP addresses ...
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  • Procedure on How to replace faulted vault disk(s) on an VNX 5500?

    Procedure on How to replace faulted vault disk(s) on an VNX 5500?
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  • Erase Data on VNX5300

    HI Guys, is there any tool from EMC available to erase secure the data from a VNX5300? I'm looking for an official way and not a third Party tool!   We must return our VNX to the leasingcompany.   THX
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  • Problem detected with Controller spb: MemoryUsedBytePercentage = 96.312843 % ==> ALARM

    We have a monitoring tool in place and we are receiving this alert almost every hour from Unity 350F. Could you please help me in how to check the memory usage using Unisphere or UniCLI.   I have tried to check ...
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  • VNXe NAS Host Connectivity

    Will VNXe 3150 support the following environment? There was no information on EMC Simple Support Matrix and E-Labnavigator. Do I need RPQ? If there are any people who already have RPQ, please tell me the informa...
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  • VNX/VNXe: Microsoft error when changing permissions on a CIFS Share. Error: Changes cannot be saved. Not enough storage is available to process this command.

                   Article Number:     483001                 ...
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  • VNXe: Pre-Upgrade Health Check fails: Error code: dm::check_filesystems_health_4

                   Article Number:     483832                 ...
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  • VNX: Unable to set up Replication between VNXe to VNX (Error Code:0x6500057)

                   Article Number:     486334                 ...
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  • VNXe: How to relocate the VNXe properly if replication is enabled

                   Article Number:     486644                 ...
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  • VNX: After an upgrade from pre 8.1.3 code to 8.1.3 or later, many exports are gone

                   Article Number:     482630                 ...
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  • VNX : Replication ports configuration via firewall

                   Article Number:     482706                 ...
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  • VNX: Ghost enclosure  on VNX2 arrays

                   Article Number:     482711                 ...
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