• VMAX SNMP trap - Trap Variables

    Hi,   We are trying to understand trap forwarding from VMAX for any alerts/events in the VMAX array. As far as as I understand, we can configure SNMP through Unisphere. - Is there any other configuration that c...
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  • Symmetrix VMAX & VMAX3 Logical Structure

    Hello, Basically I wanted to confirm my understanding of the logical structure within the Symmetrix VMAX and VMAX storage arrays. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'll go top to bottom.   1) Disk Group - A group of id...
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  • vmax450AF  symcli 8.3 unmap device not working

    Context is in reclamining a Mask and SG , had done for far:   symaccess -sid xxxx delete view -name bert -unmap                &nbs...
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  • Snapvx for MS-SQL VM's

    We are considering using Snapvx to snapshot Vmax3 volumes on ESX clusters with hosts running MS-SQL to assist with local Business Recovery.  Is anyone doing this?  Can anyone point me to documentation on thi...
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  • Frequently disks are failing on VMAX 10k.

    Hi,   from past one month almost 8 disks are failed on same array, what could be the reason.   thanks in advance   regs changalaraya
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  • Data Migration ( VNX to VMAX all Flash)

    Hi all,     we have one data migration from VNX to VMAX all Flash, can we use SAN copy , or ther eis any other tool for Data migration       is SAN copy can work for RDMs, Thick &...
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  • VMAX 3 /VMAX ALL FLASH WWN Generator app

    Hi All   Does any one know if there is a VMAX3 / VMAX ALL FLASH WWN Generator app, i am going to migrate a VMAX 450FX but it is not installed yet, i want to generate its wwn using the Serial Number, i remember t...
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  • PyU4V error - No array id specified. Please set array ID using the 'set_array_id(array_id)' function

    I m trying to use this python module on a Unisphere. But it prompts me to set the array id first. I want to pull all arrays from the unisphere first then set an array id. Any idea what I am missing ?   >>&...
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  • SRDF Migration R1 to a larger R2 device

    Hi   i am going to migrate  VMAX 250F Hyper Max 5799.1125.1125 to a New VMAX450FX, but the customer is asking me about migrate a server with R1 devices to a larger R2 Device, i mean, 4gb devs to 18gb devs t...
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  • maximum number RDF devices per RDF group

    I have  vmax250fx running powermax OS, the maximum number of RDF devices is 64k.   I would like to know is there any limit for maximum number of RDF devices can be contained in a RDF group.
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  • TDEV Provisioning [VMAX All-Flash]

    Hello, I need to provision a 1TB TDEV to 750 clients on a VMAX All-Flash. What is the most efficient way to do so and will there be an effect on the storage array?
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  • RF ports on VMAX ALL FLASH 450F

    Hi   does any one have a document to set the RF ports on VMAX ALL FLASH 405F, i mean, the best practice  to config them??   I have  2 VMAX ALL FLASH i will replicate by using SRDF, but i want to ...
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  • Maximum volume size on VMAX 200K

    What is the maximum volume size that can be created on a VMAX 200K?
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  • Ho to reclaim the luns which are replicating by RPA

    HI,   Let me know the step by step procedure to reclaim the luns those are replicating via RPA. I know we have to stop replication and we need to reclaim both prod and DR luns. I am looking for a detailed step b...
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  • all devices are not visible by “inq –sym_wwn”

    we have windows server drawing storage from vmax20k, we have installed Windows native MPIO , we have presented 120 devices to windows server out which we able to see only 35 devices. by this command "inq-sym_wwn", ple...
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  • kapil.chitkara@gmail.com

    I wanted to configure enas on vmax3 all flash array.Looking forward for a document around it.
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  • Optimizer error encountered

    Hi Does any one had a trouble with FAST VP who  disable, himself ? array is an VMAX40K,  5876 Enginuity version , and Solution enabler  V7.6.0.7   since some day, fast FP are dissable. .  ...
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  • Consistency Groups

    Hello, I have read several explanations regarding consistency groups and have seen and heard about them many times over. I do understand the general applications of consistency groups, but I want to know how they wor...
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  • vmax40k; how many Drive Bay SPS failures can system tolerate

    We have now ageing vmax40k where disks and SPSs regularly fail.   Note that a drive bay has 8 SPS units ...how many failures can the Bay tolerate ...and what happens if any limit is  breached ? We have one...
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  • Compression Ratio

    Hi,   I have a VMAX 250FX running PowerMax OS with Unisphere 9 and SE 9.  I have noticed the compression ratio is different among the GUI, and CLI so I get confused which ratio should be used.   1. Th...
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