• V-Max SE data erase tools

    Hi,   I am going to handle customer V-Max SE storage data erase (with erase documents). Does someone know the information and where can I download the tool?   Thank you. Selix
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  • z/OS-- Defragmentation in VP Environment

    When I was a SE at EMC, I occasionally fielded questions from customers who had converted to VP.  They were wondering if they should discontinue their long-established weekly or monthly DF/DSS defrag jobs, since ...
  • Zero reclaim on VMAX LUNs

    Guys, need suggestion, how often we can run zero space reclaim on VMAX LUNs? Guys, need suggestion, how often we can run zero space reclaim on VMAX LUNs?
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  • Does larger size TDEV's in flash array reduces the compressibility of data ?

    I have a host on VMAX all flash 250F with each device 16.5TB in size. I am seeing majority of its tracks are being placed in DG1_F_F thin pool (1:1). I have so many other hosts on the same array with smaller sized LUN...
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  • Max. 2 or 4 engines can be supported on VMAX 100K ?

    Hi Gurus,   I'm confused about VMAX 100K max. engines supported. I think it should be max. 2 engines, is it right?   From VMAX 100K spec sheet (2017 year) , it shows max. engines is 2 (4 directors) https...
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  • Unisphere for VMAX - SSL certificate error

    Hi All   We are facing a error while trying to open Unisphere for VMAX   In chrome, while trying to open Univ for VMAX with IP :   https://<ip>:8443 getting below error :   <IP Add...
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  • VMAX All Flash

    Does VMAX All Flash use erasure coding?
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  • symsan shows link status port disconnected (SRDF)

    Hi Thanks in advance   there are 2 VMAX 3 all flash boxes configured with standard SRDF/A , there are 2 SRDF group (60 and 70) by using 3E and 4E, but i was taking a look at the performance statistics, and i ...
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  • VMAX all flash FA port throughput limit

    I am curious to know the throughput limits of FA  port in ALL FLASH VMAX 250F.  Is there any document or KB article that shows the thoughput MBPS of each FA port, director in all flash array.
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  • VMAX250 ace and Windows NTFS deduplication

    Hi,   i'am searching for statements/recommendations how to use or not to use VMAX250 data compression together with Windows NTFS deduplication. I have read already: Understanding VMAX Compression I would apprec...
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  • VMAX3 all Flash creates by itself pools with devs config in uknown state

    hi   does any one know why a new VMAX3 all flash creates by itself pools with devs config in unknown state,   Regards
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  • Unisys Servers with VMAX3 All Flash

    Hi   Does anyone can help me about this issue with a Unisys Server?   Let me explain   There are two libra UNISYS servers, there is a  VMAX3 all Flash storage group share between them, to be cl...
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  • vMAX3 community strings for SNMP traffic

    Dears,   I'm seeking to discover vmax 3 storage in HPE network node manager for fault management purposes. My question here is there's default community strings for vmax, as my colleague can not find anything re...
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  • VMX MIB file download

    Dear All,   I need to integrate VMAX storage with HPE NNMi, I only need the MIB file to load it into NNMi. Can any one help me with file.mib link?   Thanks in advance. BR,
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  • RDF Director Max % Busy and IO/sec not balanced

    Hi,   We have a VMAX40k which got installed a couple of years ago. It was originally setup to have 4 RA ports (7H0, 8H0, 9H0 and 10H). We then added 4 more RA ports (5H0, 6H0, 11H0 and 12H0) so there are now a t...
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  • VMAX 10G RE ports.

    We recently installed 2 bonded 10G point to point links for remote connectivity between our VMAXs.  Our VMAX 100K have 10G RE ports.  The transfer rate of our SRDF traffic does not exceed 1G. Is there a bin ...
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  • VMAX 20k - Configured Enclosure is Missing?

    Hi guys,   Can anyone tell me what this error means? BAD Situation Configured Enclosure is missing. Verify with FC,ENCL,POLL,<port> command. init_one_port_loop_config FAILED port 0 (2).
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  • Unisphere Performance Viewer

    Hello,   I'm having trouble locating the latest offline UPV for VMAX3 to review DCF files - does this no longer exist? I can't find it on the support site or SPEED site so curious if I just can't search well tod...
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  • vWitness SRDF Metro

    Hi all ,   i am trying to locate the download for vWitness SRDF Metro   any ideas on the link as i am unable to locate it   install notes just say the following     Obtain the installatio...
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  • NDM Migrations for Cluster Environments

    Hi   Do you have information about how to migrate cluster environments by using NDM, but the customer is not using powerpath, he is using Native MPIO   Best practice, Tips, steps.   Regards
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