• thin provision

    Hi, When i create a LUN as thin provisioning and if this will never fill to the maximum capacity then the unused size is used to create other LUN?I mean inside SAN. tnx
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    Hi Folks, Exist any way to monitor srdf links using snmp traps?. I need to send traps when a replica is faulted, splitted, etc...   Thanks in advance!
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  • Data Migration ( VNX to VMAX all Flash)

    Hi all,     we have one data migration from VNX to VMAX all Flash, can we use SAN copy , or ther eis any other tool for Data migration       is SAN copy can work for RDMs, Thick &...
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  • Delete port group non disruptive

    Hi I created a masking view with a new port group, but after this I saw that I already have the same port group, so I want to delete it but in a non disruptive way. How to do that?
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  • Licence of SRDF

    Hello Everyone,   In my environment we are using SRDF for storage based replication from vmax(dc) to vmax(dr).in DC and DR we only configured linux and aix system till now. first time we are implemented windows...
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  • SNAPVX status

    Hello,   I have a query regarding SNAPVX in VMAX3 family and above. Writing method provided is either COW or ROW 1) How can I check whether my SNAP session is COW or ROW ? 2) Is there a way to check details of...
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  • I have questions about DASIY CHAIN and VKNG

    Hi, I have questions.   First, The number of daisy chain.   When I make a vmax quote, if I add DAE, then there is a VMAX VG DAISY CHAIN 3 METER UPG. And its quantity is 1.   I  checked it thro...
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  • vmax40k; how many Drive Bay SPS failures can system tolerate

    We have now ageing vmax40k where disks and SPSs regularly fail.   Note that a drive bay has 8 SPS units ...how many failures can the Bay tolerate ...and what happens if any limit is  breached ? We have one...
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  • VMAX100K Storage pool

    HI Experts,   One basic question .   We have Vmax100k with only one Storage pool with SAS and SSD disk . In Vmax100K can we make another Storage pool or 100K only supports one pool .     Thanks ...
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  • Delete SRDF Dynamic group after migration VMAX 250F - VMAX 450FX

    Hi guys   I am in migration process from a VMAX 250F 1369  to VMAX 450FX 1465 and VMAX 450FX 1784 as DRP by using SRDF   Take a look at the picture   The question is:   I have a Dynamic...
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  • VMAX Authorization

    Hi can anyone help me how can i enable symmetrix access control ?   Actually i need to create a host group which can reach just one array and run specific commands . I think firstly need to enable symacl?
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  • symstat command to view the response time at VMAX volume level

    Hello,   Could you please help me to get the SYMCLI command which will give the reponse time at VMAX Volume level? VMAX3 generatiion storage model "VMAX100K" having following SYMCLI version-   [root@local...
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  • Does VMAX support LLDP or CDP network protocol

    We have recently installed a VMAX 250F at our remote DR site and now have network connectivity issues with two connections.  We would like to utilize LLDP or CDP to assist with identifying the location of switch ...
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  • SYMCLI command to get the underlying Disk Groups at Thin Pool level

    Hi,   I am looking for a symcli command which will give me the underlying Disk Groups at Thin Pool level. I am using the model VMAX100K.   If anybody know the command, then please help to get details. It w...
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  • SRDF Replication VMAX 250F - VMAX 450FX

    Hi   i am migrating from VMAX250F to VMAX 450FX by using SRDF but i have a question, it is just to make sure that everything will work properly   1.-I created my SRDF pairs   symrdf -sid 1234 -f fil...
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  • SRDF Metro R2 Identity

    For SRDF/Metro, the R2 will have the identity of R1 device.  The external identity of the LUN WWN for the R2 will be the same as per R1 device.   Let said I present the R2 device to a host, from the pow...
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  • Unisphere prompting for an Access Control Pin after upgrade

    I upgraded a Unisphere instance from 1.6 to 8.0.3 by forst upgrading SE and then upgrading Unisphere. It seems okay mostly but I noticed when I try to go into System->Settings-.Symmetrix Access Controls I get a pop...
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  • Symmetrix VMAX & VMAX3 Logical Structure

    Hello, Basically I wanted to confirm my understanding of the logical structure within the Symmetrix VMAX and VMAX storage arrays. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'll go top to bottom.   1) Disk Group - A group of id...
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  • Best way to see which LUNs on VMAX have not been used over a certain time period

    Hi.   I've been looking through all the reports in UNISPHERE 8.4 and in SRM (canned) just to see if i could find one that would show me in graph form, what the throughput of all LUNs is over the last, month ...
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  • License for TimeFinder SnapVx on VMAX All Flash 450FX

    Hi   Does any one know if   i need to install a license for Time Finder SnapVx on VMAX All Flash 450FX with solutions enabler 8.4???   i found this info, but i need to make sure if  i need o...
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