• Data Migration from CISCO UCS Invicta Storage

    Hi,   Is there any way we can check the compatibility of EMC Migration products with CISCO UCS Invicta storage array. We are in planning a solution to migrate data from Invicta Storage array to another storage d...
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  • Open Replicator Hot Push

    Hello   Open Replicator - Hot push - Data needs to be pushed from control VMAX to remote VNX array   Hot Push scenario :   Control array        Remote array   ...
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  • Cache - VMAX ALL FLASH

    Hello, I just need further clarifications regarding the VMAX All FLASH & its cache , how things works ... If we are considering an all flash system then shall we consider to address cache size, all flash shouldn't...
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  • how to expand an initiator group to add new host

    We have a VMAX 40k with a masking view for the single ESX host.  So, we have a masking view for it.  At the time of creation, I was told it would be single host. MV_Host1: IG_Host1, SG_Host1, PG_Host1  ...
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  • HYPERMAX_OS/Enginuity target and adoption

    Is there an EMC document available that lists the current target HYPERMAXOS code version as well as adoption rates across all versions?  For some reason that section is missing from the Target Revisions and Adopt...
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  • Querying device performance from REST api

    Hello   I've been trying to figure out a way to get performance metrics (IOPS, Read RT, Write RT, etc) for individual volumes (devs). Pulling this through the gui is pretty painful, but I can't seem to find it a...
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  • Unisphere for VMAX - SSL certificate error

    Hi All   We are facing a error while trying to open Unisphere for VMAX   In chrome, while trying to open Univ for VMAX with IP :   https://<ip>:8443 getting below error :   <IP Add...
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  • Masking View showing IO on powered off host

    Hello   I decommissioned a host several days ago and removed it's zoning from the fabric however I noticed that the IOPS performance charts for the host's Masking View shows there is still some IO (see image) be...
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  • Install software

    Hi, Is software for VMAX installed in similar ways as for Unity, i.e. using an enabler and through USM?   Regards, Johan
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  • unisphere vmax alerts

    I think I know the answer but I'm hoping I am not correct. In Unisphere for Vmax, I am setting the Alert settings for Email under All symmetrix/Home/Admin/Alert Settings/Notifications/Email configuration. I can add ...
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  • VNX to VMAX

    hi, can I know the steps use for migration from VNX to VMAX all flash and how its done tell me briefly ...   thanks harii
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  • Extracting .ttp files from VMAX2 arrays

    hi,   i'm kind of new to Performance in VMAX. i have been asked by a customer to extract performance data from VMAX arrays in the form of TTP files. i have been searching everywhere in the server where Unisphe...
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  • Unisphere for VMAX Video Content

    Hi,   Recent feedback from customers informed me that we need to produce more video content examples for Unisphere for VMAX to enable customers to see certain features within the product that they may not be awa...
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  • use the multiple eMGMT (Embedded Management) Solutions Enabler client/server configuration on same client

    Hi , sorry to randomly pick u up for a help. I would like to use a single instance for two emgmt( two array) to manage at same time.   1. In the netcfg i have mentioned entriees for two arrays ( two pairs) wit...
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  • what is the reason that local snap/clone operations has to performed in BCV devices ?

    Is there any particular reason why time finder operations like snap, mirror etc are utilizing the BCV devices? Why not a tdev? i know that we can convert tdev to BCV ; but why not other devices? Is it because of the p...
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  • How to determine which one is emgmt-0 vs emgmt-1

    I am seeing problems on VMAX3 All Flash where I am seeing alert "Retention failed to run for Symmetrix XXXX within the last 24 hours"  This error is repeated every hour.  It appears this error has crept up s...
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  • new registration for vdc

    I am an employee of Wipro and want to refresh my knowledge on symmetrix. So i want virtual lab to practice for that i have scheduled lab through ESVL education website. I tried to login on (https://vdc.emc.com) which ...
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  • Cabling diagram for Vmax 40K

    Hi, we are moving our Vmax 40K and I am looking for the cabling diagram.  Thanx.   blueecho
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  • SRDF Port Usage

    Does anyone know which port numbers are used by SRDF? Where is this documented?
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  • SRDF invalid group Alert

    Hi all, Its possible to configure an Unisphere alert for SRDF Groups that are in an invalid state?. Because i figure it out only monitoring the symapi.log file... Its a manual and bored task.   Any ideas?  ...
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