• VMAX – Flash Forward!

    Flash adoption continues to accelerate as organizations look to modernize their data centers. At the heart of this new modern data center is VMAX All Flash, specifically engineered to drive IT’s transformation i...
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  • Virtualization. Technology is only as good as you can simplify it.

    One of the biggest values of virtualization to a business is the ability to get more out of the physical resources in the data center.  When it comes to making the case to the company’s controller of the pu...
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  • Using Unisphere and Open Replicator to Perform Data Migration

    As any of us who work with enterprise businesses know well, data migrations have always been challenging events for enterprise customers. The complexity and size of these very large storage environments makes planning...
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  • ITaaS Blog: Speed to business. Making EMC IT a game changer

    Written by Daniel Chiu - EMC Business & Solutions Development  IT-as-a-Service may be a buzzword for most folks but for most companies in the future, it will become the model by which your company will consu...
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