• VMAX SNMP trap - Trap Variables

    Hi,   We are trying to understand trap forwarding from VMAX for any alerts/events in the VMAX array. As far as as I understand, we can configure SNMP through Unisphere. - Is there any other configuration that c...
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  • Symmetrix VMAX & VMAX3 Logical Structure

    Hello, Basically I wanted to confirm my understanding of the logical structure within the Symmetrix VMAX and VMAX storage arrays. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'll go top to bottom.   1) Disk Group - A group of id...
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  • Unisphere for VMAX REST API Information Hub

        This is a hub of information designed for potential consumers of REST API where we have tried to put all the relevant examples and documentation in one place to allow easy access.   The Dell EMC U...
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  • vmax450AF  symcli 8.3 unmap device not working

    Context is in reclamining a Mask and SG , had done for far:   symaccess -sid xxxx delete view -name bert -unmap                &nbs...
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  • Unisphere for VMAX REST Client

    This app provides both a front end GUI for the REST API documents(described below) and a Unisphere for VMAX specific REST client based on the WADL file received from the Unisphere for VMAX Host. REST API Documentatio...
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  • Snapvx for MS-SQL VM's

    We are considering using Snapvx to snapshot Vmax3 volumes on ESX clusters with hosts running MS-SQL to assist with local Business Recovery.  Is anyone doing this?  Can anyone point me to documentation on thi...
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  • Frequently disks are failing on VMAX 10k.

    Hi,   from past one month almost 8 disks are failed on same array, what could be the reason.   thanks in advance   regs changalaraya
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  • Data Migration ( VNX to VMAX all Flash)

    Hi all,     we have one data migration from VNX to VMAX all Flash, can we use SAN copy , or ther eis any other tool for Data migration       is SAN copy can work for RDMs, Thick &...
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  • VMAX Announcements and Events

    Dell EMC VMAX 950F - Our most powerful VMAX All Flash Array yet. Predictably meet SLAs for essential enterprise storage, consolidation at scale, and mix open and mainframe workloads delivering 6.7 million IOPS with 35...
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  • vmax3 simplified symmwin simulatorがインストールできない。

    いつもお世話になっております。   質問です。 WebのSolvedesktopからVMAX3(100K、250F、450Fなど)からvmax3 simplified symmwin simulatorをローカルPCにzipファイルで落とし、その後解凍を行いexeファイルでインストールを行おうとしたところ全て「Common causes include incomplete download and damaged ...
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  • VMAX 3 /VMAX ALL FLASH WWN Generator app

    Hi All   Does any one know if there is a VMAX3 / VMAX ALL FLASH WWN Generator app, i am going to migrate a VMAX 450FX but it is not installed yet, i want to generate its wwn using the Serial Number, i remember t...
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  • PyU4V error - No array id specified. Please set array ID using the 'set_array_id(array_id)' function

    I m trying to use this python module on a Unisphere. But it prompts me to set the array id first. I want to pull all arrays from the unisphere first then set an array id. Any idea what I am missing ?   >>&...
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  • SRDF Migration R1 to a larger R2 device

    Hi   i am going to migrate  VMAX 250F Hyper Max 5799.1125.1125 to a New VMAX450FX, but the customer is asking me about migrate a server with R1 devices to a larger R2 Device, i mean, 4gb devs to 18gb devs t...
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  • maximum number RDF devices per RDF group

    I have  vmax250fx running powermax OS, the maximum number of RDF devices is 64k.   I would like to know is there any limit for maximum number of RDF devices can be contained in a RDF group.
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  • TDEV Provisioning [VMAX All-Flash]

    Hello, I need to provision a 1TB TDEV to 750 clients on a VMAX All-Flash. What is the most efficient way to do so and will there be an effect on the storage array?
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  • RF ports on VMAX ALL FLASH 450F

    Hi   does any one have a document to set the RF ports on VMAX ALL FLASH 405F, i mean, the best practice  to config them??   I have  2 VMAX ALL FLASH i will replicate by using SRDF, but i want to ...
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  • Maximum volume size on VMAX 200K

    What is the maximum volume size that can be created on a VMAX 200K?
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  • Ho to reclaim the luns which are replicating by RPA

    HI,   Let me know the step by step procedure to reclaim the luns those are replicating via RPA. I know we have to stop replication and we need to reclaim both prod and DR luns. I am looking for a detailed step b...
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  • all devices are not visible by “inq –sym_wwn”

    we have windows server drawing storage from vmax20k, we have installed Windows native MPIO , we have presented 120 devices to windows server out which we able to see only 35 devices. by this command "inq-sym_wwn", ple...
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  • kapil.chitkara@gmail.com

    I wanted to configure enas on vmax3 all flash array.Looking forward for a document around it.
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