• Easy way to identify what storage group a datastore is linked to

    Community,     Is there an easy way to identify which storage group (on VMAX) any given datastore (within VMware) is associated with?  I need to generate a report that will identify what systems will b...
    Chris Hunt
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  • VMAX - Service Level policy not defined

    Community,   I was told that if the service level policy was not defined i.e. Diamond, Platinum, etc... that the storage group would use service level called FC pool.  If this is so what is FC pool? and wha...
    Chris Hunt
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  • VMAX code EOL Documentation

    VMAX community,   Can someone point me to the right document for the life cycle for the code level for all VMAX frames?       Thank you,
    Chris Hunt
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  • SnapVX target LUNs

    I would like to know is there any command option available to find out target LUNs of the snapshot based on the source LUNs information if I do not have the storage group or device pair file available.   Basical...
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  • How can i find the serial number of sps in vmax

    Let me know is there any command to find out the SPS serial number in symcli.
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  • Unisphere Events/Alarms to symevent / storevntd?

    Hello -   I am currently working on getting my VMAX systems monitored using a CA UIM VMAX probe as an alternative to SNMP traps.   The probe can query the output of "symevent list" commands and alert on sy...
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  • VMAX Announcements and Events

    Dell EMC VMAX 950F - Our most powerful VMAX All Flash Array yet. Predictably meet SLAs for essential enterprise storage, consolidation at scale, and mix open and mainframe workloads delivering 6.7 million IOPS with 35...
    Jason 周
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  • vmax managment server C drive filled up

    Hello community, We got a VMAX 10K. Recently, C drive of the management server for this server is being filled up. From folder size queries, it appears that most of the space is eaten by querydata . C:\Program File...
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  • Unisphere Historical Performance Data Retention

    Hi experts, a simple question....in Unisphere for VMAX, there is the Performance Data metrics.  Where is the historical data stored or retained? If I want to retain much longer, how can this be done? Thanks!
    created by tyts
  • SRDF conversion from FC to IP

    Currently, we are doing replication over FC RA ports on the VMAX200K. We are installing IP Slics to change to replication over IP. Has anyone done this conversion before? Do we have to create new SRDF groups and migra...
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  • Find Example to get performance data via 8.4 Unisphere Rest Api

    Dear Experts:   My customer wish to get performance data with high frequency (<1 minute interval) via restAPI to invoke unisphere.   we find unisphere 8.4 have a feature "trace" that can get performance...
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  • Automatic full refresh VMAX Unisphere

    Hello,   I'd like to read list generation of snapshot throw VMAX 3 Unisphere REST API every 5 minutes, but Unisphere caching them.   How long Unisphere store cached data? Is there any REST API call, CLI co...
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  • When can a SnapVX establish -both_sides option be used on an SRDF/A device group?

    When can a SnapVX establish -both_sides command be used on an SRDF/A device group? When attempting  said establish command, we get a invalid RDF state error, see below in red: When querying the device group, it ...
    Thomas Lyle
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  • Vmax3 Reserve capacity

    Can someone share the best value of reserve capacity  % on Vmax3 .  By default it comes with 10%, which means that 90% of the pool can be used for the DSE/Snap and effectively it is only 10% is confirmed for...
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  • Logic behind multiple Internal Pools (with same RAID/Drive Capacity/SPEED) under a single SRP in VMAX AFA?

    Array Configuration:- ###################### VMAX250F 54 EFD Drives 7.2TB Drive Capacity RAID-5(3+1) 1 SRP having 16 Pools Created We have an AFA Array as mentioned above, we only 1 RAID Type (RAID-5(3+1)...
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  • Expand LUN - Thin LUN VMAX

    Hello, is there any procedure how to expand a LUN on VMAX3 ?
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  • How to upgrade Unisphere for VMAX 1.6.x to 8.x (instructional step-by-step video)

                   Article Number:     485120                 ...
    EMC TechCom
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  • Unisphere for VMAX: Receiving Device State has changed to Offline Alerts during TDEV meta device creation.

                   Article Number:     489174                 ...
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  • Unisphere for VMAX does not report any alerts.

                   Article Number:     489098                 ...
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  • Unisphere for VMAX: How do I enable CST tracing on Unisphere with vApp / Linux or Windows?

                   Article Number:     488926                 ...
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