• ViPR SRM: Can Not Discover Data Domain Array

    Issue:           One or more Data Domain arrays can not be discovered in SRM.  An error similar to the following is found in the collecting logs:     ...
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  • ViPR Controller Java Client

    The ViPR Controller Java Client provides the easiest way to access ViPR Controller REST APIs from a Java application. Release Notes Version Version Version Version ...
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  • ViPR Services Java SDK

    NOTE: The ViPR S3 client is deprecated and has been replaced with the ECS Java Object Client: ECS Object Client SDK for Java GitHub: Home · EMCECS/ecs-object-client-java Wiki · GitHub The Java SDK fo...
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  • ViPR Controller Java Client - Cookbook

    This document is a guide to using the ViPR Controller Java Client by example. The ViPR Controller Java Client is available with ViPR v1.1 and later. Construction of the Client The main entry point to the client is thr...
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  • SSL Validation with the ViPR Java Controller Client

    With release 2.1 of the ViPR Controller Java Client, the certificates presented by your ViPR controller will now be strongly validated by default to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.  The downside here is that b...
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  • ViPR S3 Java Samples

    Gradle project with sample code demonstrating ViPR S3 extensions.  Note this sample code only includes use of the ViPR extensions.  Standard S3 sample code is available from other sources (use your favorite ...
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  • ViPR S3 Smart Client

    In the 2.0 release of the ViPR Services Java SDK, the ViPR S3 client now supports auto-discovery of cluster nodes and client-side load balancing and failover.  This is made possible by the new list-data-nodes cal...
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