• SE (SMI-S Downloand location

    Hi Experts, As per ViPR controller 3.5 support matrix (attached) supported version of SMI-S provider is SE (SMI-S But this version is not available at https://support.emc.com/downloads/5587_SMI-S...
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  • ViPR SRM REST API Query - VMware Information

    I'm working with the northbound REST API for ViPR SRM 4.1u1.  We have SRM integrated into our VMware environment, so in the ViPR SRM web interface I am able to see all of our ESX hypervisor hosts as well as our V...
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  • Integration between ViPR Controller / SRDF Metro / AppSync

    I have a question concerning the integration between all these products.   I know that AppSync can work with ViPR Controller if in the backend there are VMAX arrays, but I cannot find if it is also supported for...
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  • ViPR SRM REST API Documentation

    We're running EMC ViPR SRM 4.1u1 and have the northbound REST API enabled.  I am able to connect to the REST API and get a properly formatted JSON response.   I am however having difficulty building out que...
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  • ViPR Controller and ViPR CLI 3.5 compatibility

    HI   I have a question about ViPR Controller and ViPR CLI 3.5 compatibility. I have updated ViPR c to version Is this a must to upgrade ViPR CLI as well or it is recommendation. What is the...
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  • ViPR SRM 4.1.1 Solution Pack for Brocade FC Switch

    Need your assistance.   I have successfully installed and configured ViPR SRM 4.1.1. vApp.   I have successfully installed a number of Solution Packs.   I have successfully installed Solution Pack fo...
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  • Vipr with X2

    Does anyone have timescales for Vipr to support XtremIO X2
    Sandip Patel
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  • ViPR SRM Report Cloud now publically available

    https://srmreports.emc.com/#/dashboardhttps://srmreports.emc.com/#/dashboard   For those that missed Dell EMC World, the public facing ViPR-SRM Report Cloud was officially announced.  Check it out using you...
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  • Integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and Recovery Point in EMC ViPR Controller 3.6

    Hi Team, Does ViPR integrate with VMWare Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and recovery point? It would be helpful if you share any docs for SRM and recovery point. Thanks, Sheik Davood K
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  • EMC VIPR Controller 3.6 - Clarification on CLI and Rest API

    Hi Team,   We are trying to use VIPR to automate storage system. So we need your guidance on usage of CLI and Rest API.   Please guide me on below.   1.) Whether to go with CLI or Rest API to support al...
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  • EMC VIPR controller 3.6 database

    Hi Team,   I'm trying to see the data in vipr controller database but couldn't find anything related on vipr database login.   It would be great if anyone share details on how to login to vipr controller d...
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  • Migration to Cassandra

    Hello,   We have a test SRM server and I would like to 'play' (mostly migration) with the new Elastic Backend, however I can't find any relevant documentation on how to proceed. Does this kind of info is alread...
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  • Changing vCenter for ESX discovered in ViPR

    Hi All,   in a 3.5 environment, the Customer would like to move some ESX 5.5 from a vCenter 5.5 already discovered in ViPR to a newly deployed vCenter 6, not yer discovered....is it possible to move ESX discover...
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  • Is ViPR Rest API supporting JSON type for all API services?

    We had gone through the ViPR Rest API doc , some of the services not have JSON response in Example . So thought of asking whether ViPR is supporting JSON type for all API services or not ?  It will helpful for us...
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  • Exporting volume to a host: Unable to export a volume to a host[VM on ESX server].

    Hi ,       I am trying to export a volume to the windows host on Esx server. The Host has been discovered successfully with ISCSI initiators.Here is the message.     Here is discovered w...
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  • Getting ssh error when discovering VNX

    Hello !!!     I am getting following 2 errors for 2 different VNXs while discovering them in VIPR SRM.
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  • Does ViPR 3.6 support vVOL on VMAX, VNX, XIO and VPLEX with VNX?

    Hello,   Does ViPR 3.6 support vVOL on VMAX, VNX, XIO and VPLEX with VNX? Regards,
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  • alert parameters missing in email notification

    The following alert running but not running for some device ( filters). I controlled filters name are correct. Lots of alert come but these seems that PROP.'device' and some of these are come to correct (come with dev...
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  • ViPR Controller Roadmap

    Hello,   Could I have a ViPR Controller Roadmap? Any comment will help me. Regards,
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  • Filter All Alerts to Related Nodes in the whole Topology of a VM/Server

    Hi,   i want to Filter All Alerts to everything that is connected to a VM/Server as example:   VM_A ESX_A Switch A Switch B Storage X Storage Y   How to filter that i get only Alerts related to ...
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