• Vipr Controller support for Vmware 6.5

    Does anybody know when we will be supporting VMware 6.5 with controller? If this is not supported can we RPQ it?
    created by nabila
  • How can I automatically remove stored reports.

    Is there a way to manually define the retention period for specfic stored reports ?   I see a stored reports clean up task under scheduled tasks, but not sure what exactly that does.   I have enabled cust...
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  • VPLEX and XIO - Physical Upgrade

    Dear ASK ViPR Team;   Kindly, I have a customer who has ViPR 2.4.1 running and in production with VPLEX which has XIO back end. The customer would like to do upgrade by adding physical  XIO xBrick and VPLEX...
    created by Mohesam84
  • Host Containers - Documentation ?

    Hi, Is there any documentation available for implementing Host Containers within ViPR SRM 3.7.2   Thanks Vaishak
    last modified by littlefinger
  • Display legends on personal view / scheduled reports?

    I have some reports "pinned" to personal views to create custom dashboards, and then schedule these as .pdf email reports. I can turn the legends on/off in the view, but can't figure out how to retain these when they ...
    last modified by GMHotRod
  • ViPR Controller 3.5 Error 12000

    I am able to create a Volume for VMware first time. Second attempt, I receive the following error:   Error 12000: An error occurred while executing the job. Operation failed due to the following error: encounter...
    last modified by rmc@emc
  • Find the LUNs associated with a front-end port

    I'm getting alerts for high utilization of a few FA ports.  I would like to know the logical devices that are mapped to those ports so I can check which one(s) are running hot.  Maybe I just didn't get enoug...
    Samuel Denton
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  • ViPR  Openstack Mitaka support

    Hello, everyone.   We are testing VMAX AF+ViPR3.5 on Openstack Mitaka. We implemented the latest cinder driver from github, and config all as guided.   But some operation error, for example copy_image_to_...
  • ViPR Controller Version

    Is there any know Issue when ViPR Host(ViPR Controller Version is scanned by Mcaffee Virusscanner?
    last modified by 076865
  • ViPR-C 3.5 Console Login

    I'm trying to debug a network configuration issue - on boot ViPR VM cannot reach the IP gateway - and want to login to the console but can't find any information on what account/password to use. It appears that the ro...
    last modified by plexximan
  • Vipr SRM - How to set custome names?

    Hi there, does anyone know how to define custome names in ViPR SRM? We have several "cryptic" names for e.g. our SAN-Fabric (Brocade) based on Principal Switch WWN and want to change this in "SAN Fabric 1". Thanks ...
    last modified by markusw
  • CoprHD/ViPR __init__.py driver return syntax error

    Hello,   I receive this error when i restart Cinder services. 2016-11-02 15:04:16.970 TRACE cinder.cmd.volume   File "/opt/stack/cinder/cinder/volume/drivers/emc/vipr/__init__.py", line 5 2016-11-...
    last modified by MustafaM
  • Difficulty Setting up a Simple Email Alert

    Hello All,   I am trying to setup a simple email alert that alerts me when the Used Percentage in the report below goes above 90% .   I have followed instructions as per the alerting guide, and I was ab...
    last modified by littlefinger
  • How to Keep the log file count low in VIPR SRM

    Disk Space is always a concern with any application/vapp.   VIPR SRM, like most enterprise products generate log files. For example, If I go to the VNX collector, I can select the logging.properties file. I can...
    Tim T
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  • How to count the amount of values in a table column

    Hey all,   I have a table with a about 80 rows. One of the columns shows different values. Which formula should i use and how to configure it to count f.e. the existence o the value 50. So if 10 of the rows co...
    last modified by RolfCo
  • How do I get a report which maps VMs to their host cluster, datastore and array?

    Hi Folks   We are at the early stages of trying to get value out of our ViPR SRM v4.0.1 deployment and i've come up with a report which would be very useful for us to have but unfortunately I can't see this info...
    last modified by MickC1975
  • Vcenter discovered but datacollection is not happening for VM ware environment

    Hi,   I discovered vcenter with read only user successfully. But data collection is not happening and in report library is showing all 0. When I check for logs in collector, below error is appearing   ...
    last modified by Balaji_201
  • Error : Max number of tokens exceeded for this user

    I have been trying to integrate cinder with coprHD and have run into the problem mentioned in the title. Whenever I try to authenticate my user through Viprcli it returns the error mentioned.   ./viprcli authen...
    last modified by MustafaM
  • ViPR SRM alert parameters missing in email notification

    Hi Everyone   After upgrading few weeks back from SRM 3.5 to 3.6 we are facing issue with alert configuration. Although we are receiving alerts but it seems parameters are missing from alerts we receive through ...
    last modified by panks20
  • SRM VIPR 3.5 delete vCenter

    Good days,   we installed the VAPP VIPR SRM 3.5 (4) , and we have configured two NETAPP 7-Mode and three vCenter, and we've found with these problems:   When we delete one of the vCenter of the collector a...
    last modified by anfernandez