• The refresh time of vstatus for new created LUN

    Hi,     We use snmp collector to polling LUN MIB table, while we create some new LUNs, we found it will cost hours to set "vstatus=active", so we can only see the new LUN hours later, is it normal, any...
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  • ViPR SRM Dashboard

    Good day,   We're running ViPR SRM 4.1, I noticed on the home dashboard only the critical alerts are showing up. The major alerts are not showing in the dashboard which is why the indicators for hardware failure...
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  • Clearing Alerts in ViPR SRM

    Good day,   Question on clearing durable alerts in ViPR SRM, A critical alert showed in our ViPR SRM (link down) about a port when we were doing an activity but even if the port is already up and the alert is al...
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  • EMC Host Interface agent error

    we get the below error when we try to restart the agent. is there any way to fix this without reinstalling the agent.
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  • Access restricted to FAQ?

    https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-33602   I get a message that this document is restricted! Should it be? I entered via heritage EMC SSO as I am an employee...
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  • Did you know that Vipr-C was release August 2nd, with fixes for ETA 500960, ETA 502673, and ETA 501909

    Just letting you know that the latest release of Vipr Controller contains engineering fixes for:   ETA 500960: ViPR Controller, NAS systems: ViPR Controller order to create a file system with a name that already...
    Jay Farrell
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  • Not able to see all storage system in ViPR SRM 4.1 version

    Recently installed ViPR SRM 4.1 but installed solution pack for VNX, VMAX , XIO but not able see them under storage system and not able to fetch report for these boxes.
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  • MIB browser and SNMP Collector module for SRM 4.1

    Hi,    We had installed SRM 4.1 version, but can not find MIB browser and SNMP Collector module under administrator console, may we know if these modules are still available in SRM 4.1?    If the...
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  • Vipr Export Group creation at two VPLEX Clusters in a Metro configruation

    Hello experts, Looking for some guidance. Out of 4 hosts in a VMware Esxi Cluster, two hosts are connected to VPLEX Cluster 1 and other two hosts are connected to VPLEX Cluster 2 in a VPLEX Metro environment. Custom...
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  • Display increment of used capacity over a month

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a way do display in a table the increment of used capacity for a storage volume over a specific time period (i.e. a month), instead of the standard display mode which can only operate ...
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  • Urgent : ViPR Controller 3.5 installation error

    Hi,   I have encountered the following error when installing ViPR C ova file (1 VM) from vCenter, during the step "Select a resource", Anyone can shed some lights on what do these errors means ? I did not encoun...
    Yap Teng Hin
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  • ViPR SRM alert configuration

    Good day,   Im running ViPR SRM 3.7, im trying to lessen the number of email alerts that we are receiving because after enabling Alert notification email notification we got tons of email alerts.   Even if...
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  • Filtering not matching values from expansion

    Hi all, I'm trying to generate a report displaying all storage volumes who don't have a corresponding item in the ViPR volume list. At the moment I'm able to join values through a complex expansion and obtain a full ...
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  • History data in ViPR SRM

    Hi Experts,    We use ViPR SRM to monitor storage devices, and found that if a lun was removed, it will still exist in DB and report. May we know how to filter out such kind removed things from report?
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  • ViPR SRM report on luns assigned per service processor

    Good day,   Is there a way to create a report on the LUNs assigned per service processor in VNX? We usually use the report to check if LUN assignments are balanced across the 2 service processors.   We ar...
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  • Problem with ViPR SRM email alert settings

    Good day,   I'm trying to configure sending vipr srm alerts via email but cant seem to have it working. Already put it the SMTP server IP in the global settings and I'm able to send reports to my email but I kee...
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  • Requesting 10 minutes of help!  Support Task Model

    Dell-EMC Customers and Partners -   We're working to define a task model to improve how we organize Dell-EMC enterprise documentation and technical support content.   We'd like your help to test our model ...
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  • Exporting volume to a host: Unable to export a volume to a host[VM on ESX server].

    Hi ,       I am trying to export a volume to the windows host on Esx server. The Host has been discovered successfully with ISCSI initiators.Here is the message.     Here is discovered w...
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  • ECS Add-on for EMC ViPR SolutionPack License

    ViPR SRM 4.0.3 environment.   The ViPR SRM 4.0.3 SolutionPack guide states on page 97 that before I begin the ECS SolutionPack installation and configuration, I need to add the 'ECS Add-on for EMC ViPR SolutionP...
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  • Issue to be aware of before upgrading to ESXi 6.5

    Per this VMWare KB article (2148265):      ESXi 6.5 does not recognize Datastores that were recognized before with ESXi 5.x or 6.0 (2148265) | VMware KB There is potential issue of losing access...
    Jay Farrell
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