• Filtering not matching values from expansion

    Hi all, I'm trying to generate a report displaying all storage volumes who don't have a corresponding item in the ViPR volume list. At the moment I'm able to join values through a complex expansion and obtain a full ...
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  • ECS Add-on for EMC ViPR SolutionPack License

    ViPR SRM 4.0.3 environment.   The ViPR SRM 4.0.3 SolutionPack guide states on page 97 that before I begin the ECS SolutionPack installation and configuration, I need to add the 'ECS Add-on for EMC ViPR SolutionP...
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  • Issue to be aware of before upgrading to ESXi 6.5

    Per this VMWare KB article (2148265):      ESXi 6.5 does not recognize Datastores that were recognized before with ESXi 5.x or 6.0 (2148265) | VMware KB There is potential issue of losing access...
    Jay Farrell
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  • EMC Recover Point discovery in ViPR SRM

    What is the cluster node and how can the customer determine what it is?   Dave Manna x3291175
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  • Report like SRM

    Hi Experts, Is there any way to get a Extensive Capacity & Performance Reports for VMAX, VNX & Isilon like SRM through Scripting??   Regards Neesha
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  • Is it possible to Enable/Disable ViPR SRM Alert Definitions from the CLI?

    I am interested in enabling/disabling ViPR SRM Alert definitions from the Linux CLI. Is this possible? Thanks!
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  • Can I Programmatically Alter Email Recipients in ViPR SRM Alerts

    I think I know the answer to this question already, but I'm going to ask it anyway...   I have enriched my device metrics to contain owner contact info (email address). Can I use this data to tailor my email r...
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  • What the REST API call for discover unmananged volumes ? VIPR 3.5

      I am trying to figure out whats the REST API call for performing the catalog action "Discover Unmanaged Volumes".   I found this in the REST API guide : POST /vdc/storage-systems/discover but it doesn't ...
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  • Greenfield/Coexistence and Ingestion Support for Block

    ViPR Controller 3.6 (3+2)   For other 3rd party Arrays (thru OpenStack Cinder), in this case NetApp block, it is my understanding that configuration supports "Greenfield" only. This configuration does not suppor...
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  • ViPR Controller can get a current VPLEX / SAN switchs Configuration

    Hi Everyone.   Currently, we have the next scenario: - One (1) VNX7500 with Pools and Luns defined and used by many servers (Aix, Linux, Windows). - Two (2) switchs DCX8510-4B - One (1) VPLEX Local with two E...
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  • How to find common licensing

    Hi everyone,   I searched but i couldn't find a place where we could see common licensing rules for ViPR. Is there some place similar to IBM licensing information (IBM LI docs and SaaS terms - search LI document...
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  • ViPR SRM Device Discovery Brocade SMI Provider Fails

    ViPR SRM 4.0.3 Device Discovery > Brocade SMI Provider > Add a New Device (Wizard)   SMI Provider IP Address: ***.***.***.***  (Windows host were CMCNE BNA is installed) Username: ***** Password: *...
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  • ViPR Controller 3.6 vDisk

    ViPR Controller 3.6 vApp (3+2)   All the VMs in the vApp come with 500GB disks.   The Support Matrix (REV v21) states 600GB.   Why?
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  • ViPR Controller 3.6 vApp Logon

    ViPR Controller 3.6   Deployed ViPR Controller 3.6 vApp (3+2).   After deployment and before launching GUI, putty'd to one of the VMs and attempting to logon as root.   The initial password for root ...
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  • Question with how to set scheduled reports to run every other week.

    Hello Community!    I have a request to schedule a report to email out every other Tuesday.  When using the drop down options during Editing Scheduled Report, I do not see an option for this ability.&...
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  • ViPR SRM SP Ports

    ViPR SRM 4.0.3 VMAX solution pack uses port 5988/5989 by default when connecting to SE / SMI-S. Brocade solution pack uses port 5988/5989 by default when connecting to CMCNE SMI-S or SMI-S only.   Will that ca...
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  • ViPR SRM Report Cloud now publically available

    https://srmreports.emc.com/#/dashboardhttps://srmreports.emc.com/#/dashboard   For those that missed Dell EMC World, the public facing ViPR-SRM Report Cloud was officially announced.  Check it out using you...
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  • Updating Custom Report

    Hi   A little while ago I created a custom report to see a dashboard related to a host and the storage it uses.  We have now migrated to a XtremIO from a VNX, but when I try and change the array type it doe...
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  • Add ViPR provisioned storage to new ESXi cluster nodes

    Our customer has multiple EHC 4.1 based ESXi compute clusters and is in the process of expanding these compute clusters. What is the proper steps to take to provision the existing ViPR storage to these net-new ESXi no...
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  • How can we get Storage Group metrics to fill in for "capacity" other than a zero for non vmax3 arrays?

    We are running SRM version 4.0.1.  Under "Explore>>Storage>> Storage Systems>> XYZ  >>  Components >> Storage Groups", for our non vmax3 arrays the cells for "Capacity" all...
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