• About ViPR support VMAX3/AF NDM

    Do ViPR controller support VMAX3/AF NDM ? many Thanks.
    created by gerry.liu
  • task to rerun failed / interrupted scheuled reports

    Anyone know of any way to setup a task that will rerun any failed or interrupted scheduled reports that are run overnight.
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  • EMC M&R differences with ViPR SRM 4

    Hi all . I have a couple of questions regarding SRM and M&R. Will those 2 be unified in the near future and should one upgrade from M&R 6.8u2 to ViPR SRM 4.2 or wait for a new release of M&R? Thanks a lot
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  • Hi I am unable to access HDFS on ecs

    -ls: Fatal internal error java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Class com.emc.hadoop.fs.vipr.ViPRFileSystem not found   Could you please provide the jar file for ecs   Hanumanth
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  • EHI automatic reboot

    I have testing installing the EHI agent on 2 different Windows systems. On both, they rebooted immediately after installation was done without any kind of prompting or warning. That is unacceptable in an enterprise en...
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  • block snapshot

    Hi,   We are unable to create a block snapshot, a full copy works in vIpr controller vipr- Is there a special ViPR controller license needed?
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  • Vipr Controller issue with support for Solutions Enabler rev 9.0 and VMAX AFA Microde 5978

    This message is for customer's that have Vipr Controller, a VMAX All Flash Array, and are considering upgrading to the latest microcode rev (5978) and Solutions Enabler 9.0...The ask is to wait for the next release of...
    Jay Farrell
    created by Jay Farrell
  • Setup SMI-S Provider for ViPR SRM

    I want to add several Brocade SAN switches to be monitored by ViPR SRM, but cant workout how to setup the SMI-S provider required for the Brocade Solution Pack...
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  • calculate average of two columns in custom report

    Hi,   I customized report and I made report settings but I'm getting incorrect results. You can see screenshot in normally results need equal (100+96)/2 =98 but I got different results Value looks a lot...
    last modified by menekse
  • Monitor and Alerts for VIPR C Linux VMs:  VIPR C

    Hi VIPR C:   We have deployed a 5 VM Vipr Controller vAPP and want to use our internal monitoring tool - which will send an e-mail to us when the host is unreachable.    In order to do this, the Moni...
    last modified by Heather
  • SyncIQ options in ViPR

    Hi   Isilon SyncIQ policy definition has the below options.  How can these be achieved (configured) within ViPR controller?   Action: Copy / Synchronize Run SyncIQ job: Manual / On a Schedule / Whene...
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  • Isilon Aliases In ViPR Controller

    anyone here know if VIPR can create aliases for isilon directory path names? For example: mount cluster_ip:/q4 instead of mount cluster_ip:/ifs/data/finance/accounting/winter2015
    last modified by Sudheer17
  • VIPR Order for CIFS/NFS fails with error: (Required parameter 'size' is missing for field sizeInGb on com.emc.sa.service.vipr.file.CreateCifsShareHelper)

    Does this json "body" look good? any suggestions are welcome. { "tenantId": "urn:storageos:TenantOrg:3637de48-b2fd-4909-b8b6-00a742365984:global",     "parameters": [      ...
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  • Remove ViPR Controller Backups

    Hi, I have been trying to find out how to remove ViPR Controller backups when the Delete button is not available to use. I want to find out how to remove the manual backup i took in October shown at the top of the...
    last modified by AndrewP27
  • ViPR SRM and Unity Licensing Question

    Hi All,   I have a question about ViPR SRM and Unity. We want ViPR SRM to report on some Unity arrays. Unity arrays come with the Monitoring and Reporting license. Can we use this license to activate the Solutio...
    last modified by llittlefield
  • ViPR default port 4443

    Hi,   I'm struggling to make vipr work behind a reverse proxy because of the 302 redirect when accessing the ViPR service. How can we change the default 4443 port to 443 ?   The 4443 wont be opened by net...
    last modified by paranoidandroid
  • Did you use NAT (Network Address Translation) between the different servers of the same SRM platform?

    I want to know if any you used NAT between the different servers of the same SRM platform. To be more precise I want to know if you used NAT to connect PBE (primary backend) server with a remote collector. I had to u...
    last modified by mugurstef
  • Is there a SRM REST API resource for reports

    I am looking a way to directly pull reports from SRM using REST API. is there a report resource to allow this? If not, is there any ways to do so?
    last modified by shi.jia@gm.com
  • How can ViPR SRM discover Peer Zoning - Brocade ?

    Is it possible to configure ViPR SRM to discover Peer Zoning - Brocade ?
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  • NPV enabled edge switches

    Hi   I have a customer who has connected their Cisco SAN switches on their UCS with NPV mode enabled.  Should these still need to be discovered within ViPR Controller networks?  Or would it suffice if ...
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