• course of actions to follow if a collector VM/Host fails + 2 more questions?

    Hi, A few ViPR SRM questions on which I am seeking assistance:   If a Controller VM/HOST goes down what would be the course of actions to follow (do we reinstall the SolutionPacks/Collectors on another Host/VM?...
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  • How granular can the VMAX Performance report get ?

    I understand that by default the data collection is 30 minutes for VMAX Solution packs, but in the case of performance data how granular can I configure it ?   Can I configure the solution pack to collect data e...
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  • Situations to Watch in EMC ViPR SRM

    EMC's ViPR SRM has an operations area called "Situations to Watch" which reports on potential problem areas such as pool oversubscription or high CPU utilization.  We're looking to expand Situations to Watch and ...
    Paula Swanson
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  • ViPR controller soln pack does not contain CG details ?

    Hi ,   We are running ViPR SRM 4.0.x version , and I am unable to find any detail on Consistency groups . Is this correct ? If so then how do I get the details for CG created in ViPR controller ?   Regards
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  • hello Vipr SRM REST API enthusiast

    I am in the process of trying to building( optimum term trying) a Vipr SRM Rest API process to extract hardware  (i.e. server and storage ) consumption.   I am at a point do the lack of documentation an...
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  • ViPR-C upgrade design document

    Hello All,   Appreciate if anyone can sent a ViPR-C upgrade design document . Please send the document directly to me @sujit.sadasivan@emc.com  if the customer information need to be removed .
    created by Sujit_Sadasivan
  • Unable to access CoprHD via restapi

    Hi there,   I am trying to access https://<CoprHD_IP>:4443/vdc/storage-provider  but getting following error. I am using the right credentials because when I wrong credentials it pops up the credentia...
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  • Polling Interval Modification - VNX

    Hello,   The default polling interval for VNX quota information is 6 hours (21,600 seconds). We would like to have it collected on a more frequent basis in order to more effectively alert users to quota issues....
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  • I want to select expansion in my reports on the basis of metrics(name).

    Hi all, Can any one could help me on how to expand selection on the basis of metrics (name) only. i.e. lets suppose I have all together 10000 interface entries but i just want to select expansion on the interface whe...
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  • SRM expansion

    Hello Everyone,   Currently we are running a Binary Install of ViPR SRM 4.0. (upgraded from 3.7.1) Entire environment is running on the default EMC recommendation. And Memory utilization on each collector is ove...
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  • ViPR-C v3.5 and the ViPR SRA for VMware Site Recovery Manager

    Hi All,   One of my customers currently has ViPR-C v2.4 running in their environment. They have the ViPR SRA installed and configured for their VMware SRM environment. The customer now needs to upgrade ViPR-C...
    created by llittlefield
  • Emc VIPR - Scale IO integration error

    Hi,   I am working on EMC Vipr- Scleio integration. I am able to provision / deprovision storage directly from the Scale GUI. However I am only able to provision Datastore once if try from Vipr. Afterwards any p...
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  • ViPR with replicated Isilons and Superna Eyeglass

    Hello everyone.   I have the following constellation in a customer project: Two replicated Isilon systems with superna eyeglass for the failover automation. Beside this, the customer is currently running a ViPR...
  • How to Expand Disk Space in VIPR SRM

    Due to increased Data Center growth, it is sometimes needed to expand a VIPR SRM Virtual Machine Disk. The following is the procedure to increase the disk space of a VIPR SRM VM.   Add a virtual machine disk t...
    Tim T
    created by Tim T
  • ViPR Controller day 2 config changes

    Folks, have an existing customer asking if we can do the following with ViPR-C 3.0 • Can we initiate replication for an existing non-replicated LUN. It should be able to create journal volume for an existing dat...
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  • vm appli consistency with isilon and  syncIQ

    Hi,   IHAC with 2 isilon replicated with syncIQ (vmware datastore nfs). Customer need VM application consistency at the target ( no crash constistency), so I would like to known how to get that with Vipr and i...
    created by ben78
  • Does SRM 3.7.2 (VMAX SP) support SE 8.3.0 and Unisphere

    Does SRM 3.7.2 (VMAX SP) support SE 8.3.0 and Unisphere
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  • Qualifying ViPR with ViPR SRM?

    Hello all,   This might be a stupid question but I cannot find what I am looking for.   Do I need to qualify ViPR 3.5 with ViPR SRM 4.0.1?   I have looked at both ViPR 3.5 & ViPR SRM 4.0.1 suppor...
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  • cannot login to UI

    i've deployed  vipr on hyperv but cannot Login to  UI and console   ****** Deployment done with status: succeed ****** PS C:\temp\vipr->
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  • ViPR-C 3.0 with Boot volume and datastore initiator pairs

    how can we best configure ViPR and Cisco UCS to create boot volumes masked to only 2 of 4 HBAs and ensure that boot-vol-esxhost1 is only masked to host1's boot initiator pair and that boot-vol-esxhost2 is only masked ...
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