• How to count the amount of values in a table column

    Hey all,   I have a table with a about 80 rows. One of the columns shows different values. Which formula should i use and how to configure it to count f.e. the existence o the value 50. So if 10 of the rows co...
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  • How do I get a report which maps VMs to their host cluster, datastore and array?

    Hi Folks   We are at the early stages of trying to get value out of our ViPR SRM v4.0.1 deployment and i've come up with a report which would be very useful for us to have but unfortunately I can't see this info...
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  • Vcenter discovered but datacollection is not happening for VM ware environment

    Hi,   I discovered vcenter with read only user successfully. But data collection is not happening and in report library is showing all 0. When I check for logs in collector, below error is appearing   ...
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  • Error : Max number of tokens exceeded for this user

    I have been trying to integrate cinder with coprHD and have run into the problem mentioned in the title. Whenever I try to authenticate my user through Viprcli it returns the error mentioned.   ./viprcli authen...
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  • ViPR SRM alert parameters missing in email notification

    Hi Everyone   After upgrading few weeks back from SRM 3.5 to 3.6 we are facing issue with alert configuration. Although we are receiving alerts but it seems parameters are missing from alerts we receive through ...
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  • SRM VIPR 3.5 delete vCenter

    Good days,   we installed the VAPP VIPR SRM 3.5 (4) , and we have configured two NETAPP 7-Mode and three vCenter, and we've found with these problems:   When we delete one of the vCenter of the collector a...
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  • Need to know link between UNIX/Linux file systems and remote LUNs

    I’m trying to find a way to relate the UNIX/Linux disks to block devices or relate the block device to a LUN WWN.  I can then use the common link to relate the file system to to a LUN ID.   Below is a...
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  • How to Keep the log file count low in VIPR SRM

    Disk Space is always a concern with any application/vapp.   VIPR SRM, like most enterprise products generate log files. For example, If I go to the VNX collector, I can select the logging.properties file. I can...
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  • How to Determine the VIPR SRM Version Number

    When one goes to the help button in VIPR SRM, instead of the SRM version number, such as VIPR SRM, 3.7.1 one will get the following: EMC M&R 6.6u2.   The following chart below gives the version you see in h...
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  • SRM 2.x vs ECC for Provisioning

    Hi, EMC Gurus, Question, the succession as I understand is ECC -> SRM 2.x/ProSphere -> ViPR 3.x And SRM 1.x being the ProSphere product. The question I have is ECC was able to perform the provisioning storage ...
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  • ViPR SRM Service Level by LUN question

    I am setting up a POC for a mixed array environment, some EMC, mostly Hitachi and am having some issues with configuring the service levels, almost all the HDS DP Pool volumes are aggregating under the "other" categor...
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  • How to customize alerts in ViPR/SRM M&R

    Hello.  I just updated my ViPR/SRM M&R to v6.5u2 and am getting a large number of additional alerts.  Most of them are useful, but there are a few that are informational and too numerous for my email.&nb...
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  • ViPR SRM install issue

    Hi there,   I've installed SRM into our lab and I'm getting the following issue 'Database connection failed! Please contact your frontend administrator', I've restarted the vApp but with no joy, any idea on how...
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  • EMC Isilon report doesn't show up in the Report Libary of SRM

    Hi,   I've deployed a new SRM 3.6 instance in our environment, and installed Solution Pack for Isilon. And I've added my Isilon cluster in the device management according to the steps in  ViPR SRM 3.6 ̵...
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  • Reviewing Environment for Upgrade

    This is a list that our team put together that helps review an existing VIPR SRM environment for a pending upgrade. If you have any questions or suggestion regarding this, please let us know..   1) Run the late...
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  • How to Setup LDAP IN VIPR SRM

    We recently set up our lab with LDAP, so we figured we would show some steps/ screenshots on how to do this LDAP STEPS 1) Get the name of the Domain Controller that you will be using 2) Make sure that the name can...
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  • What Rights are needed for Unix Discovery in VIPR SRM

    As a support Engineer for VIPR SRM I find a lot of customers not having the correct privileges for UNIX discovery. To discover Unix Hosts in VIPR SRM, one needs to either have root access (admins never give root priv...
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  • How to use the Zoom Feature in a VIPR SRM Report

    IN VIPR SRM, there is a  zoom feature to view data for a certain time period.  This can be useful when looking for data for a specific time period.   To do this, select a report and select display. Th...
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  • Can you copy and edit one of the standard reports

    Hi,   I am having a play with the reporting in ViPR SRM and got a bit stuck so wonder if you can help. There is a report that would be useful for us but it contains a load of child reports and i would like to kn...
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  • Is service pack essential for srm integration

    Can I monitor a system through SRM which does not have a service pack available, want to integrate oracle zfs storage to vipr srm but the service pack is not available
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