• ViPR SRM support for KVM hypervisor

    Do you know if ViPR SRM can obtain the CPU (% Use) and Memory (use of GB) for a server with KVM hypervisor installed?   Thank you
    created by javierm
  • Remove host from single ESX

    Hi,   in a 3.5 installation, I have a Customer who would like to remove some Volumes, created as SHARED as Storage Type for a Cluster ESX, to a single node of the same Cluster....he choosed the service "Unexpor...
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  • How can we get Storage Group metrics to fill in for "capacity" other than a zero for non vmax3 arrays?

    We are running SRM version 4.0.1.  Under "Explore>>Storage>> Storage Systems>> XYZ  >>  Components >> Storage Groups", for our non vmax3 arrays the cells for "Capacity" all...
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  • How to Determine the VIPR SRM Version Number

    When one goes to the help button in VIPR SRM, instead of the SRM version number, such as VIPR SRM, 3.7.1 one will get the following: EMC M&R 6.6u2.   The following chart below gives the version you see in h...
    Tim T
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    Hello,   could someone told me where is the documentation to enable REST-API in ViPR SRM ? I have found the white paper with the API REST Guide, but it does not provide information on how installing it.   ...
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  • Update MIB for Netapp in ViPR SRM

    We are discovering C-Mode Netapp Filers in ViPR SRM.  I am attempting to create some custom alerting for SNMP traps and noticed the MIB installed with the Netapp solution pack is v2.2 and a new MIB v2.4.2 is avai...
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  • Question on Quick Search.

    I just noticed recently that when I search for a device (a virtual machine in my case) only one instance of it shows up in the results. We have two Virtual Machines with the same Device name (one Prod and one DR ) and...
    Vaishak Nair
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  • Some questions about ViPR SRM

    Hello,   Customer asked some questions about ViPR SRM:   Does ViPR SRM have a topology view or a list of FC switches? so I can see the relationship of a fabric. Once a single switch is faulted, I can see h...
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  • ViPR SRM 3.7 APIs ?

    Hello,   I have been recently assigned to develop a solution for building some custom reports based on the data collect by SRM. At this moment the SRM version my colleagues are using is the 3.7 and I was not abl...
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  • ViPR Controller - Block volume ingest question

    Hi All,   I have a question regarding the block volume ingestion service on ViPR Controller.   If a Volume is created in ViPR, but the masking and zoning is done manually outside of ViPR (using native elem...
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  • vvol support and VIPR

    what the support level of VMware virtual volumes ? reporting only or will it provision vvol ? what the downside to using vipr and vvols ? is there a document that shows the level of support with vvol for each of the s...
    created by clarkk6
  • Export Configuration Detail Vipr Controller 3

    Hello   For documentation purposes, is there a way to export a configuration of an existing ViPR Controller?   Thank you
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  • how to display multiple metrics in one line

    Hi,      We collected some metrics and properties by SNMP collector, but while trying to display them in "Standard Table" type report, we found that the metrics from same MIB table or different MI...
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  • allocating LUNs to eNAS - for use by ViPR-C File as Thin provisioned

    Hi All,   I need to understand the correct way, as I cant find it documented at the moment, to allocate a LUN(s) to a eNAS setup.   Currently the eNAS is operational and has a single 10G only LUN presented...
    Glenn Valiukas
    created by Glenn Valiukas
  • DataDomain OS on ViPR

    Hi, in the 3.5 Support Matrix, for DataDomain, there are indicated only the DDOS versions and; the Customer has on a DD2500....is this version not still qualified but it can work anyway?...
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  • Urgent : ViPR Controller 3.5 installation error

    Hi,   I have encountered the following error when installing ViPR C ova file (1 VM) from vCenter, during the step "Select a resource", Anyone can shed some lights on what do these errors means ? I did not encoun...
    Yap Teng Hin
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  • Is there a way to use SRM workbench for multi-region config

    Can anyone tell me how to use the SRM Designer workbench to size a multi-region setup?...ie Main Vapp sits in one datacenter but will have collector/s in many data centers.  The designer workbench is a great tool...
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  • Question on SRM's snmp oid customize

    Hi,      I reconfigured some MIB OID from SRM "MIB Browser" and "SNMP Collector" for no SolutionPackage storage device, like CPU Memory Disk IOPS.      Almost all the configu...
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  • EMC ViPR Controller - Unity Replication

    Hi All,   Anyone managing EMC Unity replication with ViPR controller?  When we attempt to enabled replication in the file virtual pool, none of our storage pools are listed as compatible.   Thanks!
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  • Question on SRM trap alert

    Dear Experts,      From documents we know that SRM can receive trap from device and list it in report, is there any guide on how to customize?
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