• How we can associate user defined meta data to an ECS object? Any size limitation?

    We are developing a solution where I need to enter nearly 40 information about an object (name, age, skill, etc). How I can enter these values while uploading an object? Is there any size limitation for user defined m...
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  • ECS Virtual shutdown / restart question

    Hi all   We are running into the situation, that when we shutdown the virtual ECS, we are afterwards no longer able to login to the web gui.   First I thought this could be the case when this is done short...
    Holger Jakob
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  • ECS: Remote I/O error when writing a file

    I'd really appreciate some help on this. I've submitted a github ticket, but I haven't got an answer. This is what I've done.   I installed a centos 7 server and followed the single node docker install on github...
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  • ViPR Controller and User Group Attributes

    I am attempting to setup Active Directory groups to administer ViPR Controller. I have been successful in creating the authentication provider and adding my AD ID under VDC role assignments.  I can then successfu...
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  • nfs export question

    Can someone please explain why this isn't working?   I created a file export in my ecs ui with the following options   Export Path: /ns1/nfsbucket/ Under export host options i did this: Export host: IP o...
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  • ViPR Controller - adding host to existing cluster (VMware / Windows) / migrate VCenter

    Hi everyone,   I just start deploying ViPR Controller for a customer, i think ViPR is a great product, but there are some thing i don't find in the documentation so if someone can help me that will be great ! &n...
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  • CORS Allowed Origin Issue

    I am configuring a bucket on a customer's ECS appliance and having an issue with CORS. I have uploaded the configuration via boto and confirmed it was set using the below anonymized code: #!/bin/python import ssl f...
    Casey Fritz
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  • Can only access ESC through "proxy"

    We have setup an ECS Community Edition to evaluate ECS.   Now I have come to the point where I want to access my bucket. I am using the s3curl.pl script to test, and I execute the s3cul.pl on the same machine a...
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  • Multinode ECS Install fails

    Hi all   I am trying to install and setup ECS so called free and frictionless :-)   I installed four minimal CentOS machines, updated and installed the packages as per the latest description.    ...
    Holger Jakob
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  • Question:ViPR Controller with VPLEX METRO

    Hello,   We have customer who has deployed VPLEX METRO Point to enable them to have the active-active datacenter with a single DR copy. Recently they purchased ViPR controller to enable them to automate the prov...
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  • v3.7.1 upgrade issues

    I'll start off by saying that yes, I've opened a case with Support, but it's Friday afternoon and I thought I would throw the question out here as well in case it is a known issue. I've searched ECN and the support do...
    Allen Ward
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  • Container restart kills Storage Pool

    Hi,   After an epic struggle, I had a working ECS Single Node.  I then (foolishly) restarted the container.  Rookie error.   Since the restart, the GUI is showing the node as "Suspect", and the a...
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  • Display condition for property column in report.

    Hi ,   can anyone share an e.g , which regular expression can be used in the display condition in property column in a report.
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  • What is the significance of 'w4ncert' filter in ViPR SRM Reports

    Can someone please tell me what is the significance of having the 'w4ncert' value in the filters of certain reports within ViPR SRM, I have gone through certain documents and all it says is that its a Watch 4 net cert...
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  • ECS and load balancing

    Can I use DNS round robin load balancing for local balancing? If yes how does it work with virtual host addressing to access objects?
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  • Can not connect with S3 to newly created ECS-Single-Node-Instance

    We have setup a ECS-Single-Node-Instance on a VM to test some of the functionality in ECS. After two reinstall's the ECS is now up&running (it even survives a reboot). Now we have the problem that we can not con...
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  • Is there a Report or Alert available that show failed Discovery Objects

    Is there a Report or Alert available that show failed Discovery Objects. For Ex: Under Host Configuration Solution Pack if there are about 300 hosts discovered and 3 Hosts just failed discovery due to Authentication I...
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  • Storage Provider:  Delete Not Allowed (want to use host name/FQDN instead of IP)

    Using VIPR Controller v2.,  discovered Storage Provider using its IP address rather than FQDN. I added the same provider_2, using the FQDN, now I have TWO Storage Providers for the same SMI-S server (on...
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  • ViPR SRM free downlaod and test drive

    We wanted to test drive the ViPR Controller and the ViPR SRM. We downloaded the software which includes the SRM OVA. We installed the OVA but when we log into the machine to check the status, the method scripts are no...
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  • smb/cifs on ecs

    Hello guys do you know a way to provide cifs/smb services with an ecs?   I'm sure that some gateway exist for that     regards
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