• How to submit Enhancement Requests for ViPR SRM

    Hi,      May we know how to submit Enhancement Requests for ViPR SRM? I searched out following post but cannot find the link it mentioned.      New Online Support Feature- Enh...
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  • ViPR SRM and Isilon shares report

    I have discovered couple of Isilons in SRM 4.0.1 for monitoring and reporting, All>>Explore>>Storage>>Storage Systems>>Isilon>>Device Summary>>Isilon>>Components>>Isilo...
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  • Question on SRM trap alert

    Dear Experts,      From documents we know that SRM can receive trap from device and list it in report, is there any guide on how to customize?
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  • Question on SRM's snmp oid customize

    Hi,      I reconfigured some MIB OID from SRM "MIB Browser" and "SNMP Collector" for no SolutionPackage storage device, like CPU Memory Disk IOPS.      Almost all the configu...
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  • How to display the customized SNMP polling result data

    Dear Experts,      I'm new to ViPR SRM, I have installed a trial version SRM and customized the "Polling Groups" and "Masks" under SNMP collector.      "Collecting-0-0.log" s...
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  • Is there a Report or Alert available that show failed Discovery Objects

    Is there a Report or Alert available that show failed Discovery Objects. For Ex: Under Host Configuration Solution Pack if there are about 300 hosts discovered and 3 Hosts just failed discovery due to Authentication I...
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  • Updating data enrichment tagging automatically

    I would like to update the tagging rules used for data enhancement, without using the GUI.  I have written a Python script that will recreate the entire CSV file that I've uploaded, but I'm not sure what to do wi...
    Samuel Denton
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  • VIPR SRM 4.0.1 Workbench Designer

    Is a new Workbench Designer for VIPR SRM 4.x available? I can't find it in the download section.
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  • hello Vipr SRM REST API enthusiast

    I am in the process of trying to building( optimum term trying) a Vipr SRM Rest API process to extract hardware  (i.e. server and storage ) consumption.   I am at a point do the lack of documentation an...
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  • ViPR SRM Report showing Storage Group Used Capacity Delta between two days.

    I have tried to create a report that would show the Delta in used capacity between two days using one of the reports available in the VMAX library.  I want to show two columns of Used Capacity for each Storage gr...
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  • W4N Classes

    Hi Guys , I would like to know if it possible to list all parttypes, part and metrics  for each classes in W4N   Thanks in advance
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  • VPLEX with Multiple RP cluster is supported in VIPR 3.5?

    Hi All, In a VIPR-C project, they have 2 Sites(Prod and DR). They have 4 RP clusters on each site, in which 1 Cluster has 4 RPA nodes.VMAX and XtremIO behind VPLEX. SRDF is also configured in VMAX. I want to know if t...
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  • Discovering a virtualized Oracle server

    I am about to discover a virtualized Oracle server for the first time.  The SP Installation guide says this: The server must be under Host Configuration so the ASM Script (oracle-asmdisk. pl for Linux and ASMDisk...
    Samuel Denton
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  • "Scaled-up" 3-VM limitations

    The support matrix mentions a scaled-up deployment, but it is not real clear on what is meant by “scaled up.”   Also, it states a 3-VM deployment can handle 20% of the maximum.  So, if a 5-VM c...
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  • ESX Cluster Capacity Summary

    Has anyone created a basic ESX cluster capacity roll up that displays these metrics without drilling down to a host in each cluster to get to the info?   Host ClusterCapacityProvisionedFree Space
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  • How granular can the VMAX Performance report get ?

    I understand that by default the data collection is 30 minutes for VMAX Solution packs, but in the case of performance data how granular can I configure it ?   Can I configure the solution pack to collect data e...
    Vaishak Nair
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  • What is the retention database policy for ViPR SRM?

    Does anyone knows what is the default collection data retention policy used by SRM. I know that the SRM truncates data so that the databases will not grow indefinitely but I don't know how long are the real time coll...
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  • SE (SMI-S Downloand location

    Hi Experts, As per ViPR controller 3.5 support matrix (attached) supported version of SMI-S provider is SE (SMI-S But this version is not available at https://support.emc.com/downloads/5587_SMI-S...
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  • course of actions to follow if a collector VM/Host fails + 2 more questions?

    Hi, A few ViPR SRM questions on which I am seeking assistance:   If a Controller VM/HOST goes down what would be the course of actions to follow (do we reinstall the SolutionPacks/Collectors on another Host/VM?...
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  • Link Array and LUN ID to Host File System Report - Vipr SRM v4.0.1

    I found a report in the library I would like to use as a foundation.  I need the Array, and LUN ID associated with the physical drive also included in the table.  I can not seem to find the correct expansion...
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