• ViPR with replicated Isilons and Superna Eyeglass

    Hello everyone.   I have the following constellation in a customer project: Two replicated Isilon systems with superna eyeglass for the failover automation. Beside this, the customer is currently running a ViPR...
  • ViPR Controller day 2 config changes

    Folks, have an existing customer asking if we can do the following with ViPR-C 3.0 • Can we initiate replication for an existing non-replicated LUN. It should be able to create journal volume for an existing dat...
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  • vm appli consistency with isilon and  syncIQ

    Hi,   IHAC with 2 isilon replicated with syncIQ (vmware datastore nfs). Customer need VM application consistency at the target ( no crash constistency), so I would like to known how to get that with Vipr and i...
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  • Does SRM 3.7.2 (VMAX SP) support SE 8.3.0 and Unisphere

    Does SRM 3.7.2 (VMAX SP) support SE 8.3.0 and Unisphere
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  • Qualifying ViPR with ViPR SRM?

    Hello all,   This might be a stupid question but I cannot find what I am looking for.   Do I need to qualify ViPR 3.5 with ViPR SRM 4.0.1?   I have looked at both ViPR 3.5 & ViPR SRM 4.0.1 suppor...
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  • cannot login to UI

    i've deployed  vipr on hyperv but cannot Login to  UI and console   ****** Deployment done with status: succeed ****** PS C:\temp\vipr->
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  • ViPR-C 3.0 with Boot volume and datastore initiator pairs

    how can we best configure ViPR and Cisco UCS to create boot volumes masked to only 2 of 4 HBAs and ensure that boot-vol-esxhost1 is only masked to host1's boot initiator pair and that boot-vol-esxhost2 is only masked ...
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  • ViPR SAN Multipathing questions

    In SAN multipathing properties of a block pool, when we tell ViPR to have minimum of 2 paths and 2 paths per initiator, is ViPR ensuring these use multiple SAN fabrics?  How does it know?  Where do we see or...
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  • hello Vipr SRM REST API enthusiast

    I am in the process of trying to building( optimum term trying) a Vipr SRM Rest API process to extract hardware  (i.e. server and storage ) consumption.   I am at a point do the lack of documentation an...
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  • ViPR Controller Health Check

    Is there a ViPR Controller Health Check application and/or document that I can utilize to help assess the status of a customer's ViPR Controller installation?
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  • UseCase for ViPR CTR v.s VPLEX Local

    I'm trying to create a situation where i have 2 systems of Unity AFA 600 at the same site connected to VMware envrioment where between them there is same copy of data.   I want to create a VMFS for example of...
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  • Orchestrating Storage with ViPR (SOFO)

    Hi All,   Just wanted to clear up a few things about storage orchestration with ViPR.   What I've done up till now.   1. Setting up ViPR and configuring Keystone as the Authentication provider and synci...
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  • Brocade SolutionPack not masks installed

    Hi Everybody, I have installed the brocade SolutionPack and the mask are not installed , I didn't find it in ..../Custom/WebApps-Resources/Default/device-discovery/collector-proxy-default-resources/snmp-masks   ...
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  • ViPR SRM report listing server, array, LUNid

    I have looked for a pre-canned report in ViPR SRM 3.7.2 that meets my needs, but I have been unable to find one.  After failing to find a canned report, I tried to create one--but I am struggling getting things r...
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  • ViPR Object Services AWS SDK

    Good day All   I am having an issue with the ListObjectResponse class in my program it keeps throwing an exception that tells me about something wrong in the XML document, does not stipulate which one.   I...
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  • Vipr Controller support for Vmware 6.5

    Does anybody know when we will be supporting VMware 6.5 with controller? If this is not supported can we RPQ it?
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  • How can I automatically remove stored reports.

    Is there a way to manually define the retention period for specfic stored reports ?   I see a stored reports clean up task under scheduled tasks, but not sure what exactly that does.   I have enabled cust...
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  • VPLEX and XIO - Physical Upgrade

    Dear ASK ViPR Team;   Kindly, I have a customer who has ViPR 2.4.1 running and in production with VPLEX which has XIO back end. The customer would like to do upgrade by adding physical  XIO xBrick and VPLEX...
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  • Host Containers - Documentation ?

    Hi, Is there any documentation available for implementing Host Containers within ViPR SRM 3.7.2   Thanks Vaishak
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  • Display legends on personal view / scheduled reports?

    I have some reports "pinned" to personal views to create custom dashboards, and then schedule these as .pdf email reports. I can turn the legends on/off in the view, but can't figure out how to retain these when they ...
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