• Host agent discovery fails

    i have installed emc srm host interface agent on a windows 2008 server. The installation is done using below command ViPR_SRM_1. SECURITY=LOCAL USER=<username> LBPASS=<...
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  • Slow EMC ECS upload speed

    I want to try out ECS community edition on Centos 7 with docker-1.9.1-25.el7.centos.x86_64. I am following the exact instruction in . ECS-CommunityEdition/ECS-SingleNode-Instructions.md at master · EMCECS/ECS-...
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  • Monitoring Networker EBR appliance health with SRM

    By default when register a VMware vCenter in EBR 15 alert rules are created. I want monitor these actual state changes alerts central. So  is possible to monitor this with e.g. SRM? DPA is not monitoring the EBR ...
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  • ECS Multinode install fails at the autenitication step

    Hi I am trying to install ECS multimode cluster (v 2.2.x) virtual edition and I have installed CentOS7 with docker service. When I run the Python script to do the step 1 of the installation, it proceeds up to the poin...
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  • configuring a SSL Certificate for ECS Community edition

    we have a (more or less) running ECS server, how can I configure it to support a signed SSL certification. I have a configured domain name to point to the server and a wildcard SSL certificate. Presumably I configur...
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  • ViPR integration with Cloud Management Platforms

    Hi Experts,   Curious to know, which other CMP's does ViPR integrate with ?  Does ViPR Integrate with HP CSA/Scalr/CliQr in particular ?. Do we have any docs related to this.
    created by satyaranjan
  • ECS Virtual shutdown / restart question

    Hi all   We are running into the situation, that when we shutdown the virtual ECS, we are afterwards no longer able to login to the web gui.   First I thought this could be the case when this is done short...
    Holger Jakob
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  • SSL Cert installation on ECS 2.2

    coneryj I could not find the steps to install SSL cert on ECS for the various ports, so am listing down what I have done so far.   1) I had initially configured ECS with a self signed certificate. 2) Ran the ...
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  • May 17, 2016: Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) is Now Certified with Apache Spark and Supports HAWQ 1.3.1

    May 17, 2016: Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) is Now Certified with Apache Spark and Supports HAWQ 1.3.1 Spark Leverages ECS Single, Shared, Global, HDFS Storage Cloud   ECS 2.2 SP1 HDFS has been certified to supp...
    Neil Salamack
    created by Neil Salamack
  • FS utilization of VM

    HI   I have VIPR SRM with vmware Vcenter solution pack , I am trying to monitor the FS of the SAP Suse linux machines. the Collector can not collect all the mount files systems and disk utilization. especially...
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  • How we can associate user defined meta data to an ECS object? Any size limitation?

    We are developing a solution where I need to enter nearly 40 information about an object (name, age, skill, etc). How I can enter these values while uploading an object? Is there any size limitation for user defined m...
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  • ECS Api to get Tags related to a User(Object)

    Hello,   I tried to create an Object User using the api POST /object/users Then when i use the GET api  object/users/{uid}/info  it doesnt give me the Tags for that user in the json response. Is there...
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  • ECS Bucket

    Hello,   What is the difference between ECS Bucket head_type and api_type?   Is there any way to get Bucket head_type?
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  • CloudArray reports that a cloud provider (ECS) is offline when it is really timing out.

    We are trying to stabilize our Cloud Array;  when we upload data to archive, the transfer goes fine, but about 15 minutes after it completes the Cloud Provider circle goes red stating that a cloud provider is off...
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  • ViPr doesnot distribute LUNs on both SPs on VNX

    While creating multiple block storage LUNs on ViPr which has the VNX as the virtual array, ViPR doesnot spread the LUNs across both SPA and SPB on VNX. Is there a way to tell VIPr to distribute the LUNs accross both t...
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  • EMC ECS: How to access S3 objects using OpenStack Swift APIs in EMC ECS??

    Hi,   I have been working on one solution using EMC ECS, in which I need to access Bucket/Objects (created using S3 APIs), through OpenStack Swift APIs in EMC ECS. Any help will be appreciable on same.   ...
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  • ECS: Remote I/O error when writing a file

    I'd really appreciate some help on this. I've submitted a github ticket, but I haven't got an answer. This is what I've done.   I installed a centos 7 server and followed the single node docker install on github...
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  • ViPR Controller and User Group Attributes

    I am attempting to setup Active Directory groups to administer ViPR Controller. I have been successful in creating the authentication provider and adding my AD ID under VDC role assignments.  I can then successfu...
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  • nfs export question

    Can someone please explain why this isn't working?   I created a file export in my ecs ui with the following options   Export Path: /ns1/nfsbucket/ Under export host options i did this: Export host: IP o...
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  • ViPR Controller - adding host to existing cluster (VMware / Windows) / migrate VCenter

    Hi everyone,   I just start deploying ViPR Controller for a customer, i think ViPR is a great product, but there are some thing i don't find in the documentation so if someone can help me that will be great ! &n...
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