• block snapshot

    Hi,   We are unable to create a block snapshot, a full copy works in vIpr controller vipr- Is there a special ViPR controller license needed?
    created by godonk
  • Remove ViPR Controller Backups

    Hi, I have been trying to find out how to remove ViPR Controller backups when the Delete button is not available to use. I want to find out how to remove the manual backup i took in October shown at the top of the...
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  • SyncIQ options in ViPR

    Hi   Isilon SyncIQ policy definition has the below options.  How can these be achieved (configured) within ViPR controller?   Action: Copy / Synchronize Run SyncIQ job: Manual / On a Schedule / Whene...
    created by RKrishnan
  • ViPR SRM and Unity Licensing Question

    Hi All,   I have a question about ViPR SRM and Unity. We want ViPR SRM to report on some Unity arrays. Unity arrays come with the Monitoring and Reporting license. Can we use this license to activate the Solutio...
    last modified by llittlefield
  • ViPR default port 4443

    Hi,   I'm struggling to make vipr work behind a reverse proxy because of the 302 redirect when accessing the ViPR service. How can we change the default 4443 port to 443 ?   The 4443 wont be opened by net...
    last modified by paranoidandroid
  • Did you use NAT (Network Address Translation) between the different servers of the same SRM platform?

    I want to know if any you used NAT between the different servers of the same SRM platform. To be more precise I want to know if you used NAT to connect PBE (primary backend) server with a remote collector. I had to u...
    last modified by mugurstef
  • Is there a SRM REST API resource for reports

    I am looking a way to directly pull reports from SRM using REST API. is there a report resource to allow this? If not, is there any ways to do so?
    last modified by shi.jia@gm.com
  • How can ViPR SRM discover Peer Zoning - Brocade ?

    Is it possible to configure ViPR SRM to discover Peer Zoning - Brocade ?
    last modified by simonf1
  • NPV enabled edge switches

    Hi   I have a customer who has connected their Cisco SAN switches on their UCS with NPV mode enabled.  Should these still need to be discovered within ViPR Controller networks?  Or would it suffice if ...
    last modified by RKrishnan
  • Vipr SRM admin GUI Account

    Does anyone know if there is a way that the admin account used to log into the Vipr SRM front-end GUI can be re-enabled if it has been disabled?   For the record I am able to log into the Front-end and back-end ...
    last modified by JamesMcC
  • ViPR SRM Physical host troubleshooting

    I have configured several physical hosts in our ViPR SRM system using the hostconfig-srm.pst script.  Some hosts show all components and end to end physical connectivity, others are missing data.  My questio...
    last modified by graterb
  • Cannot Uninstall ViPRcli - Installation Directory invalid

    Hi   I am trying to upgrade the ViPR cli version on a Linux VM we used as a dedicated ViPR cli host. When i try run the uninstall command on the existing install and put in the install directory of /opt/storageo...
    last modified by AndrewP27
  • error making a volume with recoverpoint

    Hello we are getting an error   Jan 10th 2018, 9:25:53 AMERRORError 12000: Message: Message: Message: Operation failed due to the following error: Internal Error : {"message":"obj_not_found","error_code":400} D...
    last modified by deisenbacher-pwp
  • ViPR physical host deployment - hostconfig-srm.ps1

    Does anyone know if the Powershell script hostconfig-srm.ps1 can be run remotely instead of locally on the server?  Documentation nor help file has no mention of remote commands.
    last modified by graterb
  • How to configure VIPR to create filesystems in User access zone

    VIPR creates filesystems in defaukt /ifs/vipr directory. How to create them in a custom directory?
    last modified by Sudheer17
  • Dell EMC ViPR

    is there any python library for EMC ViPR to trigger snapshot creation Operation on volumes ? Trigger Restoration of volume using Snapshot. ? List all snapshots related to particular Volumes. ? rayh Aashish Patil Ad...
    last modified by blaram
  • SRDF remote LUN alias

    Hi,   We have copied and changed the EMC VMAX / Inventory / SRDF Groups report and added a column "Alias". All LUNs on the VMAX have an alias when created (same name as in vCenter). The local array alias's are...
    created by ianmellor
  • ViPR Controller : Customization.

    Hi,   2 questions regarding the service catalog edition :   We are setting up categories on our service catalog, and for Block Storage Services, i realize that we can : - lock the project for vplex volum...
    last modified by paranoidandroid
  • Sharing a production VMAX 250 with RH OpenStack

    with ViPR controller, how would we share a production VMAX with an IaaS-only deployment of RHOSP in a way that we could limit the capacity of storage able to be provisioned on the RHOSP pool as well as placing host IO...
    last modified by beegs
  • Query regarding the ViPR SRM Service Offering

                I have a potential customer currently using our DellEMC products (VMAX10K, Brocade DCX), This customer are quite interesting in the Performance Assess...
    last modified by panat