• Query regarding the ViPR SRM Service Offering

                I have a potential customer currently using our DellEMC products (VMAX10K, Brocade DCX), This customer are quite interesting in the Performance Assess...
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  • global change of currency symbol in reports

    running Vipr SRM 4.1 and it is my understanding that currency symbol is set pr report - is there a global change procedure   thanks in advance   John
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  • Is there a Report or Alert available that show failed Discovery Objects

    Is there a Report or Alert available that show failed Discovery Objects. For Ex: Under Host Configuration Solution Pack if there are about 300 hosts discovered and 3 Hosts just failed discovery due to Authentication I...
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  • error making a volume with recoverpoint

    Hello we are getting an error   Jan 10th 2018, 9:25:53 AMERRORError 12000: Message: Message: Message: Operation failed due to the following error: Internal Error : {"message":"obj_not_found","error_code":400} D...
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  • ViPR Controller support roadmap for IBM PowerVC

    Hello, My customer wants to control IBM PowerVC through ViPR Controller. Is this feature on ViPR Controller roadmap?   Required Feature Storage volume information on allocated PowerVC VM List Volume on Powe...
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  • Where can be download SRM 4.0.3 Metric and Report.xls. Thanks

    where can be download SRM 4.0.3 Metric and Report (XLS)? Thanks
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  • How to extract SRM DB to customer's DW? Urgent!

    Dear Expert:   My customer wish to extract SRM DB to their DW? I send one REST API Whitepaper to them, but they wish to get some sample for dev?   Other, I also want to confirm if We have resource or servi...
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  • Brocade switch discovery in

    Hi All, in a environment (planned to update to in January) we have to expand the discovered object; expecially, we have to discover Brocade via CMCNE Provider. It is a big SAN, with Core - Edge configu...
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  • Error 42000: An error returned while calling VNXe api

    Hello,   I have been trying to integrate CoprHD with Openstack Ocata. I have successfully added coprHD as Cinder Volume Backend and I'm able to create new volume as well as attach it to an instance. The problem ...
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  • Monitoring by alerts of VNX

    Hi Everyone, New in the communities   I have a customer who asks to monitor his VNX arrays performance by getting an alerts from ViPR SRM when some lun reach to certain latency / Response time threshold. &nbs...
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  • Exporting to Excel w/ ViPR SRM 4.1?

    Is there some trick to getting report views exported to .csv or Excel with 4.1.x? Specifically, I navigate to the new Connected Hosts reports for an array under the Storage Connectivity tab. Even though both of these ...
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  • vipr SRM timeout when discovering windows hosts

    All,   I have a problem with SRM discovering Windows hosts. The WinRM configures fine. The connection to the hosts is verified in SRM.   When I run the LunMappingDetection.ps1 on the hosts it takes several...
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  • SRM Isilon "Miscellaneous Event" definitions?

    I'm wondering if there is any deeper reference available to supplement the standard Alerts Matrix docs for SRM?   For this case, I would like to understand specific conditions covered with the Isilon "Miscellane...
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  • Necessary to Fabric Manager when EMC ViPR configuration?

    Hi,   I'm configuring ViPR 3.6 in a VMware ESXi environment.   My environments: - VMware ESXi 6.5 - ViPR vAPP 3.6 - UnityVSA 4.2.1   I learned from the manual that the configuration procedure is a...
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  • SRM install failed with "javax.net.ssl.sslhandshakeexception: remote host closed connection during handshake"

    I am trying to install SRM linux version, Primary BE, addtional BE and Collector all OK but FE install failed with "javax.net.ssl.sslhandshakeexception: remote host closed connection during handshake".   Does an...
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  • Question about ViPR controller 3.5 integration with RecoverPoint 5.x

    I need your support for an issue in ViPR controller ver 3.5 integration with RecoverPoint 5.x, being faced by one of my customer in India.   Customer is running ViPR controller from past two years, this year we ...
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  • Is there a way to use SRM workbench for multi-region config

    Can anyone tell me how to use the SRM Designer workbench to size a multi-region setup?...ie Main Vapp sits in one datacenter but will have collector/s in many data centers.  The designer workbench is a great tool...
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  • Onboarding managed volumes in ViPR

    Hi All,   Help me understand why EMC ViPR is unable to onboard managed volumes into its database although it sites in the control path only and not on the data path. As per the docs we need to migrate the data f...
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  • Default Offset Filters will impact new created Masks under Generic-SNMP

    Hi Expert,      We found that our new created Masks collecting will be impacted by default Offset Filters, like "calculate-size.xml" under "APG\Collecting\Value-Offset-Filter\Generic-SNMP\conf". ...
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  • ViPR SRM & AIX - VIO Data Collection

    I am wondering if there is anyone within the community who has successfully setup IBM LPAR Solution Pack and data collection on AIX VIO LPARS.   Please let me know.
    Vaishak Nair
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