• ViPR SRM 3.7.1 - VMware and VNX SP additional metrics available?

    Hello all,     Would appreciate your help to prove the value of SRM at a customer relying on the software to better understand a performance issue with a group of VMs. Additional metrics have been suggested...
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  • ECS Billiing API not working?

    こちらのAPIを検証   https://www.emc.com/techpubs/api/ecs/v2-2-1-0/BillingService_getBucketBillingInfo_3c3f544bfab1c67133eddd7688625146_7192a…   実行したCurlコマンド   curl -X POST -k -H "X-SDS-AUTH-TOKEN: '"...
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  • ViPR SRM Alerting: Filter based decision

    Hi,   I'm trying to create an Alert Definition where a refine filter should determine which action to perform.   E.g. we have a filter: device=='XXX' For all events from device XXX an action1 should be ex...
    Sebastian Werner
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  • Aggregation of metric across multiple parts...

    I am working on a VMware guest/client report.  I wanted to provide a table with all of the Virtual Machines listed and for each Virtual Machine show how many "Virtual Disk" Read and Write IOPS they performed. Wh...
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  • Reinstall a solution pack in vApp ViPR SRM

    hi, How to reinstall a Solution pack? by mistake I deleted some packages, hence a solution pack isn't appearing for installation. We've installed Single vApp.
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  • CoprHD 2.4

    Hi folks   I'm actually trying to create a new LUN with our coprhd. The volumes are successfully created on the VNX but the fails by trying to create the export groups... Here you see the error message Create ...
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  • ViPR 3.0 - can't discover 3rd party storage

    Hi, trying to use ViPR w/ third party storage using OpenStack Liberty. I manage to create and query volumes using cinder (cinder create and cinder query works) - however when trying to discover it from Vi...
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  • ECS 2.2.1 vs Nice Interaction Management 4.1 compatibility

    At this point the application Nice release 4.1 is running on a ECS  release 2.1. To use the NFSv3 an upgrade to ECS 2.2.1 is necessary. Is there document where I could to check the compatibility of the applicat...
    created by JMarante
  • can't discover third party storage

    Hi, trying to discover third party storage (using OpenStack cinder driver). I managed to run commands on the Cinder controller host ; I manage to create and list volumes using cinder create, cinder list. I manage t...
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  • ECS Multi-Node Fails to start

    Used the most recent master from github.   4 Cent Machines.   Install times out waiting for Auth.   It would appear that the certificates are missing.    glus-4:/ # ls -l /opt/storageos/co...
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  • Used Capacity Trending for VMAX Storage Group

    Over the past week I've attempted to create a simple line graph for used capacity over time for a VMAX storage group with no success. I see a canned report for allocated capacity but nothing for used. I've copied out ...
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  • ECS Single Node Won't Start

    VM was hard powered off and now the docker instance won't start. I've verified the data disks are mounted:   /dev/sdc1 on /ecs/uuid-2 type xfs (rw,noatime,attr2,inode64,noquota) /dev/sdb1 on /ecs/uuid-1 type xf...
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  • Bundled license with Arista 7050SX-64

    Hi team   Would you please let me know What licenses are included in Arista switch(Arista 7050SX-64) that is provided with ECS(ES5-V2-SW10GB). Are these 3 license bundled with Arista switch(Arista 7050SX-64)? ...
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  • Ask the Expert: Object Storage into the Cloud

    YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED ON THESE ATE EVENTS...Ask the Expert: Making the Right Choice for a Scale-Out Object Storage Cloud PlatformAsk the Expert: There are No Limits to Redefining Storage with EMC – Our Expe...
    Roberto Araujo
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  • ECS Multinode install fails at the autenitication step

    Hi I am trying to install ECS multimode cluster (v 2.2.x) virtual edition and I have installed CentOS7 with docker service. When I run the Python script to do the step 1 of the installation, it proceeds up to the poin...
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  • ECS with Enterprise Vault using Streamer API

    Hi all,   As I understand, ECS has been qualified by Veritas to work with Enterprise Vault via the Streamer API, however EV's API is fairly generic and does not define device behaviour when it comes to backup, r...
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  • How to reclaim Capacity?

    I have been archiving a lot of data to my SingleNode ECS Container.  The problem is now it says I have run out of space even though there is 49GB apparently available..  I have deleted archives and even buck...
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  • Configuring VMware's VASA with ViPR

    Hi,   I have installed vipr- with below IP addresses configured:   UI, REST: vipr1 ( vipr2 ( vipr3 (   I wanted to configure VASA wit...
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  • added 3rd party storage using cinder - no pools are populated

    Hi, have a well functioning Openstack instance. I manage to use it to create volumes using cider. I manage to discover it successfully using ViPR Controller (- . the problem is I see no pools on physical-&...
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  • Getting an errore with ECS S3 interface

    I am new to ECS , I am getting an error  : Forbidden (Service :  Amazon S3 : Status 403)  throught Amazon S3 Java api. Any suggestion?
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