• New Release Inquiry

    Does anyone have an idea what is the next release for ViPR SRM?
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  • ViPR MetroPoint Local issues -- CDP pacement on seperate array not possible

    Hi There   I am trying to create a ViPR work flow to configure VPLEX Metro with RecoverPoint MetroPoint Local but get a Error 1013: Bad Request Body   We have 2 Sites in an Active-Acitive setup.   Vi...
    Sandy Bryce
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  • Report on VNX users in SRM?

    Is it possible to generate report/view all the user on the VNX array for each array on SRM 3.7 or is there a special matrix for this?
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  • can't discover third party storage

    Hi, trying to discover third party storage (using OpenStack cinder driver). I managed to run commands on the Cinder controller host ; I manage to create and list volumes using cinder create, cinder list. I manage t...
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  • ViPR SRM Topology Service

    Hi everyone!   I have viewed video ILT of ViPR SRM Installation and Maintenance and found out a strange thing. In the section about EMC M&R SP installation they say to point the topology service to the local...
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  • ViPR Monitoring and Reporting

    Hi Experts,   I am new to ViPR and was going through the ViPR fundamentals document. Under the ViPR components, it says that the Monitoring and reporting Software distribution is included with the pack. This has...
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  • What do you think about the new ViPR product pages on EMC.com?

    Check out the many new ViPR product pages, including EMC ECS Appliance, Powered by ViPR on EMC.com. If at EMC World, please stop by the Digital booth #153 in the Solutions Arcade to get a guided tour of the new ViPR p...
    Mark Prahl
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  • We want your opinion on our color palette for charts

    We’re looking at trying to improve our standard color palette for charts. Internally, we’re debating between  2 options so we decided to “take it to the street” and let our customers give ...
    Mary Beth Raven
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  • ViPR 2.0 different look and feel?

    ViPR 2.0 has a different look and feel than 1.1.  What are the main differences?
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  • Multisite environment for ViPR 2.0?

    Are there restrictions, enhancements to File and Block virtual storage pools in a multisite environment for ViPR 2.0?
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  • Multilingual support for reports in ViPR SRM

    Can ViPR SRM generate reports in languages other than English? Looking for French support to be exact.
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  • Can I install rsync utility on SRM vApp??

    Part of Custom Property Tagging I need to send few files remotely using a script to SRM vApp Collector Server, i'm wanting to use rsync but observed that utility is not present in the vApp.   Is there a way I ca...
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  • CoprHD 2.4

    Hi folks   I'm actually trying to create a new LUN with our coprhd. The volumes are successfully created on the VNX but the fails by trying to create the export groups... Here you see the error message Create ...
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  • ViPR SRM - Can you create a custom Report Pack

    Hi, Is it possible to create custom report packs using the target array's Restful API to gather info? My customer has a wide variety of EMC technology deployed but they also have some Nimble storage arrays and it wo...
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  • ViPR SRM 3.7.1 - VMware and VNX SP additional metrics available?

    Hello all,     Would appreciate your help to prove the value of SRM at a customer relying on the software to better understand a performance issue with a group of VMs. Additional metrics have been suggested...
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  • ViPR SRM Alerting: Filter based decision

    Hi,   I'm trying to create an Alert Definition where a refine filter should determine which action to perform.   E.g. we have a filter: device=='XXX' For all events from device XXX an action1 should be ex...
    Sebastian Werner
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  • Aggregation of metric across multiple parts...

    I am working on a VMware guest/client report.  I wanted to provide a table with all of the Virtual Machines listed and for each Virtual Machine show how many "Virtual Disk" Read and Write IOPS they performed. Wh...
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  • Reinstall a solution pack in vApp ViPR SRM

    hi, How to reinstall a Solution pack? by mistake I deleted some packages, hence a solution pack isn't appearing for installation. We've installed Single vApp.
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  • ViPR 3.0 - can't discover 3rd party storage

    Hi, trying to use ViPR w/ third party storage using OpenStack Liberty. I manage to create and query volumes using cinder (cinder create and cinder query works) - however when trying to discover it from Vi...
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  • Used Capacity Trending for VMAX Storage Group

    Over the past week I've attempted to create a simple line graph for used capacity over time for a VMAX storage group with no success. I see a canned report for allocated capacity but nothing for used. I've copied out ...
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