• Ask the Expert: Object Storage into the Cloud

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    Roberto Araujo
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  • Getting an errore with ECS S3 interface

    I am new to ECS , I am getting an error  : Forbidden (Service :  Amazon S3 : Status 403)  throught Amazon S3 Java api. Any suggestion?
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  • ViPR Support for Unity

    Hello, do you know when the ViPR  supports the new EMC Unity Systems? I don't find information about this.   Thanks a lot. Regards, Martin
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  • EMC M&R - ViPR SRM

    Hi,   Does anyone know what for is and how to use Count-Filter that is installed by default with Collector-Manager, and it is sikepd with default configuration.   collecting.xml file: <filter enabled="...
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  • Need Guidelines to Configure F5 Load Balancer in front of ECS

    Hi All,   I am after official documents, or if not available information/suggestions on the best way(s) to configure a F5 load balancer in front of our ECS appliance.   I need to support the following: S3...
    Glenn Valiukas
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  • Radware load balancer and ECS

    Hi all we are phasing a ECS deployment and customer has requested us help to configure his radware load balancer. Apparently they are only load balancing at L3 level at this moment. The idea is to use radware load ...
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  • Reinstall a solution pack in vApp ViPR SRM

    hi, How to reinstall a Solution pack? by mistake I deleted some packages, hence a solution pack isn't appearing for installation. We've installed Single vApp.
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  • Kill pending task in ViPR?

    Is there a way to stop a Tenant task in ViPR when it's obvious that the job has otherwise failed? I ran two jobs to create new volumes on a virtual VNX array from vRA in an EHC environment.   vRA showed that bot...
    James Walkenhorst
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  • Data on VMWare Tools and Hardware Version in SRM

    I'm attempting to write a report that shows our VMs and their VMware Tools and Hardware levels.  This report will be used to check compliance in our efforts to stay current in both.   I've added a column fo...
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  • Vipr controller support for HDS Truecopy and shadow image

    Hi When will we support HDS truecopy and showimage? My customer is a HDS and NTAP only and is interested in Vipr Controller. But I need to know if there is any support planned for remote replication as well as local ...
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  • ViPR Monitoring and Reporting

    Hi Experts,   I am new to ViPR and was going through the ViPR fundamentals document. Under the ViPR components, it says that the Monitoring and reporting Software distribution is included with the pack. This has...
    created by satyaranjan
  • How to make ODBC connection from Vipr SRM to CMDB

    Hello - I'm trying to look for procedures to perform a ODBC connection from Vipr SRM to our Company CMDB and query details about Servers/Storage details, we have the JDBC connector setup today but since we are moving ...
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  • SSL Cert installation on ECS 2.2

    coneryj I could not find the steps to install SSL cert on ECS for the various ports, so am listing down what I have done so far.   1) I had initially configured ECS with a self signed certificate. 2) Ran the ...
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  • How does Replication work in ECS

    I am new to ECS.  We are currently using it with Cloud Array.   I am also familiar with Avamar and DataDomain as we use those for our nightly backup and our plan is to use ECS and CloudArray for data archiv...
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  • ViPR SRM Topology Service

    Hi everyone!   I have viewed video ILT of ViPR SRM Installation and Maintenance and found out a strange thing. In the section about EMC M&R SP installation they say to point the topology service to the local...
    created by Remez
  • not able to unzip the SharedFunctions.psm1 on Few Win2003 servers (SRM)

    Hi,   I have a subset of servers which are not showing up in report library after discovering the servers in Discovery Center. After troubleshooting I found that on the servers home directory of SRM account we ...
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  • Strange Capacity numbers in ECS-CE

    We are "playing" with ECS-CE 2.2.0 and the Capacity numbers on the Dashboard does not add up (for us).   We have three Buckets with a total of ~34GB data in them. Looking under "Metering" this looks OK (35GB)&nb...
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  • Addressing Data Growth

    Hi everyone,   Data growth is a challenge being faced by all businesses and addressing this can be difficult.  With the release of EMC Elastic Cloud Storage as the central file store for long term data, it ...
  • 3rd party device Integration

    I’ve read all articles about 3rd party device Integration with CoprHD (Southbound API, Storage Driver SDK), https://coprhd.atlassian.net/wiki/display/COP/CoprHD+Home. There are some questions about the integrat...
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  • Automation

    I have a lot of questions about ViPR/CoprHD automation. Official ViPR/CoprHD web-resources contains plenty of words about automatic provisioning, policy-based storage profile definitions and complex orchestrations. Bu...
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