• DataDomain OS on ViPR

    Hi, in the 3.5 Support Matrix, for DataDomain, there are indicated only the DDOS versions and; the Customer has on a DD2500....is this version not still qualified but it can work anyway?...
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  • Question on Quick Search.

    I just noticed recently that when I search for a device (a virtual machine in my case) only one instance of it shows up in the results. We have two Virtual Machines with the same Device name (one Prod and one DR ) and...
    Vaishak Nair
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  • Urgent : ViPR Controller 3.5 installation error

    Hi,   I have encountered the following error when installing ViPR C ova file (1 VM) from vCenter, during the step "Select a resource", Anyone can shed some lights on what do these errors means ? I did not encoun...
    Yap Teng Hin
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  • Is there a way to use SRM workbench for multi-region config

    Can anyone tell me how to use the SRM Designer workbench to size a multi-region setup?...ie Main Vapp sits in one datacenter but will have collector/s in many data centers.  The designer workbench is a great tool...
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  • Question on SRM's snmp oid customize

    Hi,      I reconfigured some MIB OID from SRM "MIB Browser" and "SNMP Collector" for no SolutionPackage storage device, like CPU Memory Disk IOPS.      Almost all the configu...
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  • EMC ViPR Controller - Unity Replication

    Hi All,   Anyone managing EMC Unity replication with ViPR controller?  When we attempt to enabled replication in the file virtual pool, none of our storage pools are listed as compatible.   Thanks!
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  • Question on SRM trap alert

    Dear Experts,      From documents we know that SRM can receive trap from device and list it in report, is there any guide on how to customize?
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  • ViPR-C iSCSI CHAP Support

    Does ViPR Controller support CHAP authentication with Unity for iSCSI ingestion?
    created by MartinComeau
  • Requesting 10 minutes of help!  Support Task Model

    Dell-EMC Customers and Partners -   We're working to define a task model to improve how we organize Dell-EMC enterprise documentation and technical support content.   We'd like your help to test our model ...
    created by jep1
  • hello Vipr SRM REST API enthusiast

    I am in the process of trying to building( optimum term trying) a Vipr SRM Rest API process to extract hardware  (i.e. server and storage ) consumption.   I am at a point do the lack of documentation an...
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  • NFS Export Rules Update

    Anyone using VMware vRO and it's ViPR controller plugin to create/modify NFS?  Need to be able to alter existing rules to add IPs for access.  Basically if I rerun the export workflow, I get the following: &...
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  • Chargeback based on Lun / Export name

    Has anyone had any luck setting up chargeback rules based on the LUN or NFS Export name?  We have many shared arrays and each LUN presented has a business unit's name in it for easy identification. I am trying to...
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  • How to manage the luns that are deployed prior to ViPR deployment using ViPR Controller..

    Hi      How to manage the luns , that are provisioned prior to ViPR deployment?      I have vCenter 6.0 and ViPR 3.X integrated with XIO, VMax3 and VNX.  Prior to ViPR 3.x deployme...
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  • i need backup cloud

    can i make cloud  by emc cloud  for my company  files  >
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  • could vipr used for VM's migration?

    Hi      I have a situation that, i have two vCenters 5.5 and vCenter 6.0. Both are independent. The VM's are located in vCenter 5.5 and the vCenter6.0 is new environment. ViPR 3.X is installed on vCent...
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  • TCP port used for communication between ViPR controller 3.5 and Vcenter 6.x

    Hi Experts, In ViPR controller 2.4 security guide it is mentioned that VCenter uses Port 443. But in ViPR controller 3.5 Security guide it is not included. Shall I know the TCP port used by ViPR controller to talk to...
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  • One VMware cluster not provisioning correctly out of 10 - creates new and incorrect objects

    Hi All,   Just would like a little help pointing me in the right direction as I haven’t used ViPR-C in a while now.   Background This is in a EHC environment So ViPR 3.0 VMAX3 storage Advanced Zo...
    Glenn Valiukas
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  • ViPR SRM and Isilon shares report

    I have discovered couple of Isilons in SRM 4.0.1 for monitoring and reporting, All>>Explore>>Storage>>Storage Systems>>Isilon>>Device Summary>>Isilon>>Components>>Isilo...
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  • How to submit Enhancement Requests for ViPR SRM

    Hi,      May we know how to submit Enhancement Requests for ViPR SRM? I searched out following post but cannot find the link it mentioned.      New Online Support Feature- Enh...
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  • How to display the customized SNMP polling result data

    Dear Experts,      I'm new to ViPR SRM, I have installed a trial version SRM and customized the "Polling Groups" and "Masks" under SNMP collector.      "Collecting-0-0.log" s...
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