• Inband Migration Tool Query

    Hi I am looking for help with an error message generated by the Inband Migration Tool I am attempting to migrate a NFS file system from a VNX5300 to a Unity VSA in a lab environment so that we can document the proce...
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  • Unity 400H NAS backup on Commvault 11.

    Is there a reference architecture or design guide for configuring backup of NAS data(CIFS+NFS shares) using commvault 11 for long term retention ie 7 year.
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  • User name format issue connecting to NAS server (with workaround)

    I thought I'd report the result of a recent support case to the community, because this came as a surprise to me and (according to the support tech).it doesn't appear to be documented anywhere. I had some external...
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  • Unity300 capacity question

    Hello all, I have a Unity300-hybrid, and I am trying to determine actual space usage to find usable space remaining in my Unity, since there will be more storage migration from an older array onto this new array. &nbs...
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  • Unity - Supported Sector Sizes

    Hi all.   We are currently looking for some information around the supported sector sizes provided by our Unity 600/650 arrays here.   Are we safe to assume that they are backwards compatible with 512n an...
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  • quotas vnx v unity

    on VNX, one of the big issues with quota is they had to be enabled while the fs was empty.   Does the same restriction apply to unity fs. From reading   https://www.emc.com/collateral/TechnicalDocument/doc...
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  • question re Inband Migration Tool (IMT) as it relates to file migration

    Is there a manual I can look at rather than ask a lot of questions which will probably be answered with RTFM   Also unity and CEPP, is there a similar reference manual ?   Also unity and NDMP, is there a s...
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  • Dell EMC Unity: Is Unity vulnerable to CVE-2018-8781? (User Correctable)

                   Article Number:     521599                 ...
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  • Unity 300/400 Items details

    Hello,   I have a list of hardware which is going to replace our I need to understand what is the difference between items in list.     OEM-EMC-HW-003  EMC Unity 300 2U DPE 25X2.5 DRIVE FLD RCK...
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  • Dell EMC Unity: How to view the system configuration Telemetry files (User Correctable)

                   Article Number:     494130                 ...
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  • Unity Pool Usage History Chart Missing

    In Unishpere, under a Pool's properties is a "Usage" tab.     When selected, it 'thinks' for a bit on the default "Capacity" option. I can see on the page while it is calculating the information - "Pool's U...
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  • Unity 300F Erase / Sanitize drives

    Hi,   I am replacing my old Unity 300F with an Unity 450F and I was wondering if there was anything special I have to do in order to erase the data on my drives. I know that deleting the NAS shares and servers a...
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  • Unity OE 4.4 - vVol on vSphere 6.7

    Hi   Trying to get vVol working on Unity 450F running OE 4.4 woth vSPhere 6.7 (newest build). Disks turn up in vCenter but are marked as Inaccessible. FNIC drivers reports secund-level LUN ID as ok.   An...
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  • Dell EMC Mobile App on iOS 11.3

    Earlier the EMC app had been running smooth on my iPhone 7 running iOS 10. However upon updating to iOS 11.3 the app is constantly crashing right on the start up. I would be glad if anyone can assist me to get it work...
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  • Dell EMC Mobile App on iOS 11

    Earlier the EMC app had been running smooth on my iPhone 7 running iOS 10. However upon updating to iOS 11.3 the app is constantly crashing right on the start up. I would be glad if anyone can assist me to get it work...
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  • UnityVSA Disk Pool: SCSI0 vs SCSI1

    Working with UnityVSA for the first time.  Should I create my first disk pool as additional disks on SCSI0 or should I keep them on the second virtual SCSI controller?  Or does it not matter?
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  • Dell EMC Unity: Creating Replication Connection fails with time skew, local interconnects validate has failed, Error 0x6500128 (User Correctable)

                   Article Number:     479713                 ...
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  • NDMP FC Ports on Unity arrays

    Hi Team,   IHAC who wants to take the NDMP based backup of the NAS shares (CIFS) on Unity array...i need to know which FC port on the Unity array is used for the NDMP backup...i remember that VNX had a AUX FC po...
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  • VNX5200 DPE SPs configuration

    hi , i am using a vnx5200 dpe and i am facing problems to configure the SPB. the adress MAC is giving 00:00:00:00:00:00   the SPA is working and i cannot login by unisphere service manager, only by https://SPA...
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  • Unity Support Credentials

    What are the advantages to validating Support Credentials within Unisphere? Most customers will not allow their management network internet access and therefore cannot verify the support credentials. I have had severa...
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