• parsing error uemcli attach snapshot

    Hello,   The following command is failing C:\Users\lucksch>uemcli -d /prot/snap -name sv_74_sanp attach -roHosts Host_2 Storage system address: Storage system port: 443 HTTPS co...
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  • Unity FS question

    Hi there,   I currently have an FS for SMB in my Unity300.   I now need to convert that to NFS instead.   Is there a way to convert/copy/migrate the FS inside the Unity itself?   What I am tryi...
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  • Resume FS replication after relocation?

    Customer bought new unity box for DR site but want to do initial replication for NAS servers/ FS in main site using IP replicator then send DR box to DR site and resume the replication between 2 sites after relocation...
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  • How much SSD Tier for a hybrid one?

    Hi all   Is there a general advice or white paper about how much SSD capacity (tier) we should install in a pool for tiering? 20%?   Cheers and thanks
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  • EMC Unity Disk Types: What happens...?

    Hi all   Another time me I do have some questions related to disks and what happens within a pool (hybrid).   We do have a Hybrid EMC Unity with 3 disk types:   6x SAS 600 GB 10 K 11x SAS 600 GB 15...
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  • Dell EMC Mobile App on iOS 11.3

    Earlier the EMC app had been running smooth on my iPhone 7 running iOS 10. However upon updating to iOS 11.3 the app is constantly crashing right on the start up. I would be glad if anyone can assist me to get it work...
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  • Setting up Quota to Unity Local User (SMB)

    HI , Anybody know how to set Quota to Unity Localuser in SMB enviroment ? I found Re: Unity NFS Local user shows  but this is for NFS .. if anybody know, or have done in SMB ,,, Please let me know .  ...
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  • Fast Cache amount of disks

    Hi guys   Based on my experience with VNX back in the old days I know that I have to have 3 SSD Fast Cache disks to make it work otherwise the write cache for Fast cache has been disabled (2x Disk for RAID1 and ...
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  • Looking for EMC Unity Visio Stencils

    Does anyone know where I can download EMC Unity stencils?
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  • unity vsa release ova 4.3 but upgrade?

    hello   on website release unity vsa 4.3.x and download OVA file   on support download find file for upgrade to but not find file for upgrade 4.3.x   help
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  • VNX 7500 to Unity CIFS Migration

    Hello, I am having an issue trying to configure the import task on the Unity IMT tool for the CIFS migration. I have done all the prerequisites but don't seem to understand one step, "This interface must be added to t...
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  • NDMP back of Replicated destinations NAS Server

    We have 2 Unity. Set up the replication (Async). The Plan to take the back from destination.  The NDMP throws an error status 99. The DR unity is connected directly with the Back up server.   Any inputs w...
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  • Implement 3-way NDMP backup with EMC Networker on Dell EMC Unity 400

    Hi all,   First of all, I'm not good at English so I know my grammar will be very bad. Pls forgive me about that. I want to backup a file system from NAS Server in EMC Unity using 3-way NDMP. I have searched a ...
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  • Unity host mode for IBM SVC

    Hello,   does anyone know what host mode I should select for IBM SVC?   Regards, Zoltan
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  • Scripting in Unity shell

    Hi Folks,   I am trying to create a shell script for security baseline automation in unity, obviously need to use ssh keys instead of sending the credentials. whenever i try to login with remote ssh and try to ...
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  • Unity:Top Services Topics

    This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for Unity, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of September 2017: It is recommended that you also check for important informat...
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  • EMC Unity get configuration report

    Hi all   More and more customers buy our EMC Unity offerings. Now I want to document their setup and I am wondering if there is a way to easily get a report (HTML, CSV or document) which describes the basic info...
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  • Tool to capture configuration on Unity systems.

    Greetings, would anybody tell me of a utility or process where we can capture the current configuration of a Unity frame.   We need to present our customers with a document (post-installation)   I know tha...
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  • Dell EMC Unity: Common Issues seen when performing CIFS VDM Import operations (User Correctable)

    Article Number: 494670 Article Title and Link for Registered Users: Dell EMC Unity: Common Issues seen when performing CIFS VDM Import operations (User Correctable) Affected Product(s): Dell EMC Unity Family,Dell EM...
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  • Dell EMC Unity: How to troubleshoot network connectivity issue such as ping failure (Customer Correctable)

    Article Number: 498794 Article Title and Link for Registered Users: Dell EMC Unity: How to troubleshoot network connectivity issue such as ping failure (Customer Correctable) Affected Product(s): Dell EMC Unity Fam...
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