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As many of you may already know ESA 2.0 was made generally available earlier this week and  it comes with more bang for your buck! Besides continued and improved support for VNX, CX and NS series arrays, version 2.0 offers support for the new VNX2 series as well as (wait for it) for VMAX series arrays!


Read Drew Tonnesen's post on VMAX support in ESA 2.0.


Besides support for new VNX2 series, ESA 2.0 also pulls a few more useful metrics from VNX arrays. Metrics such as

  • Total Latency for Pool LUNs
  • Total Latency, Busy (%) and Queue Depth for RAID Group LUNs
  • Total Latency, Busy (%) and Queue Depth for Disks

are now available for VNX resources in ESA 2.0


That is not all; ESA 2.0 comes with vCenter Operations Manager 5.7.1 which contains improved widgets for custom dashboards. Custom Relationships widget, Sparklines and Generic Scoreboard widget as well as Top-N widget have all been enhanced to provide better user experience and more meaningful insight into your environments. So try them today!


Don't worry if you haven't tried your hand on creating custom dashboards yet because we have created three new dashboards that you may find useful. They are all posted right here on our Dashboard XChange. Give them a try!


So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy today!

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