• sometime block request from sdc

    Hi all.   Currently, sometime scaleio system have block request on sdc server. I checked this is log scaleio sds 17/01 10:09:53.128419 0x7f40b1bdaeb8:netPath_RcvLoop_CK:01307:  :: Connected Live SERVER p...
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  • ScaleIO and Spectre/Meltdown - performance impact?

    Afternoon all   Is anyone at EMC doing any studies to see what impact we might expect with ScaleIO if we were to apply the patches for various platforms? I see some scare-stories warning of between 5 and 30% imp...
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  • Add SDS device IO error

    Hello. I have a strange error from SDS. I was trying ScaleIO SDS on XenServer7 host. At first I have successfully added 240GB SSD to SDS and it was working fine, Then I have noticed that the disk was presente...
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  • ScaleIO + Centos7.4 SDC

    Hi everyone,   I've recently added my first CentOS 7.4 SDC to one of my ScaleIO clusters. However, as soon as I map a volume to the SDC, it freezes, goes 100% CPU and just plain dies.   Have anyone seen th...
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  • SDC driver after patching meltdown bug

    Hi,   we are on centos 7.4.1708 and need to upgrade the kernel to 4.14.11-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 to fix the meltdown bug. We use scaleio 2.0.7536.0  and rexray which needs the right SDC package for the running...
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  • Any news about ScaleIO 3.0 (Next) and beta program?

    Hello   Do we know anything else besides announcement from Dell EMC World in Vegas - regarding ScaleIO 3.0? Beta program start date? GA date? and confirmation of features?   Best regards Wojtek.
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  • Install of ScaleIO Plugin fails - vCenter 6.5

    Hoping someone out there has run into and resolved this issue. Have not been able to find any reference to this problem on the inter-webs...   While performing the vCenter Plugin install after the step that asks...
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  • Blocks discarding and BLKDISCARDZEROES ioctl support

    Hi to all!   Does scini devices supports BLKDISCARDZEROES ioctl call (queue/discard_zeroes_data in sysfs), i.e. guarantees that discarded blocks read back as zeroes?   I'm using ScaleIO R2_0.13000.211 on C...
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  • ScaleIO on VMWare - abysmal write performance while uploading to datastore

    Hello, guys! We are experiencing a rather weird behavior of our ScaleIO deployment. Firstly, let me describe the setup: 6 Dell FX2 blocks with two FC630 and FD332 nodes each. Every node is connected with 4 10G link...
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  • SDC/Xcache for RH 7 kernel > 4.11

    Hi guys!   I'm doing a lab with NVMe and SR-IOV and I´m having latency problems with kernels < 4.11. The highest kernel available for SDC/XCACHE running RH (@ ftp.emc.com) is the elrepo 4.10.5, is poss...
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  • ScaleIO Login API error

    Hi there, I am using following api to login to ScaleIO version 2.0.13000.211 - /api/login But instead of returning the authentication key, it returns "certificate not trusted"   {"message":"","httpStatus...
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  • VERSION 2.0-7120

    I am testing a upgrade from 2.0-5014 to latest version. However, I get the following issue: Command failed: The cluster you want to upgrade is from version 2.0-5014.0. This cluster can only be upgraded to version 2.0...
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  • SNMP trap error

    Hello experts   After enabling snmp trap in scaleio gateway, scaleio gateway sends traps to SNMP collector, but with system credentials error: "System.Credentials.GW_CONFIGURATION_INVALID_MDM_CREDENTIALS"  ...
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  • Boot From ScaleIO Volume?

    Crazy question time.... Typically all our servers boot-from-san for their OS disks. Was wondering if anyone had attempted this with a ScaleIO volume. How did you go about it?
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  • Migrate SDS devices between SDS nodes

    Hi all!   At the last 2 weeks we stood rebalancing our ScaleIO environment (280 TB raw) for SDS device migration between nodes.   We're removing the SDS devices from one server, waited for rebalance, inser...
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  • Add Node from vcenter plugin

    Hi,   We try to add a new node to current scaleio cluster from vcenter Scaleio Console. But when we arrive to LIA Configuration, we must write current LIA password and we have an error. I verify from gateway, ...
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  • Question on cluster mode

    Hi,   I have 2 question (all about space capacity). I do a PoC on a 5 hypervisor (ESXI) in hyperconverged mode. First i try in a 3-node mode (1 Master, 1 Slave, 1 tie Breaker and 2 standby). Second i try i...
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  • ERROR 404

    Hi, I am trying to "Retrieve System Topology" from a Gateway that was used to setup a Cluster with the following: MDM SDM TDM If I log into the MDM using admin and password there is no issue. However, from the Ga...
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  • api/types/Sds/instances api return 500 timeout

    Hi all. My version scaleio : 2.0-12000.122. My scaleio cluster use mode 5 node. Gateway is configured load balancing use mod jk. After some months can't access maintanince mode in instanller manager and  can't...
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  • How to detime ScaleIO serial number

    Hi,   Does anyone know how to obtain the Serial Number for a ScaleIO system (Gateway, MDM etc)? I need the identifier used by ESRS and listed in SYR e.g.   Serial NumberProductTLA Part NumberInstall StatusY...
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