• Registering ScaleIO system using ScaleIO VMware plugin

    Hello hello,   Is there any powercli command or rest api (VMware or ScaleIO) to register a deployed ScaleIO system using ScaleIO VMware plugin (ScaleIO version 2.6)   Basically looking for restapi(s)/comma...
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  • ScaleIO SCLI or RESTAPI to get existing alerts

    Hi there,   Is there any existing SCLI or RESTAPI to retrieve SCaleIO existing alerts which show up in GUI. Or any log files which scan to see the same information?     Thank you, RItu
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  • ScaleIO Historical Performance Monitoring

    I did some research on this and got back some info from my EMC SE.   Monitoring EMC ScaleIO with Grafana using Intel SDI’s Snap | {code} by Dell EMC   Monitoring EMC Elastic Cloud Storage with Grafan...
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  • Install of ScaleIO 2.5.0 or vxFlex 2.6.0 fails on CentOS 7

    Greetings,   I've been working on this for several days now, and I'm out of ideas. I have a set of three servers, with fresh installs of CentOS 7.5. When I attempt to use the Installation Wizard from the Gateway...
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  • VxFlex OS 3 nodes replication

    Hi,   If I create 3 nodes replication using VxFlexOS (formerly ScaleIO), what will happen if I loose 2 nodes, is it still possible to access my data by mounting the disk on 3rd last surviving node? Or do I need ...
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  • SCRIPT: Powershell -> ScaleIOREST -> InfluxDB -> Grafana

    Hi all   Had time to write a script in Powershell that will continuously poll the ScaleIO REST interface, and push stats to InfluxDB for use with Grafana etc.   Nice and simple, one JSON config file, and a...
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  • VxFlex OS Performance

    Hi,   I am running a 4 node cluster , n/w cards as 25G . Do we have a baseline / benchmark for IOPS & Latency with 8K BS , 70/30 RW and 128 QD ? 14 G servers, and VxFlex 2.6 being used.   I have follow...
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  • Scaleio Disk replaced by hot spare

    Hi all,   I have a silly question, I am testing a scaleio deployed on esxi hosts, they are all dell servers. As I only used some of the installed disks for the scaleio deployment, I just wonder what would happe...
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  • ScaleIO / VFlexOS 2.6 & ESXi 6.7

    Hi,   I see there is a new entry for 2.6 available since May 17th but no download link and no documentation yet.   Also I am wondering whether 2.5 is compatible with ESXi 6.7 already or whether 2.6 will be...
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  • possible SYN flooding on port 7072. Sending cookies.

    We we are running ScaleIO EMC ScaleIO Version: R2_0.13000.211 on CentOS 6 machines. Sometimes see a messages via dmesg "possible SYN flooding on port 7072. Sending cookies."   We found a setting that might reso...
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  • Deployment failed with Couldn't add sds devices TGT_ADD_DEV_IO_ERROR

    Hi all,   I am trying to deploy scaleio for testing. I used scaleio agent (via vcenter) deploying into 3 esxi hosts. Only one of the host (namely esxi4a) showed up with the TGT_ADD_DEV_IO_ERROR. All three host...
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  • SDC can't see mapped volumes

    Hi,   I have a ScaleIO cluster comprising of 5 servers. 4 are both SDSs and SDCs while the fifth is just a SDC. Three of the SDSs are also the MDMs/tiebreaker.   The SDS's are all running Centos 7.5, while...
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  • ScaleIO host disk failure

    Good Morning,   I hope someone here can help me. we've "inherited" a ScaleIO system. Unfortunately I've got 2 disk failures in different hosts. The good news is the hardware vendor is shipping disks to site. the...
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  • Remove Scale IO Cluster

    Has anyone seen any docs on the method to move hosts from one cluster to another, we also use cloud link so not sure if its an easy method?
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  • scaleIO V2  - Openshift PVC systemid or systemname not found

    I'm new to scaleIO and thought everything was good as I installed and created a new volume and mounted it to my RH7 openshift VM. I can add files and it works as expected....   My problem is trying to do a pres...
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  • Scaleio Double device loss

    Hi;   From my understading the loss of two devices in the same time in the same Scaleio Storage Pool will result in a DL/DU. Is there anyway to list which volumes are impacted. In this case is a full Storage P...
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  • Cant Download SIO

    How i can download SIO OpenSource ?? on site its not possible download, are blocked.
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  • ScaleIO and Spectre/Meltdown - performance impact?

    Afternoon all   Is anyone at EMC doing any studies to see what impact we might expect with ScaleIO if we were to apply the patches for various platforms? I see some scare-stories warning of between 5 and 30% imp...
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  • ScaleIO 和 VxFlex OS什么关系

    ScaleIO 和 VxFlex OS什么关系
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  • [ScaleIO] Virtual disk bad block medium error is detected.

    Hello all,   We got several [Storage Service Virtual disk bad block medium error is detected.: Virtual Disk X (Virtual Disk X)] logs in scaleIO server. I believe this disk went bad and it caused unrecovered rea...
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