• use of VMFS 6 (support 512e) with ScaleIO volumes

    Hello,   Is someone already using VMFS 6 on ScaleIO Volumes?   especially with the new "features" that come with vmfs 6: Automatic space reclamation (UNMAP) and SEsparse snapshot type   I would guess...
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  • ScaleIO + Centos7.4 SDC

    Hi everyone,   I've recently added my first CentOS 7.4 SDC to one of my ScaleIO clusters. However, as soon as I map a volume to the SDC, it freezes, goes 100% CPU and just plain dies.   Have anyone seen th...
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  • ScaleIO and Spectre/Meltdown - performance impact?

    Afternoon all   Is anyone at EMC doing any studies to see what impact we might expect with ScaleIO if we were to apply the patches for various platforms? I see some scare-stories warning of between 5 and 30% imp...
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  • ScaleIO support for 512e (4K) drives

    Hi, My customer is looking to deploy scaleIO on existing Cisco hardware with 4K drives installed. I know that native 4K is not currently supported, but these drives (mode number HD18TB10KS4K) also support 512e D...
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  • Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller setup for ScaleIO

    Somewhere I saw a document with instructions on how to build Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller setup for ScaleIO can not find, can someone tell me where to find it ------------------------------------------------------...
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  • Tiers In Licenses

    I am researching the ScaleIO licenses on the internet to have a general idea and I see different prices for different "Tiers", which range from Tier 1 to Tier 11. What is the meaning of Tier in terms of licenses?
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  • Unable to uninstall an ScaleIO deployment

    Hi All,   I'm trying to uninstall a test ScaleIO system deployed on 3 ESXi host. I have followed the uninstall guidelines in ScaleIO deployment guide but during the uninstall process it fails with following erro...
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  • ScaleIO on VMWare - abysmal write performance while uploading to datastore

    Hello, guys! We are experiencing a rather weird behavior of our ScaleIO deployment. Firstly, let me describe the setup: 6 Dell FX2 blocks with two FC630 and FD332 nodes each. Every node is connected with 4 10G link...
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  • ScaleIO - Multiple SDS on Single Linux Node

    Trying to find any documentation on how to add the second, third and fourth SDS on a single Linux node in a 3 node Linux cluster Tried searching everywhere Can someone please point me to any document anywhere? Or o...
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  • 1 DellEMC ScaleIO SDS shows 250x storage bloat for random write, along with performance issues

    I downloaded “trial” ScaleIO in a 3-node setup and started running small tests to see how it performs and scales. I noticed a bizarre behavior which led to this post. First of all, I want to encourage ot...
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  • Maintenance mode during Rebuild / Rebalance?

    Hello guys,   Can I set Maintenance Mode to an SDS while a Rebuild/Rebalance ?   At ScaleIO 2.0 User guide I see the following: To invoke maintenance mode, the following conditions are required: - Only o...
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  • ScaleIO Historical Performance Monitoring

    I did some research on this and got back some info from my EMC SE.   Monitoring EMC ScaleIO with Grafana using Intel SDI’s Snap | {code} by Dell EMC   Monitoring EMC Elastic Cloud Storage with Grafan...
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  • Ubuntu14.04/Suse 11.3 mixed environment support?

    I have a VMware install with the SVM's holding all other roles besides SDC.  These SVM's are Suse 11.3.  Now moving to a 5 node cluster I wanted to add an MDM as a standalone physical server outside of the V...
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  • Windows 2012 drf_cfg --query_mdms gives - Failed to open kernel device

    Has anyone else had this problem?.  This is for the SDC   PS C:\Program Files\EMC\scaleio\sdc\bin> ./drv_cfg --query_mdms Failed to open \\?\root#scsiadapter#0000#{cc9ba7b0-6d22-4016-81c5-3369f0a163c4}....
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  • Failed to "rescan drv_cfg ".

    We created volumes of ScaleIO, and mapped to Windows server where SDC has already been installed. Then, we run " drv_cfg --rescan " to detect new volumes, however, the rescan failed with an error message: " Failed t...
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  • ScaleIO with OpenStack: Volume driver ScaleIODriver not initialized after integrating ScaleIO with OpenStack

    Hi,   I have integrated ScaleIO setup with OpenStack. The ScaleIO Cinder Driver didn't initialized on the OpenStack Controllers after adding the scaleio configurations in cinder.conf and restarting the volume se...
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  • scaleio via fibre channel

    Hi all,   I am thinking about deploying scaleio on my VM cluster (3 esxi hosts), I am wondering if I can deploy it using fibre channel as the medium (instead of my 1G ethernet). Because these hosts are original...
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  • SDC registering with 3 IPs on network interface

    Hi all!   I'm currently testing ScaleIO version R2_0.14000.231 and have found an issue. I have a 5-node MDM cluster, which is running on RHEL 6.6 with 2.6.32-504.3.3.el6.x86_64 kernel. MDM traffic goes through...
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  • How to properly remove SDC device /dev/sciniX in SDC Linux host?

    Supposing that I have successfully mapped a volume to SDC Linux host and SDC device /dev/scinia can be listed in Linux host as below: # ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/ |grep scini lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 12 Jan 25 16:37 emc-...
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  • LIA install fails with command not found

    I am attempting to install ScaleIO on 3 Ubuntu 16.04 and the LIA install is failing with the following error.   Command failed: Could not install lia on due to: bash: dB: command not found   ...
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