Written By: Lakshmi Pedda


Operating your data center in real-time is not just an aspiration for businesses today – it is a necessity. Last month, CJ Desai spoke about change being the only constant and how it’s become inevitable in data centers across the globe. The move to modern data centers to support traditional, enterprise applications as well as newer platforms and applications, like NoSQL and OpenStack, is the new norm.

We believe that smart, savvy software will be the difference in profitability and viability for a business. Storage is a key component in this equation. Software-defined storage is rapidly becoming a game changer - it offers IT organizations the ability to realize that promise. When you decouple software from hardware, it opens the doors to efficiently utilize industry standard x86 hardware – driving lower costs and greater flexibility. EMC offers the industry’s broadest Software-Defined Storage portfolio for file, object, and block storage for multiple data types.

EMC’s ScaleIO 2.0 is one such enterprise IT grade software-defined, scale-out, block storage server SAN solution delivering powerful agility that comes with public clouds combined with the security and peace of mind expected from private clouds. Our deployment choices include a software option, a storage-only or better still as a full turnkey, hyper-converged VxRack™ System 1000 with FLEX Nodes. This blog will focus on the latter.


VxRack™ System 1000 with FLEX Nodes powered by EMC ScaleIO gives you flexibility to design and implement data centers based on application needs, budget, and growth. You can start with the right-size deployment to meet today’s demands, and scale up to web scale at a later date.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.08.17 AM.png

Here are a few nuggets to know about VxRack with FLEX Nodes

Optimized for Scale and Agility: You can add resources modularly so they can scale individually or together to maintain balance. Agility in provisioning and the consistent IOPS it delivers is second to none.

Consistent Performance: An IT Admin’s delight! All I/O requests are pooled together and based on the business service SLAs, consistent performance is made available to all applications at all times with no bottlenecks or hotspots – driving massive performance.

Flexible and Efficient Resource Utilization: The system is extremely lightweight as you can see below. You can expect massive CAPEX savings supporting traditional, modern and OpenStack workloads.


Siloed Appliances

VxRack with FLEX Nodes

CPU Usage, per node



RAM Usage, per node



Low TCO: Saving the best for the last! The hyper-converged system delivers 30% lower TCO than traditional SAN. You’ll enjoy rapid time-to-value and simplified IT management—avoiding applications and operational silos. You save by paying for only what you use and no more forklift upgrades in sight. What’s more the fully engineered system is supported and sustained as ONE System helping mitigate risk and giving you peace of mind.

Software-defined storage is here to stay. When partnering with EMC, IT organizations can expect to lower their operational and capital costs, analyze more data, build better clouds, deliver modern apps, and turbocharge server performance.

We are confident about our VxRack with FLEX Nodes and encourage you to download ScaleIO software. To learn more about the product click here.