Written by: Lakshmi Pedda, Consultant Product Marketing Manager


The first successful US drone delivery took place this summer carrying medical supplies to a medical clinic in Virginia. A ‘Kitty Hawk’ moment said Virginia’s Senator Mark Warner. Customer experience such as this is driving most of the technology innovations today. It won’t be too far out before we start to see drone deliveries becoming the defacto mail trucks on the road.


These next gen datacenter platforms like software defined storage, big data analytics, and cloud are key to that customer experience. Examples of organization that have leveraged innovative technologies include Amazon with Prime Air, Google with the Nest Thermostat to name a few. They built new and differentiated business models designed to compete in the ‘Digital Economy’ tapping into that customer experience.



Designing and developing the right architectures for an SAP landscape, while driving the very same customer experience, can be daunting but not impossible. SAP HANA® is truly that transformational technology—enabling in-memory computing, allowing structured and unstructured data to co-mingle, and the ability to run OLAP and OLTP systems on the same platform. SAP went a step further and introduced the SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) which is an optimal, future-proof option for organizations planning to make SAP HANA mainstream in their datacenters. How So?


So what exactly is the TDI approach? Why are organizations adopting it widely?

With SAP HANA on TDI, organizations are able to leverage existing datacenter hardware and operational processes beyond business warehouse (BW), making HANA mainstream in the datacenter. EMC has a long history of partnering and offering best practices for SAP applications. The TDI option is available in leading EMC Storage arrays and data protection product lines. VCE, an EMC federated company, introduced the TDI on VxRack™ Systems, a hyper-converged system that offers tremendous flexibility and TCO savings to SAP global organizations and cloud partners.

SAP HANA TDI on VxRack System leverages EMC® ScaleIO® as the underlying software defined block storage that delivers web scale, meets performance KPIs and is a highly available and resilient system. Organizations can expect key benefits such as:


Flexible and Open Hyper-converged Architecture – integrating SAP HANA in the data center; allowing you to run both standard SAP and non-SAP applications. This gives you greater utilization ratios resulting from mixed workload consolidation.
Freedom of Choice – Our customers speak volumes when it comes to the choice of running physical or virtual SAP HANA. You can choose between running SAP HANA in production or in non-production environments, on bare metal or on a hypervisor such as VMware vSphere, or a combination of the two. More importantly, a VxRack System enables cost savings by significantly reducing your CAPEX and OPEX costs including time, space, and energy, backup, and management resources.
Reduced Complexity and Risk – Many of our customers also report reducing complexity and associated risks such as configuration complexity given the strict rules defined by SAP (e.g., what servers can be used, how the storage must be configured). Lastly, our customers are comforted in the fact that the system is fully supported by SAP, EMC, and VCE.


Learn from those who have been in the trenches!


Itrica, a leading service provider in North America which leverages VxRack Systems and ScaleIO to deliver scale up and scale out capacity, massive IOPS, and support for multiple hypervisors for its global customers. Click the video to learn more .  You can also read our best practices guidelines when deploying EMC ScaleIO in a virtualized environment.


So start your SAP Migration Journey with the Leaders in Hyper Convergence!

Want to create that differentiator for your business like what Amazon and Google are doing? Consider innovative technologies like EMC ScaleIO that powers VxRack Systems. For hyper convergence, I encourage you to read http://www.vce.com/products/hyper-converged/vxrack. You can also visit SAP to look up the TDI supported systems at http://global.sap.com/community/ebook/2014-09-02-hana-hardware/enEN/appliances.html. Our SAP Specialists are industry gurus when it comes to replatforming SAP business applications like ERP, CRM, and SRM to SAP HANA platform, consolidating your SAP business applications and Business Warehouse on the HANA, if you are considering a virtual HANA deployment, or if you are evaluating newer modern applications like social, big data and cloud to devise your next differentiating business model. I hope to talk to you soon as you embark on your SAP on TDI journey!



Lakshmi Pedda

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