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Announcing RecoverPoint 4.1.2 support by Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) 6.6 available as of 7/20/2015!


The VSI 6.6, RecoverPoint 4.1.2 integration enables VMware administrators to view and configure RecoverPoint protection, directly manage the RecoverPoint server settings within the vSphere Web Client and to view all protection groups for VMware SRM servers that are using RecoverPoint for data protection.

Maybe the most important feature VSI delivers to RecoverPoint customers is the option to enforce VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to use a specific point in time when running a failover operation.

While SRM always access the last point in time for failing over, using the VSI plugin the user can easily specify the desired RecoverPoint point in time to be used when running the failover through SRM,


Additional features VSI 6.6 supports with RecoverPoint 4.1.2 are:

  • Manages RecoverPoint credentials
  • Configures RecoverPoint to enable testing fail-over
  • View and configure Consistency Groups
  • Manages VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager credentials
  • Views protection groups

VSI 6.6 is a free plugin provided by EMC. If you’re currently using  the RecoverPoint 4.1.2 version, consider VSI 6.6 to allow for VMware integrated management of all your systems from a single touch-point.

Other than RecoverPoint 4.1.2, VSI 6.6 also features additional capabilities:

  • Enhanced support for XtremIO
  • Support of new VNX models: VNXe1600 (Bearcat) and vVNX


To download VSI 6.6 visit the EMC Support Site:

When it comes to protecting virtual machines, what vAdmins REALLY want is a data protection tool that is native to their virtual environment.


However, they also want it to be scalable, reliable, robust, fully automatic and easy to use. RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines covers just that! We announced this product last year and we’ve just updated it this spring.


VM Protection Made Easy

RecoverPoint for VMs provides vAdmins the ability to protect virtual machines directly from the vSphere Web Client at VM level granularity.    Complex tasks such as protection provisioning and creating replica VMs are now streamlined with easy to use, wizard based UI. 


Look below at the following example: within four simple steps, vAdmins can protect their Virtual Machines. RecoverPoint for VMs takes care of the rest: detecting VM Configuration, auto creating Replica VM’s, provisioning journals and more.

Sharon 2.png

vAdmins now have More Control

In most cases, the automatic protection flow is perfect, but there are cases where vAdmins need more control.


RecoverPoint for VMs provides a powerful set of protection and DR orchestration capabilities that put it in the front line of VM protection products available within the market today. Think of VMware’s Site Recovery Manager capabilities with even cooler stuff and there you have it:

  • Automatically Create Replica VMs and Journal
  • Auto-Protect and Replicate VM configuration changes to replica VM
  • Power-up Sequence
  • Add your custom scripts
  • Pre-Defined Network Configuration and Re-IP on failover
  • Orchestration Status reports
  • Thin /Thick VMDK provisioning
  • Exclude VMDK from protection
  • Add VMDK without losing history (journal(
  • vMotion / Storage vMotion
  • Test & Promote


Enterprise Grade

The latest release of RecoverPoint for VMs also provides improved scalability as well as other enterprise features such as multi-site support and API for advanced customization of the entire DR Lifecycle: deployment, protection provisioning, operations and monitoring.


Here is what one of our customers had to say about our latest version of RecoverPoint for VMs:

“I believe no one else has hypervisor based replication with such aggressive RPO and 3 sites protection. So we should be able to replicate from Site A to Site B and C concurrently, this is great!”

sharon 3.png

Choosing the right product

When choosing Disaster Recovery and Operational Recovery products, there are 5 important things that every IT manager should consider:


  1. Minimal data loss – RecoverPoint for VMs offers the best RPO in the market today, from Zero data loss with Sync replication to near Zero RPO with Async replication + dynamic switching between the two based on network conditions.
  2. Time to Recover - RecoverPoint for VMs is equipped with a set of recovery functions providing the fastest time to recover (RTO) in the market.  The “Production Restore” flow efficiently sends only the changes to restore production sites in case of an operational error (unique to RecoverPoint) through the fastest failover to any point-in-time image (no redundant data copy or journal roll like other products do).
  3. Enterprise resiliency: No Single Point of Failure – unlike other VM protection products available in the market that have a single point of failure, RecoverPoint for VMs has fully redundant architecture across all system components such as multiple management endpoints and a minimum of two vRPA clusters which can reside on any ESX host within the cluster (not limited to “same host as workload” like other products)
  4. Day to day Maintenance – As a general rule, admins want that “protection will follow the workload” without manual changes to protection when production workloads are changed. For example: protection should follow a vMotion of all protection components when the ESX host is entered to maintenance mode; protection mechanism should automatically detect changes to production VMs and replicate them to replica VMs. These capabilities are built into RecoverPoint for VMs. 
  5. A Vendor you can trust – RecoverPoint for VMs is part of EMC’s data protection portfolio, offering a wide range of solutions for all business needs and the EMC renowned support.  You trust your business continuity with such products – make sure they are backed by a vendor you can trust.


RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs are based on patented EMC technology, which is foundational for enterprise-class DR solutions.


In fact, at least one of our competitors views our patented technology the same way! On May 8, 2015, a jury sitting in the U. S. District Court for the District of Delaware returned a verdict finding that Zerto’s Virtual Replication Software infringed four EMC patents:

  • U. S. Patent No. 7, 467,460 that relates to remote mirroring over a network cloud;
  • U. S. Patent No. 7,577,867 that relates to providing application-consistent data recovery; and
  • U. S. Pat. Nos. 7,603,395 and 7,791,091 that relate to the use of pseudosnapshots for continuous data protection.


A Zerto customer’s use of infringing Zerto software is also infringement of EMC’s patents. More information about the finding of patent infringement against Zerto can be found in EMC vs. Zerto.


Be sure to make the easy and right choice – get the original patented technology from EMC and have peace of mind…


What’s next?

RecoverPoint for VMs is a huge step forward in EMC’s data protection portfolio.  I can’t wait to share all the new stuff in the pipeline that will extend and cover the whole data protection continuum as it continues to evolve. Stay tuned


Yair Cohen

Sr. Manager, RecoverPoint Product Management