• All devices masked to Linux server show as pseudo name = ???

    I have a Linux server running RedHat 6.7 and when I run powermt display dev=all command all the devices masked to this server their pseudo names show up as being ???. Per KB455716 i have run the ctree utility to fix t...
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  • How to do an Enterprise PowerPath Inventory

    I am a partner pre-sales SE, trying to help one of our larger clients inventory all of their PowerPath licensing for EMC maintenance purposes.  Some licenses have been installed in a licensing server, so those ar...
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  • Power Path for Windows

    Does anyone have proper Power Path removal procedure on windows server operating systems 2008R2, 2012R2?
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  • PowerPath Migrator unable to migrate Windows Cluster drives

    A few years ago, I migrated a few Windows 2003 Server servers which were SQL clusters from our CX3 to our new VNX5300 using the following commands:   #setup the copy session and record the handle powermig setup...
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  • PowerPath Virtual Appliance 2.1

    Hi,   My customer has recently invested in EHC and part of this they are using PowerPath Virtual Appliance.   Can anyone tell me what product family this is part of as I can't find it under POWERPATH in In...
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  • PPME error(68): Failed to transfer the source reservation

    Hi, i using PPME 6.0 SP2, Windows 2008 R2, 2 nodes failover cluster, and trying to migrate one lun (Source VNX7500) to one lun (target VNX7600) and get the error   PPME error(68): Failed to transfer the source r...
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  • Powerpath/VE Management Appliance vs Virtual Appliance

    I'm running the Powerpath/VE Virutal Appliance V2.0 Build 86 and I need to upgrade. Do I upgrade to Powerpath/VE Management Appliance 2.1 SP1?  Is this the new virtual appliance, or is this a separate product?
    Daniel Jastredowski
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  • Call for participants - PPME Virtual Edition Beta

    PowerPath Community Members: I wanted to let you know about an exciting new capability that we are readying for release: PowerPath Migration Enabler Virtual Edition. Here's the quick summary:   What: Customer Be...
    Robert Lonadier
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  • PowerPath for AIX 6.0 SP1 support with VIO 2.2.4.x

    Hello Everyone.   One of our customers have a new installation with VIO Version They need install PowerPath for AIX. Based in the information that i have, the last versión is PP 6.0 SP1. But, i ...
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  • Does someone have the exact steps regarding the installation of PP/VE?

    I would like to install PP/VE with temporary licenses on a new ESX host. Does someone has the exact steps of the installation and which is best or recommended procedure of the PP/VE installation? Via update manager?...
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  • PowerPath/VE for VMAX FX Software Package

    For PowerPath/VE for VMAX FX Software package it states in the FAQ that it includes 75 licenses. The question being asked is how many sockets for these 75 hosts are included?   Thanks, Gary Bastarache GBS PreS...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • PowerPath/VE supports Unity or not?

    There is a CLI document metioned that the unity class option is *NOT* available for VMware platform. Could anyone confirm this? Thanks,   https://support.emc.com/docu56486_PowerPath-Family-6.x-CLI-and-System-Me...
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  • PowerPath/VE Licensing - ESXi Host

    I have a number of ESXi hosts which I wish to license for PowerPath/VE 5.9.1 SP3. The license files have already been generated, and are ready for installation. The network that the ESXi hosts reside on are isolated, ...
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  • PPME error(22): while migrating MSCS devices

    Good Day All,   I am in the process of migrating our SQL clusters from VMAX to XtremIO.  I've created the XIO devices, added them to the SQL host and completed the steps required to start the sync.  I ...
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  • rename harddisk

    hi there ...   Does anybody know how to rename harddiskXX to harddiskYY . As I found emcpadm for other os to rename Pseudo ... Event from OS side ... would this be possible in windows or Once Pseudo name has de...
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  • Free PowerPath e-Learning

    EMC Education Services is now offering a free e-Learning covering PowerPath Fundamentals. This self-paced course will help you gain an understanding of how EMC PowerPath is used to improve performance and increase av...
    Kate Hutchinson
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  • Stop Powerpath LUN trespassing on CX4-120

    Hello,   Is there any way to stop Powerpath from causing a LUN trespass? I have three ESX servers that are currently direct connected to a CX4-120. These servers need to be moved to a MDS SAN with VNX5400. The s...
    Daniel Jastredowski
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  • Powerpath v6 and VMware Esxi v6?

    I am about to upgrade our 6 VM hosts to Esxi v6, and would like to update Powerpath to v6 at the same time.   So i would like to know if anybody running that configuration, can give some advise on what i should...
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  • Unknown HW PATH,  but everything else looks good?

    I'm just curious if this is a problem or not;  on some hosts, running "powermt display dev=all" yields the below info: The paths are good, everything is active and alive, all ports are logged into the array (a VN...
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  • correct method for removing LUNs from Windows

    On a Windows 2008 server, what is the correct method or removing power path LUNs? On MS MPIO, I just delete the partition, set the disk to offline, then get the storage engineer to remove the LUN from their side. &nbs...
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