• Powerpath v6 and VMware Esxi v6?

    I am about to upgrade our 6 VM hosts to Esxi v6, and would like to update Powerpath to v6 at the same time.   So i would like to know if anybody running that configuration, can give some advise on what i should...
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  • PPME error(22): while migrating MSCS devices

    Good Day All,   I am in the process of migrating our SQL clusters from VMAX to XtremIO.  I've created the XIO devices, added them to the SQL host and completed the steps required to start the sync.  I ...
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  • Unknown HW PATH,  but everything else looks good?

    I'm just curious if this is a problem or not;  on some hosts, running "powermt display dev=all" yields the below info: The paths are good, everything is active and alive, all ports are logged into the array (a VN...
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  • correct method for removing LUNs from Windows

    On a Windows 2008 server, what is the correct method or removing power path LUNs? On MS MPIO, I just delete the partition, set the disk to offline, then get the storage engineer to remove the LUN from their side. &nbs...
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  • Powerpath 5.3 to Powerpath 5.5 Migration on Sun SPARC 10 os

    Hi Everyone, Can you please tell me step by step procedure for powerpath migration.     Powerpath 5.3 to Powerpath 5.5 Migration on Sun SPARC 10 os
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  • (Hopefully) Basic EMC Powerpath/Clarion/VNX Question

    Hello Community, I am a lifetime Computer/IT person, but have dealt very little directly with EMC products other than they are there with other's dealing with day to day issues on them.  I need help with what I ...
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  • PPMI - cancel a "setup" state

    I have a migration stuck in a "setup" state to an unknown disk. I need to kill it so I can restart it. I don't see this mentioned anywhere (how to cancel a "setup" state.   If I try to resetup it, it says it's "...
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  • Migrating to EMC powerpath from Linux DM

    Is migrating the multipath to EMC powerpath from Linux Device Mapper is a disruptive or non-disruptive process?? Is there any document which gives the instructions on doing that?   Thanks
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  • PowerPath: Is there an option to get Volume Name & Device ID from Power Path or Diskpart

    Hello Experts,   I am looking for some help on how to get the details of LUN ID, Volume ##, Disk ##, Mount Point Name & Path and VMAX Device ID from a windows host using either Power Path or Diskpart.  ...
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  • PowerPath是否支持Oracle VM for x86/SPARC和XenServer

    万能的群: PowerPath是否支持Oracle VM for x86/SPARC和XenServer?   在咱们官网上没查询到相关的信息。
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  • PowerPath/VE都支持哪些VMware版本?求给个链接或者地址

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  • powerpath

    What is the best practice to install new powerpath version? Is this in multiuser mode or single user mode.please suggest.
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  • Whats the technical differences between PowerPath with license vs PowerPath Unlicensed?

    Dear Experts, I have a technical issue and I would like for your help Whats the technical differnces between PowerPath with license vs PowerPath Unlicensed? Thanks a lot
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  • Does anyone know if PowerPath 5.2 P06 is supported on HP-UX 11.11 v1

    I would like to install PowerPath 5.2 P06 on an rp8420 running HP-UX 11.11 v1 does anyone know if this is supported?  I have looked in the documentation and all I can find is 5.1 is supported but is not the lates...
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  • How to upgrade PowerPath from 5.3 to 5.7.5 in a rhel 5.7 Oracle RAC with ASM

    Hello, I need to upgrade PowerPath for Linux from 5.3 to 5.7.5 in an Oracle RAC with ASM environment. The Oracle RAC consists of 2 physical nodes: OS - rhel 5.7 x86_64 Oracle 11g release 2 ASM - all powerpath dev...
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  • Is PP 6.0 SP1 supported with Veritas Vxvm 6.1.1

    Hi Guys,   PP 6.0 on Linux 5.11 x64 Veritas SF 6.1.1   Following a panic after running : vxdisksetup -i emcpowerfb The stack shows a Panic triggered by emcp: PowerTopDispatch   EMC support response...
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  • PowerPath for Linux  Support

    Hi there ...   Does anybody know if RHEL6.8 is supported by Power Path ? I checked release note for PP 6.0 SP1 but only  RHEL6.8 gone ....( RHEL7.0 and 6.6 are supported ...)     So RHEL6.8 is ...
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  • PowerPath AIX LPM and errpt message question

    We had a couple of servers hang/crash during LPMs recently and IBM & EMC support suggested we change all of our LPAR hdisks & hdiskpowers reserve_policys to no_reserve.  Which we did.  Now when we LP...
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  • Migrated to VNX from EVA, Installed PowerPath, Now extra "unknown" disks when opening diskmgmt.

    Hopefully the title says it all.  But if not.   I migrated a Windows server from an older EVA to a VNX.  I am NOT familiar with any HP utilities that may have been installed on the server but believe o...
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  • lpfc_nodev_tmo

    Question for anyone with linux hosts in multipathing and VMAX storage. The default setting for lpfc_nodev_tmo is 30 seconds. EMC recommends 10 seconds if powerpath is in use. Same for VxDMP and MPIO. Obviously, loweri...
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