• PowerPath for AIX Fails Removing Hdiskpower Device

    Group,   I'm trying to remove my last hdiskpower device and it's hanging on the rmdev -Rdl hdiskpower0 command.  It seems to be getting stuck at the following:   /etc/methods/undpowerdisk -l hdiskpowe...
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  • Powerpath AIX licensing

    I would like to know how is caclulated the number of license needed in this case : IBM power server with 12 CPU. There is 26 logical partitions and 56 Virtual CPU allocated for those 26 partitions. How much license ...
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  • EMC drivers died after network card replace

    hello we have emc powerpatch 4.5 on a server, few days ago we sow that fiber card died (emc was showing that hdd died/failed path also) and we replace it for new one (other model), after reboot emc is not showing HDD...
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  • Licensing

    Going through past posts I've gotten some conflicting info on this.   Are EMC Powerpath licenses are licensed per processor or host (both)?   For example, if I’m buying 3 servers which have 2 process...
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  • Powerpath MSI file

    Does anyone has MSI file for powerpath 6.1 This format is for pushing powerpath through SCCM
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  • where is can be find PowerPath error log or event info

    When i try to use EMC grab tools to collection host information,so where is can be find PowerPath error log or event info?   1 who can tell me what's the best practice for troubleshooting or troubleshooting proc...
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  • Anyone have PPME instructions for AIX

    I am looking for PPME instructions for AIX.  Specifically when to extend the vg with the target volume...
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  • Power Path 6.1 install on Windows Server 2008R2

    While working to update PowerPath on 2008R2 servers PowerPath  installation fails saying it needs the listed hot fixes. KB2921916,KB3033929. Has anyone encountered this before? Possible solutions or work aro...
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  • Requesting 10 Minutes of Help!  Support Task Model

    Dell-EMC Customers and Partners --   We're working to define a task model to improve how we organize Dell-EMC enterprise documentation and technical support content online.   We'd like your help to test ou...
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  • Remove and Re-add the PowerPath licenses in PPVA

    Hi All In one of the client environment, we have a requirement to remove all the PowerPath served licenses and then re-add them back in PowerPath Virtual Appliance. Could someone help me with the impact on ESXi hosts...
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  • Powerpath Management Appliance on HyperV

    Hi, are any plans to provide PMA as image for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V ? Today we can download OVA File for VMware and Docker Container Image. thx in advance Br Thomas
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  • Powerpath v5.3 SP1 download?

    Where can I download an older version of powerpath for AIX? I have an older AIX box that is still in production and I want to download an older version of powerpath v5.3 SP1 but I can't find one. Can someone please ...
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  • [Solved] PowerPath/VE for VMware ESXi 6.5

    From what I can tell, PowerPath/VE 6.1 only supports the latest ESXi 6.0 (Update 2).   Does anyone know if/when a new version is coming out that will support ESXi 6.5?
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  • RedHat 7 and fstab options

    Hello,     I am looking at the latest host connectivity guide for Linux and it has this paragraph.  So for RHEL 7 we no longer use _netdev and switch to nofail ?    What's in OPT 465784 ...
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  • Powerpath 6.1 failover seems not working

    Hi all,   This is a RHEL 6.8 box running Oracle 11g with ASM. Storage is Unity 600 and Powerpath 6.1 is installed in the host. Everything has been done according to best practices. During Unity OE upgrade, Ora...
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  • PowerPath/VE for VMAX FX Software Package

    For PowerPath/VE for VMAX FX Software package it states in the FAQ that it includes 75 licenses. The question being asked is how many sockets for these 75 hosts are included?   Thanks, Gary Bastarache GBS PreS...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • PP Management Appliance 2.1 SP, no ESXi Hosts discovered when connected to vCenter

    Hi everybody,   got a problem with the current EMC PowerPath Management Appliance 2.1 SP1 (Build 074).   The appliance is able to connect to my vCenter vCSA (Version 6.0.0, Build 4541948), but doesn't able...
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  • Powerpath management application, unable to add vCenter server

    IHAC using ESXI 5.5 we have deployed PowerPath/VE 5.9 SP1 P03 on the ESXi host We also installed PowerPath Management application 2.1 SP1   The issue we have is we cannot seem to add the vCenter server to the...
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  • Trying to add VLAN tag to appliance

    I have a virtual appliance that needs to have the IP address changed. The new IP needs to be tagged with the trunk VLAN ID. I went into YAST, and added another device of type VLAN (following the documentation for SUSE...
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  • Is EMCPower.Linux version 6.0.x available for SLES 12 SP2?

    I checked, and SLES 12 SP1 runs a 3.12.x kernel and SP2 runs a 4.4.x kernel, so I guess we need a new I have some SLES 12 SP1 servers with PowerPath installed (EMCPower.LINUX- and...
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