• How to upgrade PowerPath from 5.3 to 5.7.5 in a rhel 5.7 Oracle RAC with ASM

    Hello, I need to upgrade PowerPath for Linux from 5.3 to 5.7.5 in an Oracle RAC with ASM environment. The Oracle RAC consists of 2 physical nodes: OS - rhel 5.7 x86_64 Oracle 11g release 2 ASM - all powerpath dev...
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  • Is PP 6.0 SP1 supported with Veritas Vxvm 6.1.1

    Hi Guys,   PP 6.0 on Linux 5.11 x64 Veritas SF 6.1.1   Following a panic after running : vxdisksetup -i emcpowerfb The stack shows a Panic triggered by emcp: PowerTopDispatch   EMC support response...
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  • PowerPath for Linux  Support

    Hi there ...   Does anybody know if RHEL6.8 is supported by Power Path ? I checked release note for PP 6.0 SP1 but only  RHEL6.8 gone ....( RHEL7.0 and 6.6 are supported ...)     So RHEL6.8 is ...
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  • PowerPath AIX LPM and errpt message question

    We had a couple of servers hang/crash during LPMs recently and IBM & EMC support suggested we change all of our LPAR hdisks & hdiskpowers reserve_policys to no_reserve.  Which we did.  Now when we LP...
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  • Migrated to VNX from EVA, Installed PowerPath, Now extra "unknown" disks when opening diskmgmt.

    Hopefully the title says it all.  But if not.   I migrated a Windows server from an older EVA to a VNX.  I am NOT familiar with any HP utilities that may have been installed on the server but believe o...
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  • lpfc_nodev_tmo

    Question for anyone with linux hosts in multipathing and VMAX storage. The default setting for lpfc_nodev_tmo is 30 seconds. EMC recommends 10 seconds if powerpath is in use. Same for VxDMP and MPIO. Obviously, loweri...
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  • I have some disks on HP-UX server that are being managed by powerpath

    They are not suppose to be managed but when powerpath was installed they were automatically managed   Because of this it is causing issues with ServiceGuard and I need to unmanage them   I am not a HP-UX a...
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  • How to monitor storage device performance using PowerPath

    How to monitor storage device performance using PowerPath Introduction   This article indicates how to monitor performance on storage devices with PowerPath. Detailed Information   The PowerPath 5.2 above...
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  • powerpath linux 5.6 and vxdmp 6.0 - procedure to clean and remove PP  devices

    Hi guys,   ENV: pp 5.6 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (Tikanga) VRTSvxvm- Array : VMAX   Is there an EMC recommended procedure to remove PP pseudo devices under vxdmp ...
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  • powermt commands not showin any output

    powermt commands not showin any output and hdiskpower not visible on server. # powermt display root@nzapdb644.nndc.kp.org / > # powermt version EMC powermt for PowerPath (c) Version 6.0 (build 159) root@nzapdb...
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  • powerpath issue

    Hi,   I am trying to upgrade powerpath on Solaris SPARC machine from version 5.3 to version 5.5. Now when I am trying to issue /etc/powerpath display dev=all it throwing error like "unable to recover from error"...
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  • powerpath

    What is the best practice to install new powerpath version? Is this in multiuser mode or single user mode.please suggest.
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  • EMC PowerPath Viewer Now Available for Download

    EMC PowerPath Viewer is a new no-charge centralized monitoring utility that provides you with more visibility than ever into PowerPath-supported storage environments. It consolidates events and allows you to view and ...
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  • Could someone please advise where to download Powerpath/VE for Hyper-V?

    I just can find pwoerpath/ve for VMWare from download site.   Thanks in advance.
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  • Does PPME: Host copy support migrating LUNS that are dynamic Stripped within Windows

    All   I'm in the process of migrating LUNs from a NS-960 to a VNX-5600 utilizing PPME 6.0. I have successfully migrated several stand alone LUNS and those LUNs utilized by Microsoft Clustered services. I ran int...
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  • What is PowerPath/VE Multipathing VMware Bundle for VNX/VNXe???

    I'm working in EMC's MyQuotes configurator, and I see a PowerPath/VE selection called "PowerPath/VE Multipathing VMware Bundle for VNX/VNXe."  I can't find any documentation on what this bundle provides.   ???
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  • powermt returns paths which map to multiple LUNs

    Hello   We are running powermt command which displays the paths e.g   Pseudo name=emcpoweraw VPLEX ID=FNM00133700251 Logical device ID=6000144000000010F07C657BBC13D312 state=alive; policy=ADaptive; que...
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  • AIX ODM Definition Update?

    Anyone know if EMC will be releasing updated ODM definitions for their AIX customers? The current set ( Feb 10, 2012) does not have native MPIO for VPLEX, it onloy has it for VNX and VMAX.
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  • Powerpath licensing on AIX

    Hello, I'd like to know wether Powerpath licensing for AIX is independent of LPARs and is only related to physical CPUs (physical sockets)?? Is that assumption right or wrong? On the other hand, if I have a licensin...
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  • PowerPath License Management Administration Help

    How would someone go about getting a handle on PowerPath Licenses and Licensing? Our previous Storage Admin neglected to document what licenses we have and which servers received full license keys. At the time EMC had...
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