In Unisphere for PowerMax 9.1 we are excited to release the ability for our customers to tag their storage groups and arrays. Previously people were made to rely on naming conventions, and this was open to human error and people forgetting to align to agree upon procedures. Tagging is a powerful feature which will be enable you to view and filter your objects also. To avail of the feature, you will need to be at Unisphere 9.1 and Hypermax O/S code 5978.444.444.


A user can add a tag to an object for the purpose of identification or to give other information. An association between objects can be inferred by adding the same tag to each object. Users can then search by tag to retrieve related objects. Tags can be added to and removed from objects. When a tag is no longer associated with an object it no longer exists.


Let’s begin to visually investigate what Tagging can offer by going to the SG list view and selecting a SG:







Here we have selected the SG called FinanceOracle and we can see it has a tag Oracle on it. If we require, we can filter(button highlighted in red to the right) on the oracle tag if that is the area we want to focus on if we have a large list of SG’s:






For FinanceOracle we have decided that it needs additional tags, so we need to add them, to do this. Select the SG itself and go to view details. The next step would be to select the tags Icon (highlighted in red to the left):






We have decided to add tags “new york” and “trading” so when we go back to the SG list view, we see the SG with the new tags we have created:






Now with the benefit of tagging we can see that we have a much more organized view of our storage groups and can filter by location application or team as required:






As well as SG’s you can tag arrays as you like, in this example we just tag by Geography:






Finally, you can also search by tag in our search facility, if you want to see all SG’s used by the billing team you can search for that tag:







Hopefully I’ve convinced you here of the benefit of using tags in the future and moving away from naming conventions! We have shown you some of the benefits in terms of your SG list where you filter and search per tag and by doing so it will allow you to be able to track and locate your storage objects.




General Rules on Tagging

  1. Symmetrix arrays and Storage Groups can be tagged only

  2. 64 Character limit of letters, numbers, - and _

  3. 500 unique tag names per array

  4. 8 tags per object

  5. Tags can be mixed case and are case sensitive


Unisphere for PowerMax tags have no relationship with Unisphere 360 tags