One of the most critical areas for any Storage Administrator is monitoring and planning the capacity growth of your system so that you can plan your needs accordingly. To make this easier you can create reports within Unisphere with the categories you wish to monitor. This allows you to automate the process and get a tailored report sent to you each week and also other colleagues as required.


create report.PNG.png


To begin we just give the report a name and description which makes it identifiable, here we have chosen Capacity Report 0156. For the time frame we have adjusted it to cover the time period of the last week. Also for generated time zone you need to adjust it the time zone the array is located so the numbers make sense.


create query.PNG.png


Next we need to add the metrics that we want to focus on around capacity such as Usable, Subscribed and snapshot Capacity. In Data Format we want to capture average and maximum values so we select both.


set schedule.PNG.png


In the set schedule screen we need to select it to be run evrey week and then specify when to run it. We have choosen 04:59 each Sunday night as this is outside our normal change control window and at a time where the system will not be heavily used.



enable email.PNG.png


In order to specify who the report will be emailed to we just need to specify a valid email address and it will land in that person’s email inbox.


report created.PNG.png


Alerting on your Capacity growth in Unisphere 9.0

Another critical factor in monitoring your capacity growth is to enable alerts to allow you to get notifications on when you reach certain levels of utilization on your system. To do this you need to go to the settings icon in the upper right hand corner.




We have a number of options here but for this particular use case we want to focus on Storage Resource Pool Utilization.

create symm treshhold alert.PNG.png


Here we select the SRP we want to monitor and we have 3 separate watermarks Warning, Critical and Fatal. You can adjust your settings as you require in order to inform you as the capacity of your array grows.


Hopefully you found this useful and it will help you track and monitor your Array Capacity.